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A Tale of Negative Gravity

Posted by keelynet on March 7, 2009

flyman2lgAn enchanting story about controlling buoyancy by writer Frank R. Stockton. Note this doesn’t appear to be true gravity control, but I loved the description of his device.

“I had long been anxious to discover the means not only of producing, but of retaining and controlling, a natural force, really the same as centrifugal force, but which I called ‘negative gravity.’ This name I adopted because it indicated better than any other the action of the force in question, as I produced it.

Positive gravity attracts everything toward the centre of the earth. Negative gravity, therefore, would be that power which repels everything from the centre of the earth, just as the negative pole of a magnet repels the needle, while the positive pole attracts it.

My object was, in fact, to store centrifugal force and to render it constant, controllable, and available for use…”

On a Personal Note – Years ago, at one of our Vanguard Sciences Roundtables in Dallas, a man who was President of a Gravity Research organization swore to me that he received a call from a stranger telling him he had developed a means to reduce local gravity to control the weight of any mass to which it was attached.

The man telling me this didn’t believe it so the caller offered to demonstrate the device but he wouldn’t permit any photos or give any details of how it worked. My friend drove out to the far end of a mall in Waco, Texas where the caller was sitting inside a Jeep. No one was else was around so they had no fear of being interrupted.

They greeted each other and the caller got inside the Jeep, put it in neutral and asked that my friend get behind the Jeep and push it to get an idea of how hard it was to move. The caller sat inside the Jeep while my friend pushed it about 5 feet. The caller put on the brakes, turned on the engine and backed it up to the original location.

jeeplevitateMy friend walked to the drivers side where the caller had turned off the engine. He reached under the dash and flipped a hidden toggle switch. The caller sat in the Jeep and asked my friend to again go to the rear of the Jeep and push. This time, the Jeep moved with the touch of a finger! Like a giant balloon offering almost no resistance as it travelled a good 10 feet with the slightest push.

Of course, he was astonished and wanted to know more. The caller got out of the Jeep, went to the front and crouched down, pointed to a small black box mounted inside the wheel well above the tire. A cable ran from the small black box to a device inside the Jeep which the switch controlled.

Each wheel had an identical device and cable leading to the inside control device. The caller said when power was applied, the local gravity was repelled so that the Jeep was enveloped in an energy field where gravity and inertia were reduced, that he had it set for a given percentage of weight loss but could adjust it to whatever level he wished, even to outright levitation.

The caller would not provide any details about the nature of the box, but my friend thanked him for the demonstration, turned off the gravity nullifier device and drove off into the sunset leaving my friend baffled at what he had just seen.

As is so often the case with such stories, I asked my friend if he got a name and contact information for this mystery inventor and he said yes, but his wife washed his clothes where he had left the paper so it was destroyed.

I asked him if he noticed anything unusual and he said he thought there was a slight whirring sound when the device was energized which led us to think it could be a unidirectional, inertial technique to redirect a spinning weight in an upward direction.

And now…enjoy the story on ‘Negative Gravity’… – Source

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