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Archive for May, 2009

Solar Cells Along Highways To Generate Power w/video

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Think of all the road surfaces and parking lots in the USA where these things could be used.

solartube108“The inventor says the circular solar collectors placed along a jersey wall gather much more energy than flat panels, even when its a dim day or at night. “Part of the ability we have that no other solar cell system in the world has is when headlights strike these tubes at night, they create electricity,” said Kahrl Retti, Solarroad Technologies. The electrawall also stores what it collects in batteries. The company also wants to market a cube tube, which would be installed on top of a workers cubicle in an office and it would get energy from the florescent lights in the work space. Every cubicle in America that has a computer, printer, light whatever could be powered using interior photo voltaic cells.” – Source

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See the light and cut energy costs

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Another great way to save on lighting costs.

lighteluma108“Lighting is estimated to account for up to 25% of electricity bills in production facilities and a massive 60% in storage and warehousing. What’s more, rising electricity prices and an uncertain economy mean these figures are unlikely to decrease. This equates to a huge amount of money and energy. Efficiency boost – “For more than 10 years our premises were illuminated by metal halide lights, which we knew were probably inefficient,” he says. Each 800-watt halide lamp cost around £300 to run continually per year and emitted the CO2 equivalent of driving a family saloon car 14,000km. APS installed a total of 158 low-energy Eluma fittings across its Worcestershire facility. The lights use 80% less electricity than conventional bulbs via a T5 fluorescent fitting that has a maximum connected load of 230 watts – less than half that of traditional metal halide bulbs. This resulted in a 72% saving on lighting bills. “In a downturn, cost savings become crucial”, says Dockery. The fittings also feature a sensor system that controls light output when areas are occupied and decreases levels to compensate for incoming natural light. “We’ve been able to programme the fittings to vary the light output depending on their location, so those in production areas emit higher levels than others in storage bays,” says Dockery. A special reflector, which boasts a 95% reflectance level, means only 5% of light is lost when a surface absorbs rays. Bone says companies using low-energy bulbs will see a saving on lighting costs between 60% and 85% – a guaranteed low-risk investment with a high return, usually apparent within 12-36 months. Substantial savings – At flexible packaging manufacturer Amcor Flexibles, 175 energy-saving lights were phased in across production facilities and warehouses during 2008. Each fitting substituted two metal halide lamps but still increased overall light levels. “We now have the same levels at a lot lower cost,” says Amcor electrical engineer Steve Seward. “The new lamps are also cheaper to replace at £2-3 per unit compared to £20 per HID unit.” Seward initially estimated the payback period of the £47,000 project to be 18 months, but the recent energy price increases mean that will now be less than a year. He now calculates the annual energy saving to be £60,000, while the move has reduced the company’s carbon footprint by 236 tonnes a year.” – Source

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We might as well try and catch the wind

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

All of us know of windy areas, some with topology that would make such a scheme imminently practical.

“What makes Ireland uniquely positioned is that its natural resources have the potential to make this technology work more efficiently here than anywhere else on the planet — and make it cheaper to build. So how does it work? Two forms of energy production, wind farms and hydro (water) electricity production, are used to create power. We already have both working in this country, although not in tandem. Wind farms already exist here and more are being built. We also have one hydro-electric plant at Turlough Hill in the Wicklow mountains. The Turlough Hill project involved slicing off the top of a mountain. It consists of two connected reservoirs, one above the height of the other. Electricity is generated by releasing water from the upper reservoir, passing it through turbines connected to generators. This is done usually in the evenings when electricity demand is at a peak. Overnight, when electricity consumption is low, the turbines are reversed and the water is pumped back up to the upper reservoir. It works well, but it costs electricity to pump the water from the lower reservoir to the upper reservoir. And you have to construct two fresh- water reservoirs under this model. But, by bringing wind and water power together, you can get constant electricity — and more cheaply than you can by hydro or wind power alone. The problem with wind energy — even on the west coast, which is among the windiest places on the continent — is that sometimes the wind doesn’t blow. You have to find a way of storing wind power. But by using wind farms to drive seawater up into huge storage reservoirs and then letting that water flow back down to the sea, driving turbines, you can create a constant supply of cheap power. What makes Ireland such a good place to set up such a system is year-round wind, and the availability of dozens of “U-shaped” valleys all along the western seaboard which can easily be dammed. Numerous bowl-shaped glacial valleys were carved out in the last ice age. Coastal erosion has left them facing the ocean. Many are within 1km-2km from the sea and, when dammed at the sea end, would provide very cost-effective and large storage reservoirs. These U- or bowl-shaped valleys are better suited for water storage than the V- shaped valleys found in Switzerland and other countries because they can lock in more water. V-shaped valleys require construction of larger dams for the same amount of storage. When dammed, a “head” or height of water above the power station of 100m-150m can be achieved. This would store large amounts of energy in a lake 2km-3km long and approximately 1km-2km wide. Spirit of Ireland is planning to invest €10bn in the project, which would create tens of thousands of jobs, end our €3bn-a-year import bill for fossil fuels, and radically reduce our carbon emissions.” – Source

