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Archive for October, 2010

Increasing Bio-Energy

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2010

A few times a week I receive emails asking if the MexiStim Polarity Cycler can alleviate a specific problem. Of course I can’t say that since I don’t know unless I’ve experienced it for myself. All I can do is reference my own experiences and those sent in as anecdotes from other Mexistim users.

I then refer people to the wiring diagram so they can put together a simple manually switched version to try it out on their own.

A recent email from a lady said she had a ‘thyroidectomy’ and since then has problems with her energy level. Tiring easily and can’t seem to get charged up like she could before. So I suggested Vitam B12 injections which produce a temporary energy lift as well as a few other items.

Then I remembered this new device that shines bright light in each ear and is claimed to increase energy, so I figured I would post it for easy reference, along with some associated information.

Energy Boosting Earlight – Finnish inventors have created a new method for warding off the winter blues this season—by shining bright light into the ear.

An Oulu-based company’s bright light headset increases light exposure by bringing light close to the brain via the ear canal. The company Valkee Oy argues that the eyes are not the most effective route to deliver light to the brain, but the ear canal is since this is where the skull is thinnest.

So far, the company has tested the headsets on 50 people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression. These test subjects are said to have experienced relief in terms of their symptoms.

However, further tests are needed, as it’s still somewhat of a mystery as to how light therapy through the ear actually works. “A generally held assumption is that bright light can only affect mood through the eyes. But very little scientific proof of this exists,” says Valkee’s CEO Juuso Nissilä.

The conventional bright light lamp, often attributed to boosting mood and energy, has been popular in Finland for years. The headset delivers an amount of light equal to what a person living in the Mediterranean would normally soak up. Valkee recommends a dose of between 6 and 12 minutes a day several times a week. – Full Article Source

Sun Light Shower Baths pep up weary Congressmen (Dec, 1929) – CONGRESSMEN in Washington now resort to sun light baths in the turkish baths of the House of Representatives office building when they become jaded.

Weary from their intensive work and political worries congressmen find that these sun baths restore their “pep.” The lights, when the treatment is taken for ten minutes each day, give the patient the same benefits as if he were spending a couple of weeks at one of the southern winter resorts.

Not only do the lights invigorate, but they also give the patient an artificial tan. These same kind of lights were used to treat the King of England.

The busy men do not find it necessary to disrobe to derive the full benefit of the sun shower baths and seated before the showers the health-giving rays bathe them from head to waist. Masks are worn over the eyes as a protection from the powerful rays. – Full Article Source

Light at night may lead to weight gainPersistent exposure to light at night may lead to weight gain, even without changing physical activity or eating more food, according to new research in mice.

Researchers found that mice exposed to a relatively dim light at night over eight weeks had a body mass gain that was about 50 percent more than other mice that lived in a standard light-dark cycle.” – Full Article Source

Sleep duration adds to Longevity – A new study, derived from novel sleep research conducted by University of California, San Diego researchers, suggests that the secret to a long life may come with just enough sleep.

Less than five hours a night is probably not enough; eight hours is probably too much. – Full Article Source

Carbon Arcs – Also I remember an old article about using electricity to produce carbon arcs from carbon rods. The claim was it produced a super bright, UV rich ‘actinic’ radiation which penetrated the body easily and killed many pathogens, viruses and bacteria as well as being very beneficial for the body. But the rays were very powerful and could burn you from too long an exposure.

Ozone and Electrical Stimulation – Tesla also wrote of the healing effects from bathing in high voltage such as with the Lakhovsky MWO which I think would be assisted by breathing ozone. My understanding is ozone produced using ambient air, which is 78% nitrogen can produce nitric acid that can burn and pit the lungs, but ozone generated from pure oxygen is very beneficial and harmless.

A friend in Dallas had ozone generators on all the time in his house where he worked, lived and slept with NO harmful effects. He was never sick that I can recall. He was adamant that ozone is not dangerous and tested it on himself for many months with no harm or negative effects.

