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Archive for September, 2007

Sunday Parade, Cantinas and random notes

Posted by keelynet on September 30, 2007

Now that I have this blog, I need to get into the habit of taking snapshots with my cellphone so you can get some visual image. Had a great chicken pasta at La Viuda and the waitress had no clue why they called it ‘the Widow’. 50 pesos ($5) including a soda, can’t beat that. Some kind of parade for Santo de something with an Virgin Mary icon in a glass and wood box, carried by priests and followed by at least 2 city blocks of people on foot.

flamerpisssm1.jpg fiesta.jpgReally clogs traffic but funerals are worse as they go much slower. And it is expected that people slow or stop as a sign of respect. I just duck into a bar for a couple of beers until they pass….that would be La Oficina today. Only had one beer since I was on the motorcycle but chatted with some mex buddies and Raffa the bartender. Its rare that you see gringos in cantinas, not sure if they are afraid or what…lots of chisme (gossip) about fights and theft, etc…but I’ve never had any problems though I’ve seen a few fights, women and women, women and men and mostly men and men and I often stay til they close at midnight or 2AM, then sometimes run over to La Rodeo where they have women for ‘company’. 20 pesos ($2) for a beer for clients and 40 pesos for the girls. When they get their beer, they also get a little plastic chip which they can redeem at nights end for about 20 pesos or so. Thus, the more beers they drink, the more money they make. They also offer other ‘services’…its interesting and not really my style of companionship but I do study the culture and subcultures here.

I have developed a theory and code of behavior which I follow fairly rigorously, which in essence is Tres Reglas: Discreto, Secreto y Sin Chisme, which means 3 Rules: Discrete, Secret and Without Gossip. Like most small towns, chismosos (gossips) and metiches (malicious gossipers) abound, in their sad lives watching and scheming for salacious stories to pass to their peers.

Plus, I follow my late Great Aunt Mert’s advice, given to us many times as children, where she said, if you are in a place and something doesn’t feel right or you suspect there will be trouble, LEAVE…WALK AWAY. Aunt Mert said if you stay, its your own fault and you deserve what happens to you. That has saved me countless times in my life, where I didn’t like the vibe and left, to find out later that something bad happened.

oldsign.jpgGetting late and I make it a practice not to drink too many beers OR ride on highways at night, partly due to pozos (holes in the road) and vacas (cows in the road). Hank told me when he first moved here years ago he had a car, was driving on the Libramiento (road between Ajijic and Chapala) and four horses ran alongside his car for about a mile.I like to take the very scenic view from Santa Cruz to Ixtlahuacan de los Membrillos where I live (pronounced iss lah wah cahn day las mim bree yos and Membrillos is kind of a green horse apple that grows on the moutainsides and they boil to make a very sweet jellied brick to sell to the tourists), so sometimes I will stop at La Rameno cantina to chat with Sochi or Eddie who tend bar there. There used to be a sign saying ‘for proof of age, you had to be with your +100 year old grandfather’ as in the attached image. It’s hilarious and typical of some of the very funny signs in cantinas. I’ll collect some photos.

In many places they have very strange statues and in Rameno is what looks like a greyhound dog with wings! I’ve never seen anything like that before so have a photo somewhere that I will post. I have a photo or two of it but will have to look.

colimastatue.jpgHere are 3 photos of a very strange statue in a small restaurant called Cenizas del Sol (Ashes of the Sun). It looks Japanese with the helmet and the bizarre octopus like tentacles.

I asked the cook where it came from and he said Colima, but also added that he thought the artist was probably on drugs and hallucinating.

kali.jpgAn old guy here named Alan told me he knew a man from the American Legion who had used a metal detector on the partly dried up shores of Lake Chapala years ago and found a small gold statue about the size of a fist. The statue was of a being with multiple arms like the Indian goddess Kali. I have never seen anything like that in any books or histories of Mexico and have been trying to meet this guy to get a photo.

There is a story here that some big Japanese company offered to dredge the entire Lake Chapala since its average depth is only about 13-15 feet or so when the water level is up. When it was low back in 2001, I saw fishermen wading up to their knees a good 300 feet from the shore, dragging their nets to catch fish, particularly charales which are served dried. The Japanese company said they would do all this work for free, but they would get to keep anything they dredged up. The Mexican government turned them down since Lake Chapala is very old and considered sacred by native tribes such as the Huichols. People often find ‘blood pots’ which were used to hold blood as offerings to the gods by being thrown into the lake.

But I monitored the weather for my first two years when the lake was almost a kilometer from the shore. Then I had my welder build the frame for my weather machine and used it in 2002 for 3 months. During that time, rainfall increased as intended and the lake filled up. I don’t trust my test because they also took water from some dams upriver and reduced consumption from the residents of Guadalajara. But I think the machine setup a ‘standing columnar wave’ which is still active 5 years later.

I was told not to talk about this locally because the lakefront property owners who farmed could use the dried up and exposed extra land. And that if they heard about my experiment, it might cause someone to shoot me or slit my throat! So only a few friends knew about it and they didn’t believe it had anything to do with the machine. I got the plans from my longtime friends Mary and Dean Hardy who had done lots of weather manipulation experiments with a secret group. They used a pyramid and obelisk combination which they say are tuned to each other to create the standing columnar wave.

