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Archive for March, 2010

Need a Job? Out of Work? Free ebook of Ideas!

Posted by keelynet on March 30, 2010

Need a Job? Out of Work?

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A word to Investors looking for Inventions

Posted by keelynet on March 17, 2010

This is an email response asking for a possible invention in which to invest;

Well, there is always my Vanguard Sciences project which would cover several areas of study and I KNOW would lead to several new inventions and technologies;

The description you provided is pretty loose…inventions along the lines of what? Energy, transportation, health, gravity control, hydrogen generation, novel solar technologies, thermal energy generation, vortex technologies, just a long list of many devices as you know.

Years ago I wrote up a page on ‘Suggested Guidelines for seeking Development Funds for New Generators or Power Inventions’ for inventors since many don’t have a clue about what they want or what they will need to share through a non-disclosure agreement at the very least;

I have no doubt my lab project would yield at the very least one energy project that is worthy of commercialization within a year…and the probability of more since I have so much information that correlates which would lead to working devices.

It’s a matter of getting the right people together and provide us with the equipment and resources we need to begin testing. Talk about disruptive technologies!

Anyway, you have some idea of the scope of projects that are worth duplicating, testing and hopefully bringing to market as licensed technology or outright sale of the technology.

Of course, my particular destiny is to RE-discover how to control the intensity of local gravity…history provides us with many legends and myths of flying men, warriors, gods and demons….not to mention craft…most of which used a simple principle which reduced the intensity of local gravity…

People don’t think about such things and usually guffaw when they hear that gravity can be controlled, increased or decreased like a dimmer switch for light.

The further you go up in the air, the weaker the gravity, the ancients knew this and found out how to produce the effect at will…think of buoyancy…

If you only weigh a couple of pounds or less, its easy to jump dozens, even hundreds of feet into the air and literally swim through it. See my gravity project page at;

There are at least 4 ways for flight which many confuse as gravity control;

1) mechanical wind deflection
2) ionic high voltage wind deflection
3) repelling against the earths magnetic field
4) inertial uni-directional drives (close to gravity control)

5) and the real thing, tapping into the aether influx to reduce local gravity

I have the translation of how to build super magnet ‘flying carpets’ from an old document discovered by an archeologist when a basement wall in an old castle collapsed during an earthquake. In it he found many rolls of hidden, ancient information. One of which was ‘The Secret of Flying Carpets’…

It’s a long story but basically involves changing the properties of a natural material to make it diamagnetic (repels both poles) so that when it is embedded in the fabric of a carpet and unrolled, it levitated. Payload depends on density of the material and size of the carpet.

I think this could be duplicated today and improved on…it’s not magic, or fantasy or gravity control but it could provide a new form of aerial transport.

Of course once we have true gravity control we also have free energy technology based on something like this;

This would be a highly commercial technology in itself.

But I want to rediscover the real gravity control methods…the ancients were able to do it without high technology and complicated electronics, using sound, phase conjugation and the correct geometry.

I think this investor needs to be a lot more specific about what they are looking for,


give some idea of what type of funding is available


give some idea of what they have in mind for the inventors share and how they propose to market it.

I guess I need to work up a page for investors since I have been trolled many times by people who want so much to invest in my lab, but ALWAYS they claim they have some investment that is about to come to fruition and WHEN IT DOES, then they can fund whatever is necessary.

I know they mean well and I have spent literally years in communication with some of them, and yet none ever come up with the money to make anything happen.

That is something ELSE that would make for interesting reading….to combine all those experiences for inventors to know about.

Of course, no money, no honey, so never was a contract signed because no money ever changed hands…like I say, they do MEAN WELL…but thats not bankable.

