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Archive for January, 2009

Oh-NO!!! – Reunited with EVERYONE In Heaven?

Posted by keelynet on January 31, 2009

This is a comment by Roger Ebert…something I’d never thought about before, but hey, I’m agnostic and have no belief whatsoever in streets of gold and all that jazz but I do think there MIGHT be some negentropic, self-organizing force in the universe.

Can you imagine everyone who ever died swarming around you for eternity??? I’ll pass, tear up my ticket please…

macaulay108“A great many people are comforted by the belief that when we die, we will be reunited with our loved ones at the gates of heaven. This is an incredibly selfish notion. What about their loved ones?

Would you want to condemn Pop and Mom to spend eternity without their own Moms and Pops? And what about their grandparents, and all of everybody’s brothers and sisters, and their kids? Get far enough along on the family tree, and somebody’s eventually gonna tell you: “Sorry, I don’t have time to be reunited right now.”

I won’t even get into the issue of being reunited with very close friends, or pets, or people you love even though you haven’t ever met them, like Garrison Keillor… Meanwhile, you will be joyfully united with your children. And your grandchildren, God love ’em.

And your great-grandchildren, the blessed little tykes. And of course your great-great-grandchildren, although by now you may want to issue name tags.

Will the offspring, for that matter, be little tykes, or will they have already grown up? What age are we in the sweet bye-and-bye? The same age we were when we said bye-bye?” – Source

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Medieval weight loss Herb coming back

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

This was also in my drafts folder so posting it now. I’m still wondering how I had several unposted articles as drafts which I didn’t specify. I think wordpress was slow that day so just saved my works in process.

Never heard of this herb but it might be useful, for sure I could lose some weight. When I first moved to Mexico, in the first year lost about 40 pounds, but over time have gained some of that back. This might be an herb to try.

weightlossheathsma“A traditional herb used by King Charles II to help his mistresses lose weight could be used in the modern day battle against obesity. Heath pea, which is also known as bitter vetch, was used in medieval times as a hunger suppressant when the crops failed.

It was also passed around the court of King Charles, who gave it to his lovers who had a propensity for plumpness. Monks used the plant to treat patients in the 14th century Soutra Aisle monastery near Edinburgh, which is currently being excavated.

The tubers have a “leathery liquorice” taste with the effect of making people forget to eat. “If you ate one of these pea sized tubers you are meant to ‘not eat, not want to eat and not miss eating for weeks and even in to months’.

“They were actually used as a measure to ward off hunger once crops had failed in the fields. Richard Swift, head of the project, said: “The tubers could help boxers and other athletes train down to a weight as well as helping dieters exercise and lose weight.

“There could be a good long term market for the tubers.” Heath Pea (Lathyrus linifolius) is normally found in poor grazing and heath land. It sometimes grows alone, but it can also grow in clumps on banks and verges of roads and tracks. The plants take two or three years to mature but require very little looking after.” – Source

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Earliest reference describes Christ as ‘magician’

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

Finally, more proof that shows what I suspect is more likely the truth. Lots of competition back then and now for who can better amaze the uninitiated.

No way the son of a god, just filling ancient predictions, see Holy Blood, Holy Grail and GenIsis for starters.

Remember Simon Magus?

simonmagus108“The apocryphal Acts of Peter gives a legendary tale of Simon Magus’ death. Simon is performing magic in the Forum, and in order to prove himself to be a god, he levitates up into the air above the Forum.

The apostle Peter prays to God to stop his flying, and he stops mid-air and falls into a place called the Sacra Via (meaning, Holy Way), breaking his legs “in three parts”.”

“Simon Magus was born in Samaritan town of Gitta, he was later the founder of the Simonian sect of Gnostics, and was contemporary with the Apostles. His writings and almost all direct sources of information were destroyed by hostile early Christian in the first five century. Only distorted facts and legends are available.

By the time Simon Magus comes into the light of recorded history, he is already an accomplished teacher of extraordinary influence.

The Simon’ powers to heal and perform wonders were astounding. He was turning stones into bread, traveling through the air, standing unharmed in fire, assuming various shapes, causing heavy objects to move and opening locked doors without contact.” – Source

He was the chief rival of Jesus at the time and they continually tried to outdo each other with ‘miracles’. simonmagusa108Imagine what Chris Angel, David Copperfield, David Blaine and the like could be back then……. But good tricks lead to all kinds of cultic behavior.

