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Archive for July, 2009

AKA Obama and his many secrets will one day OUT

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

In my quest for news, I came across the following comment but didn’t get the URL, rats…

“The following makes the debate over Obama’s citizenship a rather short and simple one. Travel records & his own admission, establish that Obama traveled to Pakistan in 1981, @ age 20. What passport did he travel under? There are only three possibilities.

He traveled with a U.S. Passport.
He traveled with a British passport,
or he traveled with an Indonesia passport.

Is it possible that Obama traveled with a U.S. Passport in 1981?

No. It is not possible. Pakistan was on the U.S. State Department’s “no travel” list in 1981.Conclusion: When Obama went to Pakistan in 1981 he was traveling either with a UK passport or an Indonesian passport.

If he was traveling with a UK PASSPORT that would provide proof that he was born in Kenya on August 4, 1961, not in Hawaii as he claims.

If he was traveling with an INDONESIAN PASSPORT that would tend to prove that he relinquished whatever previous citizenship he held, UK or US prior to being adopted by his Indonesian Step-Dad.

And be sure to read this psychological evaluation and the absolute best article I’ve ever read about AKA Obama;

AKA OBAMA – his many hidden secrets

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New Self-Powering Generator

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

Another one, let’s see how far he gets.

genmagnet108“In explaining how his latest invention works, he talks about replacing a magnet on an energy machine being as common one day as a repairman working on a broken heat pump.

He had hollowed out the rubber in lawnmower tires, glued the magnets inside, duct-taped over the wheel and attached it to a battery-powered motor. But as the wheels spun, some of the magnets broke through the tape and began to bullet through the kitchen. One left an indention on the ceiling; another split Donna’s hair and got glue in it. “George,” Donna told him, “no more in the house.”

Now his machine – with a bigger motor and aluminum parts replacing the lawnmower wheels – is in the back of a wood-paneled station wagon parked outside his house near Enville, a small town split between Chester and McNairy counties. The machine can power on two car headlamps propped behind it within a few minutes.

Mitchell, an amateur inventor, sees the power his machine generates as a new, cleaner form of alternative energy, but he has faced setbacks and skepticism in the nearly decade and a half since his first homemade breakthrough.

His new machine, fine-tuned since its first success, is essentially a larger-scale version of his original design: A motor powered by a car battery spins an aluminum wheel that holds six square magnets – smooth, copper-colored and about the size and thickness of a candy-box chocolate – fastened along its outer edge.

The force of those magnets cause identical wheels placed on both sides of the motor-powered wheel to spin, powering generators that turn on the two headlamps. NASA officials invited him to demonstrate his first invention at the Marshall Space Flight Center in Huntsville, Ala., but were skeptical of the workings and usefulness of his device, Mitchell said.

It took a decade to make significant progress in the next phase of his work – to expand his invention so that it could power the Mitchells’ house in Enville. When officials rejected his grant applications, Donna Mitchell said they told George he was trying to build something scientifically impossible – a perpetual motion machine.

Mitchell foresees a world where energy produced by machines like his is common place. In explaining how his latest invention works, he talks about replacing a magnet on an energy machine being as common one day as a repairman working on a broken heat pump. He still plans on building a machine that can power his house. He and a mechanic in Adamsville also have plans to build an electric car someday, Mitchell said.” – Source

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Not Nearly Far Enough

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

Doubt this will happen as Obama’s focus is getting media attention for himself and wasting our money.

“We’ve heard, almost ad nauseum, about carbon footprints, green jobs, and the standard “lose our dependence on foreign oil” until many of us just want to say “all right, already. we get it”. While all these things are good, we have yet to hear what we as a country need to hear–a serious smackdown challenge to the entire nation. These things we talk about, such as the recent cap and trade legislation, are all nice but they don’t go nearly far enough. We need the president to say the following:

We will be completely off ALL fossil fuels within twenty years!

