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Archive for November, 2010

The Promise of Fusion: Energy Miracle or Mirage?

Posted by keelynet on November 28, 2010

The U.S. has invested billions of dollars trying to create a controlled form of nuclear fusion that could be the energy source for an endless supply of electricity. The world’s largest and highest-energy laser focuses the intense energy of 192 separate laser beams into an even more intense single beam aimed at a BB-sized target filled with hydrogen fuel, with the goal of creating a tiny star by replicating the process that powers the sun and similar celestial bodies. This controlled form of fusion theoretically could tap into the boundless energy that binds the universe together, creating intense heat and driving huge generators that could supply enough power to run the entire world’s electricity grid in perpetuity.

Controlled fusion would produce no greenhouse gases, would not require hazardous nuclear fuel, would produce shorter-lived and less hazardous waste than nuclear reactors, and would pose no danger of a runaway reaction, because fusion reactions are hard to start and quickly halt after running out of fuel.

Sound too good to be true? Well, so far it has been.

The massive energy gain from controlled fusion is a prize that scientists have sought for decades. Yet to date, no laboratory has successfully pulled off a controlled, small-scale fusion reaction in which the…(get this!);

“energy created by the reaction

exceeded the energy needed

to generate the reaction.”

(Why, wouldn’t that be FREE ENERGY, the very same thing we alt science researchers are looking for and for which we are constantly lambasted at every turn by the uninformed?

Despite what the uninformed think, We never claimed ‘energy from nothing’,

we claim CONVERSION OF ENERGY just as the ‘fusioneers’ are trying to do, but we use MANY different methods. See Primer for Skeptics and Attackers – JWD)

But researchers at the National Ignition Facility — part of the Lawrence Livermore National Laboratories — insist they are making progress toward this elusive goal.

(All that money thrown into the same kind of dream so many free energy experimenters envision…so what makes these spendthrift idealistic fusion bozos who have FAILED FOR DECADES and wasted BILLIONS OF DOLLARS, more sure of their fantastic claims than we are of the possibilities from our experiments?

This is what ticks me off about investors and engineers who say what alternative science researchers look for don’t have a chance of coming up with anything that will produce free energy, gravity control, etc..

Investors WAKE UP and Smell the Coffee!

and counting for FAILED Fusion Research

versus a few
or $100,000,000
based on Alternative Science

Remember most of the great, useful and profitable inventions came from lone inventors working on their own and with limited funds, not BILLIONS. Take just a fraction of that money and FUND maverick ideas and projects. It only takes ONE to work. What makes more sense, billions for one idealistic chance or millions for MANY CHANCES…Think about it. Click for A prime example and WHY we WOULD do it! – JWD)Full Article Source

And with regard to technology LIKE FUSION that ALSO DOESN’T WORK, Lewis Black on Airport Security – Skip to about 11:30….the point here is they have so much technology that just DOESN’T WORK but still they waste our MONEY and our TIME to put us through it. Machines in airports don’t work. We must spend our money to build equipment that WORKS. Metal Detector, nope, check you again. The Wand, nope. Now we have to Pat You down. Just pat us down in the FIRST PLACE and stop wasting our time and all that wasted MONEY with faulty technology.

(Same with FUSION! It DOESN’T WORK so shut it down and direct resources to other projects that might work out better. Just think of the odds 1 or 1000 in your favor, which is better? So FUND Alternative Science Research and Experiments!)

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Invasion through Belief

Posted by keelynet on November 26, 2010

A fascinating idea from the new Outer Limits in an episode entitled, ‘Revival’. Season 6 – Episode – 16 – Runtime 44:24 – Original Air Date: 21 July 2000

Ezra Burnham and his daughter Sarah are old hands at the business of faith healing. Ezra, a preacher who lost his faith when his wife died, is the front man, the one who lays his hands on the deaf and lame. But Sarah is the key to the act, working backstage and communicating with Ezra through a tiny earphone about the plants she’s scattered through the audience. It’s all going well until one day a strange young man in a wheelchair approaches Ezra near the end of a revival meeting.

Luke is not a plant, but when Ezra lays his hands on him, he not only rises from his wheelchair, his white Bible glows and he begins to float six inches off the ground. After the meeting, Luke and his mother Serna approach Ezra with a proposition.

Watch around 35:30 as Luke the alien masquerades as a human preacher and explains how invasion will come, not through war, but through believers… Luke (Peter Stebbings) and his mother Serena (Margot Kidder) approach evangelist Ezra (Gary Busey) with a proposition. If Ezra will teach Luke the secret of the revival circuit, Luke will continue to work his mysterious magic at Ezra’s side.