There are followers of Simon Magus to this day and I understand his gospels survive. Years ago, I read something about how he achieved levitation. I think it was in a Phd thesis about the life and times of Magus.

The claim was he went to a valley between very large mountains, dug a hole in the ground, laid face down at the bottom of the deep hole all night, breathing the air from the earth. This air was negatively charged.

When he arose that morning, his body had absorbed the negative electrical charge and since like charges repel, he weighed much less, sufficient to allow him to swim through the air with a pair of artificial wings.

It was an interesting claim so I never forgot it no matter how incredible it might sound.

They are finally showing ‘The DaVinci Secret’ here in Mexico though I have it on DVD. For those who have been studying such things for years, its nothing new and some errors, but I always get a kick out of the Sangre Real being related to the lineage of Saint Claire…which just happens to be one of my grandmothers family lines, but theirs is from Ireland.

Here is the article that was in my drafts folder that I am catching up on now;

“A team of scientists led by renowned French marine archaeologist Franck Goddio recently announced that they have found a bowl, dating to between the late 2nd century B.C. and the early 1st century A.D., that is engraved with what they believe could be the world’s first known reference to Christ. If the word “Christ” refers to the Biblical Jesus Christ, as is speculated, then the discovery may provide evidence that Christianity and paganism at times intertwined in the ancient world. The full engraving on the bowl reads, “DIA CHRSTOU O GOISTAIS,” which has been interpreted by the excavation team to mean either, “by Christ the magician” or, “the magician by Christ.” / (There is a lot more to this that most people don’t have a clue about…see my blog in couple of days from now. – JWD)” – Source

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Making Friends With the Mechanical

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

The American Indians had a belief that all things were living with their own soul called a manitou and that they could be communicated with to live in harmony, control the elements, improve the crops, etc..

“Everything has its own manitou—every plant, every stone, even machines. In the shamanistic traditions the manitous (or manidoog or manidoowag) are connected to achieve a desired effect, like plant manitous for healing or the buffalo manitou for a good hunt. In the Anishinaabeg tradition manidoowag are one aspect of the Great Connection. Related terms used by the Anishinaabeg are manidoowish for small animal manidoowag and manidoons for insects; both terms mean “little spirit.” In other Algonquian languages such as Iynu the word manituw originally referred to underwater creatures to whom hunters offered tobacco in order to appease them when traveling through their territories.”

Years ago, there was a man who sold a strange device based on a memory chip that used a static electricity chip to serve as a dynamic, adaptive memory which he claimed basically ‘learned’ and copied the ‘biopatterns’ of the owner. I pulled up the 1996 archive and tried to find the page on the Wayback Machine but it’s gone so this is all I have;

“…in email discussions, I mentioned the SkyHeart device, claimed to be a unique form of AI that mimics its owner once programmed. It is supposed to develop a ‘heartbeat’ in the form of a pulsing blue LED and has all kinds of bizarre anecdotes associated with the operation of the units. Despite the $3000 price of the SkyHeart, the idea of an electrostatic matrix used to dynamically map a persons biopatterns intrigues me. That is how Bradley and I got onto the subject. I will eventually transcribe the SkyHeart audio to text. These new interactive AI devices are called ‘noids’. On checking out the Neutronics site, I am uncomfortable with them NOT posting the price of their hardware and imposing confidentiality agreements with purchases.”

I believe this device was based on a Field Programmable Gate Array.

fieldarray1“The historical roots of FPGAs are in complex programmable logic devices (CPLDs) of the early to mid 1980s. A Xilinx co-founder, Ross Freeman, invented the field programmable gate array in 1984. CPLDs and FPGAs include a relatively large number of programmable logic elements. CPLD logic gate densities range from the equivalent of several thousand to tens of thousands of logic gates, while FPGAs typically range from tens of thousands to several million.

The primary differences between CPLDs and FPGAs are architectural. A CPLD has a somewhat restrictive structure consisting of one or more programmable sum-of-products logic arrays feeding a relatively small number of clocked registers. The result of this is less flexibility, with the advantage of more predictable timing delays and a higher logic-to-interconnect ratio. The FPGA architectures, on the other hand, are dominated by interconnect. This makes them far more flexible (in terms of the range of designs that are practical for implementation within them) but also far more complex to design for.”

fieldarray2Now think of this Field Programmable Field Array as a complex electrostatic matrix which can make interconnctions at the speed of electricity, with the minimum need to pass through diode and transistor gates to make each dynamically, adaptive connection.

