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Archive for February, 2008

Mexico notes…

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

mexico-01.gifSome weirdness here lately or at least it was news to me. The police used to come by my house as much as twice a day, either honk the horn in the daytime or flash their lights at night. I’d go out and chat with them. They are SO BORED since they work 24 hour shifts and several of them live in Guadalajara and are assigned here. I feel sorry for them as they are not only low paid but have often rough jobs so sometimes I buy them lunch or give them cokes and chips for snacks.

After letting three of them borrow movies, some SVCDs, other DVDs, which they didn’t return, now they don’t stop by (I think out of guilt) but maybe twice a week and of course none of my movies have been returned. It’s one of the weird things about mexican culture…the word for loan/borrow is presta and for gift is regalo….but here presta MEANS regalo and your chances of getting something back that you loan are super slim to none. I can’t count the number of items that I’ve had to go after or never got back.

Something I just have to mention. I’m in my 7th year here and have noted how many more cars and how many more ‘things’ mexicans have than they did before. Bear in mind the minimum wage here is less than $6 and most people make from $10 to $15 a DAY. Though I know a few who make $20-$30 a day, most are very poorly paid.  A mexican friend worked at an electronics factory in Guadalajara and made $7 a day, but he is a talented baker so now has a new job making $20 a day.

I setup a bank account with an international bank and they included a ‘free’ Visa card. I charged about $100 on it to build some credit here and noticed they charged 30% interest! So I paid it off really quick.

In a recent issue of the Guadalajara Reporter, an english weekly newspaper, there is an article entitled, “Economic growth breaks forecasts as credit card woes break dreams” (February 23-29, 2008 page 12).

Yep, many people are going crazy with all this easy credit (at super high unregulated interest rates)  and ending up with ruined credit, debt and repossession. I have noted how so many people are buying cellphones, all kinds of new electronics, new or even used vehicles, motorcycles, clothes, toys and anything else they can ‘buy’ with plastic.

And how do they hope to pay for this when they barely survive on $10-$20 a day?  Most of course have families but many adults live with their families to save money until they have enough to get married and move out on their own.

Plus the culture includes a host of fiestas, building a house for each kid, the 15 year old girl coming of age celebration and a host of other costs that make extra money very difficult to come by. So now they have all this free credit and many are going nuts to their inevitable ruination. I’ve seen this ‘plastic prosperity growth’ over the past few years and wonder when the bomb will drop on them.

In addition, Mexico is so economically intertwined with the US that the economy is hurting badly here as well. The word for volkswagon is ‘Bocho’, the word for a mexican who is native born but lived in the states and RETURNED to mexico, is a POCHO.  I see many pochos these days. Easy to spot by their dress, jewelry and attitude but broke as everyone else.

The immigration crackdown as well as depressed construction is causing many illegal mexicans in the states to decide its better to sell everything and come back to Mexico, rather than be deported and lose it all. One newspaper article here said many were coming to visit for Christmas but not going back for fear they would be sent back to Mexico and not on their own terms.

Anyway, the other day a couple of mexican friends stopped by and we drank soda, chatted and watched a movie. They told me some people noticed an old man sitting in the plaza. He was a known drunk who often passed out on one of the benches and slept so most people just walked by and didn’t pay any attention.

So about a 3-4 weeks ago, someone noticed the old man had been sitting there for about 8 hours so one guy walked over and called to the old man who didn’t answer. He touched the mans arm and he was stone cold. The doctor said his liver exploded from too much liquor and the man’s corpse, remained there for 8 hours, dead as a doornail and unnoticed.

A couple of weeks before this I was waiting for burritas at Marco’s and Estelle’s tacqueria, so we were chatting. I don’t recall how we got on the subject but Estelle said a man who lived about half a block from the plaza was found dead in his house a year ago when neighbors noticed a smell and hadn’t seen him. The guy was about 45, well known, didn’t drink or do drugs and had no enemies but lived alone.

eyesauron.jpgShe said when the police entered the house, they found the man lying on his back on the floor with a knife cut from his stomach to his chest, all his intestines pulled out and strewn across the floor and both of his eyes were removed from his head. They never found the eyes and the police suspect it was satanists??? They always warn me not to open my door at night and worry that someone might do something to me.

