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Did Kanzius use a standing wave to help dissociate Seawater?

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2014

03/07/14 – Did Kanzius use a standing wave to help dissociate Seawater?

Inventor John Kanzius managed to burn saltwater to generate power. Here’s how:

1. A generator emits 14-megahertz radio waves. “In the case of microwave ovens, the commonly used radio wave frequency is roughly 2,500 megahertz (2.5 gigahertz).”

2. The waves bombard a solution of regular table salt and water.

3. Exactly what happens next remains a mystery, but one theory posits that the sodium chloride may weaken the bonds between the strong oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water. Radio waves break apart the bonds and liberate flammable hydrogen gas molecules.

4. A match ignites the hydrogen, generating an intense flame.

5. The resulting heat powers a simple engine.

Some people gush over the invention’s potential for desalinization or cheap energy. Briny seawater, after all, sloshes over most of the planet’s surface, and harnessing its heat energy could power all sorts of things. Skeptics say Kanzius’s radio generator is sucking up far more energy than it’s creating, making it a carnival trick at best.

The saltwater phenomenon happened by accident when an assistant was bombarding a saline-filled test tube with radio waves and bumped the tube, causing a small flash. Curious, Kanzius struck a match. “The water lit like a propane flame,” he recalls.

“People said, ‘It’s a crock. Look for hidden electrodes in the water,’ ” says Penn State University materials scientist Rustum Roy, who visited the Erie, Pennsylvania, inventor in his lab in August after seeing the feat on Google Video. A demo made Roy a believer. “This is discovery science in the best tradition,” he says.

Roy thinks the sodium chloride in the water may weaken the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are broken free by radio waves.

It’s these gas molecules that are igniting, he explains, not the liquid itself. Tests show that the reaction disappears once the radio waves stop. Roy plans to conduct more tests to get to the bottom of the mystery.

But does it cost more for the power to make the fuel than its worth???

KeelyNet Verification of Frequency to produce Etheric Force from Water – The scientist, I shall call him Dr. X, was doing experiments with ultrasonic sound in a column of water. The object of the experiments was to devise a means of separating various densities of materials by injecting them into a column of water which was subjected to an ultrasonic standing wave vibration.

A Barium Titanate ultrasonic transducer was fixed to the bottom of a quartz tube which was closed at the bottom and open at the top. Pure water was poured into the tube and the water column was “tuned” so that a standing wave was produced at 40,000 CPS (cycles per second). The transducer was powered by a 700 Watt power amplifier which was driven by an ultrasonic frequency generator.

Because of the large amount of power put into the column of water a certain amount of evaporation took place at a constant rate when the transducer was energized. Therefore, to maintain a standing wave in the water column a feedback device caused the frequency to be raised as the water evaporated and the temperature changed.

As a test, Dr. X decided to run through the experiment with only water in the tube to insure that a standing wave was maintained as the water evaporated and the frequency rose higher and higher. When the experiment was started everything worked beautifully.

Dr. X took periodic readings of his instrumentation and was assured that the standing wave was being maintained. Suddenly, with no warning whatever the water disappeared from the open quartz tube. He looked up thinking to see the water splashed on the ceiling when to his amazement a clean hole went right through the ceiling. The hole was the same size as the inside of the quartz tube.

Further investigation showed the hole continued on through the roof also! Dr. X checked his notebook and found the last frequency entry to be 41,300 CPS. It was shortly after this that the water disappeared.

Because of the time interval between the last reading and the disappearing water, the frequency sent to the transducer was higher than the last reading and Dr. X said it could well have been very close to 42,800 CPS, the Keely dissociation frequency. – Did Kanzius use a standing wave to help dissociate Seawater?

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Without The Moon, Mankind would not exist!

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2014

03/15/14 – Without The Moon, Mankind would not exist!
Yup. Without the moon, there are no tides. No tides means the oceans are not “stirred” or re-oxygenated. Therefore no life in the seas, therefore no life on the planet.