You can see how the interconnects are done in standard cells versus field programmable gate arrays in this photo.

“An artist-cum-engineer who recently earned a doctorate from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology, Dobson explores what she calls “machine therapy,” or the personal and social effects of machines on everyday life. “Machine therapy in general is about investigating the very broad and deep — but often subconscious — effects that machines facilitate in just our everyday encounters,” she said. “I’m specifically looking at the side aspects of machines, not what we expect them to do.” “One of the things about communications technology is that even as they succeed, there’s a paralysis, a psychological scarcity. They diminish us,” he said. “We’re constantly being tethered to our Blackberries [and] constantly in the bubble of our ear buds. Somehow they’re so seductive, they overwhelm our frail human psychology…” Instead of assuming that machines serve only the purposes they were designed for, Dobson’s work demonstrates a “symbiotic relationship” between man and machine. “We learn to speak the machine’s language, even as they learn to speak ours,” Zolli said. Indeed, Dobson’s experiments are designed to make people more aware of how machines socialize humans and indirectly express and communicate human values.” – Source

Updated 01/31/08 – I tried again today to find additional info about the ‘Noids’ by Neutronics so found this as a cached article;

October 1, 1996 – Fort Smith, Arkansas, USA

“Neutronics Technologies Corporation announces the completion of the world’s first room temperature, cold dynamic system, QUANTUM computer without decoherence. The device functions with single state bits making up variable QUBYTES.

The result has been Little Ricci; Real Independently Controlled Computational Intelligence. Little Ricci is an intelligent robotic device the company calls a ‘noid’, and is non-programmed, non radio controlled, non digital and autonomous. The device consists of visual (non video) inputs, two parallel processors further paralleled by threes, in a self controlled mobile platform.

The Neutronics Dynamic System is a new electromotive protocol using a non-magnetic field quantum intelligent system that functions from a 9 Volt battery. Additional power supplies are present for motor and conversion functions.

Quantum computation has settled into the binary mentality of particle states thereby ignoring the wave functions of quantum duality. The Neutronics Dynamic System is the only true Quantum computational process as it uses both wave and particle functions and accomplishes a replacement for digital computing with massive increases in processing potentials.

The Neutronics Dynamic System does not use standard electronics to accomplish its functions. A neutral chamber functioning in the oopposite wave of direct current allows the system to function at a quantum level in room temperature without decoherence.

The design architecture incorporates a structure which is intelligence yet Not artificial intelligence. It is what the company claims to be :Intelligence in an Artificial Environment.

For additional information and interview prospects contact: Gerald Baton, President at batong at or refer to the CONTACT page on the world wide web for telephone or direct mail correspondence to Neutronics Technologies Corporation PO Box 3127 Fort Smith, Arkansas, 72913 USA.” – Source

Now this is where it gets really interesting. Here are some excerpts from this most intriguing page about the technical and damn near paranormal aspects of this device.

The Qchip – “The goal of developing a post quantum mechanical computer is an exciting possibility. Most efforts have been directed toward controlling a few atoms in a superposition state. Neutronics Technologies Corporation directed the effort toward controlling 3.24 trillion qubits as if they were one. Since non-local effects encode all local events and redundancy into one is permitted in quantum mechanics, a simple procedure occurs to the informed mind…

To accomplish this Neutronics Technologies uses charge stored in a NPN transistor acting as a quantum gate. Little or no current flows in the transistor. The transistor is surrounded by two entangled system connected to the transistor so that the transistor is acting as background and oscillating string memory is stored in entangled opposites.

