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Archive for May, 2008

Preventing an arms race in space

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

I don’t think it can be stopped, just as we can’t prevent countries from using planes to drop bombs, it’s not that much of an extension to using space platforms.

Perhaps the Hurwich deflection system might be a key. At the time I had no additional information about it but over the years, I found the inventor who explained it and he is still alive.

“Can weapons be banned from outer space? Or will the Niagara current of defense contractor greed, imperial hubris, and inadequate politics carry the destructiveness of war into the “fourth battlefield” of the very cosmos? That is the question that has been asked at the United Nations Conference on Disarmament in Geneva for the last six years. But not by Washington. How many Americans know that the nation refusing to discuss a treaty aimed at preventing an arms race in outer space is their own? Indeed, the United States, in various Pentagon documents published during the Bush administration, is explicit in aiming to put weapons in space – lasers, directed energy weapons, kinetic kill vehicles. The U.S. Space Command, in its “Vision for 2020,” plans for ” counterspace operations.” The already deployed missile defense system is a first step toward an anti-satellite capability, giving the Pentagon control of the “high frontier.” The American Academy of Arts and Sciences recently published “Russian and Chinese Responses to U.S. Military Plans in Space,” a stark look at where the American project is taking the world. The academy was instrumental half a century ago in creating the arms control regime that enabled the Cold War to end nonviolently. Now it warns that “U.S. space weaponization plans would have potentially disastrous effects on international security and the peaceful uses of space.” – Source

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Aliens and Ufos

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Two items of note, one about the British MOD release of some 7,000 sightings and reports, the other about another video showing an escaped muppet…I mean an extraterrestrial…

UFO: an Undeniably Fading Obsession – “The vast majority of UFO spotters, as revealed in the MoD files, are not fantasists, but ordinary people who thought they saw something extraordinary in the sky. The spacecraft tend to come in familiar forms, with saucer and cigar shapes the perennial favourites. Coloured lights are also popular. The British X-Files contain more then 7,000 separate sightings, 150 files in all, of which just eight have been released so far. For the last decade UFO sightings have steadily declined. The British Flying Saucer Bureau closed in 2003. The number of UFOs dipped with the invention of the colour television and plunged with the advent of the internet. Perhaps in an complex and uncertain society, people have more practical concerns. The decline in UFO sightings may reflect a healthy scepticism, but a world without extraterrestrials would be drab indeed. The British X-Files reveal a people alert to the sky, imaginative, eccentric, slightly embarrassed and above all inquisitive. Perhaps this new proof of our former fascination with the mysteries of space will rekindle the curiosity.” – Source

‘Alien’ – Hoax or ? – “I found this on Larry King interview on youtube, lightened, contrasted and sharpened. A and B show it appearing in the window frame, C and D shows it closing its eyes twice with rapid snake-like clicks and F shows it leaving the frame. I am told this is not the Romanek alien. / (Looks totally fake to me. – JWD)” – Source

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Researchers make breakthrough in renewable energy materials

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Can’t wait to see more on this, especially as it comes to market and applications.

“”We have grown the world’s first titanium oxide single crystals with large amounts of reactive surfaces, something that was predicted as almost impossible,” Max Lu told Xinhua. “Titania nano-crystals are promising materials for cost-effective solar cells, hydrogen production from splitting water, and solar decontamination of pollutants,” he said. He said what his team has done was to make such materials “easy and cheap.” Talking about the application of the highly efficient miniature crystals, Lu said it wasn’t just renewable energy where this research could be applied. “They are also fantastic for purifying air and water,” he said,” One could paint these crystals on to a window or a wall to purify the air in a room.” – Source

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Teen inventor plans to unveil hybrid engine

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

This kid needs a sponsor. If he can apply the same principles to larger vehicles, then it might be very helpful with these spiraling gas prices.

“With rising gas prices becoming a big concern, Santana High School senior Josh Wesolowski plans to unveil an invention he hopes will hold an answer to the energy riddle. The contraption, constructed from an old lawn-mower engine, is a “hybrid” engine that runs on four different types of fuel: gasoline, propane, methanol and hydrogen. “I built this engine to simply prove a point that it’s not difficult to run any engine on many different fuels,” Wesolowski said, noting that anything flammable can be burned in an internal combustion engine. Wesolowski has dubbed his creation the alternative-fuel engine. The machine is simplistic in appearance but performs a unique function – alternating between four very different fuel sources with the flip of a switch, all while the motor is running. Canisters mounted on each side supply the small engine with the fuels through homemade intakes, built with ordinary plumbing valves. The machine is started with unleaded gas, switched to run on methanol, propane and, finally, hydrogen before being shut off. Gas is used first because methanol, an alcoholic substance similar to ethanol, lacks the punch needed to heat the engine for a full ignition.” – Source

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Promising clean energy system still years away

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Definitely a need these days, new forms of high storage batteries.