Also, a geosynchronous moon would be the same as no moon at all. The next time you come across one of the enthusiastic geniuses who wants to mine the moon, you might point this out to them. The hard core mining fans will tell you “we won’t mine the moon that much.” Yeah, only until we need glasses, right? ;)

Some excerpts from Ingo Swann’s book on RV and the moon:


Paragraph 4 is interesting. Given that info, an honest scientist would have to conclude that the moon came from “different stuff” as the earth. Not formed at the same time. Carbon dating also shows the same thing, too.


The moon’s gravitational field is very erratic. In the early days, Russia lost a couple orbiters sent to the moon, because they calculated their orbits based upon gravity with a universal strength. These did fine while going around the backside, but when they came around, they crashed into the surface. (Kinda like Wiley Coyote being yanked to the ground by a hidden magnet.)



The mass of the moon’s near side is much greater. Large uranium deposits are one reason we always see the same side of the moon. Keelynet Link –

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Mike Marsden’s No Resistance Obeam

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2014

03/15/14 – Mike Marsden’s No Resistance Obeam


Separate two parallel plates by exactly double the diameter of the tube and place the tube exactly in the middle, it offers no resistance to passing air or water. The OBeam (unfortunately named) has endless applications because it offers no resistance to the flow of media (air, water, whatever) past it.

Can also ionize static energy to create electricity. Incredible strength offers the high yield production of electricity with no maintenance. As air flows between the two plates and around the cylinder, the air doubles its velocity which lowers air temperature so it can condense and harvest water from the air due to cooling.

The decreased cross sectional area of the stream accelerates the air. Mike says use of these can create all the electricity and water needed for a building.

Boat hulls, aircraft, trucks, autos can be designed with virtually NO DRAG through the medium, air or water. And much more, watch the video. Mike says they are patent pending but I found no trace of this discovery, so if you do, please SHARE with all of us.Click the link  to view the video.  Mike Marsden’s No Resistance Obeam

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Marsden – Tethered Levitation using Inertial Drive

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2014

03/15/14 – Mike Marsden’s Amazing MacQuan inertial drive, tethered levitation



MacQuan stands for a “Macroscopic version of the Inner Quantum workings of matter.” These two incredible demonstations show weight loss and then tethered levitation. Through a series of spinning discs, this machine converts angular acceleration and angular deceleration into linear acceleration.

Running at 1,000rpm, the weight of the machine was 32lbs and when spinning the scale went to zero. No one seems to know anythnig about Mike Marsden but apparently his son Adrian Grey Marsden has this to say on his website.;

My father is an inventor among other things. Below is his life’s work: MACQUAN-ONE. The first movie is a promotion video I did for him. The second clip is it in action.

Also see 02/28/14 – The American Gyro ‘Gyradoscope’ Inertial Flyer and 02/28/14 – The Jerk Drive – Throwing our Weight Around and 02/28/14 – A Buffet of Approaches for Taming Gravity and Everything that Follows for more info on inertial propulsion, flight/thrust and gravity control.

Mike Marsden R.I.P. – 04/24/12 – The direction in which there was a time in which could be seen the videos of Mike Marsden and levitation Mac Quan 1 works again, but the author of “Adrian Grey” page tells us that his father Mike Marsden has died, and that has not been built on Mac Quan 2. (It appears he was still alive in 2011, see below.)

Where is Mike Marsden and what happened to his device?

Answer: R S – 23/08/2011 19:19:53I have conversed with him for almost a year now. He seems to have disappeared recently though. I pieced it together from our conversations and pictures, as well as a detailed review of the video. It seems to use the inherent kinetic energy in a angularly (spinning) ballanced connected mass pair with a center of gravity, and he slightly converts this energy into a linear energy.

He does so through acceleration and decleration. The Mac Quan 1 does NOT spin at one constant spin, rather it accelerates and decelerates. The trick is that he channelizes and redirects the obvious energy from acceleration and deceleration into ONE direction. He does this through a spiraling (almost corkskew like) coriolis effect. The effect looks like a wave.

