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Archive for July, 2008

Formula for cheaper gas: Baking soda, water, $200

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

This is a neat thing, to use the hydrogen reactor as a resistor for a load to produce hydrogen in the process.

“Ray Warren said he installed a hydrogen generation system in his pickup using instructions he purchased off the Internet and that he has doubled his gas mileage from 15 miles per gallon in town to 30 miles per gallon. Warren claims this is no lie and that you can do it too. “If you can read a book, you can do it,” he said. / Making Hydrogen with Baking Soda and Water” – and Source for this article.

Concerned about Fuel Costs?

$4 gas by Spring? and the latest Land of $5.40 gas – Check out this $15 eBook on 14 Ways to Increase Mileage and Decrease Fuel Costs – includes electrolyzer and vapor cleaner construction details and much more. – Read about it HERE

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The Hunt to Boost Mileage

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

On a CNN documentary about the gas crisis, they mentioned that most of the alternate fuel vehicles manufactured in the US were exported to other countries.

“Here are three plausible solutions that look beyond gasoline. They center on three gases: hydrogen, nitrogen and methane – in ways you may not expect. Hydrogen – If you can’t afford one of the new gas-electric hybrid cars, Bruce White, co-founder of H2 Hydrogen Technologies in East Hartford, says his fledgling company has a product in the pipeline that he claims can increase your car’s gas mileage by at least 60 percent… Nitrogen – More than a quarter of the cars on the road have one or more underinflated tires, according to a recent U.S. Department of Transportation report. That’s bad. Inadequate tire pressure can reduce fuel economy, cause vehicle handling problems and prematurely age tires. Experts say you should check your tires’ air pressure every 30 days. But if you’re strapped for time, a better solution, according to some experts, is to inflate your tires with nitrogen, an inert, nonflammable gas that makes up most of our air. For years, race cars, military vehicles and aircraft have used nitrogen to keep tires properly inflated. Unlike whole air, nitrogen is less likely to expand or contract due to temperature changes and thus more apt to maintain proper tire pressure… Methane – Say methane and you probably think of swamp gas. But methane has a much nicer name: natural gas, which is 99 percent methane. You may never be able to fill up your car with methane at the local marsh, but how about driving a car that runs on compressed natural gas? Depending on where you live, you’ll pay about $2 to $3 for the natural gas equivalent of a gallon of gasoline. European carmakers have been selling passenger vehicles that run on methane for years. In the U.S., the only natural-gas-powered passenger vehicle that’s available to individual consumers is the Honda Civic GX, according to Honda Motor Co. Inc., which began selling the vehicle in 2005. Although the GX has been imported in the U.S. since 1998, it was formerly only available as a fleet vehicle. The Civic GX has a 4-cylinder internal combustion engine that runs on natural gas. Filling up the tank costs $16 to $24, depending on where you live, and has a range of about 200 to 250 miles, said Chris Naughton, a spokesman for Honda Motor Co. Inc. The GX gets the equivalent of about 24 mpg city, 36 mpg highway, Naughton said… The GX costs about $25,000, including handling and destination fees. The good news is that there is a $4,000 federal alternative-fuel vehicle tax credit for the Civic. By comparison, the gas-powered Civic costs about $18,000. Filling up the tank with natural gas can be a problem, though, since there are only 1,500 natural gas filling stations in the country, Naughton said. But there’s a solution: For $4,000 you can buy a home refueling appliance from FuelMaker Corp., an Ontario-based company, that can be installed in a garage or driveway and connected to existing natural gas transmission lines. There’s also a $1,000 tax credit for the refueling appliance. Just hook up the car overnight, and it’s refueled by morning. When the GX is fueled at home, the gallon of gas price equivalent is about $2, Naughton said.” – Source

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Self-running BuzzSaw Gravity Wheel

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

This needs a lot of people thinking about it and trying to find out the lost secret.