“With Gov. Charlie Crist and St. Petersburg Mayor Rick Baker in attendance, Progress Energy Florida and the University of South Florida showed off their latest invention: the Sustainable Electric Energy Delivery System, or SEEDS. Think of it like a bigger, better battery. It could make renewables like wind and solar more reliable by unchaining them from the weather by storing the energy they generate. SEEDS uses a mix of sulfuric acid and vanadium, a naturally occurring metal. The demonstration system at Albert Whitted Park uses solar panels to feed electricity into a two-sided tank system containing an electrolyte solution. One side has a positive charge and the other a negative charge. Electrodes collect the energy to be stored or delivered. Progress Energy Florida billed it as a building block toward “smart” grids that links conventional large power plants, conservation management, and home energy systems. Like many energy innovations, this one remains years away from the market.” – Source

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Maltese Fuel-Free Generator

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

This reporter like so many others, doesn’t have a clue about what is most important here. It’s the invention stupid! We need more details!

“Dr Joseph Muscat, one of the candidates in the Labour leadership election, on Thursday visited the workshop of a group of inventors in Gozo, whose latest environment friendly invention has not only won them an EU award, but also shows that the creativity of Maltese contributes to innovation. An invention by Gozo Enterprises Ltd was recently awarded the prestigious ‘Energy Global’ Award, in Brussels. Dr Muscat viewed the invention, a fuel-free electricity generating machine, and observed that this is yet another proof that Malta can use its creativity to solve problems which we will be facing in coming years.” – Source

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Tucsonian engineering success with energy-efficient invention

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Wonder how efficient this approach is? I like that it adjusts to wind speeds to extact as much energy as possible.

“18-year-old home-schooler Parker Owan attended the Intel International Science and Engineering Fair in Atlanta with two students from Catalina Foothills High School earlier this month. He took second place in the electrical and mechanical category and was awarded $8,000 in scholarships for his invention: a vertical axis wind turbine. The invention was constructed with intentions of finding a way to conserve energy for the household, Owan said. The project took about a year to complete. Taking into account that few wind machines constructed in the city are adaptable to changing wind speeds, Owan designed his turbine to accommodate fluctuations. “My build takes advantage of the power available in the wind at all speeds and it can fit on top of the house,” he said. “It basically changes the orientation of the blades to maximize the efficiency.” – Source

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High Prices Lead to Gas Theft

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

Cutting holes in a gas tank to bypass locked caps, novel and very dangerous way to steal.

“What do Americans do when faced with higher prices? Most of them simply cut back on their driving; AAA reports a decrease of 4.3% in traffic which equates to 11 billion fewer miles. Other Americans find it easier to step down from their high horses and resort to crime. Reports have come in for truck-jackings for the fuel rather than the vehicle. Gas stations report increased cases of “drive-offs” where patrons simply fill-up and drive away without paying. And the siphoning crimes of the 70s are prevalent, but in a new way. Instead of siphoning with a hose, the high clearance of SUVs allow thieves to simply drill into the fuel tank or cut the fuel lines. Across the Atlantic, UK truckers have taken to angry protest by intentionally congesting highways over fuel costs equivalent to $11.50 a gallon.” – Source

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Mars scientists ponder polygon mystery

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

A puzzle, why so small?

“Scientists working with images from the Mars Phoenix mission are baffled by an unexpected difference between what they thought they would see and what Phoenix is now showing them. Polygons on Earth tend to be big, measuring 15 to 20 metres across. On Mars, based on the best available knowledge of conditions in the northern plains, Michael Mellon calculates that the polygons should be, on average, 5 metres across. They are not. “It has certainly got our brains turning,” says Mellon.” – Source

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Meat Wagons

Posted by keelynet on May 31, 2008

What is to keep unscupulous personnel from being bribed to not try their best to save a life, when they could make extra money by harvesting organs onsite?

“New York City is working on a plan to deploy a special ambulance to collect the bodies of people who have died suddenly from heart attacks, accidents and other emergencies and try to preserve their organs. If the “rapid-organ-recovery ambulance” succeeds, officials would like to expand the unique pilot program citywide with a fleet of ambulances and eventually duplicate it in other cities. Once all hope for resuscitation was gone, and as long as no family members objected, the victims’ bodies would be transferred to the organ ambulance team, even if the victims’ willingness to be organ donors was unclear. The crew could then perform measures on the body to prevent the organs from deteriorating, including chest compressions with an automated device and pumping oxygen into the lungs through a tracheal tube to keep blood and oxygen flowing. The crew might also administer the blood-thinning drug heparin to prevent clots while speeding to Bellevue. At the hospital, doctors could take additional steps, such as inserting a plastic tube known as a cannula into an artery, usually in the groin, to infuse the body with fluids to cool and preserve the organs. Organ bank workers would then assess whether the person was a suitable donor, determine whether they had an organ donor card or were listed on an organ donor registry, and try to locate a family member to give consent.” – Source

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