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Archive for October, 2008

The Incredible Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine w/video

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2008

There are several others besides Schauberger who claim to have created turbines that run themselves on air or other liquid or gaseous media while producing thousands of watts of free power.

I knew a guy in Dallas who claimed 30kw from his device. He let me see his workshop which had many turbine blades and prototypes.

He said he needed about $50,000 to fix a damaged prototype so 10 of us were going to invest $5,000 each. But the inventor went all nutz with greed and we walked away from him.

Saw him 4 years later and the troll who tempted him with millions of air dollars just tried to rip him off with never a penny. He died shortly after and his family threw all his machines out as garbage. The man was brilliant, had over 50 patents.

“Burns no fuel, emits no exhaust. Based on the air turbine of 87 year old Haskall Karl out of Goldfield, Nevada. / So how was the AATE re-born? In late April 2005 Ron Rockwell, of RSR, was invited to meet with inventor Haskell Karl who claimed to have built an engine powered only by air. Ron met with Haskell in person and after reviewing all his material (consisting only of photographs, drawings and sketches) and detailed phone discussions. Ron decided to rebuild the engine using current technology. I am sure that skepticism reigned high. However, Ron believed this technology had substantial merit and invited his trusted colleague, friend and fellow machinist Cliff Cruz, to join his team in re-creating the engine. Through twelve years of research and development of various devices in the high tech industry, RSR has developed the AATE. So what exactly is the AATE? It is a mechanical device built to spin at high revolutions without the need for any fuel, combustion or compressed air. This device is a sophisticated application of a simple scientific principle long known in the alternative energy field, Vortex Implosion Air Technology (VIAT).

Viktor Schauberger first discovered the principle of the Vortex and developed technology for moving water more efficiently. The same principle can be applied to airflow. The RSR AATE runs on ambient air; the very air we breathe, using no air tanks and no other power source other than air. A tornado is created in the engine that implodes on itself which actually speeds up and sustains the airflow back into the tornado. – Source

and this website claiming there is some kind of Rip-Off being carried out. – Scientist, engineer, and inventor, Ron Rockwell, from Las Vegas, Nevada, claims he has invented a clean energy solution to the world’s fossil fuel crisis. The “Crystal Ion”, an Aerodynamic Air Turbine Engine (AATE), is a redesigned prototype from an air engine invented by Haskall Karl in the 1960’s. The original engine was tested by Wyle Testing Laboratory and scheduled to be shown to President Kennedy at a special meeting. Before this presentation could take place, the people who worked with Mr. Karl on the engine mysteriously disappeared. Shortly thereafter, the engine also disappeared. Haskall Karl went into hiding, keeping with him the documents, original drawings, and numerous photos of how he built the engine. Recently, a mutual friend introduced him to Ron Rockwell. Together, the two inventors collaborated to redesign and rebuild the engine, using modern technology. After two years of painstakingly machining special tools to make the parts to precise specifications, Rockwell is presenting a working prototype.”

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Quote of the Day from the UK

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2008

“You have to pinch yourself – a Marxist radical who all his life has been mentored by, sat at the feet of, worshipped with, befriended, endorsed the philosophy of, funded and been in turn funded, politically promoted and supported by a nexus comprising black power anti-white racists, Jew-haters, unrepentant former terrorists and Chicago mobsters, is on the verge of becoming President of the United States. And it’s considered impolite to say so!” – Melanie Philips, The Spectator (UK) 10/14/08 ” – Source

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How McCain could pull off a final week upset

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“Political genius Dick Morris explains how McCain could pull off a final week upset. The most reliable surveys put McCain five to seven points behind Obama as we enter the last week of this interminable campaign. But in a race that will be famous for years afterwards for its volatility, it is not too late for the Republican to pull out a victory. It’s a 3-pronged strategy:

1. Use the stock market crash to highlight the tax issue.

2. Bring back Rev. Jeremiah Wright.

3. Warn voters of impending socialism in America.” – Source

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2001 Obama Bombshell Redistribution of Wealth Audio Uncovered – Listen

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“Youtube record of Obama Bombshell Audio Uncovered. He wants to Radically Reinterpret the Constitution to Redistribute Wealth!! In a 2001 Chicago Public Radio Interview, Obama is discussing the best way to bring about a Redistribution of Wealth!!! This Video Exposes the radical underneath the rhetoric!!! Barack Obama on Chicago Public Radio WBEZ-FM, 2001: “The Supreme Court never ventured into the issues of redistribution of wealth, and of more basic issues such as political and economic justice in society… and one of the, I think, tragedies of the civil rights movement was, um, because the civil rights movement became so court focused I think there was a tendency to lose track of the political and community organizing and activities on the ground that are able to put together the actual coalition of powers through which you bring about redistributive change. In some ways we still suffer from that.” – Source