“The BuzzSaw “Gravity Wheel” was invented around 1909 and built with heavy duty cast iron. Family members indicate that it ran by itself with overunity and generated free energy that could run a small saw mill. The wheel is referred to as BuzzSaw due to its saw blade like wheel design. The gravity wheel has an inner wheel with 16 notches and an outer wheel with 8 notches for carrying weights. Weights would shift between the inner and outer wheel with a special gear ratio and weight pattern to obtain overunity. Springs and levers were said to have been incorporated that worked with the nubs on the end of the 12 weights. / The BuzzSaw gravity wheel has two wheels supported by an axle. There is an inner wheel and outer wheel, the inner having 16 gullets and the outer having 8. The inner red wheel is attached to and drives the axle. The outer wheel has 4 black spokes on the back and rotates freely on bearings on the axle. When in motion, the weights would freely fall from one wheel to the other. The outer wheel has a cover that can be removed with screws to insert / remove weights. The original wheel had 12 weights but it is uncertain if all were used or not. The original wheel had a custom 42 tooth sprocket attached for a #60 chain. It is uncertain at this time what the gear ratio was between the two wheels and how many weights were used. There could be an odd chain gear ratio between the wheels and an odd pattern of weights could have been used. It is also unknown for certain which of the two wheels was the driver. The wheel was nicknamed “The Heathen” because it was built so heavy duty and difficult to work with when all 12 weights (174 lbs) were loaded. (Thanks to Preston S. for this update. – JWD)” – Source

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Tata Motors in India Planning Five Electric Models

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

No idea of price from this article but it indicated they’d be available soon.

“These will use lithium ion batteries for high energy and power density,” a source said. It is understood that the electric car, which Tata Motors Chairman Ratan Tata said would be delivered by end of this financial year, would have an approximate range of 200 kilometres. Besides the electric car, the company is also developing an electric version of its mini truck Ace, primarily for exporting to the US and European markets. The sources said the electric vehicle on the Ace platform is in advanced stage of development. Tata electric cars will have a range of approx 130 miles.” – Source

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The Abe Lincoln Savings Plan

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

Simple enough to do.

“Three years ago, I made a decision that changed my relationship with money: I stopped spending, and started saving, every five-dollar bill that passed through my hands. Squirreling away each and every $5 received as change from a cash transaction didn’t require any complicated savings strategy, but it has paid off, to the tune of $12,000. That’s right. In three years, I have socked away $12,000 just by saving fives.” – Source

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Xpower Saver claims to save on Electric Costs

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

I don’t know if this works or not, just what they say on their website.

“The Xpower Saver reduces the amount of power drawn from the utility by storing otherwise lost electricity caused by the inductive motors in your home. Examples of inductive motors are Air Conditioning units, refrigerators, freezers, washers, dryers, dishwashers, pool pumps, vacuum cleaners, furnace blower motors, fans etc… These inductive loads account generally for 70% of an electric bill. The Xpower Saver saves and stores wasted electricity and re-applies it back to your inductive loads, decreasing your demand from the public utility or renewable energy system. You’ve already paid for that electricity, why waste it when you can store it and reuse it again. This is called power factor optimization and in the case of solar energy systems would allow you to buy a smaller system saving thousands of dollars. What is Power Factor? Power factor is the percentage of electricity that’s delivered to your house and used effectively, compared to what is wasted. Most homes in North America today have a .77 power factor or less. This means that 77% of the electricity that is coming through your meter at your home or business is being used effectively, the other 23% is being wasted. Xpower Saver increases that power factor in most cases to .97 or .98, thus increasing the effective use of your electricity and lowering your bill or usage. The XPower Saver comes with a full 1 year limited warranty. If you’re not completely satisfied, just send XPower Saver back to us within 6 months for a “no questions asked” money back guarantee (less S&H). Results may vary and are dependent upon environmental conditions. The XPower device is a capacitor which does not materially affect or reduce power usage or the cost of electricity when used. Only $250.00 – (6) Months Satisfaction Guarantee – Over 100 Satisfied Customers / (I received this in an email and thought it sounded interesting. Neither KeelyNet or I have any relationship with this company, just news you might be interested in. – JWD)” – Source

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Japanese Clockspring Car Runs 40 miles per Winding (Dec, 1933)

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

What a novel idea!

