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Archive for April, 2009

Making Solar Energy in the Shade

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

These things seem a bit pricey but they argue the point on their webpage quoting $2000 for a hard panel PLUS shipping versus about $1600 for theirs which rolls up to ship by UPS…hmmm…but sounds good!

solarflexshade108“A Kingsland man says his latest invention is in high demand around the globe after being named the Best New Product at the 2009 Professional Golfer’s Association Merchandise Show in Orlando, Fla. Grady Mayeaux’s newly unveiled peel-and-stick solar panel proven to power a golf cart to 36 holes, rain or shine. In fact, Yamaha was able to take a golf cart on 50 holes using just the Going Green Solar Panel, said Mayeaux. In direct sunlight, the peel-and-stick panel produced 80 volts or three amps of electricity, which is more than enough to power both the 36 or 48 volts needed for standard golf carts. Mayeaux said his latest invention is the first solar panel to be proven to produce energy in the shade. “See here, it’s still getting 50 volts,” said Mayeaux’s son, Russell, as he stood in the shade of towering pine trees and pointed to the power reader. “That’s still plenty of power to run even the stronger golf carts that require 48 volts. This panel will power golf carts even on overcast days, and it doesn’t even have to be warm outside for it to work. They are selling well even in places like Canada and Iceland.” Although his father is the mastermind behind Earth Care Products’ latest invention, Russell has taken over the business now that his father has retired. The Going Green Solar Panel is made from three layers of amorphous silicon and each layer is tuned to a different level of sunlight frequency. Unlike the glass solar panels, the peel-and-stick panel is durable enough to continue working normally even after being punctured, he said. “You can’t break it. It’s very flexible and it’s very durable. It stands up to both extreme heat and freezing temperatures,” Grady Mayeaux said. “I believe they could last for 10 or more years, but we are only guaranteeing three years because this product hasn’t been around to test it for 10 years.” The newest solar panels offered by Earth Care Products, Mayeaux’s home-based business, are more affordable at a price of $1,695 than the older glass solar panels that typically cost $2,000. Plus the shipping costs for the much heavier and bigger glass panels make the final cost very pricey, he said. “Earth Care’s new solar panels only weigh about 4 pounds and it take two people only about 15 minutes to install one on a golf cart,” Grady Mayeaux said. “You just hook it up, and you’re ready to go.” For more information about the Going Green Solar Panels, visit any of Earth Care Products’ Web sites:, and Contact Earth Care Products by phone at (912) 576-4475.” – Source

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Gov. Perry – Resolution for Texas’ Sovereignty Under 10th Amendment

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

Gov. Rick Perry today joined state Rep. Brandon Creighton and sponsors of House Concurrent Resolution (HCR) 50 in support of states’ rights under the 10th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution. “I believe that our federal government has become oppressive in its size, its intrusion into the lives of our citizens, and its interference with the affairs of our state,” Gov. Perry said. “That is why I am here today to express my unwavering support for efforts all across our country to reaffirm the states’ rights affirmed by the Tenth Amendment to the U.S. Constitution.

I believe that returning to the letter and spirit of the U.S. Constitution and its essential 10th Amendment will free our state from undue regulations, and ultimately strengthen our Union. A number of recent federal proposals are not within the scope of the federal government’s constitutionally designated powers and impede the states’ right to govern themselves.

HCR 50 affirms that Texas claims sovereignty under the 10th Amendment over all powers not otherwise granted to the federal government. It also designates that all compulsory federal legislation that requires states to comply under threat of civil or criminal penalties, or that requires states to pass legislation or lose federal funding, be prohibited or repealed. – Source


Amendment 10 – Powers of the States and People. Ratified 12/15/1791.
The powers not delegated to the United States by the Constitution, nor prohibited by it to the States, are reserved to the States respectively, or to the people.

