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Archive for November, 2007

Hallowell’s heat from cold system

Posted by keelynet on November 27, 2007

Taking advantage of heat pump thermodynamics principles to produce heating and cooling;

heathallowell.jpg“Duane Hallowell, founder, CEO and President of the firm. He and his partners are engineers who stareted the company in 2005 without using V.C. backing. Their goal was to use existing hardware in the heat pump (and air conditioning) industry to build a system that would produce home heating even in sub-freezing weather. Though it uses existing hardware manufactured for the entire heat pump and air conditioning industry, Hallowell does assemble their unique system and have added a patented process that is crucial. They’ve patented a method for boosted compression. That allows their system to continue to draw heat from outside air even as it drops below O Fahrenheit. In the past this has been the fault point of air-to-air heat pumps in northern North America’s winter months. To prove its mettle, Hallowell’s Arcadia has been tested by independent utility co-ops, and not in Puerto Rico either. Cold places like northern Canada, Alaska and even Bangor, Maine.
Now says Hallowell, the man, Hallowell the company can sell you a system that does not require back-up heating systems. It runs on electricity alone. Of course, that electricty can come from the utility gird, wind, solar, geothermal or five hundred loping gazelle in harness. Hallowell said it was necessary to build a system that uses standard components. The parts are sold all over North America. Though Hallowell asemble the system, it arrives at the building site with instructions and repair manuals that are widely-used in the HVAC industry. Not special installation training or ducting is needed. This is the hardware verison of open source tecnology. And Hallowell’s Arcadia does not use a single part that is unique or specially made.” – Source

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Energy Efficiency in your home

Posted by keelynet on November 27, 2007

Some tips to help you stay warm and cozy with lower winter heating costs.

“Despite newer technologies that detect energy loss and state programs that offer incentives for efficient upgrades, many people waste energy because they neglect fundamental, low-tech fixes. “The basics haven’t changed,” says Bob Walters, co-owner of the Energy Savers Store in New Rochelle, N.Y. “The technology has advanced as far as being able to test your house for energy efficiency, but in the end, you’re still going back to your caulking gun and your insulation.” Here are 10 of the most overlooked ideas for saving energy in winter, according to home energy auditors and heating experts: Check your insulation, Avoid fiberglass insulation, Cover attic fan and hatch, Seal duct joints and pipes, Plug the fireplace and close the flue, Remove or cover air conditioners, Seal windows and doors, Keep heaters clean and Get an energy audit.” – Source

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the Ron Paul Blimp

Posted by keelynet on November 27, 2007

What press and media coverage they could get out of this!

ronpaulblimp.jpg“Imagine..the mainstream media is mesmerized as the image of the Ron Paul blimp is shown to tens of millions of Americans throughout the day (and throughout the month). Wolf Blizter, stunned and as if in a trance, repeats the words “Amazing, Amazing”. As GPS co-ordinates stream to the website a map shows the Ron Paul blimp’s location in real time. The local Television stations broadcast it’s every move. The curious flock together and make a trip see history in the making. Emails with pictures are sent, then forwarded, then forwarded again. Youtube videos go viral and reach tens of millions of views. Ron Paul becomes the first presidential candidate in history to have his very own blimp. The PR stunt generates millions upon millions of dollars worth in free publicity, and captures the imagination of America. Please join us in our goal to raise $350,000 to make and fly the first ever Presidential Blimp in history. (What a BRILLIANT IDEA! – JWD)” – Source

And this interesting point;

ronpaultext.jpg“Media bias to EXCLUDE Ron Paul from the news. The Southern Avenger’s response to the September 5, 2007 Fox News GOP Presidential debate and the often-asked question about Ron Paul’s chances of getting the Republican nomination. But more importantly – why he should. Video – SA Radio – Does Ron Paul Have a Chance of Winning? – For those who claim the Ron Paul internet army skews votes by multiple texting of votes, this is a “Response to those who tried to vote multiple times during the Fox News texting poll that immediately followed the Sept. 5, 2007, Fox News sponsored Republican Presidential debate.” You can ONLY VOTE ONCE as they record where the vote comes from and prevent additional votes from that address.”