“THE Japanese have never gained any notable degree of fame for their mechanical capabilities, but undoubtedly their reputations along this line will get vigorous boost by their invention of an automobile that runs by clockwork. Very little mechanical data is available on the construction of the new car, but it is said to have British car dealers doing business in Japan somewhat worried. This would indicate that the machine is more than just a freak that originated in the mind of a visionary inventor. Reports state that the car will run 40 miles at one winding. Further developments may see the invention of an eight-day machine. A Modern Mechanix and Inventions artist has caricatured the contraption.” – Source

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How the US Government Was Overthrown In 3 Easy Steps

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

So much for the Constitution.

“The most powerful bankers creating a world system of financial control, dominating the political system of each country and the economy of the world as a whole, with secret meetings. Surely you would think Tocque has fallen under the spell of a wild conspiracy theory. But you can put away the cat in the tinfoil hat. Those are not my words. And it’s not a theory. They are the words of one of the greatest, most eminent historians in modern times, the late Carroll Quigley – of Harvard, Princeton and the Georgetown Foreign School. The point is not to assert that there is a secret group who is pulling the strings of the modern world. It is far more complex. It is possible that there still exist the inner circle of “initiates.” But I have no evidence for it. In fact, the evidence strongly suggest that after 1910 or so, the whole organization took on a new character. And it certainly got uglier. The point is to draw light on this hidden part of our history and the inner workings of the one percent of one percent. They love the shadows and secrecy. They control the flow of information to a horrifying extent. They have untold influence over our government in ways most people can’t imagine. And they have a perilous vision for our world. Who has jurisdiction over a transnational economy. Who can regulate it? What democratic institution can even stand up to it? This is the central downfall of the globalization idea. As David Rothkopf observes in this Newsweek column, having a global economy is great for the pirates, but is devasting for democracy, sovereignty, and justice. To take our country back, we must know who exactly we are taking it back from. “The methods can be summed up under three headings: (a) a triple-front penetration in politics, education, and journalism; (b) the recruitment of men of ability (chiefly from [certain universities) and the linking of these men to the [Group] by matrimonial alliances and by gratitude for titles and positions of power; and (c) the influencing of public policy by placing members of the [Group] in positions of power shielded as much as possible from public attention. (Carroll Quigley – The Anglo American Establishment)” – Source

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The power and the glory

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

Never say there are no opportunities to get filthy rich.

“The world’s venture capitalists, having fed on the computing boom of the 1980s, the internet boom of the 1990s and the biotech and nanotech boomlets of the early 2000s, are now looking around for the next one. They think they have found it: energy. The idea of growing what you put in the tank of your car, rather than sucking it out of a hole in the ground, no longer looks like economic madness. Nor does the idea of throwing away the tank and plugging your car into an electric socket instead. Much of the world’s oil is in the hands of governments who have little sympathy with the rich West. (Energy is) A prize beyond the dreams of avarice. The market for energy is huge. At present, the world’s population consumes about 15 terawatts of power. (A terawatt is 1,000 gigawatts, and a gigawatt is the capacity of the largest sort of coal-fired power station.) That translates into a business worth $6 trillion a year—about a tenth of the world’s economic output—according to John Doerr, a venture capitalist who is heavily involved in the industry. And by 2050, power consumption is likely to have risen to 30 terawatts. There are lots of terawatts to play for and lots of money to be made. And if the planet happens to be saved on the way, that is all to the good.” – Source

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Video – Martin Jetpack at July 29th, Oshkosh Airshow

Posted by keelynet on July 30, 2008

I didn’t see anything about this on the news…yet…

“The world’s first practical jetpack makes its debut July 29 at EAA AirVenture! Here’s a little more about the Martin Jetpack concept and its development. The Bell Jetpack could only fly for 26 seconds on a full tank. The Martin Jetpack can fly 100 times that, about 43 minutes.” – Source

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