Would be interesting to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, then use the oxygen to produce the ozone.

I remember when we did the ZAP Dallas show in Dallas back in 1988, I routinely shot 900,000 volts from my fingertips (wearing thimbles with a nail welded on the end else it would burn my fingers). During the show everyone breathed ozone from the 2.3 million volt Tesla coil but since I was the shooter, I got the most.

Man, talk about feeling WIRED after every show from breathing all that ozone and having all that energy coursing over my skin…I’ll verify high voltage really does get you energized (no pun intended). Plus it also kills warts! I had 1 on one hand and 2 on another, had them for years and I noticed about a week into the 2 month series of shows, my warts were gone!

Mexistim – Finally there are the many (including myself) who benefit from extra energy and sound sleep by using the Mexistim, you can read about that at the Mexistim site link that follows;

MexiStim Polarity Cycler

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Rock Salt to accelerate Heating on Charcoal?

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

Here in a Mexican plaza there is an old lady who roasts corn on the cob to sell. She burns charcoal on which she sprinkles rock salt supposedly to increase the heat. I talked to Suzy at the Cucumber Cafe and she said yes, salt produces more heat and she thought ‘everyone knew that’..uh…ok. Found nothing about it on the net so it’s new to me, or I just forgot it.

This reminded me of the late inventor John Kanzius who discovered a means to burn seawater/saltwater. Salt water as fuel; #1 Article and this #2 Article.

1500C or 3000F when saltwater is burned and can produce steam to drive a turbine for transportation or to run a generator to make electricity. Heat breaks down hydrogen/oxygen bond in water.

Notice the bright very pure yellow of the flame which I think is coming from the sodium that makes up salt (sodium chloride). You see this all the time in sodium lamps used for parking and street lamps. Yellow light also repels insects.

How it works:

1. A generator emits 200 Watts of 14-megahertz radio waves.
2. The waves bombard a solution of regular table salt and water.
3. Exactly what happens next remains a mystery, but one theory posits that the sodium chloride may weaken the bonds between the strong oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water. Radio waves break apart the bonds and liberate flammable hydrogen gas molecules.
4. A match ignites the hydrogen, generating an intense flame.
5. The resulting heat powers a simple engine.

The saltwater phenomenon happened by accident when an assistant was bombarding a saline-filled test tube with radio waves and bumped the tube, causing a small flash. Curious, Kanzius struck a match. “The water lit like a propane flame,” he recalls.

“People said, ‘It’s a crock. Look for hidden electrodes in the water,’ ” says Penn State University materials scientist Rustum Roy, who visited the Erie, Pennsylvania, inventor in his lab in August after seeing the feat on Google Video. A demo made Roy a believer. “This is discovery science in the best tradition,” he says.

Roy thinks the sodium chloride in the water may weaken the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are broken free by radio waves. It’s these gas molecules that are igniting, he explains, not the liquid itself. Tests show that the reaction disappears once the radio waves stop. Roy plans to conduct more tests to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Sodium magnetic resonance of aqueous salt solutions – The sodium resonance is obtained when the frequency is changed to 15.871MHz, and the homogeneity is excellent (0.5Hz at 15.871MHz).

Microwave Ovens and Water – The microwave spectrum is usually defined as electromagnetic energy ranging from approximately 1 GHz to 100 GHz in frequency, but older usage includes lower frequencies. A microwave oven passes (non-ionizing) microwave radiation (at a frequency near 2.45 GHz) through food, causing dielectric heating by absorption of energy in the water, fats and sugar contained in the food. Water in the liquid state possesses many molecular interactions which broaden the absorption peak. In the vapor phase, isolated water molecules absorb at around 22 GHz, almost ten times the frequency of the microwave oven.