But Luke and Serena are no ordinary true believers. They are aliens who can devour a human being in seconds and who have come to colonize Earth, using religion as a tool. Ezra enters Lukes’ trailer and finds the white bible. Flipping through it he notices one corner of the inside binding is peeled back.

When he pulls it down, he finds an alien electronic circuit glowing and pulsing. That is when he realizes Luke and Serena are not from the planet Earth. Later Luke confirms this and explains why they chose Earth.

It is a perfect blueprint for invasion since so many feel the need to believe in technical effects as signs and proofs of god and magic, thereby inviting control and domination. – “Blind faith can lead us toward the light… or plunge us into eternal darkness.”

Luke: Or did you think I was truly divine, touched by the almighty himself?

Ezra: And whats your routine, smite thy enemies with the sword of righteousness? Thats about hatred.

Luke: It’s about the new message. It’s about empowering people and giving them what they really want. Someone to blame for their lot in life. A way out.

Ezra: No one is going to follow you.

Luke: Really…

Ezra: Really…

Luke: I don’t want to seem unappreciative, in fact I’ll even let you come along for the ride as long as you behave yourself. But don’t think you’re still in control.

Ezra: You are a product from the devil.

Luke: Haha, well, well, a believer after all, sorry Ezra, I’m not the devil.

Ezra: Yes you are.

Luke: Just a pilgrim, the first of many that will follow, we could never hope to enslave you using force, despite the trickery we are as frail as you are, but we are looking for a new home with a simple, impressionable race and I certainly found one here. You see, human beings love their freedom, but throw a little god into it and they’re willing to do almost anything. It took your religion a thousand years to take over a continent. It will take mine much less.

Ezra: You’re wrong. The people will find out what you are and thats a false prophet, they won’t follow you.

Luke: I wouldn’t be so sure…people want to be told what to think, they want something to believe in and someone to blame it on, I’m all of that.

(What if the religions of the world are clever psychological plants by aliens/invaders designed to infect the majority of populations and make it easier for a ‘2nd coming’? Where the believers will bow down as slaves because they choose to follow century old myths and legends. Instead of moving on and growing, they engage in ancient wars and vendettas whose end result is death and destruction of so many innocents?

And through the techniques of proselytizing, evangelizing, threats of death, castigation or expulsion from the mass of believers, others are forced to join, suffer (on many levels) or die. Not to mention the child abuse of forcing a child to believe what the parents believe.

These so-called ‘holy’ books, believed in their entirety, are nothing more than viral mental diseases designed to create perpetual discord and destruction in the weak minded for the sole purpose of preventing mankind from truly establishing a peaceful world where everyone lives a safe, productive, complete life without fear of retribution or war.

This is all very similar to the psychological tricks being used on us with the paranoid threat of terrorism at every turn in order to inflict increasing control of all aspects of our lives while enriching those behind it. The so-called terrorists must be loving all the discord the inflamed fears of them are producing, they are winning without lifting a finger, only because we fail to recognize how we are all being manipulated. – Relevant parts of the video were transcribed by me. – JWD) – Full Article Source

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The Math doesn’t back it up…

Posted by keelynet on November 22, 2010

Science does not have all the answers. No one does. Math is NOT REALITY. Projections are NOT REALITY. Sure, you can get an idea as long as the effect you are studying follows linear behavior but it is an entirely other universe when you get into Non-Linear phenomena.

It is something I see a lot…investors are being advised by engineers who use math to disprove the possibility of any disruptive, novel technology from working based on their calculations assuming linear processes.

They don’t understand that many of these devices don’t rely solely on linear mathematics and predictable behavior…they rely on NON-LINEAR behavior which can’t be predicted though you can get some idea.

As a result, no one lifts a finger to actually try to build it because the math doesn’t support it. They fear losing time and money by even trying.

Well, DUH…you have to build it and rebuild it as necessary until you hit on that special geometry and effect that goes beyond understood physics.

Once you get that, DON’T SCREW WITH IT. Don’t try to take it apart or tweak anything. Use it as a MODEL to build another one that works the same and with that one you can analyze and tweak and even scale up.

So the engineering calculations don’t back up the claim, they tell the investors no chance in hell this will ever work, so the investors walk away and the technology is never developed.

They simply don’t realize that alternative science is about cutting edge, new effects that are so often grounded, indeed DEPENDENT on NON-LINEAR PHENOMENA that simply isn’t known or mapped out…yet….

Types of nonlinear behaviors;

* Indeterminism – the behavior of a system cannot be predicted.
* Multistability – alternating between two or more exclusive states.
* Aperiodic oscillations – functions that do not repeat values after some period (otherwise known as chaotic oscillations or chaos).