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health notes from Dallas

Posted by keelynet on November 27, 2007

RATS! Had this almost finished and the page reset so lost it all!

Ok, here we go…on my last trip to Texas to visit friends and family, I stopped in Dallas a few days to network with friends.

In my notebook, I had written about an 80 year old friend to many of us who had suffered a stroke and was taking a novel treatment that used a ‘magnesium push’. He had almost completely recovered from his stroke using this method. The website was Dr. Rind and he claims something called RELOX will restore damaged brain tissue.

“Relox™ is a nutritional IV therapeutic technique developed by Dr. Rind using vitamins and minerals orally and intravenously while using oxygen. Herbs and other nutrients are taken orally to produce a synergistic effect. The technique was designed to refresh, oxygenate, and “wake up” brain cells that are still alive but not fully functional. This is the probable cause of the positive effects that are usually observed.”

The 2nd note was about an alledged AIDS cure called V1 from Thailand. The main website is called Immunitor but some searching finds a mix of results.

“The first and most advanced product is V-1 Immunitor or V1. V1 has been used by over 60,000 AIDS patients in Thailand and 7,000 patients in 60 countries around the world. Approximately 12 mln doses of V1 have been manufactured to date. In addition to V1 the company has developed and currently manufactures V2, V3, and V4, which are used for treatment and prevention of diarrhea, Strep/Staph infection, cancer, and fungal infections.”

An Overview Page of V1 claims which might provide more insight.

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Mexico y ladrones

Posted by keelynet on November 27, 2007

A year or so after I moved here, a local Mexican periodical called Paginas (pages) had a story called ‘Mexico, Pais de Ladrones’, ergo, Mexico Country of Thieves. By then I knew the editor and publisher of this paper and his entire family. He and his writers are very bold and publish articles, complaints and letters to the editor that no one else would touch, so I admire the guy.

I have been ripped off several times in my years here and try to learn from each but its a simple fact, trust no one. Only once in all my years in the states was I ripped off and that by someone who broke in my apartment knowing I worked all night.

camera2.jpgOne of the families I know here has a 20 year old son who has been in jail for stealing from houses and robbing two cars. I let him cut grass, pull weeds and clean my truck for the last couple of years. To date he hasn’t stolen anything. However, three weeks ago, I let him use my computer for emails though I was in the house and never more than 20 feet from him. This past Sunday I needed my $500 digital camera with 2GB memory and couldn’t find it in the drawer next to my computer.

Only this guy Chancharro (Pedro) had been near it so I knew who the culprit was. The local police stop by my house at least once every two days to chat. They work 24 hours on, 24 off, are paid poorly and get bored and tired with such long hours. So I give them cokes and snacks and we joke around a lot. So I told them and they were going to pick him up for theft.

I hadn’t yet talked with my lawyer so asked them to wait. Next day a friend came by and said this Chancharro had stolen his cellphone, so he went to the house and asked the mom about it. She said yes, there was a strange new cellphone in her son’s room and returned it to my friend. I told my lawyer this and he suggested I speak with the mother. So I printed up a photo of my camera and showed it to her and yes she had seen it. She said her son told her I ‘loaned’ him this expensive camera. I corrected that and she gave me a blank stare but did return the camera and the leather case with cables.

That was all I wanted but I told her about other things her son had done and again she gives me this same blank stare, after all, this is her baby boy (he’s 20) and he was not a ladrone despite the jail time. She then suggests it is three brothers who are thieves that I should watch out for. I suggested anytime she finds anything in her son’s room that she track the source with his reputation. She ignores this and just kept saying lo siento (I’m sorry) but she adds to this kids behavior.