That is why in the second video there appears to be a Yin Yang, or sinusoidal wave. It is supposedly based on math, although he won’t really explain. I believe he is being fairly secretive about it because he is getting it patented probably. In my opinion, it is just a manipulation of the basic laws of physics.

Instead of pushing Mass in one direction to create your “Equal and Opposite Reaction”, you are simply channelizing ENERGY or consumed work in one direction to get your “Equal and Opposite Reaction”. He calls it “Mass Displacement” or “Mechanical Light”.

Answer: R S – 26/08/2011 17:48:19 – The machine you saw is essentially a double ellipsograph (aka trammel). The ellipsograph pairs are locked into place on each side and forced to spin in circles. There are parallel connections between the pairs on each opposite side of the machine. This parallel force is how it works I think. Normally, if a machine was spinning in a circle, and a projectile was launched from the center of that spinning circle, it would of course travel in a STRAIGHT line.

However, in relation to the spinning circle, it would actually appear to travelling in a curve like pattern, called the “coriolis effect”. The overall Mac Quan 1 IS the spinning circle. The weights in his machine are not allowed to be “thrown away” due to centripetul force. They are held in place by parallel connections, and ultimately form what appears as a “Figure 8” or Yin Yang shape.

There is a difference in centripetul forces in each sides pairs. I believe this difference is “Transferred” up through the parallel connections, to a different region of the machine altogether. That is why he calls it “Mass Transfer”. It carves out a perfectly sinusoidal wave. This is just a very rudimentary explanation.

I cannot divulge specifics about the internals of the machine as I think he is getting it patented. I truly think this thing works. I have been following inertial propulsion for years and I think this guy finally has figured it out.

Another commenter states; “The videos are of poor quality and are said to be taken by the inventors son. Adrian Grey Marsden, instead of setting the camera on a tripod, waves the camera around like a conductors baton making the quality poorer still. The killer for me though is that, while demonstrating a machine that is purporting to be able to lift more than its own weight and so likely to vanish skywards that it is tethered, the video starts off with the machine being propped up on blocks. The blocks are then removed and we are expected to believe that the machine is now straining upwards against the tethers. The tethers far from being of flexible rope that would need to be properly knotted to prevent them coming loose from all the upward straining and vibration are clearly made of ridged metal wire that has been bent back over itself at the end. I believe these stiff wire “tethers” are thus not tethers at all but are supports for the machine to suggest that the machine is airborne. I cannot imagine the amount of desperation that leads to fakery.”

KeelyNet In the first video he says he is Mike Marsden of the “US Classic Billiards Research and Development Facility in Tell, Texas”.

I found a US Classic Billiards in Rockwall and Brownsville.

Just so happens I grew up almost next door, so I know Tell, Texas.

I can assure you there is no such group or building because Tell has maybe 32 people living there.

KeelyNet It shows him getting out of car with a building behind that says ‘Laguna Mall (or Mail) Enterprise Center.’

Looking for some track of Mike Marsden’s death, I found Nature’s Advocate: Nancy Marsden – Marsden and her husband, Mike, have been married for 14 years. Together they own U.S. Classic Billiards in Brownsville. They manufacture pool tables for the Valley.

KeelyNet I found no obituary for Mike (Michael) Marsden using obituaries and the Social Security death index. There was a Michael K. Marsden, deceased in 2008 in Grayson, Texas which is north of Dallas.

Thats a fur piece from Brownsville at about 605 miles. The note purporting to be from his son claimed he died and the notice was posted in 2012 but a prior contact said he was conversing with him in 2011 when he disappeared.

I find no records that fit (though others might so please share) so I suspect he ain’t dead, maybe in hiding after announcing he’d achieved antigravity and showing videos of it.