“Nonlinear problems are of interest to engineers, physicists and mathematicians because most physical systems are inherently nonlinear in nature. Nonlinear equations are difficult to solve and give rise to interesting phenomena such as chaos. The weather is famously chaotic, where simple changes in one part of the system produce complex effects throughout.”

A good example of non-linearity is chaos and sensitive dependency on initial values (the butterfly effect) that is closely associated to it: as time goes forward the nonlinearity amplifies the possible small differences in initial values and as a consequence one cannot predict the system’s behaviour that far in the future.

Nonlinearity can also have the opposite effect by creating coherence. As an example we have the soliton waves in shallow water (with tsunami as a catastrophic special case). Thus in solitons the nonlinearity aims to preserve structures, in stark contrast to chaos.

I know or have heard about several guys who built a machine or circuit that did something that was impossible according to formal science.

One guy built an energy converter and said he was actually able to pull about 200 watts from the air…he and his friend were so excited, they decided to USE THE PARTS FROM THIS ORIGINAL to make a bigger version…so they did and of course the bigger version didn’t work…when they took the big version apart, removed all the original parts and rebuilt the original, no amount of tinkering could recapture that magical arrangement that worked for them in the first place.

Another guy built a capacitive generator based on an odd effect that he managed to scale up. He claimed he could power anything he wanted to plug into it.

His device took advantage of an aether/zpe anomaly where a shock effect produced in the ambient zpe field produced an elastic self-closing hole in the aether/zpe background, think hole in a dike.

You blow the initial hole and let power come through to run whatever you want. When you disconnect the load, the hole closes and the energy flow stops. So you blow the hole again with whatever load you need connected.

His mistake was one day he had blown a hole and was powering some 1,000 watts from his machine. He disconnected it and the power wire touched the ground. He was in a rush to go somewhere so didn’t pick the power wire up.

When he came back a few hours later, his machine was a melted pile of plastic and metal. He says the wire touching ground was trying to electrify the earth so kept pulling power until it burned itself up. He told us he has tried to duplicate this device and failed each time. There was something special and unique about the original machine that he has yet to replicate successfully.

Take Lou & Christies generator down in New Zealand with the Lutec free energy generator that relies on magnets. Their original machine worked perfectly. They built other machines and can’t get them to work like that first one.

BUT, if they take the rotor from the original and put it in any of the copies, that one works! Something unique about that rotor which they have yet to figure out…I think they might have it worked out now but it was quite a job to figure out what is so special about that original rotor.

I know a group who has all the papers and files of a deceased inventor. They have photos, documents and handwritten notes, even a BLUEPRINT. Yet they are stuck in this endless, non-productive loop of caluculating what parts and dimensions which might reproduce what the inventor discovered and was able to use.

They haven’t lifted one finger to try to build any of it because the math (based on linear effects) doesn’t back it up.

So they have apparently shelved all of it, not spending the money or time to build any of it, simply because they can’t make it work on paper.

Never mind that the deceased inventor had a working device which was proven over and over again during his lifetime.

Never mind that they have photos of the device, its INTERNAL ARRANGEMENT and workings, all the notes and written information explaining how it was thought to work, but above all, the specific directions to build it.

Quit stammering with but, but, but, the math doesn’t work…IDIOTS! Math isn’t reality.

It is TOO easy to blow it all off, possibly world-changing new technology simply because they are too lazy, too inflexible in their thinking, too hung up on the ‘laws’ of physics, too afriad of failure and/or cheap to get off their asses and BUILD IT!

Discovery, exploration, invention all require sacrifice and above all, RISK.

They advise the investors of their ‘findings’ and so the money is pulled or never provided in the first place due to this really bad and STUPID advice, the project dies and fades out of history. Another remarkable new technology lost because…

‘the math doesn’t back it up’.

For scientists and engineers I’d recommend you open your minds to the FACT that everything isn’t known, laws can change or BEND and new working laws be discovered, so if there is a probability that someone has discovered new phenomena, try to build it rather than depending SOLELY on calculations that of course don’t back it up.

For investors, you have NO IDEA what new technologies and markets you could bring to reality if you just open your minds to realize how little we do know. Your investment could not only spark revolutions in science on all levels, but could bring you profit beyond your wildest dreams. All it takes is faith and providing maverick inventors a chance to follow their destiny.

