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    This blog began on
    Sept. 29, 2007.
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My experiences with the net to date, have been exclusively websites, so decided I’d try a blog connected to KeelyNet but which would give me some freedom to write about whatever interests me.

In the process of life, I have always filtered and correlated information, distilling much of it into my primary ‘focii’ which became free energy, gravity control and rejuvenation as well as anything to do with science in general. Not sure how much time or creativity I can devote to it but will give it a shot and see what happens.

jerry3shotstime2.jpgI thought this would be a ‘telling’ series of photos and have some at much younger ages but maybe will scan them in later. My parents were big on photos when my brother, sister and I were young so there are two photos that I really love, one shows my brother pedaling a toy tractor pulling a wagon with chubby me as passenger, the other is of my sis, brother and I all 3 taking an outdoor soapy bath in a big galvanized tub when we were all about 2-5 years old. Both very cute pictures from a bygone time which is sorely missed despite all our modern toys.

I wish we could somehow incorporate the Mayberry days that included safe, easy, friendly living and yet WITH modern conveniences. Perhaps when some of us return to our Martian homeworld we can setup a Huna type government…essentially, HURT NO ONE (with intent) and almost no laws or government.

Guess I should give some background though I am wary about how much since there are so many net malefics. I worked for some 23 years for 3 medium sized companies as the Technical Lead for support and maintenance. During that time I worked with mostly great people, especially at the 2nd place where we had the best team I’ve ever had the pleasure to work with.

Alas, this company who so loudly boasted ‘Buy American’ sold out to the Japanese which brought a management change and a total inexperienced DICK who caused the loss of many great employees and nearly destroyed the company. I left on my terms after 2 years, worked at another job and decided what I wanted to do with my life.

So I quit my job, sold or gave almost everything away, hosted the KeelyNet Convergence Conference in 2001 and moved to Mexico a few months after where I have never been happier. Here, I devote myself to enjoying life, working on KeelyNet, tinkering with experiments and doing what I want when I want.

I guess my goal now is to find an angel investor or small group in order to get financing to fund a lab where I and a group of invited associates can work on a wide range of projects. All of it is spelled out in the Vanguard Sciences Lab Project. It is a killer opportunity for anyone with the investment bucks and savvy enough to see what would come of it not only for them but also the world at large. Now how megamaniacal is that?

Until then, I continually learn new things, build my little circuits and toys seeking a self-running device, what some call over unity, where others call it simply free energy. Though I know my true primary destiny is to discover how to control gravity in a mass, to make it heavier or lighter at will. Just like dimming a light with a dimmer switch. It is all based on the theory that gravity is a push from ambient aether/zpe, holding things together and creating all things and all energies via what I call the aether spectrum.

I could drone on and on but most of what I’ve done, written and been involved in, along with lots of other interesting information, is posted at KeelyNet if you care to check it out.

Also if you like ebooks and one DVD to start, check out Vanguard Sciences or for print books, check out the Products page. Any purchases you make help to sustain KeelyNet and my efforts in many areas. So I thank you for your support.

2 Responses to “About”

  1. skylarkn said

    “Though I know my true primary destiny is to discover how to control gravity in a mass, to make it heavier or lighter at will.”

    Yes, I did notice the Amazing Stories figure wearing the levitating belt on the KeelyNet site header image. Strange how clear the vision was back then but now pretty much forgotten, along with Smith, Campbell, and the man behind it all: Tesla. Its a good destiny to strive for, and who knows, perhaps we are entering into a new Renaissance. Congrats on your Twentieth.

  2. Peter Lang said

    hi jerry! love the keelynet work!! i was just reading the article you put on NASA finding the third van allen belt.
    i put nasa links on my blog from what i see it looks like Tesla’s solar theories are getting closer to mainstream. great job!

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