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Archive for December, 2007

Factory waste produces enough energy for 750 Homes

Posted by keelynet on December 30, 2007

This comes from an old story but it is more relevant today than ever! The photo is a typical rotary furnace sold today so you can get an idea of how it works.

furnacerotary.jpg“Frank Angelo of Jonesboro, Arkansas was about to be fined $10,000 a day for burning 200 tons of bark, chips, sawdust, and shavings a week … leftovers from the chicken coops that he manufactures. So, Angelo invented a 70-ton rotary furnace from an abandoned railroad car, an afterburner, and recycled conveyor belts and pipes. The furnace is now generating up to 20 million Btu’s an hour … enough energy to power 750 Jonesboro homes. A by-product of Frank’s invention—activated carbon—is sold as a filter to remove cancer—causing agents from air and water.” – Source

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Pig Spleens Used to Forecast Weather

Posted by keelynet on December 30, 2007

A bizarre claim seeming to bolster the ancient use of animal entrails to tell the future. ‘Haruspicy is the inspection of the entrails of sacrificed animals, especially the livers of sacrificed sheep.’

spleenpig.jpg“Paul Smokov, 84, raising cattle on a 1,750-acre ranch north of the town Steel, North Dakota, forecasts the weather by peering at two of brown, glistening, foot-long spleens on his kitchen counter. If the spleen is wide and then narrows, it means winter will come early with a mild spring; if it is narrow and then widens, it usually means harsh weather in the spring; if it is pretty uniform in thickness, it indicates no drastic changes, Smokov said. “The spleens are 85 percent correct, according to my figures, and those guys (the weathermen) aren’t any better,” the farmer said. Smokov’s Ukrainian parents brought their knowledge of pig spleen forecasting with them when they went to the United States a century ago. “It’s folklore and a dying art,” said Janice Stillman, editor of the Old Farmer’s Almanac in Dew Hampshire.” – Source

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Holiday Humor – Fark Headline Contest

Posted by keelynet on December 30, 2007

“No site has better headlines than Fark. Now they’re holding a Headline of the Year contest. It’s in four parts, one for each quarter of the year: Round 1, Round 2, Round 3, and Round 4. Just a few examples:

  • Newspaper publisher complains that Americans can no longer express themselves without swearing. Can you believe that sh*t?
  • Palm Beach County prosecutor survives shark attack while surfing. Was let go due to professional courtesy
  • West Virginia governor appoints wife, son and cousin to powerful state positions. Surprisingly, that’s three different people
  • Billy Graham’s wife Ruth has left him to be with Jesus. Evangelist always suspected their gardener was up to no good
  • Bear attack victim had ‘tender heart,’ according to friends, family, bear
  • Man who beat his girlfriend with a flashlight charged with assault. Flashlight charged with battery
  • Old-school vinyl records are still hanging on to a…still hanging on to a…still hanging on to a…still hanging on to a
  • What do you do if you’re a Chilean supermarket cashier and not allowed to take a bathroom break? Depends
  • Deaf-mute couple having trouble getting divorced. The paperwork was a cinch but the hearing didn’t go so well
  • Gatorade inventor Dr. Robert Cade, 80, has died. Remains will be cremated, and then the ashes will be dumped over some coach’s head.”


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Ron Paul as the Strange Attractor

Posted by keelynet on December 30, 2007

I always liked the quote, ‘Public opinion is but the average stupidity of mankind.’ It certainly seems to be the case when I read articles saying Hillary and Bush are the two most admired people.

strangeatt2.jpgIn physics there is an interesting effect termed the ‘strange attractor’.

One definition is ‘a point in the ideal multidimensional phase space that is used to describe a system toward which the system tends to evolve regardless of the starting conditions of the system.’

This can be further simplified as ‘an attractor for which the approach to its final point in phase space is chaotic.’

In the case of Ron Paul, he seems to be serving as a political strange attractor, pulling in people from all walks of life who value freedom, minimal government and non-intervention strategies when dealing with other countries. Personally, I like the return to the constitution platform and to a republic form of government as designed by the founders and which served us so well for over 150 years.

These are part one and part two of a 30-minute TV special that will be broadcast throughout Iowa the weekend of Dec. 22-23. Part One and Part Two

Let’s face it, the United States grew from those who escaped the Old World and became a great nation but as a democracy, it is aging like an old Phoenix about ready to immolate itself if we don’t take drastic steps to change the way we do business with the world at large and with our own people.

eaglephoenixsm.jpgThere are two kinds of change, phase implementation or crash implementation. I have never been a fan of crash implementations where you just rip out the old and throw in the new, then debug it on the fly. A typical Microsoft approach resulting in endless patches that try to fix massive problems in a kludged up system. So too with an overly complex government.