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Journalism Sacrificed For Power and Pensions

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“The traditional media is playing a very, very dangerous game. With its readers, with the Constitution, and with its own fate. The sheer bias in the print and television coverage of this election campaign is not just bewildering, but appalling. And over the last few months I’ve found myself slowly moving from shaking my head at the obvious one-sided reporting, to actually shouting at the screen of my television and my laptop computer. But worst of all, for the last couple weeks, I’ve begun — for the first time in my adult life — to be embarrassed to admit what I do for a living. A few days ago, when asked by a new acquaintance what I did for a living, I replied that I was “a writer”, because I couldn’t bring myself to admit to a stranger that I’m a journalist. But nothing, nothing I’ve seen has matched the media bias on display in the current Presidential campaign. Republicans are justifiably foaming at the mouth over the sheer one-sidedness of the press coverage of the two candidates and their running mates. But in the last few days, even Democrats, who have been gloating over the pass – no, make that shameless support – they’ve gotten from the press, are starting to get uncomfortable as they realize that no one wins in the long run when we don’t have a free and fair press. What I object to (and I think most other Americans do as well) is the lack of equivalent hardball coverage of the other side – or worse, actively serving as attack dogs for Senators Obama and Biden. If the current polls are correct, we are about to elect as President of the United States a man who is essentially a cipher, who has left almost no paper trail, seems to have few friends (that at least will talk) and has entire years missing out of his biography. That isn’t Sen. Obama’s fault: his job is to put his best face forward. No, it is the traditional media’s fault, for it alone (unlike the alternative media) has had the resources to cover this story properly, and has systematically refused to do so.” – Source

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Swayed by Looks? Who will you vote for?

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“In a paper slated to be published in the December issue of Public Opinion Quarterly, Jeremy Bailenson, an assistant professor of communication, and Shanto Iyengar, the Harry and Norman Chandler Professor in Communication, say that people are subconsciously swayed by candidates who share their facial features. “The field of political science has been dominated by the main ideal that voters are rational and that voters base their decisions on substance and issues and policy,” Bailenson said. “We wanted to say, ‘Well, how much of our decisions are actually based on superficial qualities?’” The answer: More than they expected. In three experiments, the researchers and their graduate students worked with cheap, easy-to-use computer software to morph pictures of about 600 test subjects with photos of politicians. And they kept coming up with the same results: For the would-be voters who weren’t very familiar with the candidates or in perfect lockstep with their positions or political parties, the facial similarity was enough to clinch their votes.” – Source

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Dealing With Terrorists

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“From now on if a terrorist kills himself by suicide bombing, or is otherwise killed in an attempt to hurt others we embalm their bodies in pig lard and wrapped in bacon. Also, I was thinkinging, we could have airplane security guards carry squirtguns filled with pigs blood. Of course, it would have to have anti-coagulants in it, but it would rock because if some terrorist went crazy we could squirt them with pigs blood, and they couldn’t blow themselves up because they’d be unclean, and would have to go to a mosque and pray or something. Of course, then we’d catch them. Also, if a terrorist is caught alive, we make them eat nothing but pork chops and work on a pig farm and play Porky the Pig cartoons in their cells all day. Their clothes and upholstery would be made of pigskin leather, and we’d give them pork rind potato chips. Every meal would include bacon bits. The carpeting in their cells would be boar’s fur rugs, and their beds would have Miss Piggy sheets, pillowcovers, and bed spreads.” – Source

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Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“The secret to his success: An Examination of Obama’s Use of Hidden Hypnosis Techniques in His Speeches (PDF link). This document contains over 60 pages of evidence and analysis proving Barack Obama’s use of a little-known and highly deceptive and manipulative form of “hack” hypnosis on millions of unaware Americans, and reveals what only a few psychologists and hypnosis/NLP experts know. Specifically, he uses all of these techniques: * Trance Inductions * Hypnotic Anchoring * Pacing and Leading * Pacing, Distraction and Utilization * Critical Factor Bypass * Stacking Language Patterns * Preprogrammed Response Adaptation * Linking Statements/ Causality Bridges * Secondary Hidden Meanings/Imbedded Suggestions * Emotion Transfer * Non-Dominant Hemisphere Programming” – Source

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Obama’s Political Motivations to Not Produce Documentation