I think they are paranoid as my neighbors all watch out for me and I watch out for them. They often ask me to watch their house when they go out of town or on vacation and we have a very quiet U type of street with little traffic from people who don’t live on this street. Plus I know a lot of local people, police and people from other pueblos who stop by at random, even a few gringos drop by to visit if we’ve not seen each other in awhile. So to date, I’ve not had any reason to become paranoid or fearful.

It struck me as odd, this fear because one night about 10:30PM I accidentally locked myself out of my house so rode my motorcycle over to Rene the locksmith. I saw lights in the windows and heard his TV but no one would answer the door. I noted they turned off the TV and turned out the lights so I left thinking I had the wrong house, but no it was right so I came back and the lights and TV were on again.

THIS TIME, I called por favor Rene, Jerry necesito ayuda…and the door opened. He told me if I hadn’t called his name and he didn’t recognize me, he would NEVER have opened the door to a stranger at night. He said it could be a dangerous thing.

Peculiar, he must know something I don’t but we rode on my motorcycle over to my house where he picked the locks to let me in and only charged me 50 pesos. Good guy. I have a custom made iron screen door as well as my house steel door so that I can open the inside door and let air blow through the house. Several neighbors asked where I bought the door and they now have them on their doors at $100 custom made, painted and installed, what a deal!

A few months ago, I had mentioned here about an old gringo named Grady who died last year after a lengthy hospital stay. To my surprise, this week I received an email from a guy saying he had noticed my comment and that he had a cousin named Grady who live at Lake Chapala. Yep, same guy. He said the family wasn’t aware Grady had died so they were curious as to the disposition of his body and estate. I gave him all the info I could and will let them take it from there.

Didn’t mean for these comments to be so death centered…jajaja…just happened to be something of interest locally that I wanted to write about.

I hate cold so don’t like to stay out at night when it’s cold. The cantinas can be fun but not with swinging half doors that let cold air blow through, meaning I stay home until it warms up again. Seems like it is warming up again and I can’t wait since I’m a night guy all my life and days are for sleeping or working.

A real popular small cafe called Jose’s is very popular with the gringos. The food is pretty good and at a decent price, plus Jose and his wife Isabel get to know everyone. But lately I’ve been burned out eating there so tried the Cucumber cafe across the way.

Man, they had this Pescado Chipotle for 55 pesos ($5.50) with salad and rice. DAMN, it was excellent and so tasty that I tipped the cook 20 pesos and the waitress 10 pesos. Chipotle is like a slightly spicy cheese that is just a touch hot. It was the best fish dish I’ve had here. Have been back two other times and am working my way through their menu to find what I like best. Great prices and very tasty food so far.

There is a kind of hidden restaurant in San Antonio called Letitia’s where they sell a tempura shrimp platter for $10 (100 pesos) that includes a mango sauce to dip the shrimp. It is excellent, the mix of salt and sugar plus anything tempura, count me in. I like to cook tempura carnitas (fried pork) at home.

Another great place to eat here sells BBQ and fish and chips. The owner is from England and they have about 9 flavors of BBQ, my favorite is ORANGE BBQ…man, its the best I’ve ever had. On cable the other night, one of the food travel shows went to South Carolina and the host sampled their native BBQ which was sweet mustard. I want to try that as it looked great.

This place has been ‘discovered’ by tourists, mostly retirees and snowbirds, who are turning it into a living hell. Prices are going up, houses are RIDICULOUS, traffic and parking is horrible and the ‘newbies’ are rude and can’t drive plus they insult the mexicans without any sense of remorse.

I’ve heard so many of them say horrible things thinking the mexicans don’t understand them, well, I’ve got news for them, many mexicans, even here in central Mexico, do know enough english (if not outright proficient at it) to understand every word. It is SO EMBARRASSING that I have apologized to them for the behavior of these people.

How RUDE! And they come here touting how they hate how things are done, and what they plan to do to CHANGE these over 500 year old towns and their cultures. WTF?

Who the hell do they think they are? If you aren’t here to at least try to get along and assimilate to some degrees, STAY IN THE USA or wherever you come from. I get so pissed off when they don’t even TRY to learn any spanish saying ‘these people’ need to learn english so they won’t be inconvenienced.