So $130 down for two other things he also stole that alerted me to the camera theft, but I’m just glad I got my camera back and will take all pains to avoid this thief and warn anyone who asks me about him. Of course he is known to be a thief here but I’ll now add to his rep with my experiences.

It just astounds me how SOME Mexican mothers are so over protective for their kids where they let them do anything and lie their way out of it. I suggested to the senora that one day without corrective action, her son would wind up dead or crippled from such behavior. She didn’t seem to realize the law of cause and effect. So I’ll not be helping their family again.

michelada.jpgTime for a michelada (beer cocktail popular in Jalisco state). Made with half a chavela (goblet) of clamato, ice, black pepper, chili, lime, worcestershire sauce and salt. Fill the half glass with beer and stir, very tasty.

Drink it halfway down, then add the rest of the beer from the bottle, stir and enjoy. Used to be 12 pesos ($1.20) 5 years ago, now they are up to 20 pesos.

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Growing Organs in a Petri Dish

Posted by keelynet on November 24, 2007

There is a book that my late friend Peter Kelly used to sell though I can’t recall the name of it. It is written as science fantasy though the author claims it sourced occult information.

One of the stories recounts the gods as a group of alien humanoid scientists who were trying to evolve other planets such as earth, but they had limited lifespans. So Jehovah, being one of the biologists did not have confidence in the approach of his peers that cell or DNA manipulation would lead to successful life extension. To date, they had achieved success with organ rejuvenation from injections, however, cancer often resulted due to uncontrolled cell growth from excess stimulation.

aurachakras.jpgJehovah felt that the aura of the body was the key to its formation and a necessary part of any rejuvenation scheme. The mind could influence the steady state condition of the aura and so sustained thought of healing or what you wanted your body to become was a key.

His technique proved successful. The book recounts the technique acknowledging that healing occurs when in a relaxed, sleeping state. So using a form of self-hypnosis, prior to sleep, Jehovah would will each limb to relax fully. Once all limbs had been relaxed, a final pass would be made willing the entire body to now relax in a form of sensory isolation. From that point the practitioner would pass into sleep.

The theory was that mental and physical stresses occur daily and must be ‘erased’ from the cells and organs otherwise they are encoded as disease such as cancer or malfunction. By relaxing the entire body prior to sleep, the stresses would be ‘de-tensioned’ and any repairs made would be completed without stress.

“On Tuesday after researchers announced they were able to turn the clock back on skin cells and transform them into stem cells, the mutable building blocks of organs and tissues. “This is truly the Holy Grail: To be able to take a few cells from a patient – say a cheek swab or few skin cells – and turn them into stem cells in the laboratory,” Robert Lanza of Advanced Cell Technology said. “It’s bit like learning how to turn lead into gold.” While the research is still in its infancy, the potential benefits are “tremendous” said Lanza, who has already found ways to cut the death rate following heart attacks in half, restore blood to limbs which would otherwise have to be amputated and construct a functioning kidney using stem cells. The use of skin cells will eventually allow doctors to create stem cells with a specific patient’s genetic code, eliminating the risk that the body would reject transplanted tissues or organs. “We can now envisage a time when a simple approach can be used to produce stem cells that are able to form any tissue from a small sample taken from any of us.” One of the greatest advantages of the new technique is its simplicity: it takes just four genes to turn the skin cell back into a stem cell. This, unlike the complex and expensive process developed by Wilmut, can be done in a standard biological lab. And skin cells are much easier to harvest than embryos. The main hurdle to overcome is finding a safe way to transform the skin cells. The current method, developed by two teams of researchers in the US and Japan, raises the risk of cellular mutation because a retrovirus was used to deliver four genes to the cell.” – Source

heartmath.jpgThe Institute of Heartmath I think have done the most research in this stress area and offer several programs to help relax your heart and other organs to facilitate healing.

