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Archive for October, 2007

waiting, waiting, while watching the world burn…

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2007

earthflames.jpgEvery now and then I get emails or letters from experimenters who want an opportunity to work in a lab with others. All of them think they have something that will be ‘the next big thing’, almost always free energy related. One recent email from a fellow in New Zealand who has been working with VEDIC math and sees how it can be applied to optimize many existing devices of all kinds. He claimed he had an investor who had put in 4.5 million dollars and wanted to know if I would be interested in moving there to use the VEDIC math as applied to Keely’s claims. Several emails later with little details from him and that deal fell through.

Many other emails had things like ‘I will sleep on the floor and eat beans without pay for the chance to work in your lab with talented experimenters.’ All of them (us) have a pet project of course but are willing to share their experience and talents to work on other projects. I love organizing and working with talented teams of people who can see beyond the ‘rules’ of orthodox science.

The most fantastic of the bunch of ‘investors’ was recently presented as an offer to work for a company as VP of Technology where I would find them inventors and devices, ideally with at least a working model, that they could develop and use in their projects or sell outright.

The promises and offers made were beyond anything I’d ever heard of or would ever ask for or expect; new vehicle of my choice that I own, private plane of my choice that I own, hottest, fastest laptop on the market, international cellphone, unlimited travel and expense account, $120,000 a year, private condo in a luxury resort at my disposal year round, use of corporate jet as necessary for business or travel needs and many smaller items/bonuses including an equal payment to me for any deal struck with any inventor or company they contracted with at my recommendation. As well a special retirement fund for personal financial security.

Sound way too good to be true? Of course, nothing ever came of it. One broken promise followed another and another without end. Always excuses for why they couldn’t follow through with any of their promises, not even for a couple thousand in my bank account as a good faith offer. Now over a year later and they have done nothing per our arrangement and my contact threatened to ‘make me disappear’ if I wrote anything about them on the net. He wrote that he would show me what big money can do, to resolve ‘problems’. How is that for a confidence builder? A death threat.

Rather than just quit the lying and posturing with fantastic promises, why not wait til the money was actually available instead of boasting how much they had and what all they were planning to do. I suggested in the first month they he refrain from the promises and wait until everything was organized and available, but he just kept coming with ever more grandiose claims of what they were doing and how I could work for them and be well rewarded. Right, b’lieve dat.. I detest intentional lies, an error is ok if it is corrected, but don’t just lie all the time. Maybe he was a lawyer?

I don’t have the business acumen or contacts to solicit investment and haven’t found anyone I trust to do it for me. Well, trust is probably the wrong word, it is more like they have no track record of successes in securing financing for investment, though they claim they do OR they come on as investors with money that is ‘soon to come through’ yet which never does..

That could just as well be applied to me in not having invented/discovered some major technology, but then I wouldn’t be asking for investment as I could finance it all myself. See the Lab Project for details of a very simple yet potentially very lucrative business proposition. I keep hoping someone out there will read it or share it with ‘moneyed’ friends who might invest and make a lot of things happen.

weeds.jpgToday it was sunny, nice and warm here but very cold last night. Paid a mexican a friend to rip out patio growths in my small backyard to make a big pile that I will let dry out, then burn and haul off the leftovers. Creeping vines and spiny tree things that will easily penetrate your hand. But the worst of it are all the tiny bugs that live in the leaves and vines. They swarm at a touch of the leaves so he had to wear a faceshield and gloves.

I’m working on several new ebooks and DVDs to sell on the Vanguard Sciences site to help with living expenses and running KeelyNet. It is a lot of work and I hope people make purchases that will not only add to their knowledge base but also give them some great ideas for experiments and saving money and even new theories with ebooks and the one DVD that I currently offer. All of it very low cost for what you get and I have several friends who often chastise me for not jacking up prices like some do. Times are tough and people need value for their bucks.