Better to phase in changes by removing what doesn’t work and designing, even copying methods that do work and modifying them to meet our needs. To me, it seems obvious that, if we don’t change radically, we will eventually crash and burn, forcing a crash implementation and hoping it’s not the proverbial ‘bombed back to the stone age.’

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Young inventors test energy saving engine

Posted by keelynet on December 27, 2007

I’m not sure what to make of this. It appears to be claiming a superior engine but the patent information is really weak, no diagrams or detailed descriptions. I searched everywhere I could think of and didn’t find any additional details. It does say it can be ‘refilled’ for about $255. What is it refilled with?

One of the problems I have with the claims is that the motor has a ‘power range of 40-50MW’…MW??? Thats million watts of energy. It has to be a typo or some glitch. Since one Horsepower = 750Watts…then a 300HP car engine would produce 225,000 watts or 225KW. Range would be distance traveled between refills.

More precisely, it says the engine can run for a 4.5 km lakh run. Lakh = 100,000 so that would be 450,000 km which is 280,000 miles between refills that cost $255 so that would be 1,098 miles for $1 of fuel.

Anyway, it is an interesting claim that needs a lot more followup and a lot more details.

carindiamotor.jpg“A young couple from Patna have invented an energy-saving engine, at a cost of Rs 35,000 ($891.00), which can run without petrol or diesel and can last for a 4.5-lakh kilometre run. Kanishk and Lipika Sinha are a wife-husband team of inventors of the fuel-free engine that they invented some three years ago. Kanishk Sinha recently got the engine patented (1077/Del/2005) with BigPatents India, a body supported by the Ford Foundation. The duo today carried out a demonstration by running a bicycle with the engine. Though the mechanic who ran it seemed tad afraid of its speed at first, later he managed an effective demonstration. “The vehicle made to run without conventional form of fuel is based on the law of interconvertible energy which states that total energy in an isolated system is conserved and can neither be created nor destroyed. “The motor created by us has a power range of 40-50MW, good enough to meet the needs of a four-wheeler,” explained Lipika. The inventors added that an engine would cost Rs 35,000 and can be refilled for Rs 10,000 ($255.00). Any four-wheeler could be fitted with the eco-friendly fuel-free engine. Though both claimed that there are thin chances of an engine breakdown, the husband-wife team have taken it upon themselves to train engineers and mechanics and place the engines in towns across Bihar and Bengal. “We received a proposal from Tata Motors stating that they would like to give our invention a brand name and its service centres,” said Kanishk. The engine has no exhaust pipes and thus it is pollution free. “Another strong feature is its suitability. It can bear the rough, tough and bumpy Bihar roads,” said the young man enthusiastically. – Source / THE ECO FRIENDLY VEHICLE/ ENGINE – Application 1077/DEL/2005 published 2005-06-03, filed 2005-05-02 – The vehicle made to run without conventional form of fuel that we use today, i.e. petrol or diesel. It is based on the law of interconvertible energy i.e. total energy in an isolated system is conserved. In this system energy can neither be created nor destroyed. This production of electricity is actually inter conversion of mechanical energy into the desirable form of utilizable energy needed to run the vehicle. The power range of the motor that is i.e. 40-50MW is expected to meet the (simulated energy) needs of the vehicle. – Big Indian patent

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Egypt to Copyright Pyramids and Sphynx

Posted by keelynet on December 27, 2007

How pathetic is this for greed? If it goes through, think of all the limitations for historic sites worldwide…geez, the Egyptians didn’t even BUILD the pyramids…and have no clue who did or how.

When I was there, I never saw more lazy people walking around scratching their balls and drinking hot cafe. The hotels and buildings, many built by German, French, British and Americans were falling apart and they couldn’t seem to do the simplest maintenance.

I rented one of the sailboats on the Nile river down in Luxor for the 5 hour trip that took us out several miles and then we sailed back. The captain of the boat was educated in England so spoke perfect english. He wore a big diaper thing and nothing else like so many of them do.

We talked a lot and I laid back on pillows while dragging my hand off the edge of the low slung boat. He told me a few years ago, before the dam, crocodiles would have bitten my hand off but now they get chopped up in the machinery if they try to pass through.

galabeyah.jpgI had noticed that just about everyone man who wore the long dress galibeyah had an annoying habit of scratching their balls and ‘tugging’. So I asked this 24 year old captain why they do this, are they infected or what?

Quite candidly he told me that Egyptian culture was quite different from Americans. He said an American gets up first thing, he is off and running, thinking about what all he wants to accomplish that day.