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Rabbits for meat

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Another great idea to raise in addition to chickens to help increase your food supply.

“They’re efficient in the amount of food required for the amount of meat produced. One doe might have seven rabbits, each of which yields 1 to 2 pounds of meat. So that’s roughly 15 pounds of meat per litter, and a single doe might have three or four litters a year. You can feed them a simple diet of local alfalfa, garden vegetables and a protein supplement like Calf-Manna for the nursing does. They’re quiet and won’t disturb the neighbors. And their manure makes a garden grow. The most green diet, of course, is growing your own vegetables and forgoing meat, said Mellie Pullman, a business professor at Portland State University who studies food-supply-chain issues. But the minute people go to the store to buy dairy, which comes from cows, they’re “getting into much larger greenhouse gas emissions issues.” So if you are going to eat meat, raising animals at home as Rosenblum does is the greenest way possible, Pullman said. But part of the deal involves backyard slaughtering — and let’s face it, it’s hard to face.” – Source

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Nigerian cure for Diabetes followup

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

So we hear and read about amazing discoveries like this, but we don’t seem to see them coming to market, why is that?

“Early in the year, I was elated to read of the great invention by Dr. Louis Obyo Obyo Nelson, a Nigerian scientist, of a cure for diabetes, a disease rated as the sixth highest killer in this country (ThisDay, 4th Feb, 2009). Since 2003, ThisDay had been reporting this story and I had followed the developments. What is of utmost significance in Dr. Nelson’s invention is that it is a cure and not just another control drug for diabetes. In his research, Nelson, a former Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Science and Technology (2001), who also worked in the Raw Materials and Research Council, collaborated closely with the University of Jos Teaching Hospital, using control groups for testing the drug over a period of weeks. A complete remission of the disease was reported in all the tested persons. The United States Patent Office has granted him a patent for his invention and a New Jersey, American-based pharmaceutical company will soon issue the drug worldwide in syrup, capsule and tablet, funded by a Nigerian company, TREC. As Prof. Ramesh Pandey from the American drug company GDPAU said at a ceremony in Abuja in February, Nelson’s invention “is one of the greatest things that will come out of this country”. Nigerian health authorities see this development as a boost for herbal medicine and a sign of greater things to come in the future for tackling diseases with the use of locally sourced medicaments.” – Source

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Ice Bear Can Reduce Air Conditioning Energy Demand By 95%

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

This is what the government should help people install on houses and businesses, its an old idea, but updated and brilliant!