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2008

“Obama’s council has filed to have the suit dismissed based on legal technicalities. I looked around online and there was a lot about his birth certificate. seems to have investigated that claim thoroughly. I don’t have the expertise to say whether or not it’s a fake, and Mr. Berg seems to think there’s a conflict of interest there, but the thing I really don’t understand is: If has handled this document and has posted pictures of it on the Internet and the DNC has done the same thing, why wouldn’t Obama submit it to the court rather than file for dismissal for other reasons? The campaign has to realize how this must look. There are allegations about other documents being withheld, too – his medical and college records – documents that might show Obama to have been an Indonesian citizen as a child. According to Berg, Indonesia does not allow dual citizenships, and once you lose your natural born citizenship you can only get the citizenship part back (i.e., not the natural born part). Again, why not just provide these documents and get it over with? I came up with a few possible reasons: * There is something to hide that might bring his natural born citizenship into question. * There is something unrelated to his natural born citizenship on the records that would be embarrassing – like failing Intro to Ethics or How to be PUSA 101. * The technicality just seemed like the easiest way out. * Obama wanted to make a point about the value of privacy. I’m essentially optimistic, so it’s difficult for me to swallow the intentional hiding of heinous information (i.e., the first option), but the alternatives don’t seem any more likely. Am I missing something? In the end, I must admit I wouldn’t be up in arms calling for Obama to step out of the race even if it is revealed his father had little Barry’s U.S. citizenship revoked. I would however, be concerned about Obama not being completely forthcoming. If there’s anything the government needs, it’s transparency.” – Source

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New Addition to the Constitution – the Bill of ‘No Rights’

Posted by keelynet on October 26, 2008

We need to get back to personal self-independence, without that sense of ‘entitlement’ where so many expect everything to be handed to them on a silver platter and without having to work for it and EARN IT!

I think the problem is the morphing of the United States from a Republican form of government to a Democratic where the majority rules and gets whatever they want.

Whatever Happened to our Beloved United States?

United States Constitution – Article. IV. Section. 4. – The United States shall guarantee to every State in this Union a Republican Form of Government

The Bill of No Rights – Courtesy of Lewis W. Napper

We, the sensible of the United States, in an attempt to help everyone get along, restore some semblance of justice, avoid any more riots, keep our nation safe, promote positive behavior and secure the blessings of debt-free liberty to ourselves and our great-great-great grandchildren, hereby try one more time to ordain and establish some common sense guidelines for the terminally whiny, guilt-ridden delusional, and other liberal, commie, pinko bedwetters.

We hold these truths to be self-evident, that a whole lot of people were confused by the Bill of Rights and are so dim that they require a Bill of No Rights.


You do not have the right to a new car, big-screen color TV or any other form of wealth. More power to you if you can legally acquire them, but no one is guaranteeing anything.


You do not have the right to never be offended. This country is based on freedom, and that means freedom for everyone — not just you! You may leave the room, turn the channel, express a different opinion, etc., but the world is full of idiots, and probably always will be.


You do not have the right to be free from harm. If you stick a screwdriver in your eye, learn to be more careful, do not expect the tool manufacturer to make you and all of your relatives independently wealthy.


You do not have the right to free food and housing. Americans are the most charitable people to be found, and will gladly help anyone in need, but we are quickly growing weary of subsidizing generation after generation of professional couch potatoes who achieve nothing more than the creation of another generation of professional couch potatoes.


You do not have the right to free health care. That would be nice, but from the looks of public housing, we’re just not interested in public health care.


You do not have the right to physically harm other people. If you kidnap, rape, intentionally maim or kill someone, don’t be surprised if the rest of us get together and kill you.


You do not have the right to the possessions of others. If you rob, cheat, or coerce away the goods or services of other citizens, don’t be surprised if the rest of us get together and lock you away in a place where you still won’t have the right to a big-screen color TV or a life of leisure.


You do not have the right to demand that our children risk their lives in foreign wars to soothe your aching conscience. We hate oppressive governments and won’t lift a finger to stop you from going to fight if you’d like. However, we do not enjoy parenting the entire world and do not want to spend so much of our time battling each and every little tyrant with a military uniform and a funny hat.


You do not have the right to a job. All of us sure want you to have one, and will gladly help you along in hard times, but we expect you to take advantage of the opportunities in education and vocational training laid before you to make yourself useful.


You do not have the right to happiness. Being an American means that you have the right to pursue happiness — which, by the way, is a lot easier if you are unencumbered by an overabundance of idiotic laws created by those around you who were confused by the Bill of Rights.

Copyright – Lewis W. Napper. All Rights Reserved

Courtesy : Bob Aldrich

Bill of No Rights

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