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Video – Self-Running Magnetic Engine from Troy Reed

Posted by keelynet on July 10, 2008

I wasn’t aware Troy had died and have been informed he is indeed alive and kicking. They lived in Oklahoma while I lived in Dallas and I’d met Troy and Evelyn at alternative science conferences and we talked on the phone several times. His first claim that I am aware of was for a self-running wheel that used a reset mechanism based on an ink pen spring loaded latch clicker. It ran for awhile but did run down eventually. There was a video floating around but that was maybe 20 years ago. You can study the original patent WO09010337A1 here.

Troy also had a magnetic bed with hundreds of magnets with the north poles all facing the inside of a big tube. He had a sliding bed that people would lie on, then he would push them inside the tube so that all the north pole energy surrounded their body. People claimed it stopped back pains and helped heal a variety of things.

For more details about Troy Reeds motor invention, check out the excellent Reed file at Rex Research

“Inventor Troy Reed died in 2006, (this is incorrect, Troy Reed is still alive) but his videos live on at youtube. This 2007 post shows a greatly improved magnetic motor which seems to show as self-running, though like his original clicker magnetic wheel, it is not self-sustaining and will run down. The video shows it installed in a car and Troy is driving it around as a demo. Imagine, an electric car that recharges itself as it runs…hnmmm…now where have we heard that before? Ah yes, shades of Carl Tilley! My concern is it was posted on November 20, 2007 but I have no idea when it was made. So what is the current status? If you know, drop me a line so I can update this post. / Magnetic Miracle (1994?) – Reed has invented and patented a motor that consumes no fuel and emits no fumes. It is powerful enough to turn a 7,000-watt generator, which is enough electricity to run an average home. Production of the Reed Magnetic Motor for use by the general public may begin by year’s end. Reed, 57, has also invented an automobile called “Surge” that employs his new technology. Unlike a battery-powered car, Reed’s Surge does not have to be plugged in to be recharged. The car recharges itself as it rolls down the highway at speeds of up to 85 miles an hour. Reed and actor Dennis Weaver, a cousin and inventor in the project, plan to make the first highway test-run of the car this summer. The 1989 prototype uses a horizontal shaft with several magnets on it. Above the shaft are four vertical spring-loaded pistons with a magnet on the end closest to the shaft. Turning the hand crank spins the horizontal shaft and the magnetic spring-loaded pistons move up and down to trigger the motion of the shaft and the magnetic force field. Once the shaft is put into motion, it continues to spin until a brake is applied. Instead of moveable pistons, the latest model of the motor uses and electronic system and stationary magnets to start and control the motion of the shaft. Consequently, the only moving part in the motor is the horizontal shaft. In the current model, the shaft turns in bearings, but Reed said the mass-produced model will not have the bearings. Instead, the shaft will be magnetically suspended inside the motor casing. Suspending the shaft means there will be nothing to wear out, or make noise, Reed said. The federal government is aware of what is going on at Reed Technologies. In fact, Reed said NASA has volunteered to test the motor. Reed estimated it will cost about $3,500 per motor to mass produce his invention. / Surge Technology – A 2008 Video Upload and there is a Peswiki about Troy Reed – In around 1994, Troy Reed claimed to have a fuelless, pollution-free motor with around 7 kilowatts of output, powerful enough to run a house or a car. The technology received a flurry of high-level interest, including major media. Actor and co-inventor, Dennis Weaver organized a cross-country demonstration. The technology was apparently hampered when Troy’s wife and VP of the company divorced and moved to Costa Rica. Reed admitted on tape in 1999 that he had not achieved self-sustainability. As of 2006, the son, Mark, is doing other things, but would eventually like to resurrect the “Mach II” version of the magnet motor, for which he has the full blueprints that he drew. – (Thanks to Mike Vanier for this headsup. – JWD)” – Source

One Response to “Video – Self-Running Magnetic Engine from Troy Reed”

  1. reefdiver said

    “He had not achieved self-sustainability”
    Who cares? If it can run for a day with an electric jump start its way ahead of gas. If magnets wear down and can be refreshed somehow, then it would be ahead of most electric vehicles. I keep reading about magnetic motors like the penderdev with the criticism being the magnets wear out. I’ve not studied it, but it you’re able to design a system so the magnets can be refreshed, then you’ve created a revolution – a non-chemical “battery” system. Plug it in and recharge.

    Or if the motor requires some batteries, but is 99.9% or even 100% efficient – but not over-unity – you’ve still created a reasonable advance in motors (current electric motors can reach almost 97% but 2% to 3% is however not trivial). I feel critics seem so caught up in “over-unity” and perpetual motion they lose sight of other possibilities for many of these types of motors.

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