That’s right, I said ALL fossil fuels. Oil, natural gas, coal, you name it. And within twenty years. Especially now, forty years after Apollo 11 showed us how far we can advance in less than a decade.

When President Kennedy told us we would do it, we didn’t know how to do it, or what we were doing, we just did it. That’s the goal here–clean, renewable, and dirt cheap (like almost free) energy and fuel sources.

I know it sounds like an unreachable goal. It will take a complete invention of a totally new technology. Technology for manufacturing, for power generation, for transportation, for power consumption in the home. What will it take? A one hundred percent commitment on the part of schools and universities to focus on science.

Tax grants and benefits to researchers. Grants for ideas, no matter how bizarre.

To pay for it? Here’s the fun part. The major oil and energy companies which make billions from us can afford a surtax for some of this research and development, and incentives can be offered to them to do much of this research for themselves–after all, if you give them a piece of the action, as it were, they’ll be more amenable to change.” – Source

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Ideas can be made to pay

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

This guy has some great advice for inventors!

inventwheel108“WHEN American inventor Stephen Key stuck a photograph of Michael Jordan on the backboard of a toy basketball game, he knew he was on to a winner. Who wants to throw basketballs at a boring backboard when they could thrown them at a basketball superstar?

“I sent the idea to a company and three days later I had a contract,” Key says. “We sold that item for 10 years in the United States and I collected a royalty on every one they sold.” Now a veteran of more than 20 inventions, he spends his time telling others how they can make money from good ideas, and the global financial crisis means there has never been a better time.

Too often, Key says, good ideas go nowhere because inventors are typically shy people, with little or no business and marketing skills. But he has developed – or is that invented – a simple way to get a company interested and now tours the world to share his secrets. The first tip is to ensure the invention is new, and there is a demand.

“I don’t really consider myself an inventor,” he says. “I consider myself just a consumer and if I can see a problem or I read about a problem then I try to come up with an idea.” The next thing is to protect that idea, but lodging a full patent can be expensive. Instead, he says, opt for an $80 provisional patent that allows the crucial words “patent pending” to be applied to any product and documentation.

The legal protection can be vital in safeguarding an idea, although after 25 years in the business Key says corporate theft of ideas is rare. Key’s pathway for inventors is nothing new until the next stage, where he says people should avoid spending too much time and money on developing a prototype. Instead of a working model, he advises drawing up a “sell sheet”, basically a one-page document that explains how the product will work, and what are the benefits. “What you’re basically doing is you’re investigating to see if the idea has that sizzle.

“Does it have the benefits, because at the end of the day you’re not selling patents, you’re not selling prototypes, you’re selling benefits,” he says. Key warns against inventors trying to control too much of the manufacture and development of their ideas, saying: “They’re so emotionally and financially attached it’s hard to let go.”

He prefers to license his ideas and then leave it to others to get on with the hard work of manufacturing the product, citing valuable advice given to him by his father. “My father gave me three very important tips,” Key says. “He said to generate great wealth you have to find an opportunity that doesn’t require you using your hands, doesn’t require your presence and has a multiplying effect.”

“My specialty is licensing and I like to say that licensing is basically you’re just renting your ideas to a company,” he says. “You have to be flexible as they’re going to redesign it and it might not look like the same thing at the end of the day.

“I always tell my kids when they say ‘Dad, why isn’t your name on the product’ . . . the only place I want my name is on the cheques.” Everyone is looking for that one big invention that will lead to riches but Key points out that only about 97 per cent of patents lead to an actual product.” – Source

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‘Energy problem… what energy problem?’

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

These guys have the right idea.

hydrorecharge108“”PEOPLE say there’s an energy problem – there isn’t,” asserts ITM Power’s director of research, Dr Don Highgate.

“Outside today there is more energy landing on the roof than we could conceivably use. The problem is that there was no economic way of capturing it, storing it and re-using it when we need it. “None of the sustainable options provide us with the energy when we need it. None of the sustainable options provide us with fuel.”