See; VS Lab Project and VS Gravity Project

Read this Primer for Skeptics and Attackers with quotes from those who are OH SO SURE they or orthodox science have all the answers;

Your (Mostly) Dead Predecessors

“Heavier-than-air flying machines are impossible.” (Lord Kelvin, president, Royal Society, 1895)

“I think there is a world market for maybe five computers.” (Thomas Watson, chairman of IBM, 1943)

“The telephone has too many shortcomings to be seriously considered as a means of communication. The device is inherently of no value to us.” (Western Union internal memo, 1876)

“Airplanes are interesting toys but of no military value.” (Marshal Ferdinand Foch, French commander of Allied forces during the closing months of World War I, 1918)

“The wireless music box has no imaginable commercial value. Who would pay for a message sent to nobody in particular?” (David Sarnoff’s associates, in response to his urgings for investment in radio in the 1920’s)

“Who the hell wants to hear actors talk?” (Harry M. Warner, Warner Brothers, 1927)

“Everything that can be invented has been invented.” (Charles H. Duell, commissioner, US Office of Patents, 1899)

So we need to get over these backward, static ideas that it’s all figured out and there are no chances for new discoveries that will change the world in ways we can’t predict or imagine, if we just fund, experiment and BUILD.

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Electrostatic Levitation

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

Today I was eating lunch at my favorite outdoor cafe. An older guy and I were talking about various things when one the new extranjeros (immigrants) sat down to join us.

I had been telling my friend about how Simon Magus bested Jesus with his flight around Rome and how that history has been removed or changed by the Catholic Church to favor the Jesus myth.

This new guy who had sat down said he once worked in a sheetrock/drywall/gypsum board manufacturing plant in Caledonia, New York that has long since gone out of business.

He said he was hired to help take the fired sheets out of the kiln and that when they came out, they cooled rapidly and his immediate boss told him don’t lift, press down and don’t question why, you will see.

This guy tells me these sheets floated in the air above the other stacked sheets. He said they had to push them down onto the other sheets and once down, the charge dissipated and they lost the antigravity effect.

Even I was incredulous and thought he was pulling my leg, but he swore that was true, they did float in the air and he said the polarity changed each time but I’m not really clear on that part since he has no electronics or science background and they didn’t have a meter to show the energy level let alone polarity.

Now in the Simon Magus story link above, Simon said all night he had to breathe the earth in as deep a place as possible. This would charge his body negatively.

The earth is negative and the air is positive. So if you charged something to a high negative potential it could very well be repelled by the negative earth.

In the case of Simon’s flight, his weight would be reduced long enough to make a few passes over Rome as promised but as he breathed more of the positively charged air, it would cancel out his high negative charge to slowly restore his weight.

On Bill Beaty’s excellent Amateur Science website he has a wonderful story about an electrostatic factory experience.

“David Swenson of 3M Corporation describes an anomaly where workers encountered a strange “invisible wall” in the area under a fast-moving sheet of electrically charged polypropelene film in a factory. This “invisible wall” was strong enough to prevent humans from passing through. A person near this “wall” was unable to turn, and so had to walk backwards to retreat from it.

Polypropelene (PP) film on 50K ft. rolls 20ft wide was being slit and transferred to multiple smaller spools. The film was taken off the main roll at high speed, flowed upwards 20ft to overhead rollers, passed horizontally 20ft and then downwards to the slitting device, where it was spooled onto shorter rolls.

The whole operation formed a cubical shaped tent, with two walls and a ceiling approximately 20ft square.

On entering the factory floor and far from the equipment, Mr. Swenson’s 200KV/ft handheld electrometer was found to slam to full scale. When he attempted to walk through the corridor formed by the moving film, he was stopped about half way through by an “invisible wall.” He could lean all his weight forward but was unable to pass. He observed a fly get pulled into the charged, moving plastic, and speculates that the e-fields might have been strong enough to suck in birds!”

Bill writes; “I wonder if the (I assume) huge quantity of air ions had anything to do with your weird phenomenon. Maybe the “wall” effect involves a plug of ionized air which is held in place by the opposite charge on the film.

If so, your repulsion phenomenon would not occur if the “tent” of film was replaced with highly charged metal plates, since the source of
oppositely-polarized electric wind would then be missing. I’m still
convinced that the charged film should produce an attractive force upon a human body.

Repulsion requires that the human be charged with the same polarity as the PP film, yet induction should produce an *opposite* body charge, so attraction is expected. But if a plug of oppositely-charged air was strongly attracted into the “tent” of PP film, it might produce a significant pressure-gradient in the surrounding air.

A fraction of a PSI per foot would be more than enough to prevent someone from walking forward. If this is the origin of the effect, then the repulsion forces you experienced involved air pressure rather than electrostatic attraction/repulsion.