(Note #1: Keely claimed 42,800Hz was the disruptive frequency for the water molecule, which would appear to have been in the vapor phase, not as a liquid. I can see if he used ultrasonics to create a mist from one or more drops of water, then the 42,800Hz could further disrupt the molecule. If you take 22GHz (22,000,000,000) and keep dividing it by 2 you eventually get 41,961.67 hz which is just 838.33Hz difference. I find it MORE than a bit remarkable that Keely would find this frequency using his own research equipment in the late 19th century? – JWD)

(Note #2: The Kanzius generator emits 14MHz radio waves which is 1.871MHz below the sodium frequency. What would happen if they tried 15.871MHz? Would it be more efficient? Sodium is a soft metal which has a body-centered cubic crystal structure. High intensity radio waves near or at the sodium resonant frequency would cause intense, focused heat from each sodium atom which would help vaporize water and ignite the hydrogen and oxygen. – JWD) – Full Article Source

Sodium Burning Yellow in Air
Sodium Chloride (salt) burns Orange

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Viscosity, Negentropy & Time Reversal

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

Viscosity – the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow.

Negentropy – is the force that seeks to achieve effective organizational behavior and lead to a steady predictable state.

So entropy produces chaos and total disorganization and negentropy produces order out of chaos.

This is a way cool demo of negentropy. Think of reversing time as on the old Bewitched show where Samantha twitched her nose to restore a broken vase or mirror. It just so happens is showing early versions of Bewitched, they are delightful!

Would it not be cool if we could produce localized negentropy to reverse time and take something back to its earlier state? It might be what happens inside a pyramid when it is resharpening a razor blade.

There is a connection to Sheldrakes morphogenetic fields and Burrs’ life field where all masses exist through time like comic book pages, changing a bit each day, from birth, to youth, maturation, old age, then death.

Each of these periods are recorded in the field of the object or body and can be recalled and possibly ‘replayed’ to keep it perpetually in that state.

In the case of the pyramid with the razor blade, when you look under high magnification at the very sharp edge of a razor when it is new (left side of the photo), you’d think it would be a solid line with no cutouts. Instead it looks like sideview of a moutain range, with smalls peaks and valleys.

Over time and with shaving, the blade micro peaks become broken as do the valleys. A high magnification inspection of a used blade (right side of photo) shows very pronounced peaks and valleys.

Supposedly the energy field of the blade remembers where its earlier small peaks and valleys were, like the phantom limb effect experienced by amputees.

If placed in a pyramid for a few days, the energy inside causes the metal crystals to REGROW to fill up the phantom sections and restore the blade almost to a new condition.

Now the pyramid energy has been claimed to be microwaves but I don’t know of anyone who has measured it. The point here if every object has a map, an ‘atavistic’ memory of all it has been, then it might be possible to revert back to the chosen period and restore any defects that would have occurred due to aging.

This very theory and a bit more is what inspired me to study electronics in hopes of one day making a system which could map your body to whatever period it HAD BEEN, then you could restore your body to that condition and wear an electronic bracelet which would maintain that condition in a perpetual loop.

Alas, my thinking is too crazy for those with money. Kind of stupid really when we are all going to die, so why not spend your money on such researches if there is any possibility it could be achieved.

I happen to think there are people who have learned to live hundreds, even thousands of years, but keep their mouths shut about it. Like Asokas Nine Unknowns (look it up).

This post is about negentropy and I’ve taken it to rejuvenation, but I think it’s not so hard to follow…that we can restore a damaged object to a former condition…depends on the extent of the damage.

If the pyramid energy thing works, why could we not take our old car and put it in a giant pyramid and let it regrow all the damaged parts…maybe its too complex. Always seeking one or more far seeing investors so Research continues… – Full Article Source

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Car that runs on compressed air – Uruguayan invention

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

The compressed aircar by Guy Negre has been looming for decades, like the flying car from Moeller…always trolls for more investment but never a product.

Guy Negre of MDI Air Car has an engine that runs on compressed air. Emissions are only filtered air that’s cleaner than outside air. 300 bars of pressure (300 bar = 4,351.132 pounds/square inch) in carbon-fibre & kevlar air tanks. Car can travel at 110 km/hr (62mph) and has a 150km (93 miles) driving range.