The thing to keep in mind, is we are GUESTS in this country and should respect and support their culture even if it doesn’t jibe with what we believe or how we do things.

cantina.jpgOne day, I was in one of my favorite cantinas (Gavilan) run by a great guy named Alvaro. It was maybe 5PM and there were two crotchety, very loud mouthed griping old gringos, complaining about everything here.

I got tired of hearing their loud bitching even though I was at my own table fully 12 feet away from them at the bar, so I got up and played some mexican music on the jukebox. There were only about 5 people in the bar, so one of the old gringos stood up and shouted, “who played that crap?” and I said I did, don’t you like it?

He yelled at me no, saying he didn’t want to listen to that crap and was leaving. I told him he was in Mexico and should try to get along and learn something about the place.

He said he didn’t HAVE to learn crap and was leaving. I told him good riddance and keep on going til you are back in the states as he wasn’t wanted here. Alvaro grinned at me and I hope I never see the old bastards again.

It’s like people in the states bitching about foreigners who don’t learn english. I happen to agree that you should learn the local dialect, at least TRY. So I live here and try to learn spanish, though my spanish is mostly malas palabras (bad words) but I know enough others that I can communicate with most everyone.

I did take a class for 3 months to learn proper spanish but the maestra (lady teacher) died of a heart attack and I never went back. Plus many words they use aren’t in the books. Real spanish is a very dynamic language where one word can have dozens or more meanings, depending on context.

The only way to really know spanish is to hang out with mexicans and learn from them. Sure, a formal course will get you the basics but to really speak and understand the language, immersion is the way to go in my opinion. I know so many gringos who live behind locked gates with security guards and in gated communities. Their only contact with mexicans is through housekeepers, gardeners, cooks, etc…and the rest of their time is spent with other gringos. I tell them they MISS SO MUCH by not dealing and interfacing with mexicans.

If all they want are to live in gringo compounds, why not stay in the states or whatever country they come from? What is the POINT of moving to Mexico if you don’t plan to enjoy, learn from and participate with the locals?

There used to be a lot of old gringos who would hang out in the plazas and usually flirt with then senoritas. Some of them are near pedophiles who embarrass the rest by going after very young girls.

In chatting with mexicans in the plaza they call them ‘pajaros muertos’ which means ‘dead birds’ indicating these old guys couldn’t get an erection if their life depended on it or unless they are on viagra, yet IN THEIR MINDS they think they are ladykillers.

mexjerry.jpgIt’s very funny and I so often hear mexicans making joking comments in spanish, knowing most of the gringos won’t have a clue what is being said. They often are taken aback when I use those terms when chatting with them and they tell me they APPRECIATE that I at least TRY to learn their language and customs when so many don’t care enough or respect the local culture to even try. It is sad but so true.

For some color, I have included the cartoon of my friend Mexico Jerry which he uses for his sales of Mexican knives and other collectibles. He has some interesting things and I particularly like the obsidian sacrificial knives. I have two of them mounted and hanging on the wall in my living room. Nos vemos (seeya)!

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Solar without the Panels

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

This is the kind of smart thinking and intelligent investing we need.

solarheatsm.jpg“Utilities are using the sun’s heat to boil water for steam turbines. Investors and utilities intent on building solar power plants are increasingly turning to solar thermal power, a comparatively low-tech alternative to photovoltaic panels that convert sunlight directly into electricity. This month, in the latest in a string of recent deals, Spanish solar-plant developer Abengoa Solar and Phoenix-based utility Arizona Public Service announced a 280-megawatt solar thermal project in Arizona. By contrast, the world’s largest installations of photovoltaics generate only 20 megawatts of power. In a solar thermal plant, mirrors concentrate sunlight onto some type of fluid that is used, in turn, to boil water for a steam turbine. The capacity to store energy is critical to the economics of the solar thermal plant. Without storage, a solar thermal plant would need a turbine large enough to handle peak steam production, when the sun is brightest, but which would otherwise be underutilized. Stored heat means that a plant can use a smaller, cheaper steam turbine that can be kept running steadily for more hours of the day. While adding storage would substantially increase the cost of the energy produced by a photovoltaic array or wind farm, it actually reduces the cost per kilowatt of the energy produced by solar thermal plants.” – Source