refrigicebear108“Ice Energy’s innovative Ice Bear system is the industry’s first energy storage solution specifically developed for small to mid-sized commercial buildings. It integrates seamlessly with conventional air conditioning units to create a unique hybrid cooling system that fundamentally changes how – and more importantly when – energy is consumed for air conditioning. By efficiently storing clean, abundant and less expensive off-peak power at thousands of dispersed locations and delivering it during times of peak demand, Ice Energy’s distributed energy storage technology represents a new sustainable energy solution equivalent to hundreds of megawatts of clean peaking power for utilities. For building owners, this means reduced daytime energy consumption, lower energy costs and a smaller environmental footprint. Pairing its revolutionary Ice Bear energy storage module with a standard commercial air conditioner, Ice Energy delivers the industry’s first hybrid cooling solution specifically developed to reduce air conditioning energy demand for small to mid-sized commercial businesses. Using thermally efficient, off-peak power to produce and store energy for use the next day, Ice Energy’s Ice Bear delivers superior cooling using just a fraction of the peak energy of conventional systems. Designed for easy deployment, and requiring no modification to existing ductwork or structure, the Ice Bear integrates seamlessly with the conventional rooftop and split-system air conditioners that cool nearly all light-commercial and residential buildings in this country. Each Ice Bear unit can be applied to a 3-5 ton system, or a single 5 ton stage of a 7.5-20 ton system, providing 30 ton hours of cooling at a load of up to 5 tons. The Ice Bear hybrid air conditioning system stores cooling energy at night, when electricity generation is cleaner, less expensive and more abundant, by freezing water within an insulated storage tank to create and storing cooling capacity for the next day. During nighttime energy storage mode, a condensing unit pumps refrigerant through a configuration of copper coils within the Ice Bear. The coils fall in temperature to below freezing. The water that surrounds these coils also begins to freeze and turn to ice. Once it’s frozen, the condensing unit turns off, and the ice is stored until its cooling energy is needed. As daytime temperatures rise and the building requires cooling, the energy-intensive compressor of the conventional air conditioning system remains off. Since the Ice Bear uses the cold temperature of the ice to condense the refrigerant, rather than a high-energy-consuming compressor, it needs only a small pump to circulate the refrigerant through the copper coils to a modified evaporator coil within the rooftop unit. Ice is then refrozen each night and energy stored again when electricity generation is cleaner, more efficient and less expensive. During off-peak hours, the conventional HVAC system operates as usual. Together, this unique hybrid system surpasses the overall efficiency and performance of conventional equipment alone. Daytime air conditioning energy demand – typically 40-50% of a building’s on peak electricity use – can be reduced by as much as 95% from the very first day the Ice Bear energy storage unit is deployed.” – Source

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Discoveries of Maurice Cotterell

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Never heard of this before, but definitely will check out more of his discoveries.

“In 1989 engineer and scientist Maurice Cotterell found a way of calculating the duration of long-term magnetic reversals on the Sun. Using this knowledge he was able to break the codes of ancient sun-worshipping civilisations, first the Mayas of Central America, those of Tutankhamun, of Egypt, and the Viracochas’ of South America, before cracking the codes of the Terracotta Warriors of China. His research explains how the 28-day spinning Sun regulates menstruation, and hence fertility, in females and how it determines personality of the foetus in the womb (sun-sign astrology). It explains how the Sun causes schizophrenia, how overhead power lines cause cancer and how VDU’s (TV and computer screens) cause miscarriages. And it explains how the Sun brings periodic catastrophic destruction to earth. His own unique decoding process reveals amazing pictures from archaeological treasures that explain the spiritual mysteries of life; what God is, what Heaven is, what the Devil is, what Hell is, why we are born, why we die and why this has to be.” – Source

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External Combustion

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

Another great engine discovery!

enginecycclone108“A bit more than a year ago, as oil prices climbed, two of the Big Three automakers were keenly interested in Harry Schoell’s Cyclone external combustion engine. Then the auto industry collapsed. ts advantages are many, Schoell says. It’s smaller, simpler, cleaner, quieter, more economical and it can be fueled by almost anything that will burn. The Cyclone engine works by pumping fuel and air into a round combustion chamber, where it swirls cyclonelike and burns at about 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Combustion gas passes into a heat exchanger, where it heats deion-ized water to 1,200 degrees under 3,200 pounds of pressure. The water turns into steam, but under pressure the steam remains in a fluid state and is referred to as a “supercritical fluid,” Schoell said. The steam passes through a valve and into a cylinder, where it expands with almost explosive force to drive a piston. When the piston is pushed to the far end of the cylinder, the steam exits through an exhaust port. From there, the steam enters another heat exchanger, where heat is recovered and cycled back to the combustion chamber. Now cooler, the steam exits the heat exchanger and enters an air-cooled condenser, where it is turned back into water and is pumped back to the first heat exchanger to go through the cycle again. The process for turning water to steam and back is a closed cycle. The engine needs fuel to produce heat to make steam, but virtually any fuel will do. Schoell has run his engines on gasoline and diesel fuel, but also on fuel made from orange peels, palm oil and chicken fat. Propane gas will work, and so will ethanol, biofuel, powered coal, municipal garbage and agricultural waste, Schoell said. “We can run it on dirty oil drained from a crankcase,” he said. “Nothing will harm the engine.” And the cyclonelike swirl of fuel and air in the combustion chamber enables complete combustion so there is little except carbon dioxide as exhaust. The Cyclone engine emits almost none of the unburned hydrocarbons, carbon monoxide and nitrogen oxide that come from an internal combustion engine. No Lubricant Needed – The deionized water – water that is highly filtered to remove impurities – serves as the engine’s lubricant as well as its source of steam, eliminating the need for oil, oil pumps or oil changes, Schoell said. There is no radiator, no need for computers to control fuel mixtures, no catalytic converter and, even when used as a car or truck engine, no transmission… A 12-by-12-by-17-inch engine and generator would be used to keep electrical equipment in the vehicles going when the main engine is turned off. That would be a big gas saver for the Abrams, which has a 1,500-horsepower gas turbine engine that burns 12 gallons of fuel an hour simply idling. The engine burns Moden fuel, a liquid fuel that the Navy describes as low-cost and environmentally friendly. The fuel contains its own oxygen, so it is able to burn in the absence of air, such as underwater and in space, Myers said. Since they are lighter and smaller than internal combustion engines, Cyclone engines might also win favor as engines for propeller-driven UAVs, Myers said. – Source