This might be an entirely new way to accomplish levitation. Attract
a whirling blob of ionized air to an oppositely-charged plate, then use
the resulting pressure gradient to lift and manipulate uncharged objects.
Sort of like a fluidized bed, but using charged air instead of sand.”

Electrostatic Discharge: Causes, Effects, and Solutions – Sources of ESD. All materials (insulators and conductors alike) are sources of ESD. They are lumped together in what is known as the triboelectric series, which defines the materials associated with positive or negative charges.

Positive charges accumulate predominantly on human skin or animal fur.

Negative charges are more common to synthetic materials such as Styrofoam or plastic cups. The amount of electrostatic charge that can accumulate on any item is dependent on its capacity to store a charge.

For example, the human body can store a charge equal to 250 picofarads. This correlates into a stored charge that can be as high as 25,000V.

A recent investigation found the human body and its clothing capable of storing between 500V and 2500V electrostatic during the normal workday. This is far above the level that damages circuits yet below the human perception threshold.

The word static simply means the charge cannot be equalized or transferred through electromotive force until there is a decrease in the capacitance between two objects.

An example of this can be your hand (which may hold a negative charge) as it approaches a doorknob (which may hold a positive charge). As your hand moves closer to the doorknob, the capacitance between the object and your hand will decrease. This results in a flow of current between your hand and the doorknob. This transfer is known as electrostatic discharge, or ESD.

How to Make an Electret – Consider the so-called electret. This device is a small cake of specially prepared wax that has the property of permanently maintaining an electric field; it is the electrical analogue of a permanent magnet. No one knows in precise detail how an electret works, nor does it presently have a significant task to perform.

Heaviside coined the word ‘electret,’ by analogy to ‘magnet.’ The analogy between the magnet and the electret is striking, and this includes the way in which they are fabricated.

For example, a magnet can be made ‘cold,’ but the strength and permanence of its magnetism is enhanced if the material is placed in a magnetic field while it is in the liquid state and is then allowed to cool while the field is maintained. The same is true of the electret, though of course the effect and the field are electrical.

Drywall, which is made primarily of a calcium sulfate dihydrate (gypsum) core with paper on both sides, is one of the most widely used construction materials. Because board failure often occurs at the gypsum core/paper interface, it has become important to know the exact nature of the gypsum/cellulose bond.

How Drywall is Made – Drywall is a construction material consisting of thin panels of gypsum board. The board is composed of a layer of gypsum rock sandwiched between two layers of special paper.

Gypsum contains large amounts of water bound in crystalline form; 10 square feet (1.0 sq m) of gypsum board contains over 2 quarts (2 1) of water. When exposed to fire, the water in the gypsum board vaporizes; the temperature of the panel remains at 212°F (100°C) until all of the water is released, protecting the underlying wood framework. Even after all of the water evaporates, the gypsum itself will not burn and continues to provide substantial fire protection.

Each molecule of gypsum (or dihydrous calcium sulfate) is composed of two molecules of water (H 2 0) and one of calcium sulfate (CaSO 4 ). By weight the compound is 21% water, but by volume it is nearly 50% water.

Because the water present in gypsum is in crystalline form, the material is dry. Although ice, another form of crystalline water, becomes a liquid at room temperature, the water bound in the gypsum molecules remains solid unless it is heated to 212°F (100°C), at which point it changes to a gaseous state and evaporates.

Gypsum that has been crushed and heated to remove 75% of its water content is known as plaster of Paris.

Two types of paper are used in the production of most drywall, and both types are made from recycled newspaper. The ivory manila face paper, when properly primed, readily accepts most paints and other types of wall finishing products. The gray back paper can be laminated with aluminum foil to produce a special type of drywall that resists the flow of water vapor in environments like bathrooms.

The drying process – * 7 The panels are transferred to a conveyor line that feeds them through a long, drying oven. At one plant, for example, the gas-fired oven is 470 feet (143 m) long. Panels enter the oven at 500°F (260°C) and are exposed to gradually decreasing levels of heat during the 35-40 minutes they travel through the system. Humidity and temperature are carefully controlled in the dryer.

The finished product – * 8 After emerging from the drying oven, the dry wall panels are visually inspected before being bundled into “lifts” of 30 or 40 boards and transferred to the warehouse to await shipment. Each board is labeled with a UPC bar code that is used for warehouse inventory, billing, and price scanning at the retail level.

So, how could a heavy sheet of 5/8″ gypsum board levitate as it comes out of they drying oven?

Could it be a giant electret which I’d think could contain a lethally high electrical charge and yet the guy who told me about this didn’t say there were any special precautions nor was anyone shocked or hurt in anyway. I’ll ask about that. Maybe they were on a concrete floor or some form of faraday cage that wouldn’t let a discharge occur.