I have no idea when the videos were originally made. I also did a patent application search on Google Patents and the USPTO with nothing relevant so he must not have been able to apply or what? I want to thank Ross Small for sharing this amazing information with us all. – JWD Clink the link to watch the videos. Mike Marsden’s Amazing MacQuan inertial drive, tethered levitation

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Curing Aging and Death

Posted by keelynet on March 22, 2014

If you are interested in age regression, regeneration and rejuvenation, you might check out;

Everything that Follows

Dr. Baugh & the Pre-Flood Environment – 03/31/01

01/12/14 – the Thymus Gland and Rejuvenation

01/29/14 – The Quest for Immortality

02/04/14 – The Seat of Power and Extending Life

02/04/14 – More on the Seat of Power and the Endocrines

Age is a disease so if you are interested in funding this type of novel research, you may;

Contact Jerry.

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Mexistim – “Health Maintenance”

Posted by keelynet on October 5, 2013

The idea of ‘Health Maintenance’ with the Mexistim

1) Restful, sound sleep
..2) Increased red cell count
…3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
….4) Increased overall energy
…..5) No headaches
……6) No stomach pains or aches
…….7) No muscle pains
……..8) Weight loss
………9) Increase urination
………10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Now with free shipping to USA and Canada!

I’ve used my Mexistim for 10 years now. I sleep on a 3 X 4 foot wirescreen hooked up to my Mexistim sitting on my nightstand and always powered on. It uses very little electricity.

It helps me get a deep, healing sleep and I think of it as ‘health maintenance’ because all of the above listed effects I have noticed from using this device.

I wouldn’t endorse or sell it if it didn’t work for me and others who have reported their experiences.

You can read more and buy one if you’d like at the following link.

Thank you very much for your purchase! – JWD – Mexistim Website

Visit Keelynet

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Please Help the Indiegogo Robochek project

Posted by keelynet on March 6, 2013

I’m excited about our new project. You might ask, what does Robochek have to do with Keelynet?

Well, its not only a great program to save lives by calling up and checking on those who live alone, but the majority of the income from sales of our smartphone APP in addition to income from online subscribers to Robochek will be used to sponsor our lab projects.

But we also hope to have enough income to support many other worthy experimenters worldwide.

No strings attached, just do good with the money.

Please check out our Robochek Indegogo Project and help out if you can.

If you can, we would greatly appreciate spreading the word about this Indiegogo project and

We have high hopes we will achieve our goals, have Robochek automated and generate thousands, tens or hundreds of thousands of subscribers and to sell millions of our very cool app when its ready.

It’s not about money or fame, its about saving lives and helping to make the world a better place by planting ‘seed money’ that will spawn untold wonders and new technologies.

Make a difference, help us to help everyone!

Thanks, Jerry Decker @ Robochek and Keelynet

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Primary objection to relativistic interpretation of Casimir effect

Posted by keelynet on May 4, 2011

The primary objection to a relativistic interpretation of Casimir effect and catalytic action is that the equation for Casimir force at MINIMAL cavity width provides results which would seem insufficient to manifest the necessary time dilations to contract space time enough to suddenly make the longer vacuum flux capable of fitting between the interior walls of a Casimir cavity. The concept is akin to many SCIFI story lines where the interior volume of a room can be many time larger than the exterior volume.

The concept of a MINIMAL cavity width for Casimir plates is based on plate geometry and the quantum accumulation of a field at some small distance paralell to the plate surface. This limit has been established by Liftshitz and others but is based on our 3D perspective outside the cavity which my theory attempts to circumvent.

I am positing that the 3D perspective inside the cavity is changed by vacuum energy suppression that results in a Lorentzian translation between space and time. The mini hydrogen, hydrino, or other anomalous forms of condensed hydrogen (take your pick) made famous in claims of excess heat would see the walls of the cavity shrink but an observer on the cavity wall would likewise see the hydrogen appear to shrink.

This brings me to the crux of this issue which is, how can the equivalent acceleration inside the cavity be of such a large magnitude to achieve Lorentzian contraction and sidestep these limits of MINIMAL width and plate proximity constraints imposed by Liftshitz and others?