One problem, I don’t even pretend to understand how Google Adsense works. When I first started it paid about $500 a month, then went up to +$850. Despite the number of visitors being fairly regular at around 2000 a day, the payments went down to $600, then $500 and now $400???? Nothing has changed on my side of it, but it is very unreliable for a steady income these days. I have tried other services but $12-$20 a month certainly isn’t worth the time or space.

thiefstop.jpgThat is why I have to push for sales of other items.

I’d rather not but hey, gotta make a living and I’d just as soon not get involved in some of the scam opportunities so often presented to me to participate in.

Play fair, be honest and try to treat others like you’d want to be treated.

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Hand generator reaches 95 per cent

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2007

This super efficient generator could be scaled up and tied into any rotary source. 95% is unheard of for generator efficiency!

“Following on from the small generator that we described in the March 2007 edition of Eureka, which we then said was “nearly 90 per cent efficient”, the team developing it for use in Third World companies has now reached 95 per cent efficiency. Alexander Bushell, technical director of New Universal Products described the present generator as, “Modified heavily, in fact it is completely different”. The Uhuru Generator as it is now designated, measures 160mm wide by 150mm deep and 150mm high and acts both as a “Multi-functional power supply unit and an independent power generation system”. Bushell said that one power centre can be configured to power up to 20 2W “$100” laptops or power up to 30 LED spotlights. He was hand cranking it up and showing it able to power 10 such lamps at the British Invention Show. He said it produced 30W at present, “But we are hoping for 40W. We could take it up to 100W”. As well as having its hand cranked generator, it can also regulate other power inputs including solar photovoltaic panels and small wind turbines. In addition, it can be fitted with its own internal back-up battery.” – Source

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Creating Power out of Thin Air

Posted by keelynet on October 30, 2007

A fascinating claim that could lead to autonomously powered devices. There is a patent from about 30 years ago which claimed a device that produces some 20KW from a 6 foot tube half-buried in the earth. The inventor died shortly after the patent was issued.

energyseebek.jpg“Syrdec is swinging for the fences when it comes to alternative energy. The Princeton, N.J.-based company is working on a material that, when combined with another substance, will generate electricity with ambient room heat, Andrew Surany, the company’s president, told CNET this week. Conceivably, one could take that material and fashion it into a passive fuel cell that can create power by just sitting in an ordinary room heated to about 72 degrees Fahrenheit, leading to self-charging electronic devices. “It derives heat from the environment” and converts it to electricity, Surany said. “I’m talking about embedding cells into doors or the panels on a car. In a laptop, I am talking about embedding cells into the case.” Theoretically, one could heat the material, too, to get better results. If you heated one square meter of the material to 100 degrees Celsius, or the boiling point of water, the material could absorb 1.2 kilojoules of heat energy. Converting 5 percent of that heat to electricity would give you enough energy to power a car, Surany asserted. So how does it work? Syrdec is trying to combine something called the Seebeck effect and the product of nuclear fusion. In the Seebeck effect, electric current can be generated from temperature differentials. Put metals or semiconductors near each other that exist in radically different energy states and you get power. It’s not just theoretical: Germany’s EnOcean, another energy-harvesting specialist, has come up with sensors that get power from the temperature differentials between the interaction material that makes up a pipe filled with hot gases and a material heated to room temperature. Now the nuclear fusion part: Syrdec says it understands a way to artificially alter the natural energy state of a particular undisclosed material. Instead of being in a “normal” energy state at room temperature, the altered material is in a normal energy state at, hypothetically, minus 40 degrees Celsius or colder. Thus, when this material is put into a room-temperature environment, it’s excited. Put that next to a material with a much higher natural energy state and you get the Seebeck effect. Outlandish as it sounds, the CEA, the atomic energy agency of France, has already concocted a microgenerator that can produce electricity at ambient temperatures via the Seebeck effect. The thermoelectric generator in CEA’s prototypes has an output of 4 milliwatts per centimeter square for every (Celsius) degree difference between the two materials. The India Institute of Science also has examined ways of generating power via the Seebeck effect with changes in pressure.” – Source

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local ramblings…

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2007

Here in central Mexico, it usually gets cold from around November to January, mostly at night. The rest of the time, the temperatures range from 80-95 which is one of the reasons I love living here since I’ve always been a teeshirt, shorts and tennis shoes kind of guy. Not quite Kenny Chesneys’ ,’No Shoes, No Shirt, No Problems’ since the nearest ocean beach is about 4 hours away. But close enough to be comfortable most of the time.