Refilling can be done by plugging in at home or at a special high-pressure air station. Dual-energy models use small amounts of bio-fuels that can extend the range to over 1400 kms (870 miles). Pollution free vehicle that produces zero emissions. When the car stops at traffic lights, the engine stops so no energy is lost because there’s no idling.

I wish the video below would be translated into english to reveal what pressure he was using, how far and how fast he could drive on a charge and other useful details. One welding tank can hold about 3,000 psi. / Based on Boyle´s law “p x v = k”, this car uses compressed air to work. It was invented by Armando Regusci, an uruguayan engineer.

A search finds Aircars on Regusci – Since 1984 Armando Regusci is working on compressed air vehicles. In 1992 with only one charge of compressed air in the tank of his car, he drove 100Km (62 miles). This is possible because he uses a special free piston and free wheel compressed air engine. To drive 100Km in Uruguay a car needs to spend $10 at prices for the year 2000. With this vehicle, the cost is only 4 cents out of a dollar. – Full Article Source

Check out – Fascinating Air Car Conspiracies

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What’s the best way to preserve a Jack O’Lantern?

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

The Experiment – The purpose of this experiment was to test the effectiveness of various methods of preserving a carved pumpkin (jack o’ lantern). We gathered some tips from various pumpkin carving resources, and also sampled a commercial spray.

The results were observed over a two week period. After carving and treatment, all of the pumpkins were placed in an indoor location with a stable temperature of 62 to 64 degrees F. They were observed for a period of 14 days, and were photographed daily to record changes. Summary of Results:

# White glue – Preserved pumpkin for 6 days. Profuse mold and rot.
# Acrylic spray – Preserved pumpkin for 9 days. Profuse mold and rot.
# Vaseline – Preserved pumpkin for 9 days. Profuse mold and rot.
# Bleach – Preserved pumpkin for 10 days. Minimal mold, some rot.
# Control – Preserved pumpkin for 14 days. Minimal rot, some mold.
# Pumpkin Fresh – Preserved pumpkin for 14 days. Minimal mold, some rot.

Full Article Source

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Giant pterosaurs could fly 10,000 miles non-stop to other continents

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

And most people don’t think there is a possibility men lived with dinosaurs and even RODE Pterosaurs/Pterydactyls like this ICA stone engraving shows.

“The huge flying creatures, some of which had a wingspan of more than 30 feet, used updrafts of warm air and wind currents to fly over long distances, according to new research.

Michael Habib, a paleontologist at Chatham University in Pittsburgh, US, said: ‘They probably only flapped for a few minutes at a time … and then their muscles had to recover. In between, they’re going to use unpowered flight and glide.

The effort required to get airborne would use large amounts of energy meaning that each pterosaur would burn around 72 kilogrammes of fat reserves on each trip.

The biggest type of pterosaur weight around 400 pounds and is the biggest animal to have ever flown. They were successful residents of the Earth for 150 million years. The new research raises the startling possibility that pterosaurs could have criss-crossed the globe and visited different continents.

The research team modeled the pterosaurs based on what is now known about their body mass, fat and wing shapes. Habib’s team say that the large pterosaurs may have launched themselves into the air using all four limbs.

The thicker, more humid atmosphere on Earth during the Cretaceous period when the pterosaurs were alive may also have made it easier to fly, the researchers say. Habib also told National Geographic that ‘unsteady dynamics’ – the means by which birds move in the air – would also have allowed pterosaurs to become airborne despite their vast weight.” – Full Article Source

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Cool Egg Trick on Johnny Carson show

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

Comedy segment with Johnny and Dom DeLuise. Dom DeLuise sets up an elaborate slight of hand trick with eggs. Johhny thinks he’s in on the gag when things suddenly turn into an impromptu food fight. From The Tonight Show with Johnny Carson. – Full Article Source

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My Orgasm Question

Posted by keelynet on October 15, 2010

This has bugged me for a very long time. Years ago I bought a book by an old Doctor who had been a General Practitioner most of his adult life. He had many stories and words of advice in the book.