Constitution – Powers of Congress (limited to 10 square miles) – To exercise exclusive Legislation in all Cases whatsoever, over such District (not exceeding ten Miles square) as may, by Cession of particular States, and the acceptance of Congress, become the Seat of the Government of the United States, and to exercise like Authority over all Places purchased by the Consent of the Legislature of the State in which the Same shall be, for the Erection of Forts, Magazines, Arsenals, dock-Yards, and other needful Buildings; And To make all Laws which shall be necessary and proper for carrying into Execution the foregoing Powers, and all other Powers vested by this Constitution in the Government of the United States, or in any Department or Officer thereof. READ: The Law of the Flag

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Better the world by going Vegetarian for Just One Day a week

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

If the facts quoted in the following article are reliable, then I think this could and should become a worldwide movement…where everyone gives up one day a week to purely vegetarian foods. Something like Thursday or Sunday as the day of giving up meat for a day. And while we’re ate it, to tackle obesity, how about one day a week for fasting? Ahh, but thats diluting the focus…just one day for vegetarians as a start…

“If everyone went vegetarian just for one day, the U.S. would save:
* 100 billion gallons of water, enough to supply all the homes in New England for almost 4 months;
* 1.5 billion pounds of crops otherwise fed to livestock, enough to feed the state of New Mexico for more than a year;
* 70 million gallons of gas — enough to fuel all the cars of Canada and Mexico combined with plenty to spare;
* 3 million acres of land, an area more than twice the size of Delaware;
* 33 tons of antibiotics. If everyone went vegetarian just for one day, the U.S. would prevent:
* Greenhouse gas emissions equivalent to 1.2 million tons of CO2, as much as produced by all of France;
* 3 million tons of soil erosion and $70 million in resulting economic damages;
* 4.5 million tons of animal excrement;
* Almost 7 tons of ammonia emissions, a major air pollutant.

My favorite statistic is this: According to Environmental Defense, if every American skipped one meal of chicken per week and substituted vegetarian foods instead, the carbon dioxide savings would be the same as taking more than half a million cars off of U.S. roads. See how easy it is to make an impact?

Other points: Globally, we feed 756 million tons of grain to farmed animals. As Princeton bioethicist Peter Singer notes in his new book, if we fed that grain to the 1.4 billion people who are living in abject poverty, each of them would be provided more than half a ton of grain, or about 3 pounds of grain/day —

that’s twice the grain they would need to survive. And that doesn’t even include the 225 million tons of soy that are produced every year, almost all of which is fed to farmed animals.” – Source

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Tesla Roadster runs for 241 miles in Monte Carlo e-rally

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

I have to admit, I was biased in the negative towards this company from the git-go…why? Because I viewed them as opportunistic pouncing on the buzzword Tesla for their company…so I tend to give little credence to their marketing claims and such…just one of my quirks…I don’t like people who clearly don’t have a clue what they are talking about, yet drop buzzwords whose meaning they barely, IF EVEN, understand in the least.

And yet, this is good news if they can get the price down…looking in my magic future mirror, I don’t see Tesla being a player because they are too high dollar…and because there are so many competitors who are much more efficient and have better ideas and technology without using the Tesla name as their crutch.

The future will prove me wrong I hope but at this point, even with the good news in the quoted article, I don’t see Tesla being a player in the market…pero, los cosas cambien (but, things change)…

“As an answer to those who say e-cars will never take off because their range is limited, this isn’t at all bad. A Tesla Roadster managed to cover 241 miles on a single charge while taking part in the Rallye Monte Carlo d’Energies Alternatives. Organised by the Automobile Club of Monaco, the annual rally is open to cars powered by just about any ‘alternative’ fuel source, such as LPG, ethanol or even petrol-powered hybrid drives. The rally course runs 390km (241 miles) from the town of Valance in France to the Principality of Monaco and covers a mixture of trunk roads, motorways and single-carriageway roads that wind through the mountains. it was the Tesla that stole the e-car laurels by managing to get cross the finishing line with an indicated 61km (38 miles) of juice left in the battery pack. That would give the Roadster a theoretical maximum touring range of nearly 280 miles – 36 miles more than Tesla itself reckons the car will cover on a charge. If the numbers stand up to official scrutiny, Tesla will hold the world record for the longest distance travelled by a production electric car on a single charge. Of course, it should be pointed out that the Tesla was driven by a company staffer doubtless practised in eking out every last mile from a charge, and that the speeds averaged on the run were hardly blistering – 90kph (56mph) on the motorways, 60kph (37mph) on trunk roads and 30kph (19) in the mountain roads. Tesla reckon the average speed for the entire journey was 45kph (28mph).” – Source

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Definite Proof for the Conversion of vacuum-energy