Some of the old timer norteamericanos have commented on it getting cold early this year. And everywhere I go I see people with tos (cough) and grippa (cold), including me. Just kind of snuk up on us so I’m taking a variety of things trying to cure mine. A friend tells me there is a heavy duty version of something called Ambroxol. I’ve been taking a $1.50 bottle of white powder called Ampilicina which the lady farmacist says will help with curing infections and it seems to have done good, but tonight my friend told me about this Mucosolvan version of Ambroxol which I’ll try this weekend.

We were in a local bar commenting on the closure of one of our favorite bars where all 3 bartenders, plus the brother of one of the bartenders, plus one other guy, had all been taken by the federales to prison for selling drugs. Mostly cocaine and some crack but that happens many places here and I just ignore it. For years, everyone seems to know about it including the cops and as long as its low key, there doesn’t seem to be much trouble involved, but these guys were getting way too visible. All friends and I regretted hearing they were in jail as they all have families.

elf.jpgThe only drug I ever did was mota (marijuana) when I was 17 with some friends and then it was only a couple of drags which made me cough. I’d rather have a few beers so never had the urge to try drugs in any form other than medicine. Though I am very curious about hallucinogens, particularly containing DMT such as in the shaman drink ayahuasca. There is also a legal herb called Salva Divina which produces visions and a friend tells me Ibogaine is another form that is very effective.

My interest in hallucinogens stems from the idea that the pineal gland (often referred to as the 3rd eye) might be opened up to allow dialogue with ‘other entities’ often reported seen in the hallucinations. What if there are multiple dimensions where other worlds and cultures exist, yet are slightly time shifted from us and that we could ‘interphase’ time to communicate with them? What if they have a natural ability to sense and manipulate natural forces such as aether/zpe to produce phenomena, such as ‘praying’ something into existence, or flying, walking through walls, walking on water, teleporting, etc.??

brainbulb.jpgIt might be possible they could ‘guide’ us into building hardware to produce these effects. Sure, its better if it is a natural, innate ability not requiring apparatus, however, I don’t think we are at that point yet, so we should start with machines until we learn to produce phenomena at will. Think of biofeedback. Who would want to spend years to learn to go into alpha when you can learn it and verify it in a matter of weeks with biofeedback.

Many of the new agers (channelers, psychics, etc.) delude themselves thinking they have abilities but they have not proven it using instrumentation. It makes far more sense to me to use biofeedback to learn how to get there, what it feels like when you are there and how to get back out safely.

So I’ve been dabbling with the idea of trying some kind of hallucinogen in a somewhat controlled experiment with a guide to walk me through any problems. The sole purpose is trying to evoke contact that might provide useful information from ‘other sources.’ I’ve thought about it for many years, but never got up the nerve to do it so why not now? Will report on whatever happens.

Speaking of DMT, there is a great movie that is called Memorias here. It is about a guy found dead and covered in a red powder where a brain scan shows most of his brain is gone. Seems there is a pineal extract which lets you view the memories of your ancestors. Excellent movie and very thought provoking.

Another good movie that I saw today stars Jodie Foster and Terrence Howard in ‘The Brave One’. WOW, so well acted and presented. If you get a chance, go see either or both of these.