One chapter said understanding the differences between the sexes was easy. It’s just a mattter of plumbing. A man has very little nerves and blood vessels in his sex organs so it is very easy for him to get excited and get off, then move on to other activities. Less plumbing means excitation and satisfaction happens much faster. Most guys don’t like to cuddle and hang around once they’ve achieved orgasm because the blood recedes and their cells are no longer engorged with blood, therefore are not as sensitive as when all swelled up.

But in women, they have many more blood vessels, so it takes foreplay to give them enough time for their their blood vessels to engorge the cells. They too swell up, are then sensitive and ready for release via an orgasm. Once achieved, their swollen cells and blood vessels must now drain back to some equilibrium with the rest of the body. That means cuddling.

And that is the basic difference between men and women, plumbing. Once you understand how it all works, you realize why women need the additional time before and after for a thoroughly satisfying experience.

So when excited, blood pressure causes the cells to swell up and the nerves to stretch, thin and become more sensitive over a greater surface area. Much like a Van De Graf generator or Tesla coil, more surface area means more voltage can accumulate. In this case, more surface area from swollen cells means more blood and possibly a higher electrical charge on the cell surface.

Now that is my understanding at this late stage of life but still, I have one question. Why is it that sperm coursing through an engorged penis feels so damned good? That short time of 5-30 seconds is as close to heaven as we can get in this world and I think everyone wants to extend it as long as possible. That is why rats with brain implants in their orgasmic centers will choose to lay on the paddle that stimulates orgasm and STARVE TO DEATH rather than press the paddle that gives them food.

So what is it that actually produces the orgasmic sensation? Is it the SPERM itself spurting through the urethra with pressure? Or is there some chemical or electric component for which I have yet to find the answer?

“During sexual arousal, some of the sperm in the epididymis are propelled by smooth muscle contractions along the vas deferens (plural: vasa deferentia). When the vasa deferentia meet the urethra, the sperm mix with fluids made by the seminal vesicle and prostate, forming semen.

Finally, during orgasm the semen is propelled through the urethra by more smooth muscle contractions and ejaculated. The smooth muscles in the male reproductive system are not under conscious control; they contract and relax according to signals from the autonomic nervous system.”

I find it fascinating enough that rubbing (lets call it fruction) produces a pleasurable sensation but that ejection of sperm magnifies that sensation ten fold at least. Producing those toe curling, body shaking, giggling uncontrollably, delicious sensations that never last long enough.

Purely in the interest of science (ahem), just rubbing sperm on swollen tissue does nothing but make a mess…no sensation, no pleasure, nothing remotely like an orgasm.

Only when it shoots through the vas deferens and urethra do we get that addictive sensation of orgasm.

Could it be those muscular contractions? Or maybe some chemical or reaction when the “sperm mixes with seminal fluids to form the semen”?

I continue to I still can in my quest to discover the secret of producing and sustaining an orgasm as long as you want.

I’m sure too much of a good thing will jade us all…like in the movie ‘Brainstorm’ where they had an 8 channel sensory mapping ribbon of tape. They mapped all kinds of experiences and when played back, the viewer would experience those sensations as if they were actually doing them.

Of course, one guy had to tape hot sex and orgasm with his girlfriend. That orgasm section was cut out and made into an endless loop. When the guy tested it, he became so addicted they found him hours later shaking and quivering with every pass of the orgasm section.

The problem was, once removed from the machine, he still experienced spontaneous orgasm reactions which ruined him for life. This is what David Hudson said happens to those who take his ‘white powder’ (Ormus) made from gold.

Moderation in all things is the word of the day with such technology and applies to any desire that could easily become an addiction if you don’t learn to control it. Just enough but not too much, yeah, thats the ticket.

Research continues…………….

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Belgium experiments with mystical “full moon” beer

Posted by keelynet on October 9, 2010

Full moons are often associated with tides, insanity and creatures like werewolves, but it turns out they’re also good for brewing beer.