But when an Egyptian wakes up, he yawns, stretches, scratches his balls and continues to do this all day. I’m sure it was a joke but still, he was trying to say there was no ambition or motivation which might be from lack of opportunities, who knows?

Whatever they think they might have been in the past, devolution has certainly changed that. The same applies to many ‘lost’ cultures and always makes me ask, what happened to them if they were so great?

Anyway, this copyrighting images of historic, even ancient sites is the stupidest thing I’ve seen in awhile and I don’t think such a claim would stand up in court since its been in the public domain for so many centuries.

pyramid1.jpg“We all know the usual pro-copyright arguments. Most of them hinge on the fact that the individual or company that has a copyright needs an incentive to make something that is copyrightable, and therefore ensure a revenue stream in a period after the copyright has been granted. In a never-surpassed move, Egypt is working on legislation to extend copyright well above 3000 years — they are going to start claiming royalties for using likenesses of the Sphynx and the Pyramids. It is still unclear whether the original intent of the Pyramids included ‘making sure them bastards pay for a plastic copy in 3000 years’ alongside ‘securing a pathway to the heavens for the God King.’ Speaking as a Greenlandic national, I want dibs on ice cubes.” – Source

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Free Downloadable Flash Games

Posted by keelynet on December 27, 2007

If you like simple fun games, check these out. I downloaded them all and have run maybe 20 of them so far to check out. No problems.

Right Click and “Save As” to your computer… These games are “standalone” – they run as programs… Remember where you put them! All have been thoroughly virus checked. – Source

I received an email saying, “We followed one of the source links – 12/26/07 Free Downloadable Flash Games – and started to run one of the games offered. Then our virus scan software, McAfee 8.0, came into action warning us that a Trojan was hidden in the executable. That saved the day and triggered us to send this e-mail.” They didn’t say which game caused the alarm, so I downloaded them all, burned them to a CD and ran an AVG virus scan on the CD with no errors. Some antivirus software gives false detects on .EXE programs. I ran several of the games and didn’t experience any problems, plus last night I scanned my entire drive using Spysweeper and AVG with nothing detected. Waiting for an email for which game cause the error. – JWD

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Say my Name!

Posted by keelynet on December 24, 2007

Gotta love it!

……..President Paul………

ronpaulreveres.jpg“One day after Ron Paul grass roots supporters made political history by raising over 6 million dollars in a single day, the One day after Ron Paul grass roots supporters made political history by raising over 6 million dollars in a single day, the website released a new Ron Paul Canvassing DVD, selling over 60,000 copies in the first 72 hours. The DVD, also available for free online, introduces prospective supporters to presidential candidate Ron Paul’s philosophy and key released a new Ron Paul Canvassing DVD, selling over 60,000 copies in the first 72 hours. The DVD, also available for free online, introduces prospective supporters to presidential candidate Ron Paul’s philosophy and key positions. / FORCE him past the parties and electoral college, WRITE IN RON PAUL FOR PRESIDENT!

4 Part Video – Ron Paul on Meet The Press 12-23-07

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Happy Holidays!

Posted by keelynet on December 23, 2007

myths.jpgWhat do these have in common? Looks like inspiration for an entirely new pantheon…

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57 mpg? That’s so 20 years ago

Posted by keelynet on December 22, 2007

This a pretty slick looking car with fantastic mileage. If Honda had any sense, they’d bring it back.

carhondacrx.jpgLooking back at the 1987 Honda Civic CRX shows us why cars use so much more gas today and about the trade-offs we’ve had to make. The CRX HF got an Environmental Protection Agency-estimated 57 mpg gallon in highway driving. Today, the most fuel-efficient non-hybrid Civic you can buy gets an EPA-estimated 34 mpg on the highway. Even today’s Honda Civic Hybrid can’t match it, achieving EPA-estimated highway mileage of just 45 mpg. The Toyota Prius, today’s fuel mileage champ, gets 46 mpg on the highway. Why then, not now? One answer for the mileage drop is that the rating system has changed. Beginning with the 2008 model year, the EPA began using a more rigorous fuel economy test that means lower numbers for most cars. But that’s only a small part of the answer. If the old CRX HF were tested using today’s rules, its highway fuel economy would drop to 51 mpg, according to the EPA’s calculations. That’s still much better than any mass-market car sold today, including hybrid cars. The bigger answer is that the Honda Civic has changed a lot in twenty years. Honda no longer sells a tiny two-seat version like the CRX. Even Civics with back seats are much bigger and heavier today than similar versions were in 1987.” – Source

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