I’d suggest that Kathleen’s associate sit down and figure out exactly what they want, specifically something along the lines of;

1) what type of technology they want to invest in;
a) energy generation
b) new forms of transportation
c) new forms of propulsion
d) gravity control
e) health and healing technology

2) what kind of money are they talking about?
a) 50,000
b) 500,000
c) Million
d) several million

3) what kind of share for the inventor;
a) an upfront payment plus a share of sales
b) purchase of the technology outright
c) a share of the profits from any licensing agreement

4) what kind of timeframe the investor expects from inception to actual working prototype

5) how the project will be funded;
a) a fixed monthly budget (20 up to 100k) with a maximum limit, 1 million, 5 million, etc…from 3-5 years duration
b) a trust fund (I like this one because it is very secure for the inventor who doesn’t want to get involved in a project where the investor could simply stop funding it and it all dies) which would provide stable funding for a fixed period, 3-5 years or so
c) some other equitable arrangement for both parties

Just like journalism…who, what, when, why, where and how…

For myself, I happen to believe in lean and mean…

So many times inventors are deluged with money…they begin enjoying a much higher lifestyle and get used to it…from that point, no longer do they care if their invention ever comes to market, they will do ‘just enough’ to keep the investors forking over money for the invention which never is completed or comes to market.

There are countless examples of this…Meyer, Searle, Minato, Lutec, DePalma, Tilley, Dennis Lee, Joe Newman, Otis Carr, Robert Adams, Howard Johnson, Muller magnetic motor, Maglich, Yull Brown, Perendev, Steven Mark, Steven Greer, etc..

So my favorite way is to provide a few million to a 3-5 year trust fund where the interest payments are paid to the inventor on a monthly basis to fund the projects. At the end of the trust, the money returns to the investor and anything the project earns is shared with the investor and the inventor.

Or some contract where the investor agrees to provide a fixed amount per month up to a maximum over a fixed duration of time.

The main thing is don’t throw money at it, make it results oriented….if the project works, they get money, if it doesn’t work within a specified, agreed upon time frame and money expenditure, then its time to fold up the tent, cut funding and go home. Not be milked for the rest of the life of the inventor.

My fear is that an investor on a pay-as-you-go basis might stop paying and leave the inventor hanging with debts and responsibilities which he/she signed on for…leaving them to clean up the mess.

It really depends on how much the inventor has spent to get his/her invention to the current stage or whether the investor will be funding the entire project from inception to working prototype to patent to commercialization.

Most inventors aren’t in it JUST for the money…they want their invention to actually be put on the market and used by many people.

Not to be locked away or not pursued to commercialization by being bought out by ever bigger, more vested industries who have no intention of EVER letting it come to market…as you well know Gary.

So really, I need some better idea of what this investor wants to invest in, how much they have to invest (50k or more), what they want in return and how they plan to protect and market it.

Yes, I really need to work up a page about that as a guide for investors.

It’s really easy to think well I have a few extra bucks so why not invest in some invention….it’s a lot more complicated than that…BY NECESSITY…

There are a few inventors out there with interesting ideas and some even have simple prototypes that need to be optimized and above all, independently proven.

But it is necessary that any investor has thought out the details of what they are wanting to get involved with. If it is worked out properly, everyone would benefit in a very big way when the technology comes to market and in some cases, it would benefit the world in very
positive ways.

If this investor might be interested in my lab project, I’d love to discuss it. But I do know a few inventors for various devices who might be worth contacting.

I want nothing to do with ‘guilt by association’….meaning before I would contact any inventor I knew to connect them to someone wanting to invest, I would want to have somewhat vetted the investor to verify they are for real.

Nothing will destroy a friendship or business relationship faster than if you hook people up with bad information or bad contacts simply because you didn’t carry out due diligence first. When the deal falls through, guess who suffers?

It’s like here in Mexico…people come over to visit, we drink some beers, one or two get to acting up and I have to correct their behavior…they say they are just having fun, I remind them I LIVE IN THIS NEIGHBORHOOD and you don’t so, act right or get lost.

That is why I need to know more about what this investor has in mind.

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