In Peruwelz, a small, sleepy town in southern Belgium, a family-owned brewery has produced its first batch of specialist beer brewed by the light of a full autumnal moon. It isn’t so much a nod to mythology as a recognition of nature’s impact on the science of brewing.

“We made several tests and noticed that the fermentation was more vigorous, more active,” explained Roger Caulier, the owner of Brewery Caulier, which began in the 1930s when his grandfather started selling homemade beer from a handcart.

“The end product was completely different, stronger, with a taste lasting longer in the mouth,” he said. The full moon speeds up the fermentation process, shortening it to five days from seven, which adds extra punch to the beer without making it harsh, according to connoisseurs. The finely balanced, gold-colored beer is 10 percent alcohol by volume, extremely strong by most European or U.S. standards but not uncommon in Belgium, where traditional monk-brewed beers frequently hit 10 or 12 percent.

“It goes down very well, no problem at all,” said Joseph Francois, a journalist and beer expert who has tasted the brew. The idea came to Caulier after he visited a friend in Alsace, a winemaking region of eastern France, who told him about how he planned his entire production schedule according to the lunar calendar.

Caulier began experimenting and eventually came up with a nine-step process that includes using two types of hops and involves a two-week secondary fermentation process inside the bottle, not unlike the technique used to produce Champagne.

“It gives the product greater fame, a bit like for great vintage wines,” he said. “It could lead to collectors checking the differences between one vintage and another because there could very well be differences between every batch.” Being from a three-generation brewing family, Caulier is fascinated by the science behind the process. But he doesn’t discount the mythical aspects of full moon beer either.

“Many farmers are convinced that the moon influences the quality of some of their products,” he said. “You can feel agitated on full moons, you have births, you get many myths around the full moon and I think there is some truth behind them.”Full Article Source

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Aura story – science unlocking secrets of your energy field

Posted by keelynet on October 9, 2010

A Russian scientist is trying to convince people they can change the world simply by using their own energy. He claims that thinking in a certain way can have a positive or negative effect on the surrounding environment.

To bridge our understanding of the unseen world of energy, scientific experiments are being carried out using a technique called bioelectrophotography. The assumption is that we are constantly emitting energy.

Bioelectrophotography aims to capture these energy fields seen as a light around the body – or what some people would call your aura. It was discovered in the 1930s by Russian inventor Semyon Kirlian, who realized that by stimulating a subject with a short electrical impulse, you get a burst of light or photons and electrons around the subject.

The device itself photographs each finger individually with different fingers responsible for different parts of the body, and feeds the information into a computer to interpret. One supposed benefit of this technique is early diagnosis of serious illnesses like heart disease and cancer.

But some who work in the mainstream medical profession remain unconvinced. “From the point of view of today’s medicine, I don’t think this can be used as medical evidence,” said former Russian health minister Aleksandr Tsaregorodtsev.

“And I would even go further and say that it’s rather harmful than harmless, as it diverts people from the true causes of their illness and from truly effective treatment.” And some of the claims in energy-field research are even more far reaching.

“With our intentions, with our emotions, we can directly influence our environment. Of course this idea is new, that’s why it still has a lot of criticism,” Korotkov said. “It has a very important message for all of us because we have demonstrated that positive emotions have a very strong influence for us and the same with negative emotions.

In one case energy goes up, in another case it goes down, so it means if we are developing in ourself the ability to create love, to create positive emotion – we change the space around ourself.”

The idea that our personal energy can change the structure of the world around us is viewed by many with deep skepticism, but in the sphere of bioelectrophotogrpahy, work continues to find scientific proof for the theory. – Full Article Source

Masaru Emoto, Yokohama, Japan is an author known for his controversial claim that if human thoughts are directed at water before it is frozen, images of the resulting water crystals will be beautiful or ugly depending upon whether the thoughts were positive or negative. Emoto claims this can be achieved through prayer, music or by attaching written words to a container of water. – Full Article Source

Check out the Mexistim Polarity Cycler

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