None of them did, that is, until ITM came up with its revolutionary electrolyser technology for turning water into energy. Conventional models of an economy fuelled by hydrogen envisage the construction of large central electrolysers, built close to existing power stations.

To make them work they need the construction of a new network of hydrogen distribution pipes, mirroring the current natural gas network and significant storage to match production to demand. ITM’s model avoids that by having local hydrogen electrolysers using existing electricity power lines and water systems to produce enough gas for the coming day and requiring no new infrastructure.

On a more local scale, ITM’s technology not only means new housing developments can be built which meet the Government’s Zero Carbon targets for 2016, but existing homes could soon have the technology retrofitted, enabling them to rapidly reduce the contribution they make to global warming without reducing their occupants’ living standards.” – Source

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Universal detector for everything

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

More Star Trek technology…

“Zap a metal with light and the electrons on the surface ripple into waves ? known as plasmons ? which emit light of their own. The frequency of that light reflects the electronic nature of the surface and is highly sensitive to contamination.

The idea is to use a thin layer of metal drilled with nanoscale holes, laid onto the surface being tested. When the perforated plate is zapped with laser light, the surface plasmons that form emit light with a frequency related to the materials touching the plate.

A sensitive light detector is needed to measure the frequency of light given off. The team says devices using this approach can be small and portable, will work on very low power, and could detect everything from explosives to bacteria. All that needs to be done now is build a system able to decode the light signatures. / (WO/2008/039212) OPTICAL SENSING BASED ON SURFACE PLASMON RESONANCES IN NANOSTRUCTURES.” – Source

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Plasma rocket in new test with Brit supermagnet fitted

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

This has all kinds of applications.

“A radical electrically-powered space rocket which has the potential to cut months or years off travel times to other planets has achieved a further successful test today.

The new milestone for the Variable Specific Impulse Magnetoplasma Rocket (VASIMR) was achieved with the aid of a crucial new component – a superconducting magnet made in Britain.

Today’s tests build on the achievements of the VX-200i, the engine’s non-superconducting predecessor, which last fall underwent similar tests but under a greatly reduced set of requirements.

A major difference between the two is the superconducting magnet, featured in the present system, which provides a ten-fold increase in the magnetic field and enables operation of the engine under conditions consistent with actual space flight.

The idea of the VASIMR is to use electric power to blast plasma reaction mass out of the engine at much higher velocities than can be achieved using normal chemically-powered rockets. This means that a VASIMR spacecraft would get hugely more poke out of a given amount of fuel, enabling it to travel through space at much higher speeds.

The tech can’t develop enough thrust to lift itself out of Earth’s gravity, but once beyond the atmosphere it would leave today’s interplanetary probes – which mainly coast through space – far behind. Chang Díaz believes that VASIMR could usefully glean its electric power from solar panels if it was operating close to the sun (Mars would be the extreme outer limit) or from onboard nuclear reactors further away. He calculates that a nuclear VASIMR craft could get to Mars in just 39 days, as opposed to the many months a chemical-rocket ship would take.” – Source

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Future ‘Invisible Wars’ To Use E-bombs, Laser Guns And Acoustic Weapons

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

Great report and wish I had more technical details about this.

futureweapons108“In the late 1990s, the then Russian Defense Minister Igor Sergeyev sounded a note of warning as he spoke about “the use of new physical principles for building weaponry with new applications in both strategic and tactical levels, is yet another qualitative leap in the change and development of ways and methods of warfare.”

Hostilities between thousands of armed men involved in physical annihilation of one another in the battlefield may be rendered obsolete by the latest developments in science and technology. The existing types of weapons may be superseded by devices capable of causing latent damage to the human body by disrupting its viability and immune system. As a result, the human body will either completely destroyed or immobilized for a long time.

The results of the use of certain hypothetical types of WMD may be felt in the long run, perhaps years or decades following the exposure to the effects of the above. The effects of certain types of new weapons can be used selectively, and thus an attacker will be able to steadfastly decimate an opponent’s personnel while effectively reducing the number of its own casualties. The above circumstance creates more incentives for developing new types of weapons.