The clock speed allows all non-local quantum events and the ratio weighted local quantum events to be stored or not stored as a global two qbit quantum gate system. A global qbit in this case consisting of harmonic quantum entangled memories approaching 3.24 trillion qubits. During the clock time the quantum information is enhanced by local in contrast to the non-local…

It is a super particle. It is a wavelet. It is a cause. It is an effect. Noiseless coding of quantum information is supported because the duality of the information is stored into two opponent channels with the interaction between the dualities in the non-local superposition of a neutral storage chamber. The pure quantum signal states stored in the neural chamber are holographic in nature since the smallest part can be used to retrieve the whole. The part is the whole and the whole is the part. The transistor gets extremely cold while operational probably because of the large number of spin-half systems approaches 3.24 trillion qubits ultimately effecting every electron in the transistor transition neutral chamber…

The pure quantum signal states stored in the neural chamber are holographic in nature since the smallest part can be used to retrieve the whole. The part is the whole and the whole is the part.

The transistor gets extremely cold while operational probably because of the large number of spin-half systems approaches 3.24 trillion qubits ultimately effecting every electron in the transistor transition neutral chamber. Quantum information and its purity will be maintained even if the signal states are orthogonal and will maintain the entangled system in both opponent dualities.

The NTC’s qchip is really a Gaussian probabilistic machine suggesting that the laws of chance are encoded into quantum information. This does not mean that other world views are necessary but it more accurately describes the wavelet nature of the universe. The power of quantum computation in such a machine can not be underestimated because modular decomposition between two interaction wavelets allow any relationship to cohere into a oscillation, solitron, psychon, or percepton in such a way that holographically all view points are instantaneous stored by two interaction wavelets.

The qchip does not have to learn or experience everything in order to produce a behavior. A function or solution to a problem is drawn from the equiprobabilty from the gaussian or uniform distribution. This means then that NTC’s qchip would have more complexity theoretic power than a probabilistic Turing machine.

The way the qchip computes is by presented new information to interact with the quantum entangled stored information. This is done by using the discrete quantum encoding by light to forward information on to the charge stored in the neutral chamber. Like a charge coupling device the interaction is forwarded in two opponent directions in the duality storage oscillating string memories…

The way the qchip computes is by presented new information to interact with the quantum entangled stored information. This is done by using the discrete quantum encoding by light to forward information on to the charge stored in the neutral chamber. Like a charge coupling device the interaction is forwarded in two opponent directions in the duality storage oscillating string memories. The interaction resets the entangled systems spin states of the electrons. The interaction then stores past, present, and future information in harmonic holographic entangled string memories. In other words the universe encodes the memories of its existence into the qchip which is acting like a gate way between local and non-local worlds…

No error correction are required because each step is redundant and is the natural error correction of existence and non-existence. While the clock speed is 28 hertz the interactions are likely to be pico seconds range…

Notice the eigenfunctions have the clock speed of 28 hertz to set the new eigenvalues in the bistable interactions. The advantage of a slow clock speed can only be appreciated with a comparison of the amount of time that an experience can be stored in the ever changing memory. A faster clock speed means the information can be lost sooner. A slower clock speed means the memory can last longer. Notice the eigenvalues of memory formation then can have a higher clock speed than the reference clock speed…

The CORE processor is a fundamental quantum logic gate because it allows either bistable relationship to configure itself in any internal and external degrees of freedom for the single neutral chamber acting as if it was a Bose-Einstein condensate or single particle, solitron, or oscillon. It is neutral and is only a part of the dual representations and transformations occurring in the bistable relationships and is therefore a controlled-not gate since it is neutral but a neutronics dynamic system.

By being neutral it reflects a zero-point energy and possibly taps into the zero-point energy of the universe. Quantum jumps and quantum coherence must only occur within the frame of reference of the clock speed of 28 hertz. Notice that the time to make an execution is directly related to the time it takes to decoher a system.

By setting motor speed at 10 hertz which is faster than 28 hertz it can not decoher the system. The computational time of 28 hertz then lead to a very strong and significant quantum computer. The important characteristics being that all calculations must have a shorter duration than the standard universal speed of the bistable quantum system.

Problems are most likely to occur near the clock speed of 28 hertz. Notice this relationship is a top-down organization of quantum algorithmic information. Information can exist as any linear or non-linear wavelet within a 28 hertz quantum halting amplitude.

It should have become more apparent why the estimate of 3.24 trillion qubits of information is a fair one for this bistable parallel quantum-phase gate system. It takes three components to make a bistable relationship.