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

I have a problem when people are just TOO EAGER to promote their work as ‘definite’ proof or ‘the final secret’ of anything…LET YOUR PEERS verify your results and over a couple of years OR practial implementation in working devices for sale and use worldwide. This guy just seems to eager…keyword revealer? – ‘for sure’…how Californian…fer sure.. Others need to replicate such claims first…

zperotor108“In some recent work the existence of the dark energy of the universe, also known as vacuum-energy, was investigated theoretically [1,2] and experimentally [3,4], resulting in the possibility to convert this energy into mechanical energy within the laboratory. A rotor within an electrical field was propelled by vacuum-energy, whereby ideally no electrical energy from the field-source should be used. A final proof that the observed rotation of the rotor is really based on vacuum-energy, is established for sure, as soon as the produced mechanical engine power of the rotor is larger, than the electrical power losses, which occur because of imperfections of the electrical isolation within the machine converting vacuum-energy. Such imperfections of the isolation cause a discharge of the source of the electrical field, which has to be compensated in the real setup of an experiment in order to avoid that the field will disappear in the course of time. This proof was brought with the experiment reported here, whereby an electrical power loss of (2.87+/-0.89) nanowatts is seen in comparison with a produced mechanical engine power of approx.(150+/-50) nanowatts, so that at least the difference is taken from vacuum-energy for sure. Full article: – ( via )’ – Source

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Super-plant cleans up animal waste and can be used for ethanol production

Posted by keelynet on April 15, 2009

Another great discovery to helping ot clean up waste and dump sites.

ecoduckweed108“Researchers at North Carolina State University have found that a tiny aquatic plant can be used to clean up animal waste at industrial hog farms and potentially be part of the answer for the global energy crisis. Their research shows that growing duckweed on hog wastewater can produce five to six times more starch per acre than corn, according to researcher Dr. Jay Cheng. This means that ethanol production using duckweed could be “faster and cheaper than from corn,” says fellow researcher Dr. Anne-Marie Stomp. “We can kill two birds – biofuel production and wastewater treatment – with one stone – duckweed,” Cheng says. Starch from duckweed can be readily converted into ethanol using the same facilities currently used for corn, Cheng adds. Duckweed presents an attractive, non-food alternative that has the potential to produce significantly more ethanol feedstock per acre than corn; exploit existing corn-based ethanol production processes for faster scale-up; and turn pollutants into a fuel production system. The duckweed system consists of shallow ponds that can be built on land unsuitable for conventional crops, and is so efficient it generates water clean enough for re-use. The technology can utilize any nutrient-rich wastewater, from livestock production to municipal wastewater. Large-scale hog farms manage their animal waste by storing it in large “lagoons” for biological treatment. Duckweed utilizes the nutrients in the wastewater for growth, thus capturing these nutrients and preventing their release into the environment. In other words, Cheng says, “Duckweed could be an environmentally friendly, economically viable feedstock for ethanol.” – Source

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Woman with ‘a phantom third arm’

Posted by keelynet on April 14, 2009

For all those who say there is no such thing as mind over matter, I’d argue (and have for years) that we control our limbs remotely using our mind…ergo, mind over matter. John Keely referred to something he discovered called the ‘sympathetic attendant’ which he indicates is a kind of phantom neural projection from the mind to outside objects.

Can you say AKA thread as claimed by mediums? If we could learn to control this and project sufficient energy, imagine what kind of machines we’d have. And don’t forget the recent article about a search here to read the article from about 3 weeks past.

armphantom108“A stroke victim has developed a phantom third arm which she uses ‘just like a real-life limb’. Tests have proven that, not only does the woman’s brain ‘move’ the arm as if it was real, but also the rest of her body responds when it is ‘touched’ by the phantom hand. She ‘sees’ the new arm and can even scratch an itch with it, doctors said. It is the first ever recorded case of a patient being able to see, feel and move a phantom limb, the research team told the Annals of Neurology. And they think their study could provide the missing link between this phenomenon and out-of-body experiences. The 64-year-old woman lost the use of her left arm but her brain recognises an illusionary limb that has taken its place. Scientists at Switzerland’s Geneva University Hospital used magnetic resonance imaging to confirm that her brain was issuing commands to the phantom limb and acknowledging its actions.Phantom limbs often occur when a patient loses an arm or leg but can still ‘feel’ the missing limb.” – Source