And a search on ‘gypsum electret’ reveals this fascinating page;

T.T.Browns Petrovoltaic-effekt – “Brown in the years 1931-’33, systematically looked for the cause of extraordinary potentials, that occur specifically in heavy rock types. He called this effect “petrovoltaic” [(stone voltage)], and suspected that these “self-potentials” are caused by rectification of gravitational cosmic radiation,
and especially in polarisable and specifically heavy dielectrics. …”

(from the paragraph on Gypsum:) – “Self-potentials in Gypsum; Autogenic potentials in freshly prepared building gypsum […] are created easily for example due to the “Trigger-Effect” of a resistance measurement. […]

Gypsum filled plastic tubing is used, such as a plastic water hose coiled up with a 21 cm diameter and 3 to 4 windings, was used. The liquid gypsum paste was pushed ([pumped]) into the tubing using compressed air, which caused some of the gypsum to be pushed out the other end and caused some air bubbles in the gypsum.

As electrodes ([stainless?]) steel screws were used. Some of these gypsum coils produced longer lasting voltages up to 300 mV. Here too there were undeninable fluctuations in potential, as well as a potential drop after introduction of the coil into the Orac ([Orgone Accumulator, which he used in the photoresistor tests he described right before this paragraph.]).

Only halfway april next year did the potential of that coil start to rise, and finally reached an average potential of 100 mV […]. ([note: connected diagrams show this specific gypsum coil + Orac experiment to have taken place in the beginning of december.]) Gypsum in plastic mold/encasing can hold its self-potential in air under normal circumstances for 1 to 2 years, although it does disappear as time progresses due to dehydration. When a plastic cover is removed, one will then find a completely dry gypsum.”

As always….Research continues…

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Violet Light Technology Combats Hospital Infections

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

A pioneering lighting system that can kill hospital superbugs — including MRSA and C. difficile — has been developed by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. The technology decontaminates the air and exposed surfaces by bathing them in a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths, known as HINS-light.

Professor Anderson said: “The technology kills pathogens but is harmless to patients and staff, which means for the first time, hospitals can continuously disinfect wards and isolation rooms.

“The system works by using a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths to excite molecules contained within bacteria. This in turn produces highly reactive chemical species that are lethal to bacteria such as meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, and Clostridium difficile, known as C.diff.”

Dr Maclean added: “The clinical trials have shown that the technology can help prevent the environmental transmission of pathogens and thereby increase patient safety.”

The technology uses HINS-light which has a violet hue, but the research team have used a combination of LED technologies to produce a warm white lighting system that can be used alongside normal hospital lighting.

Professor Scott MacGregor, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said: “New approaches to disinfection and sterilisation are urgently needed within the clinical environment, as traditional methods have significant limitations.

“Decontamination methods involving gas sterilants or UV-light can be hazardous to staff and patients, while cleaning, disinfection and hand washing, although essential routine procedures, have limited effectiveness and problems with compliance.

(I remember an article long, long ago about the original Priore discovery that seems to not be on the net in its entirety. I’m not sure if it’s by omission or that few even know about it.

That article described the original Priore basement experiment where he was ill and in hiding. He always felt better after sleeping while bathed in a peach blossom violet color that was reflected from sunlight illuminated peaches in a basement that cured his illness and kept nearby oranges from rotting.

Seems like no one else saw this or remembers it because every article I’ve seen about Priore speaks only of the EM radiations as being key to his cures.

I suspect only years later did Priore realize this was too simple, that anyone could use a violet light and thats when the ‘revised’ history came about with the electrical equipment and the peaches and violet light part of it was removed from the story. This mutated into the godawfully complex and costly Priore tube which at its heart had…you guessed it, a powerful violet light. Think not?

“Tests made with the Prior machine on cancer tissues ALWAYS caused total remission in all tissues exposed to the peach blossom violet color which the machine emitted.”

“The second, more powerful Prioré machine produces a magnetic field of about 1,240 Gauss. According to one scientist, the machine contains a gas-filled vacuum tube which contains a plasma of mercury (blue) and neon (red) gas. A pulsed 9.4 Gigahertz electromagnetic wave is modulated onto a 17 Megahertz wave in this plasma. However, the true nature of the machine is revealed by the fact that the 9.4 Gigahertz wave is joined in the “lamp” by 17 radiations of unspecified frequency and nature.”

“The (Priore) machine was working during the visit to Floirac. One could see the exit of the tube beneath which the biological targets are placed. There was a certain amount of rumbling and crackling, and the pinkish luminescent plasma appeared to be turbulent.”