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A new invention, Exolation, helps energy efficiency

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

This one could save a lot of money and energy…I never thought of how the loss of next door houses could cause energy problems for those left…great idea!

A Street administration initiative to rid city neighborhoods of derelict rowhouses addressed one problem but created another: Energy-inefficient conditions inside the adjoining homes left standing. Regardless of how aesthetically unappealing blighted properties are, they help insulate the rowhouses on either side of them. Once those brick blankets are demolished, the properties that remain are harder to keep warm in winter and cool in summer without cranking thermostats or air conditioners. The end result is often higher energy bills for “people who really can’t afford” to pay more to be comfortable, said Fredda Lippes, the city’s sustainability manager and also an architect. The product consists of layers of insulating foam (for thermal protection), high-density foam (to absorb impact), fabric (to prevent penetration of sharp objects), and a latex-stucco finish. The idea is to produce it in 2-by-4-foot panels that will be affixed to a wall with a foaming adhesive. In two tests, crews of three were able to cover an entire rowhouse wall in four hours or less, said Chris Pastore, an engineering professor at Philadelphia University and one of the trio who invented Exolation. “Artists can preprint each panel with a segment of an overall image that they wish to display on the wall,” he said. “In the end, the community receives a large-scale work of art and the homeowner receives a warmer house.” – Source

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South Korea tries recharging road to power vehicles

Posted by keelynet on May 29, 2009

What a great idea if it can be pulled off, for cities and towns.

South Korea’s top technology university has developed a plan to power electric cars through recharging strips embedded in roadways that use a technology to transfer energy found in some electric toothbrushes. The plan, still in the experimental stage, calls for placing power strips about 20 cm (8 inches) to 90 cm (35 inches) wide and perhaps several hundred meters long built into the top of roads. Vehicles with sensor-driven magnetic devices on their underside can suck up energy as they travel over the strips without coming into direct contact. “If we place these strips on about 10 percent of roadways in a city, we could power electric vehicles,” said Cho Dong-ho, the manager of the “online electric vehicle” plan at the Korea Advanced Institute of Science and Technology. The system that can charge several vehicles at once would allow electric cars and buses to cut down on their battery sizes or extend their ranges. The non-contact transfer of electricity, also called inductive charging, works by magnets and cables on the underside of the vehicle making a connection with the current in the recharging strip to receive power as they travel over it. It is employed in some brands of electric toothbrushes that are sealed and water resistant, which do not need to be plugged into anything but use a magnetic connection to receive energy while resting in a cradle. The recharging strips, which are attached to small electrical stations, would be laid in places such as bus lanes and the roads running up to intersections so that vehicles could power up where traffic slows down, Cho said. Unlike electric lines used for trams, vehicles do not need to be in constant contact with the strips and a person can touch the lines without receiving a shock. The system so far has proven safe to humans and machinery, Cho said. The cost of installing the system is an estimated 400 million won ($318,000) per kilometer of road. Electricity is extra.” – Source

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