From the Heartmath page, an excellent description;

” We introduced the term physiological coherence to describe a physiological mode that encompasses entrainment, resonance, and synchronization, which are all distinct but related physiological phenomena that are frequently associated with more ordered and harmonious interactions among the body’s systems.

The coherence mode is associated with a sine wave-like pattern in the heart rhythms (reflecting increased synchronization between the two branches of the autonomic nervous system), a shift in autonomic balance toward increased parasympathetic activity, increased heart-brain synchronization, increased vascular resonance, and entrainment between diverse physiological oscillatory systems.

In physics “coherence” is used in two different ways, both of which apply to our use of the term. It is used to describe the ordered or constructive distribution of power within a single waveform. The more stable the frequency and shape of the waveform, the higher the coherence. The term autocoherence is used to denote this kind of coherence. An example of a coherent wave is the sine wave. In physiological systems, this type of coherence describes the degree of order and stability in the rhythmic activity generated by a single oscillatory system. For example, in the physiological coherence mode, the heart rhythms become more coherent, shifting toward a sine wave-like pattern.

Coherence is also used to describe two or more waves (or systems) that are either phase- or frequency-locked. This is also called entrainment. In the coherent mode, respiration, heart rhythms, and blood pressure rhythms become entrained and oscillate at the same frequency. The term cross-coherence is used to specify this type of coherence.

In terms of physiological functioning, coherence confers a number of benefits to the system. For example, there is increased cardiac output in conjunction with increased efficiency in fluid exchange, filtration, and absorption between the capillaries and tissues; increased ability of the cardiovascular system to adapt to circulatory requirements; and increased temporal synchronization of cells throughout the body. This results in increased system-wide energy efficiency and metabolic energy savings.”

In my nearly 40 years of research into many areas, I have collected some 8 techniques that offer healing and even rejuvenation using energy methods. The funding of my lab would cover 3 of these methods for testing as well as other alternative science projects that could benefit the world at large, not just one country.

Alas, when it comes to rejuvenation, healing, extending life (both quality AND quantity), I think 99.99% of the population with the investment capital to research this are defeatists, thinking we are locked into a fixed span of +/-70 years. And so they die with all their money and possessions when they could instead live much longer and choose when they are ready to check out of this life.

Those same moneyed defeatists also seem to have no interest in helping others in the world through the results of maverick research investments. I prefer ‘ Sieze the Day’ (Carpe Diem) rather than ‘Such is life, what are you going to do?’ (C’est la vie).

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Video – Bouncing bubbles could power microturbines

Posted by keelynet on November 24, 2007

hamelspin.jpgFascinating experiment. I think there is a tie-in here with Keely’s use of phase conjugation and standing waves to extract mechanical force.

Remember David Hamel’s claim of the ‘Butterfly Effect’ and the magnetic gate where a magnet is kept off balance on a point and the motion is then biased into one direction to produce thrust, rotation and energy.

bubbleprop.jpg“Researchers have hit upon an unusual way to spin tiny propellers – set them on top of tiny bouncing bubbles. Inspired by winged seed pods, they could find use for mixing tiny amounts of liquids, or strength-testing nanostructures, researchers say. Daniel Attinger, of Columbia University, New York, US, and colleagues hit upon the idea when investigating the way fluids move around vibrating bubbles. By heating water, the team made tiny bubbles around 40 micrometres across, the width of a few human cells, on a container’s walls. Theoretical studies have suggested that bouncing creates a vortex around bubbles, so the researchers vibrated the container with a piezoelectric “buzzer” to achieve this. They then put small pieces of plastic into the flow around them to search for signs of the vortex effect. They found that flat pieces of plastic roughly the same width as the bubbles tended to stick to the top of them and spin around. Setting them spinning is a simple task. – Video Source. Just tossing thousands of the propellers into the container and vibrating it makes the propellers fall into position and start rotating. Shaking the container at the resonant frequency of the bubbles spins the propellers fastest – at nearly 700 revolutions per minute. The researchers can choose other rates of vibration to ramp the propellers’ spin up and down. They suggest stringing several bubble rotors along a carbon nanotube, like pearls on a string, to act as a pump.” / (This is pure Keely. Much like a bouncing magnet in coils to produce electricity. – JWD)

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It’s the end of the world, so why worry or try to help?