“The Master Violet Ray used different gas mixtures produce different glowing colours, usually purple, red, blue, or pink.”

“In 1892 Tesla met with Paul Oudin in Paris. They discussed ways of building therapeutic high frequency oscillators, and months later Oudin produced the first device that became known as the “violet ray.” Paul Oudin began to experiment with skin disorders. Acne, eczema and psoriasis were easily treated with the new device. After a few treatments the skin patches would begin to break up and disappear completely in 2-3 months. When the devices were used to spark warts or skin cancer, they often were removed within weeks. The violet ray often took away pain, and many times it was practically a miracle.”

“T. Henry Moray built a somewhat similar machine – though very much smaller – which provided a direct radiation from extensive “peach blossom violet” colored sparkgaps inside a quartz tube, and which greatly stimulated the health of an individual exposed to the radiation. In fact, the device would promptly cure the radiation burns Moray frequently suffered as a result of his continual experimentation with uranium compounds and other radioactive substances.”

“…red light – regardless of intensity – fails to dislodge electrons in metals, while even very low levels of violet light stimulate measurable electrical currents. Clearly the rate at which light vibrates has a power all its own.”

“The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and ranges from 430 trillion Hz, seen as red, to 750 trillion Hz, seen as violet. Again, the full range of frequencies extends beyond the visible spectrum, from less than one billion Hz, as in radio waves, to greater than 3 billion billion Hz, as in gamma rays.”

Many inventors do this, complexify their simple discovery so they can patent and try to make money from it. Why would they reveal the original simple effect that would not benefit them finanancially? You can see the truth of it where T.H. Morays’ CosRay healing ray invention also used a peach blossom violet light source. As well, Dinshah used a bright violet/magenta light to heal cancers. – JWD) – Full Article Source

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Want to live Forever? 1987 Patent to keep your Head Alive

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

In 1908, Charles Guthrie was able to successfully amputate one dog’s head and sew it onto the neck of another dog, rerouting the blood flow so that the animal had two (somewhat) functioning heads, according to Mary Roach’s Stiff: The Curious Lives of Human Cadavers.

“[T]oo much time (twenty minutes had elapsed between the beheading and the moment the circulation was restored) for the dog head and brain to regain much function,” Roach explained.

To solve that problem, scientists, 77 years later, patented a device for perfusing an animal head. “This invention involves a device, referred to herein as a ‘cabinet,’ which provides physical and biochemical support for an animal’s head which has been ‘discorporated’ (i.e., severed from its body),” the patent’s abstract explains.

“This device can be used to support a discorped head with oxygenated blood and nutrients, by means of tubes connected to arteries which pass through the neck. After circulating through the head, the deoxygenated blood returns to the cabinet by means of cannulae which are connected to veins that emerge from the neck.”

While scientists have long experimented with detaching and reattaching the heads of rats, dogs and monkeys, it’s unclear why the illustrations that accompany the patent (seen above) clearly resemble a human. No human, to date, is known to have to been through the procedure.

Technology doesn’t yet exist to reattach the spinal cord, which means the patient is left paralyzed from the neck down. – Full Article Source

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Red light forces cancer cells to suck up drugs

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

CELLS absorb chemotherapy drugs more readily if they are zapped with red light. The finding could help produce more effective cancer treatments. Most cancer chemotherapy relies on cells absorbing drugs by diffusion across the cell membrane.

This does not always work, because some cells simply push the drug molecules back out using a natural pump mechanism. To overcome this problem, Andrei Sommer at the University of Ulm in Germany and colleagues exposed cells to pulsed red laser light.

Light of this wavelength decreases water density and pushes water out of the cell. When the laser is switched off, the water returns to its high-density state, forcing the cell to “suck in” water and any other molecules, including drugs, from its surroundings.

The researchers tested their technique by applying the light for 1 minute to human cervical cancer cells surrounded with common anti-cancer drugs such as epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

This short period of light exposure was sufficient to kill off 70 per cent of cancer cells surrounded by EGCG, compared with 31 per cent of cells not exposed to light (Journal of Controlled Release, DOI: 10.1016/j.jconrel.2010.10.010).

Laser modulated transmembrane convection: Implementation in cancer chemotherapy

Transmembrane diffusion imposes fundamental limits to the uptake of cytostatic drugs executing their function intracellularly. Here, we report that transmembrane convection—a mechanism exploiting the effect of moderately intense 670 nm laser light on the density and viscosity of nanoscopic interfacial water layers (IWL) in the cell—forces cancer cells to uptake high doses of cytostatic drugs in a short time.