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Ethanol carries a little-recognized risk

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

I had never heard of this problem before, but it sheds even more light on why its not so smart to depend on ethanol to save us.

fire1.gif“The nation’s drive to use more alternative fuel carries a danger many communities have been slow to recognize: Ethanol fires are harder to put out than gasoline ones and require a special type of firefighting foam. Many fire departments around the country don’t have the foam, don’t have enough of it, or are not well-trained in how to apply it, firefighting experts say. It is also more expensive than conventional foam. The problem is that water doesn’t put out ethanol fires, and the foam that has been used since the 1960s to smother ordinary gasoline blazes doesn’t work well against the grain-alcohol fuel. Wrecks involving ordinary cars and trucks are not the major concern. They carry modest amounts of fuel, and it is typically a low-concentration, 10 percent blend of ethanol and gasoline. A large amount of conventional foam can usually extinguish such fires. Instead, the real danger involves the many tanker trucks and railcars that are rolling out of the Corn Belt with huge quantities of 85 or 95 percent ethanol and carrying it to parts of the country unaccustomed to dealing with it. Water is not used against gasoline fires, because it can spread the blaze and cause the flames to run down into drains and sewers. Instead, foam is used to form a blanket on top of the burning gasoline and snuff out of the flames. But ethanol – a type of grain alcohol often distilled from corn – eats through that foam and continues to burn. Such fires require a special alcohol-resistant foam that relies on long-chain molecules known as polymers to smother the flames. Industry officials say the special foam costs about 30 percent more than the standard product, at around $90 to $115 for a five-gallon container. Fighting ethanol fires also requires a change in tactics. Brent Gaspard, marketing director for Williams Fire & Hazard Control Inc., an industrial firefighting company in Texas, said firefighters cannot just charge ahead and attack an ethanol fire with foam. “If you just plunge the foam into the fuel, it’s going to be less effective. You have to let the foam gently run across the surface so you create a shield,” he said.” – Source

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48% of Teenagers Bought No CDs in 2007

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

Here in central Mexico, you can buy pirate SVCDs for 10-15 pesos ($1-$1.50 dollars) (not very good copies) or full blown DVDs with menu for 15-20 pesos ($1.50-$2.00 dollars) that are often fairly good copies. The copies sometimes aren’t so good but most of the vendors will let you swap for something else or try another.

A 3 movie theater a few miles from where I live now charges $3.50 up from $2.00 when I first moved here and they just jacked the soda fountain drinks from $1.50 for a medium up to $1.80, a 30 cent increase with no change in service.

They have had ANTS and chemicals in the drinks, not to mention flat. Plus screwed up the schedules so bad its a real chore to go see a local movie these days. The manager/owner is a nice guy but he is trying way too hard to modernize and increase the prices without justification in my opinion. I don’t mind paying more if I can see that something has been done to improve and they have added some lighting so the $3.50 is ok. But now they patch local ads that take fully 20 minutes to play out before a movie.

But I think overall, that his incessant additional charges are hurting business. I used to go there usually two times a week (3 movie selections) and eat at the restuarant until a rude waiter popped off trying to be funny in front of several tables of mexicans..thinking I didn’t understand spanish…the whole plaza is owned by one family with various members running the different stores and they rent other spaces.

I cussed out the rude waiter in spanish and stormed out about a year ago and haven’t been back. This restaurant has a bad reputation for dirty kitchen and often less than decent food but they think they have a captive audience for all the desperate gringos who go there to be seen, so they have no interest in correcting their problems.

Besides myself, I know several other people who don’t go there anymore for various reasons. Too many places to eat here to put up with bad service.

I know I shouldn’t buy pirate anythings but I look at it as previews, where for a movie I like, I will go to the theater for the full big screen experience. And I know a lot of people who download youtube and other video site archives, then strip out the audio to MP3s. So with all thats available, this report caught my eye to see the reduction in purchasing CDs.