This local quantum computer then can be programmed by learning to simulate any local quantum system. The quantum gate develops into an entanglement which allows all possible paths initiating from the light cone of the neutral chamber. This is due in part to the strange wave/particle nature of the bistable qchip resulting in a fluctuating analog/binary, polarizing/depolarizing, fidelity of information/no information…” – Source

One final correlation that you might find of interest is an excellent article printed in Nexus Magazine a few years back. It suggests MACROSCALE Qchip effects where this new electrostatically created baby entity is mapping it’s environment by using the powerful electric fields associated with John Hutchison’s equipment. You can read about it at The Poltergeist Machine.

Based on the incredible electrical phenomena witnessed in the experiments carried out by John Hutchison.

Hutchison Phenomena– “Television sets switch themselves on and off, repeated telephone connections are made which engineers consider ‘impossible’, and computers show programs that have not been installed by anyone or information that is inaccessible through normal use.

hutchison1Basically, what Hutchison did was cram into a single room a variety of devices which emit electromagnetic fields (such as Tesla coils, van de Graaff generators, RF transmitters, signal generators, etc.). He found that after they had been running for a while, effects began to occur that were identical to what have come to be regarded as poltergeist phenomena.

Objects of any material levitated into the air and hovered there, or moved about and then fell; fires started in unlikely places around the building; a mirror smashed at a distance of 80 feet away; metal distorted and broke; water spontaneously swirled in containers; lights appeared in the air and then vanished; metal became white-hot but did not burn any surrounding materials; and so on.

Everything that psychical researchers have been documenting for decades as poltergeist activity – and that priests have been called in to exorcise – eventually turned up in the laboratory where John Hutchison’s device operated.

Although it was made up of different parts, it operated as a single entity, and phenomena occurred in the same unpredictable way as reported poltergeists: you could be there for days and nothing would happen, then suddenly coins would flip and fly, water would swirl and a transformer would blow. And this brings me to an unfortunate aspect of the device: it has a tendency to destroy itself. It is worth recalling at this point that psychical researchers have in fact dubbed poltergeist activity as “destructive haunting”.

Therefore, I was vindicated in that it was clear that classical poltergeist phenomena are generated by EM field effects – but how?”

Poltergeist Activity -” Jane and David then regaled me with accounts of light bulbs which constantly popped, a video recorder which refused to work on some days, vases of flowers that sailed into the air before dashing themselves on the carpet, matches which caught fire spontaneously inside their box inside a drawer, water taps which turned themselves on and off, the doorbell which chimed as they stood at the open door with nobody pressing the button, dressing-table mirrors which cracked increasingly almost every night, a stone statue on the patio which caught fire and explosively lost its arms, legs and head (all of which were found several yards away down the garden), and most disturbing, considering the amounts of energy involved, a large heavy hardwood table which overturned itself overnight on a regular basis (about twice a week).”

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Infinite energy from Seawater

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

In compiling news for KeelyNet 01/29/09, I found the intriguing claim from 1954;

“Free, unlimited electric power from the salty sea may soon replace gas, diesel engines in marine use.”

It’s a brine battery which in his models claimed to produce 1 volt at 3 amperes;

energyboat2“His latest models, Mamie and the Eighth Wonder of the World, are each 21 in. long with a 4-1/2 in. beam and they weigh 2-1/2 and 3 lbs. respectively. Each produces a little over one volt and up to three amperes of current, enough to drive them through the water at speeds up to five mph. This, as any boatman can tell you, is quite impressive for a working model of that size.”

And his description of how the energy is produced;

energyboat1“The salt water of the sea acts as a conductor of the electric current flowing between a carbon-graphite positive plate and a nickel-zinc negative plate. This current operates a D. C. electric motor which, in turn, drives the boat’s propeller. The plates are corrugated or grooved to provide increased working area without increasing their overall dimensions. Some of McCabe’s earlier models stalled after a short run due to the polarization or “balancing” of the ions. Eventually this difficulty was overcome and his latest boats have ticked along steadily until the motor brushes or armatures became dirty—a running time of five-and-a-half hours and a distance of some 20 miles. After cleaning they promptly took off again as strong as ever. With stand-by motors and facilities for automatic changeover, there is no reason why such a power plant should not run indefinitely.”

Of course we now extract energy from tides, waves, solar and wind but this one got my attention for a self-running boat. It seems like the idea is worth revisiting using modern technology to optimize the effect.

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Ufos and the Nazis

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2009

ufonazi1Today I received an email with a link to this fascinating page about Nazi UFOs.