An item of interest in the local Guadalajara Reporter says the IMSS (mexican health insurance) is now offering a treatment for Parkinson’s Disease called stereotactic pallidotomy. It says an MRI scan is made to determine the damaged part of the brain, then a hole is drilled into that location, where an electrode is inserted that burns a lesion into the damaged area at 80 degrees centigrade for 60 seconds. Almost immediately, the trembling is reduced 80 to 100 percent. Recuperation is 3-4 days in hospital and full recovery takes 3-6 months. Normal price in private hospitals is between 300-500,000 pesos (30-50,000 dollars). IMSS coverage is about $300 a year where 1st year covers medicines, 2nd year covers minor operations and 3rd and subsequent years covers everything. A helluva good deal and lots of good reports about the service.

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Vibration to stop formation of fat

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2007

Sounds like this could be made into a simple product anyone could use daily to reduce the absorption of fat. A few months back, there was news of a discovery that vibrators worn in the shoes would correct balance problems.

Scientists have found a surprising way to turn off the process that creates fat cells – at least in mice. Results show growing mice exposed every day to a very slight vibration grew up leaner. The difference is that these mice are spending 15 minutes a day for 15 weeks being vibrated ever so slightly in a tub that rests on a platform that looks like a giant pizza box attached to electronics. The vibrations are very slight, so slight many people can’t feel the vibration, only hear the hum. In tests at his lab at Stony Brook University lab, Rubin and his team showed that after the vibration regimen, the mice had 28 percent less fat in their torsos than another group of the same kind of mice who ate the same amount of food, and had the same amount of exercise. Writing in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences, Rubin explained that the vibrations, “also reduced key risk factors in the onset of type II diabetes.” Rubin explains that his interest is in how physical signals – outside influences of mechanical, electrical and thermal signals – can influence the body. What is noteworthy is how little vibration is needed to coax the stem cells in these growing mice to produce bone, instead of fat. Rubin says it’s about, “one one-thousandth of the magnitude of a signal you might get while you’re running.” Rubin is quick to point out that they were not studying whether vibrations could burn any fat that’s already present, but instead to inhibit production of new fat cells. He says that’s important because, “If you never allow fat cells to be established, you can’t get fat.” – Source

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Body Stitching

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2007

An amazing claim about a new technique to connect body parts to create new hybrid creatures or custom bodies;

Topflight Mancunian scientists believe they will soon pioneer an improved technique for splicing together human nerves. This could offer a range of benefits, not least the ability to assemble huge, powerful bodies out of miscellaneous human parts and implanted brains harvested from condemned criminal maniacs. It seems that a team let by Dr Paul Kingham at the University of Manchester have found that they can grow nerve tissue using stem cells extracted from fat. They plan to join up nerve endings with a tube made of “biodegradable polymer” inside which their new cultured nerve tissue can grow, so creating a functioning nerve pathway. Once the nerve is strong enough, the tube will gradually dissolve away. Dr Kingham and his colleagues are playing down the Frankensteinian aspects of their research for some reason, preferring to focus on relatively humdrum stuff like reattaching severed limbs to their original owners. This could allow secretive government boffins bent on infiltrating wacky terrorist cells to swap people’s living faces over, as in the film Face Off. Ultimately, assuming a suitably large stock of legs, arms, giblets, brains in bubbling jars etc., it ought to be feasible to custom-build complete Lurch-style butlers or other handy menials to order. Apparently the nerve-culturing caper has already been tried out with animals, raising the spectre of various chimerical creatures being put together out of random parts; or perhaps the addition of useful bits and pieces to humans. More adventurous ploys such as placing the brains of interesting, useful or valuable dead people in giant apes, boxing kangaroos and the like also spring to mind. Indeed, the long-sought monkey butler could finally be at hand. – Source

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HIV not the cause of AIDS – 2nd email

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2007

A few days ago, I posted an email claiming to be from Dr. Gallo about the true origin of AIDS. On 10/21/07 I received the following email. It gives a legit address so I don’t know if it is from who it says. It is written at the level of a Nigerian spammer…

Dear Robert,
thank you very much for you email. I am so glad that you finally realise your mistake.

Right from the beginning I maintained that HIV cannot be the cause for AIDS.