This all described in their book, ‘Pyramid Energy – Philosophy of God, Science of Man’ by Mary & Dean Hardy…two of the most original researchers on the planet, Mary & Dean Hardy have spent years traveling, studying and working with the energy effects of pyramids and how they can be tuned to resonate with obelisks to create ‘standing columnar waves’ which alter weather patterns for starters.

hardy2.jpgMary and Dean were the people who first made me aware of Doug Benjamin’s photograph of the double helix from the top of a pyramid excited with a Tesla coil and which has puzzled many over the years. This book goes into great detail about the pyramid, its construction and use as determined from their many trips to Egypt in addition to working with others in the field. They have concluded the Ark of the Covenant was a power source which fit into a niche feeding what appears to be a fresnel lense cut into stone. Mary and Dean were first to report much of what is now seen on other sites and from other sources without credit or acknowledgement being given to them for their pioneering discoveries. This book also goes into detail about what Mary calls ‘tachy ions’ and their properties as well as information on radionics and many other aspects of subtle energy manipulation.

The link above leads to the Products page on KeelyNet where you can buy the book if you’d like. It is very interesting. I haven’t been in contact with the Hardy’s for about 3-4 years now. They live up in Allegan, Michigan on the lake. Dean is a huge prankster and used to tell me he and his friends would fill condoms with highly explosive acetylene gas for these monster balloons, put in a long fuse, light it and let it float out over the lake. It would explode and the pressure wave would rattle windows for miles around. He also had a couple of yard cannons that they fired on holidays, as well as a 30 foot wide, big pyramid they built in their backyard. They believe the pyramid helped their autistic son which I believe is written bout in the book. And more another time…

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Learning WordPress

Posted by keelynet on September 30, 2007

Trying to figure out how to install my Adsense code and specify the location. The calendar I thought was for the current day but it appears to be just for the day of the last blog which was the 29th. Hmmm…ok, if thats the way it works. Been thinking about what all to post and thanks for the very nice comment for that first one. Lots of things buzzing in my head to post, but again, its pretty here and sunny so worked all night, slept most of the day and will pop over to La Viuda (the Widow) cafe for their $4 Italian plate. Why they would name a cafe the widow beats me, but the food is good and you can’t beat soup, bread, main dish of chicken, beef or fish with pasta, toasted buttered bread and a Pepsi for $5 total! The locals tell me they don’t drink Pepsi because it causes diabetes??? So Coke and Manzanita Lite (carbonated apple flavor soda) are very popular in Mexico, at least central Mexico as far as I can tell. Later…

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And it begins…just so…

Posted by keelynet on September 29, 2007

decker1141.jpgJust how does one know WHY they are here? It’s not like there is a test to help you discover your destiny, so that you can plan your activities to complete that destiny before we die. You can focus on making money, raising a family or solo activities for personal growth (or destruction).

In my case, it hasn’t ever been about money, I always made enough to pay my bills and with extra for tools, toys, my studies, information gathering and networking activities (including conferences which I preferred over a ‘normal’ vacation), all for the sake of learning and sharing as much as possible.

In my teens it was a mix of science and occultism with many experiments in magick, some of which produced results, but it was too flakey for me, so I began studying the paranormal and how phenomena could be detected and manipulated with devices such as radionics.

In my early twenties I knew very few people who had the same interests as I, so felt very isolated. For that reason, I was a book, magazine and newsletter hound always on the lookout for interesting things. This was in the 70s and 80s before the internet.

One evening I got a strange phone call from a guy asking if I believed in UFOs and if I was interested. By that time, I thought I had figured them out so cockily told him, they didn’t interest me so much now that I had their secret. The guy asked if I might like to meet with the board of the Mufon Metroplex group and present my ideas for a possible presentation to their small group of about 50 people. Sure, why not…so a few nights later, went to the house of the host to meet them. Nice folks but clearly believers with little capacity for skeptical observation.

However, I made my presentation and they were very congratulatory saying yes, I had figured it out. Then came the presentation to their group and later an invitation to join their board. The next year they voted me president and I ran it for 2 years.

Over that time our paid lectures went from 50 to as much as 500 people per month. The average was 200-300 which really ticked off Walt Andrus at Mufon headquarters because we didn’t require that people be members of our group or of Mufon proper. We were the biggest UFO group in the US at that time.

ufoearth1.jpgIt was an interesting period in my life which helped me to focus on what counts. We brought in all the hot UFO contactees, Betty Hill, Travis Walton, Mr. Ed, the two guys from Pascagoula and many more whose names I don’t recall some 20 years later. We also had peripheral speakers such as Tom Bearden, Dr. Andrija Puharich and many others.

After the first year, I was so burned out with NEVER any proofs and seeing people who had been studying UFOs for 30 or more years with no clue as to what or who they were, that in my 2nd year as president of Mufon Metrpolex, I started my own Vanguard Sciences group to host speakers for alternative science topics.

In that 2nd year, we shared speakers who also had UFO interests, such as Dr. Andrija Puharich, who did a wonderful presentation to the Vanguard group. I regret that I didn’t focus on taping, audio or video of these meetings, some exist, though not very good copies.

In my 3rd year with Mufon I was on the board and for a few years after that served as an advisor since I wanted to dedicate my time to Vanguard Sciences and related pursuits.

(Here in central Mexico, it is sunny, warm and I haven’t had comida yet, so think I’ll hop on my lil Honda 125 and run over to Marcos and Estelles cafe for some fresh beef burritos….continued in subsequent posts which I suspect will be voluminous…jajaja…)

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