“The existence of World War Two German field propulsion flying saucers is a topic which is denied by virtually every reputable authority in aviation history. It is also denied by many researchers studying German saucers. The problem is that in the years immediately following the Second World War the earth’s skies suddenly began to be populated by flying craft which did some remarkable things. They flew at unheard of speeds. They made very sharp turns, seemingly non-aerodynamic turns, even at this extreme speed. They lacked the glowing tail of jets or rockets but they glowed or gave off light at night from their periphery or from the whole craft. They were silent or almost silent. Sometimes they gave off sounds that an electric generator or motor might make. Sometimes vehicles with electrically based ignition systems ceased to operate in the presence of these saucers. No government claimed these flying craft, yet they were seen all over the world.

The press and popular culture attributed these unusual craft to an extraterrestrial source. Yet, after over fifty years, no real proof for this assertion has ever come forth. Let’s come back down to earth. By all accounts these saucer were solid and material in nature. Perhaps it is time to attribute their orig into a solid, material source.”

ufonazi4It is the first time I’ve seen a connection to Karl Schappeller’s Ether ship technology as a UFO power and propulsion source and as described in his very rare book, The Physics of the Primary State of Matter.

I’ve always thought the chances of most UFO sightings being from ‘out there’ were mostly speculation. It is far more probable that one or more governments, large corporations or secret research groups have developed superior technology that would upset the balance of power in the world should free energy and gravity control technology ever become available to everyone.

Every company and government wants to get a piece of your income on a regular basis. The idea of you having a power source that would provide all the power you need or that the common man would have flying technology that would allow him to travel anywhere on the planet at will, I think scares the living daylights out of the powers that be.

We think border control is difficult now by ground and sea transport, as well as controlled air transport, what happens if it is uncontrolled in millions of autonomous flying craft?

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Time for a Change

Posted by keelynet on January 29, 2009

jerry3shotstime1Well, been thinking about a lot of things, watching the news, reading emails and enjoying life as much as I can.

Time moves along, we all get older and notice body changes that I’d just as soon didn’t happen. Just part of the process, though I have 6-8 possible techniques for rejuvenation that would take some funding to test.

One energizes the blood, the second is a plant mentioned in legends that claims to let people live to 1,000 years in good health, a third involves a chelation/transmutation process, a fourth recharges the body energy field and the rest are even more complicated.

I’ve decided to change the content of the KeelyNet blog from news basically copied over from the KeelyNet website to more blogging. Have no clue what to write about and I only do it when I get the urge which is rare these days.

Now I do often think of things to write, but when I get back home and on the computer those things escape my mind. Maybe I should use my little mp3 player’s voice recorder to take notes for later transcription?

Got a great deal on it for $15 as a refurb and it holds 2GB… But will try to make a habit out of having something to say here every day or two, even if many disagree with my opinions, still we all have the right to say them. Plus if I find something in the news of interest, I might post a section of it with the link for readers to check out.

virusavgSome dickhead sent me a link to an obama website and when I clicked it, my antivirus popped up saying this website is trying to execute a program called ‘blog.exe’. I’d heard such sites were out there but not experienced one yet. Fortunately, it didn’t load, but it is something to beware of. I was on my older computer which is running AVG Antivirus and Firefox as my browser.

virusspybotRecently I accidentally infected my XP so bad I had to use a boot disk to be able to repair. It took two days to remove all the crap but Spybot saved my butt.

virusmalwareThen a friend told me about a kickass program called Malware Anti-Virus which I highly recommend.

Like Spybot it links up to download the newest updates so when you run it you are on top of the latest. These three excellent antivirus programs are free.

Right now, Mexico’s drug wars are in the news with warnings of ‘impending collapse’ and such. This is mostly in the border towns and its almost always between gangs, though police and government officials have also been targeted when they go after the cartels.

I live in central Mexico near the state of Michoacan and haven’t seen anything like this here. But there are articles in the papers such as a few years back, several human heads were rolled onto the floor of a disco and gunmen came in, not to steal but to make a statement to everyone there that their gang was to be respected. No one was hurt and nothing taken. Odd…. But there have also been killings of singers who mention narcotraficantes in their songs.

As I understand it, used to be the narcos didn’t sell drugs in Mexico, but with the tightening of US borders, now they sell here. Crack, crystal, ice, cocaine can be bought just about anywhere here but that is also the case in the US if you know the right people.