But you Americans are sometimes so pushy, it is really dififcult to get alternative viewpoints across. But don’t worry. No hard feelings, ok? The next time you are in France, please drop by and we’ll have that bottle of Chateau Lafitte I promised you.

With kind regards,
Dr. Luc Montagnier,
Institute Pasteur
Paris, France

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NASA cuts funding to private spaceship developer

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2007

$32 million dollars spent with this company and they couldn’t achieve any of their goals. Give me $32 million and we’ll have gravity control in less than 5 years!

rocketkistler.jpgNASA has terminated an agreement with Rocketplane Kistler, one of two private companies that had won agency funding to develop supply ships for the International Space Station. Now, it plans to use the money it had set aside for RpK to fund competing proposals. In August 2006, the agency agreed to provide $207 million to RpK, based in Oklahoma City, and $278 million to Space Exploration Technologies (SpaceX), based in El Segundo, California, from then until 2010 – providing they met certain milestones along the way. But in May 2007, Rocketplane Kistler – which was working on a reusable rocket called K-1 – failed to meet its fourth milestone, which required the company to raise $500 million in private financing. NASA warned the company in early September that its funding was in jeopardy, and on Thursday it formally terminated the agreement. To date, RpK has received about $32 million in NASA funding. The $175 million that would have gone to RpK had it continued to meet its goals – which included a demonstration flight to the space station in 2009 – will now be used to fund one or more proposals in a new COTS competition, Lindenmoyer said. “We are now at the point where we’re able to consider reinvesting this money.”

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Static Field Converter – Machine taps new source of Energy

Posted by keelynet on October 24, 2007

The inventor claims to have an update on this 1998 patent. In the image of the magnetic flux lines, you can see the diamagnetic (equal repulsion of both north and south poles) total repulsion effect.

energystatic.jpgThe Static Field Converter (patented and patents pending) is an invention that converts the energy in a static magnetic field into usable electrical energy. The significance of the innovation is that the energy stored in some permanent magnet materials can be tapped. The magnitude of the energy is large enough to make a significant impact in reducing the U.S. addiction to oil as well as mitigate the destruction of the environment. Large amounts of electricity generated by the invention can produce large amounts of hydrogen. Hydrogen can be used as fuel in most applications that now require fossil fuels. It can also be used to power fuel cells. The exhaust is water. / Patent 5,710,531 issued in 1998. – Various attempts have been made to use the Meissner effect of superconductive materials to perform useful work. The Meissner effect occurs when a superconductive material is cooled to a temperature below its transition point. In a magnetic field, the lines of induction are then pushed out as if the superconductor exhibited perfect diamagnetism. Various devices have been developed which bring a superconductor in or out of the diamagnetic state or mechanically move a superconductive element in relation to a magnetic field and thereby produce or control mechanical, magnetic or electrical energy. In the present invention, a superconductive magnetic insulating/blocking device in the form of a hemisphere, rotates inside a responsive means such as a coil to periodically shield and unshield the responsive means from a magnetic field. The invention provides for the efficient transformation of the energy of the magnetic field into electrical energy and can thus be used as a dc transformer, a dc to ac converter, an electric generator or a very high energy density battery. – Source

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Broadcast power…

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2007

piercearrow.jpgThought this was an interesting correlation a few years after Teslas’ 1931 Pierce Arrow electric car that was said to run off cosmic energy.

Radio-Fuelled Autos may solve gas problem – August 1936

– “AUTOS operated on radio fuel may become a reality if the present consumption of oil continues and no new oil sources are discovered. carradio.jpgOne engineer boldly suggests a network of “radio highways” consisting of huge broadcast transmitters capable of sending out signals which would be converted into motive power. Provided with special radio energy converters automobiles would be silently operated by powerful electric motors. By simply throwing a switch on the dash the motors would be put into motion, eliminating starters, noise and dangerous carbon monoxide gas. Fortunately, science has delved into the fuel problem and found a solution for a matter which has for years been on the verge of confronting automotive engineers.” – Source

Additional Insights on the Tesla Car

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