Posted by keelynet on November 22, 2007

Sometimes I get the feeling there are a LOT more people than I ever thought who just don’t care about anything but their immediate needs. rapture1.jpgThe believers in the Rapture who think the return of Jesus is imminent and will save them from a dying, destroyed world. And now these kinds of predictions that a polar flip will reformat the planet, so should we try to save ourselves or just sit back and do nothing, let nature take its course. Don’t work on anyway to AT LEAST TRY to save as much of humanity as possible, don’t invest in anything that could make a difference, just die with your money, toys and possessions and to heck with everyone and everything. At least you had YOUR fun.

mayancalendar.jpg“Mayan apocalyptic theories suggest that the end of the world is imminent. The multi-calendar society of the Mayan Empire predicts that December 21, 2012 will be doomsday. On winter solstice, for the first time in 26,000 years, the sun will align with the center of the Milky Way and some people believe that this will cause a reversal in the magnetic fields of the sun, causing a chain reaction on Earth. earthscrewdual.jpgPossible results range from the Earth’s rotation change causing massive floods, to the magnetic poles’ reversal on Earth, which could act as a catalyst for many natural disasters that could destroy the planet. Would you classify these doomsayers as utterly delusional?” – Source

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Who would the World Elect for President?

Posted by keelynet on November 22, 2007

ronpaulwhite.jpgUNITED STATES Votes for:

27571 votes for Ron Paul

8577 votes for Barack Obama
4407 votes for Dennis Kucinich
1751 votes for Hillary Clinton
1372 votes for Mike Gravel
988 votes for John Edwards
883 votes for Fred Thompson
762 votes for Rudy Giuliani
564 votes for Mitt Romney
455 votes for John McCain
425 votes for Bill Richardson
319 votes for Mike Huckabee
300 votes for Joe Biden
197 votes for Duncan Hunter
169 votes for Tom Tancredo
117 votes for Chris Dodd
72 votes for Sam Brownback

Cast your Vote Here!

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Pennsylvania State to test Kanzius Saltwater burning claims

Posted by keelynet on November 22, 2007

This is an encouraging sign that might lead to practical products based on Kanzius discovery, or at least one half of it, the ability to produce great heat without explosion. I hope an equal amount of investment and investigation is happening with his near 100% cancer cure using 200watts at about 14mhz to heat up and destroy cancer anywhere in the body.

“Kanzius reached a joint working agreement Tuesday with Pennsylvania State University to develop uses for the device based on its ability to burn saltwater. “I think this device will yield a gold mine of scientific material,” said Rustum Roy, Ph.D., director and founder of Penn State’s Materials Research Laboratory and worldwide expert on the structure of water. “In science, we want to see something really new. This is most unexpected — to everybody, to every scientist.” Roy and his researchers will conduct experiments on the energy released from burning saltwater, the effectiveness of desalinating the water, and any other uses for the device other than treating cancer. Kanzius and Penn State will equally split the profit from any intellectual property gained from the device. Roy said he believes Kanzius’ device uses radio waves to break the hydrogen-oxygen bond in saltwater using relatively little energy. He plans to study the energy released by breaking the bonds, and what is left when the bonds are broken. “In just the equivalent of two man-days of work, we learned enough to punch out two (scientific) manuscripts,” Roy said. “I will present about John’s device Tuesday at the Materials Research Society meeting in Boston.” Now that an agreement between Kanzius and Penn State has been reached, Roy said the next step is to get research funding. “I think we will need a few million dollars for a few years of research,” Roy said. “I’m confident we will get at least some funding. A major company was here, and I’m in contact with a half-dozen others.” – Source

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