For myself, I have never used any drugs nor do I have any desire to do so..well, not exactly…in the right conditions I might try a hallucinatory solely to try to communicate with other realms as an experiment. I think such drugs might open the pineal gland (the third eye) to allow us to contact other dimensions and those who live there. But that opportunity hasn’t come up yet though I understand Salvia Divina will produce such hallucinations and is legal in most countries of the world including here.

Nearby Chapala is a magnet for tourists from Mexico and around the world. Recently there was a shooting by kids at other kids from Guadalajara, near a local store late at night, but it was over the girlfriend of one guy after she was hit on at a party. Also in the news, a 7 year old boy was hit with a stray bullet fired into the air by a New Years partygoer.

I’ll take a notepad with me or use my voice recorder in case anything comes to mind that might be ‘bloggable’. It will take some getting used to, particularly to stay on topic. As you can tell, this one wandered around a lot, but I will try to make them interesting and hopefully informative.

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10 Youtube videos you might find of interest

Posted by keelynet on January 25, 2009

1 – The Physics of Crystals
2 – History of the EV Gray Motor
3 – Browns Gas Water Torch Research & Applications
4 – Getting there and Saving on Gas Costs
5 – Shape Power and Gravity Resonance Phenomena
6 – The World of Free Energy
7 – The Dark Side of Amateur Science
8 – The Konehead Pulse Motor
9 – Aether, ZPE and Dielectric Nanostructure Arrays
10 – A Method of Stimulating Energy


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Boat Moves Without an Engine Or Sails w/video

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Slow but interesting propulsion method…

boattension108“Researchers say technology they have developed would let boats or small aquatic robots glide through the water without the need for an engine, sails or paddles. A University of Pittsburgh research team has designed a propulsion system that uses the natural surface tension that is present on the water’s surface and an electric pulse to move the boat or robot, researchers said. The Pitt system has no moving parts and the low-energy electrode that emits the pulse could be powered by batteries, radio waves, or solar power, researchers said in a statement.” / One of the system’s primary applications could be as a cheap, environment-friendly robot that could traverse the world’s oceans, gathering research data, Cho said. Pitt researchers said that in their experiments, an electrode attached to a 2-centimeter-long “mini-boat” emitted a surge that changed the rear surface tension direction and propelled the boat at roughly 4 millimeters per second. A second electrode attached to the boat’s front side served as the rudder. The Pitt system is similar to the MIT developed robot known as a Robostrider.” – Source

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WePOWER to Mass Produce Its Innovative PacWind Turbines

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So many new wind energy tapping methods…here is another one.

windpac108“WePOWER, LLC., a developer of clean energy solutions around the world, announced today that it has secured the capacity to mass produce up to 500,000 of its PacWind turbines in the United States within a 12-month period. This capability enables the company to swiftly and cost-effectively deliver its clean energy wind turbines to consumers, home-owners, businesses, developers and wind farms throughout the nation. “WePOWER’s system to mass produce wind turbines is significant because it allows us to bring accessible wind energy to consumers, businesses and wind energy developers,” explained Marvin Winkler, CEO of WePOWER. “Through our innovative technology and manufacturing capacity, we will help bring to life the goals and aspirations of the nation’s green leaders who envision micro-utilities, a smart grid and new clean energy jobs in the US.”
Five hundred thousand PacWind turbines can enable: * CLEAN POWER. At an average wind speed of 10mph, the PacWind turbines can generate an estimated 2.4 billion kWh of electricity per year, which is enough to power over 210,000 homes per year. At 28mph, they can generate about 11 billion kWh per year, which is enough to power about 1 million homes per year. * NEW JOBS. Create about 5,000 jobs in the US through development, manufacturing, sales and installation. * REDUCED EMMISSIONS. Reduce the equivalent of over 750,000 tons of CO2 from being emitted into the Earth’s atmosphere. WePOWER’s PacWind line of innovative, patented turbines have only a few moving parts and can easily be installed almost anywhere. PacWind turbines can capture and create energy from multi-directional winds as low as 3mph and survive wind speeds in excess of 147mph due to the self-regulating, patented air foil. In addition, they are free of noise, vibration and maintenance, while also safe to people and animals.” – Source

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