“48% of teenagers bought no CDs at all in 2007, up from 38% in 2006. Music downloads continue to grow, though, with iTunes leading the way. The illegal sharing of music online continued to soar in 2007, but there was one sign of hope that legal downloading was picking up steam. In the last year, Apple Inc.’s iTunes store, which sells only digital downloads, jumped ahead of Best Buy Co. to become the No. 2 U.S. music seller, trailing Wal-Mart Stores Inc.” – Source

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Three trillion dollars – true cost of Iraq war

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

More lies and wasting incredible sums of OUR money that could be much better used for people in the USA.

“Some time in 2005, Stiglitz and Linda Bilmes, who also served as an economic adviser under Clinton, noted that the official Congressional Budget Office estimate for the cost of the war so far was of the order of $500bn. The figure was so low, they didn’t believe it, and decided to investigate. The paper they wrote together, and published in January 2006, revised the figure sharply upwards, to between $1 and $2 trillion. Even that, Stiglitz says now, was deliberately conservative: “We didn’t want to sound outlandish.” So what did the Republicans say? “They had two reactions,” Stiglitz says wearily. “One was Bush saying, ‘We don’t go to war on the calculations of green eye-shaded accountants or economists.’ And our response was, ‘No, you don’t decide to fight a response to Pearl Harbour on the basis of that, but when there’s a war of choice, you at least use it to make sure your timing is right, that you’ve done the preparation. And you really ought to do the calculations to see if there are alternative ways that are more effective at getting your objectives. The second criticism – which we admit – was that we only look at the costs, not the benefits. Now, we couldn’t see any benefits. From our point of view we weren’t sure what those were.” – Source

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Cure Hiccups with a Zap!

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

Definitely must have one of these ready to test when hiccups occur. Some people hiccup for weeks!

hiccupsm.jpg“Back in 2003, Philip Ehlinger, Jr., in the style of a pre-Discovery Channel MythBuster, or an obstinate inventor, you decide, felt this urban legend was worth validating, so he came up with United States patent 7062320. Basically, the device is a cylinder resembling a drinking glass that is strapped to the hiccup sufferer’s face and is designed to shock them every time they drink from it! Supposedly, the shocks stimulate the nerves that control the hiccups. Whether or not this actually cures the hiccuper is anyone’s guess. The more interesting question is how does an otherwise perfectly sane and self-loving individual come to a point that electro-shock therapy for treating a case of annoying hiccups does not seem like overkill but a good idea?” – Source

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Beating the heat with a home-made AC

Posted by keelynet on February 29, 2008

Something cheap, useful and easy to do for the hot weather this summer.

coolerdiy.jpg“M. B. Lal has come up with a simple non-patented invention that aims at helping people keep cool during the sizzling hot summers – and all at a fraction of the cost required to run conventional air-conditioners and air-coolers. All that is needed for the functioning of the ice-based “Snowbreeze” is a 23-Watt fan that consumes less energy than the regular light bulb. How to make – A movable device, “Snowbreeze” can be assembled from scratch at home with the following easily available components — a container bucket, a few strips of plywood, an ice drum, a roll of aluminium foil and, obviously, loads of ice. At the heart of the machine resides a powerful 23-Watt fan that propels cool air while wheels at the base ensure that the device can be moved around without too much trouble.This is what the veteran Mr. Lal, the brain behind “Snowbreeze”, has to say: “Power shortages, outages and the resulting pollution are being widely discussed these days. This new invention has the potential of cutting down energy consumption by air-conditioning and room heating by at least half. It also ensures uninterrupted service during power breakdowns, no pollution and pre-humidified hot air during the winters.” “It can be rigged up by two carpenters within two days and I have not patented it so others are free to modify it further as per their requirement,” he adds. Multipurpose – Not a device to hibernate during the winters, “Snowbreeze” can also double up as a room heater with the minor addition of a 500-Watt quartz halogen bulb that is suspended in the upper part of the aluminium drum. A point to note is that “Snowbreeze” is not just an air-cooler but an air-conditioner that de-humidifies air like any conventional air-conditioner. The overall cost of operating it may not be significantly more than the running costs of a desert cooler. To make things simpler, Mr. Lal has come out with a do-it-yourself book on the subject.” – Source

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Flying ‘paddleboat’ may finally take off