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Two Earthquake Detector articles of interest

Posted by keelynet on April 14, 2009

They definitely need to credit this guy instead of chastising him;

Scientist Forced To Remove Earthquake Prediction – “Italian scientist Giampaolo Giuliani, a researcher at the National Physical Laboratory of Gran Sasso, recently gave warning about an earthquake that was to happen on March 29th of this year near L’Aquilla. Based on radon gas emissions and a series of observed tremors he tried to convince residents to evacuate, drawing much criticism from the city’s mayor and others. Giuliani was forced to take down warnings he had posted on the internet. The researcher had said that a ‘disastrous’ earthquake would strike on March 29, but when it didn’t, Guido Bertolaso, head of Italy’s Civil Protection Agency, last week officially denounced Giuliani in court for false alarm. ‘These imbeciles enjoy spreading false news,’ Bertalaso was quoted as saying. ‘Everyone knows that you can’t predict earthquakes.’ Giuliani, it turns out, was partially right. A much smaller seismic shift struck on the day he said it would, with the truly disastrous one arriving just one week later. ‘Someone owes me an apology,’ said Giuliani, who is also a resident of L’Aquila. ‘The situation here is dramatic. I am devastated, but also angry.'” – Source

Thirty seconds doesn’t sound like a lot of time, but any advance warning is better than none;

Taiwan researchers claim invention of cheap quake sensing tool – “A research team at Taiwan’s top university has rolled out a tiny low-budget device that can sense earthquakes within 30 seconds, enough time to issue crucial disaster warnings, the lead inventor said Monday. The metal tool the size of a tape deck can detect an oncoming quake’s speed and acceleration in time to estimate its eventual magnitude and warn trains to slow down or natural gas companies to shut off supplies, said Wu Yih-min, a researcher at the National Taiwan University Department of Geosciences. The tool is more precise than similar technology used overseas, and could cost as little as T$10,000 ($302) once it reaches the market, said Wu, whose skeleton research team invented the tool after about five years of study. “We can tell within 30 seconds whether it’s going to be a big or small quake,” Wu told reporters. “We can sense the scale and how much damage it’s likely to cause.” The tool, which should be fastened to a place unlikely to be shaken by forces other than earthquakes, uses a chip that costs just a few U.S. dollars, Wu said.” – Source

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Students devise low-cost TB test

Posted by keelynet on April 14, 2009

What a great discovery and by students, this could save a lot of lives!

“Students have invented a small device that can diagnose tuberculosis in seconds, at a cost of less than a dollar — an invention that, if successful, could help eradicate an epidemic that infects millions of people every year in poor countries. The device that looks like little more than a miniature microscope connected to a computer. It allows even an untrained person to diagnose TB by sliding in a stained slide smeared with a patient’s sputum. If the person is infected, TB bacteria glow bright white on a black screen. If the patient is not infected, the screen remains black. According to the World Health Organization, nearly 14 million people have active, infectious TB. In 2007, more than 9 million people developed the disease and 1.75 million died from it. The vast majority of cases are in poor countries in Asia and Africa. The problem is not a lack of treatment. Cheap or even free TB drugs, funded by governments and grants, are available in much of the world. If the disease is caught early, many patients can go on to live healthy lives. The TB test diagnoses instantly, can be read by laypersons, costs less than $1, could have applications for HIV and malaria.” – Source

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Sick of Obamas endless Media Whoring

Posted by keelynet on April 14, 2009

cowboyhatAre there so many blind people who can’t see what a friggin media whore Obama is? He never misses a chance to get himself in the news or photos taken of him. He takes credit for uncompleted ideas that have NOT proven out, yet he acts as if its a done deal and everyone should bow down to him for his brilliance and command of the national scene.

It’s revolting. At least the University in Colorado had the guts to state why they weren’t giving him an honorary degree…because he hadn’t yet earned it, nothing more…you don’t get honors until YOU HAVE PROVEN YOURSELF and have the life experience and ACCOMPLISHMENTS to show you made a difference.

I guess he figured if he spoke there, he would get an honorary degree to add to his other AIRHEAD accomplishments so hats off to the university for ‘declining’ to grant him some other vacuous thing to boast about that means NOTHING…(more at the link) – Source

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