Transmembrane convection is a viable alternative to established uptake forms (i.e., it works complementary to diffusive processes) and breaks the limits imposed by diffusion. We demonstrate the potency of the method in human cervical cancer cells, HeLa, using the anticancer compounds doxorubicin (DOX), methotrexate (MTX) and epigallocatechin gallate (EGCG).

The method is applicable to virtually the entire chemotherapeutic arsenal and is expected to help overcome multidrug resistance in cancer cells. – Full Article Source

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A new Mechanical Antigravity concept

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

A recent peer-reviewed paper by Prof.C.Provatidis claims to have developed a new mechanical anti-gravity device capable of producing net impulse (thrust) using rotating masses.

It is an open-access paper entitled: C. G. Provatidis, A device that can produce net impulse using rotating masses, Engineering, Vol. 2, Number 8 (Aug. 2010), pp. 648-657, which can be downloded from:

The author has also published a peer-reviewed paper in the Russian Journal, which can be downloaded from: Theory of Mechanisms and Machines, 2010, Vol.8, Iss.1, pp. 34-41; direct link: (via – Full Article Source

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Searls unending quest for investors +60 years now and STILL NOTHING

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

When you hear or read the name Searl, think MONEY before buying into his endless BS…he has been trolling for money and attention from gullible people for over 60 years without ever coming up with any working device. Claiming working Free Energy and Antigravity devices, the Holy Grail for many of us, yet nothing comes of it except that hand out for ever more money.

Don’t know if I ever told you but back when I was running the original Keelynet BBS out of my house (1988-1995), Anders Heerfordt had tracked down all the places Searl claimed he came from and got the real story.

Well, I was off work one night and was asleep when about 4:30AM I got a phone call from some guy yelling at me….he was cussing me out, calling me a liar and troublemaker and threatening to sue me and my KeelyNet.

I asked who the f**k is this and what did he want at this time of the morning…he said, ‘This is professor John Searl calling from the UK’…I told him the Heerfordt documents were sent to my BBS after Anders researched Searls’ claims and I posted the files, thats all there is to it.

He said he had been working on some big movie deal where he would get about $800,000 for rights to a movie about his life and that the producer had read those files and pulled the plug on the entire deal so he was hopping mad.

I told ‘professor searl’ until he could come up with hard evidence and quit always trolling for money with amazing stories that would refute
Heerfordts’ findings, I would not take the files down. Turns out those two files along with many other on KeelyNet had been wending there way all through the BBS networks and onto the internet where they could be found from a search.

The producer of this life story of Searl did the right thing by finding those reports. Searl was really pissed and slammed the phone down to hang up. I went back to bed..screw him..crazy old coot. As you know, years later we all met Searl and his keeper John Thomas…John was a cool guy though a total believer in Searls bullshit.

It was he who collected the information that led to those Matrix books that were so expensive. Don’t remember the exact year, but maybe around 1992 or so…I got a call from some young guy (28, 32 or so) claiming to be a millionaire who was funding Searl…he too was upset with the Heerfordt reports and wanted to ‘take me to dinner’…right…read the rest at – One of my Searl experiences
and this latest ‘movie’ Full Article Source and check out this video verifying Anders Heerfordts’ investigations as reported in
Article #1 and Article #2 of Searls’ claims for so many decades.

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Excellent site – – for those who are interested

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

Having read much of Clara Bloomfield Moore’s writings she strikes me as a silly woman with too much education and too much money, incapable of having an original thought of her own, the type that Helena Blavatsky cultivated and filled with her peculiar brand of metaphysical crap.

To get to know Keely as a man and technician meant I had to bypass much of her account and rely on things he said and on the evidence provided by a number of photographs of his devices, as well as contemporary newspaper articles.

Having a reasonable grounding in technical and scientific subjects as well as musical theory I judged the man as an honest researcher trying to come to grips with problems and phenomena well outside the scientific understanding of his time and having to work with comparatively primitive research instruments barely suitable for the task he had set himself.

That he achieved something at all is staggering. But did he? Keely built a bewildering array of massive machines with almost unbelievable precision. He demonstrated his devices in his laboratory and on exhibitions repeatedly.

No-one understood how they worked, and his explanations, couched in an obscure terminology, only helped to spread the confusion. History has labelled him a fraud, though he was never caught doing anything fraudulent.

I have endeavoured to look at his machines in the light of today’s understanding of science, paying scant attention to his theories and his metaphysical model. Working mainly with photographs and descriptions of his machines, his stated observations of unexplained phenomena and his account of technical difficulties met on the way, I have come up with some startling revelations that seem to indicate that Keely’s technology is real. I leave it for you to judge. – Full Article Source

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