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

In the KeelyNet archives, there is a story about an English group who has built and are flying these flying paddlewheels. As I recall, they go slow but are very efficient and can lift incredible payloads.

flycyclo.jpg“A cyclogyro flies using “cycloidal propellers” – several wings positioned around the edge of a rotating cylindrical framework, a bit like a paddle-wheel. As each wing rotates, its blades move through the air generating lift and thrust. And, since each wing rotates through a full circle, altering the angle of the individual blades can pull the aircraft forwards, backwards and down as well up. The manoeuvrability that cycloidal propellers could offer provides benefits over more established flying methods. Although no cyclogyro has yet flown without being tethered, its proponents say the design could prove more efficient and manoeuvrable than helicopters at small scales. A team of Singapore researchers is leading the race to construct a working cyclogyro with a prototype that hovers on the end of a line. After studying the performance of different cycloidal designs, the pair modified a toy helicopter, giving it two cycloidal propellers with three blades each, and a small tail rotor for stability. “On the tether, the aircraft can spin, move directly up and down or fly forward and backward,” says Hu. “This is perhaps the first recorded flight for a cyclogyro,” he adds. “There were some people claiming successful flights, but no video or proof for that.” “Cyclogyros are more relevant now because people want to build small, agile UAVs [uncrewed aerial vehicles],” says Weihs. At such sizes they have greater advantages over helicopters, he says. The parts of a helicopter blade nearest and furthest from the hub are moving too slowly and too fast, respectively, to generate thrust. “With a cyclogyro every bit moves at the same speed, so there is no ‘dead space’,” says Weihs. Cyclogyros can also be more manoeuvrable, says Weihs. Helicopters must tilt to travel laterally. But cycloidal propellers can generate thrust in any direction so the craft can remain level, or adopt any other position and still fly in any direction. These advantages are greatest at small sizes. “They are probably not practical above half a metre across,” says Weihs. “You won’t see one carry a passenger.” – Source

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Move Over, Oil, There’s Money in Texas Wind

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

I think everyone sees where this is going. Farmers and land owners sitting back and living off the money from wind farms.

windoilsm.jpg“The wind turbines that recently went up on Louis Brooks’s ranch are twice as high as the Statue of Liberty, with blades that span as wide as the wingspan of a jumbo jet. More important from his point of view, he is paid $500 a month apiece to permit 78 of them on his land, with 76 more on the way. Texas, once the oil capital of North America, is rapidly turning into the capital of wind power. After breakneck growth the last three years, Texas has reached the point that more than 3 percent of its electricity, enough to supply power to one million homes, comes from wind turbines. Texans are even turning tapped-out oil fields into wind farms, and no less an oilman than Boone Pickens is getting into alternative energy. Supporters say Texas is ideal for wind-power development, not just because it is windy. It also has sparsely populated land for wind farms, fast-growing cities and a friendly regulatory environment for developers. The quaint windmills of old have been replaced by turbines that stand as high as 20-story buildings, with blades longer than a football field and each capable of generating electricity for small communities. Powerful turbines are able to capture power even when the wind is relatively weak, and they help to lower the cost per kilowatt hour.” – Source

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Aluminum-rich alloy produces hydrogen on-demand for large-scale uses

Posted by keelynet on February 26, 2008

Now they need to get it into production as a system anyone can buy and use for hydrogen as a fuel.

“The new alloy contains 95 percent aluminum and 5 percent of an alloy that is made of the metals gallium, indium and tin. Because the new alloy contains significantly less of the more expensive gallium than previous forms of the alloy, hydrogen can be produced less expensively, he said. When immersed in water, the alloy splits water molecules into hydrogen and oxygen, which immediately reacts with the aluminum to produce aluminum oxide, also called alumina, which can be recycled back into aluminum. Recycling aluminum from nearly pure alumina is less expensive than mining the aluminum-containing ore bauxite, making the technology more competitive with other forms of energy production, Woodall said. “After recycling both the aluminum oxide back to aluminum and the inert gallium-indium-tin alloy only 60 times, the cost of producing energy both as hydrogen and heat using the technology would be reduced to 10 cents per kilowatt hour, making it competitive with other energy technologies,” Woodall said. (via” – Source

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