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Archive for January, 2011

Nice Mexistim email

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2011

Received a nice email a few days back from a fellow who bought a Basic Mexistim from;

Hola Jerry!

Received your package and have to say the Mexistim is a great success.

My mom was sick, (we switched to raw foods and she was seriously de-toxing) and I mean she never ever gets sick,

so when she does its serious with high fever, she slept with the Mexistim and the next day her symptoms were almost gone,

along with large doses of MMS, it went away so quickly my mom couldn’t believe it!

We sleep with it every night and get much better sleep and more energy.

Thank you Jerry!

Wish you all the best,

The Basic Mexistim unit uses 3 volts DC where the polarity (positive or negative) is switched approximately every 15 minutes.

I received another email, this one from a Bruno in Paris asking about the research done by the Morre’s. The essence of my response is;

> *I am a Parisian (France), interested in your mexistim cleaner*
> *in fact it is a lot cheaper then the one sold at *
> *
> *

Note the relly high prices;
595.00 EUR = 807.579 USD
680.00 EUR = 922.947 USD

> *At Valemis, they mention a couple **James et Dorothy MORRE** who worked on
the periodic polarity switch, they claim the switch period to be better tuned at 12 minutes,
and Valemis claims further the best periodicity to be 11 minutes*

The fact is they probably took this from my Mexistim instructions where I found the article within days after it was published. As usual they are incorrect in their claims, see;

In 2003, James Morre, of the Purdue School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, announced results of 4 decades of research into biological clocks with the following;

“The Morres found that cells increase in size at a periodic rate – they enlarge themselves for 12 minutes, then rest for 12 before growing again.

The complex interaction of proteins is the basis for many activities within cells, and James Morre theorized that some undiscovered proteins were responsible for the 24-minute growth cycle. A unique single cylinder-shaped protein molecule regulates the cell enlargement cycle.

This particular protein has two activities: one served as a catalyst for growth activities for 12 minutes and then rested while its other activity took over for the next 12 minutes.

They found they could produce clocks (artificially) with cycles of between 22 and 42 minutes.”

12 to 21 minute half cycles for alternating polarities. Thus, the MexiStim operates in a medium range of approximately 13-16 minutes.

It is NOT a precise function that applies to everyone. Best results are within 14-16 minutes which all my Mexistims have the option for. The Basic unit is about 15 minutes and the Universal can be set for about 3 or 15 minutes since interesting effects have been had with a more rapid switching time.

Still, overall the best results were at about 15 minutes which Lee Crock used on over 10,000 people with great success. We have a saying called Murphys Law – “don’t mess with what works” so when I started building the Mexistim I used the one that worked best, i.e. about 15 minute cycles.

This was one of my problems with Lee who used to charge $3000USD for a machine where it only cost him about $50USD to build it…I chastized him for it and suggested he would help a lot more people if he lowered the price to $500USD or so…but he said no…he had sold $900,000USD worth of machines!!! He offered me half for everyone I referred to him that resulted in a sale…thats $1,500USD…it was very tempting but I couldn’t live with myself knowing how simple it is and ripping off sick people.

A few years later he did lower it to $1,000USD but still that is way too much money for what is involved in building it. I detest gouging and its just not acceptable to take advantage of people looking for help with their medical or energy problems. That is why I set my price so low and have maintained them for about 9 years even though my costs have gone up.

I even posted the wiring diagram so that anyone could build a manually switched version on their own if they couldn’t afford to buy is posted within the article at;

Sure others charge a lot more but the basic machine works just fine at approximately 15 minute cycles so thats what I stick with. It is the one I use on my bed with an aluminum wirescreen I bought at the local hardware store and cut to a 3 X 4 foot sheet..

I place this on my mattress, then put a 1 inch thick foam pad on that and a sheet over the pad. The wirescreen is attached to my 15 minute cycle Mexistim which rests on a night table next to my bed. I leave it plugged into the AC/DC adapter so it runs all the time.

I change the batteries every 2 or so years but I check them and if they are below 1.5 volts, they are replaced…cost about $40US here in Mexico for Duracell or Energizer brand. Any brand will work even nicad. It is a cheap price for all the health benefits I get from it.

This way anytime I lie down to rest or sleep on the bed, I am bathed in the energy from the Mexistim. People tell me all the time I look much younger than I am and have a lot of energy for my age of 58. That is so and I attribute much of it to use of the Mexistim.

Many, many people bought my Mexistim and copied it with usually inferior or misunderstood ideas or construction and some make outrageous claims trying to pull in sales.

I am semi-retired so its not a NEED for me to sell the Mexistims..I only started it when so many people asked me for a cheaper version than what Lee was selling for $1000. He told me at our conference in Dallas back in 2001 I could sell my own version if I wanted but don’t setup a factory selling thousands a day…lol…no way…

For these others, they couldn’t care less about anything but more and more sales to make more and more money…you can tell it by their much higher prices…we have another saying in the states…follow the money…you usually find the source of the problem by using that. If thats all they care about is ripping off sick people, then its their karma.

What pisses me off is they so blatantly copy and use my material and my design…yes, it is based on Lees machine but I think is superior.

So many others quote the Mexistim documentation, anecdotes and tips without giving the source…but what can one do? I just go with the flow…

So I build and sell them as they are ordered…takes about 2 weeks for construction, testing and I mail them out using UPS which is fast and reliable.

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The Mysterious Energy that Makes Electricity & Magnetism Work

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2011

Quote: “The Mysterious energy that makes electricity and magnetism work is perpendicular to both the electric and magnetic patterns, and establish a third plane of reverence which we call ‘Time Zone.’

This zone is not detectable or measurable with the standard electric or magnetic instruments. It responds to thought and can orient the magnetic pattern out of perpendicularity to the electric pattern.

If the magnetic field exceeds 87 degrees and coincides to the electric wave pattern, disintegration results in matter and it becomes energy.”

Someone sent me this and I thought it interesting. You might remember the book by Scully, ‘Behind the Flying Saucers’;

talks about this mysterious stranger Dr. Gee who had all this inside information and he goes into great detail about magnetic phenomena. (click the fullscreen button to more easily read it but it looks like
their scan clipped off part of the right side, rats)

Do a search on magnetism on their page and you find several…

“no two lines have ever been known to cross each other naturally, if crossed by accident you get disintegration and fire.”

“Anybody who could create such a magnetic disturbance could wipe out life on this earth in a second.”

“They had come to the conclusion that everything existed owed its shape to magnetic lines of force. He explained there are 1,257 magnetic lines per square centimeter, about a half inch.”

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