A shortcut is needed that ignores the need for spatial velocity and directly manipulates time. We know that both acceleration and equivalent acceleration due to gravity can result in time dilation. Therefore I assume a relationship between vacuum energy density and time dilation. We see this in the twin paradox because acceleration to fractional C can be replaced by a stationary twin at the bottom of a High G gravity well such as a dead star through equivalent acceleration. time dilation would still accumulate even though both twins are spatially stationary… (via – Full Article Source

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Some thoughts…

Posted by keelynet on May 4, 2011

You know, over the years I’ve met and been in contact with many, many, MANY people…some slam me or the way they perceive I do things….usually they are pissed because I won’t post their material or support them. Don’t have a clue why they think my opinion would help them, it won’t, I never claimed to be some kind of guru or leader or any of that crap…just doing what I can with what I have and if people don’t like it or don’t agree or want to cause problems, MOVE ON!

I tell them it is so easy to setup a free or paid website to post their papers, theories, is also so easy to setup a free discussion list where they can post their stuff and foster dialogue with interested subscribers. Now what is most amazing to me…almost NO ONE of these types ever does this…I haven’t figured out why, are they lazy or afraid of being tracked or not confident enough in their ideas or themselves?

Not a clue but it is SO EASY to do if you really, really care for and believe in yourself and your ideas, WHY NOT create your own forums and draw people of the same mind to participate? Obviously, in my case, it should be VERY CLEAR that I care immensely for the things I do with Keelynet from the first day in 1988 up to now. Still amazes me to realize its been 1988-2011 now…thats 7 years as a BBS and in my 16th year on the net…23 years total! Yes, there have been some changes but the essence of KeelyNet continues and will
as long as I’m alive and able to do it.

My only regret is in all these years there has not been one single free energy or gravity control discovery which has made it to market to benefit the world. Lots of stories, lots of scams, lots of false leads and errors but the beef never showed up. And yet…still I believe we can extract/convert energy and force from ambient forms, magnetism, gravity, heat, solar, wind and the ultimate in my view is energy from the actual local aether/zpe field. See; Alt Science Primer and Rectifying Chaos.

Time waits for no person so we all die by inches. Intriguing that we shouldn’t HAVE TO DIE since the body clearly can repair and replace dead, diseased or dying tissue with fresh, new tissue… Controlled apoptosis (cell death) to kill off and expel the rot, reverse osmosis to flush out all the toxins and non living materials and energizing the aura to cause the body to regrow strong, healthy tissue to essentially rejuvenate us back to 18-22 years of age.

Interesting that the body begins to die at around 20 years, so that is the critical phase change for our bodies…and when we do learn to rejuvenate, our bodies will recalibrate, reform and revert back to the physical age of 20 or so.

I have collected 8 different techniques and legends about claimed rejuvenation techniques that are just begging to be tested but no one will fund any of my plans or my lab attempt….

Haz contacts, haz plans, haz talented associates, haz network, haz theories, haz ideas, haz talent but no haz funding…

How can some jerkoff kid ask for $1,000,000.00 on youtube with NO PLANS FOR IT and someone gives it to him? No payback expected. And I’ll payback, bigtime! – Full Article Source

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An Engine that Harnesses Sound Waves

Posted by keelynet on May 4, 2011

Etalim, based in Vancouver, Canada, says its engine, roughly the size of a basketball, could improve the economics of electricity production for the cogeneration of power and heat in homes, and as a way to harness the heat produced at concentrating solar

The company has created a prototype, but has yet to achieve the kind of efficiencies—in excess of 40 percent—that its computer models indicate are within reach. The device shares some principles of a Stirling engine, in which an external heat source is used to expand a fixed amount of working gas (usually helium), which then contracts when it is pushed into a cooler space.

This expansion-contraction cycle repeats itself, turning heat into mechanical work by driving a piston. Encased within the core of Etalim’s engine is a plate of metal that replaces the function of a piston in a conventional Stirling engine.

When pressurized helium on the top side of the metal plate is heated, sound waves traveling through the gas are amplified, causing the plate to vibrate, and a metal diaphragm below (separated by a cooler layer of helium) to push down on a shaft. All mechanical friction is eliminated. The shaft is attached to an alternator that produces electricity. – Full Article Source

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