There are reports of an experiment carried out by the U.S. military in 1961 when more than 350 thousand 2-cm metal needles were deployed into the atmosphere. The needles in the sky caused a dramatic change in the heat balance of the atmosphere. Scientists believe the needles may have caused an earthquake in Alaska.

Besides, they are believed to have caused the sliding of a part pf Chile’s coastline into the ocean. The rainmaking technology was taken for a few test tides in Vietnam. The U.S. military dispersed silver iodide in the rain clouds during the Vietnam War to cause floods, disrupt dams, and obstruct the movements of enemy troops, especially the movements of heavy military equipment.

The so-called “ozone weapon” is one of the types of the geophysical weaponry which is an assortment of means designed for damaging the ozone layer over an enemy. The damage can be done by using rockets loaded with Freon. The explosion of such rockets in the ozone layer will produce several “windows” in it, and thus create conditions for ultraviolet rays of the sun to penetrate Earth’s surface.

The ultraviolet rays are highly detrimental to the cell structure of live organisms, especially to their hereditary systems. As a result, the incidence of cancer will go up dramatically. Depleting ozone will bring about lower mean temperatures and increase humidity, which is especially dangerous for the areas of unsustainable agriculture.

Acoustic weapons – The harmful effects of acoustic weapons apply to three frequency bands i.e. infrasound (below 20 Hz); the audible range frequencies (from 20 hertz to 20 kilohertz); and ultrasound (above 20 kilohertz). The classification is in line with the action of sound impact on the human body. The low-frequency sounds can significantly increase the audible range, pain threshold and other negative impacts on the human body.

Infrasound oscillations can induce anxiety or a panic attack in humans. Some scientists believe that man is unlikely to survive the effects of powerful emission causing a sudden disruption of the functions of certain organs including the cardiovascular system. Infrasound emitters are reported to be capable of impairing a person’s hearing, and cause resonance of his internal organs, which may disrupt the heart activity and result in death.

American specialist Janet Morris says that during her trip to Russia she saw an operational device that can form a10 Hz infrasound pulse the “size of a baseball,” which is said to be capable of causing serious damage to personnel positioned hundreds of meters away from the weapon.” – Source

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Light’s Repulsive Force Discovered

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

Fascinating discovery and there are numerous phase and resonance correlations that back it up…

lightpush108“The discovery was made by splitting infrared light into two beams that each travel on a different length of silicon nanowire, called a waveguide.

The two light beams became out of phase with one another, creating a push, or repulsive force, with an intensity that can be controlled; the more out of phase the two light beams, the stronger the force. “We can control how the light beams interact,” said Mo Li, a postdoctoral associate in electrical engineering at Yale University.

“This is not possible in free space — it is only possible when light is confined in the nanoscale waveguides that are placed so close to each other on the chip.”

The discovery could lead to nanodevices controlled by light rather than electricity. Li and colleagues previously discovered an “attractive” force of light and showed how it could be manipulated to move components in semiconducting micro- and nano-electrical systems — tiny mechanical switches on a chip.” – Source

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Fingerprints Help Choosing Job

Posted by keelynet on July 19, 2009

I’ve always thought aptitude tests could be improved to help people find what they are best suited for…this would be helpful in accomplishing that.

“Scientists from Moscow found an interesting link between psychological patterns of a personality and fingerprints. This link gives unbiased characteristics for various abilities of a certain human being.

Scientists developed devices for revealing psychological patterns of a personality by studying his/her dermatoglyphic parameters, i.e. papillary patterns of fingers and palms.

For this purpose, researchers collected two databases: first – for fingerprints, and second – for psychophysical parameters, described by traditional methods. While processing data, scientists paid attention at strong links between fingerprint phenotype and psychological portrait of a certain person.

Various psychological characteristics have their own papillary pattern. Some psychophysical parameters can be defined by means of fingerprints with 80%-90% accuracy.” – Source

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