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Archive for August, 2008

Gas-saving device (where have we heard this before?)

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Yet another hydrogen reactor but this guy claims ‘special coil’…right…

“Some satisfied customers claim their gas mileage has doubled with the contraption attached to their fuel system. Others say they didn’t get a significant boost in mileage, but got an instant uptick in horsepower. Robinson says the invention has been around for a long time, but began attracting attention in the mid- to late-1990s when a fellow named Stanley Meyers began putting hydrogen generators on Hummers for the U.S. military. Robinson says the generators are easy to build and assemble, and claims the only part that is unique to his generators is the metal coil. He says he won’t divulge the actual metallic composition of the coil for fear that it will come into common use and become scarce and, therefore, expensive. The heart of the contraption is a decades-old technology in which an electrical current from a battery is passed through water to release hydrogen atoms. Robinson’s adaptation of the technology uses distilled water and baking soda and a stainless steel coil. Susan Cloud says her six-cylinder engine drank gas at the rate of about 14 miles per gallon. With the hydrogen generator installed, she now gets as much as 27 miles per gallon. Cloud proudly displays a version of the device in her beauty salon, where she says she uses it to treat water which she drinks and uses to water her plants. Robinson sells that version of the electrolyzer for $75. The automotive version costs $150 per unit plus installation. “Big rigs can take as many as six of them,” Robinson said. Truckers are the ones who need them. It can cost them $1,500 to fill a diesel tank. The HHO can save them at least a couple of hundred dollars every time they refuel.” Robinson’s business card reads “H20-to-Go Hydrogen on Demand from Water ” and he touts a Web site at” – Source

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Antimatter Bounces off of Matter

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Wow, this is a major discovery!

“Science fiction has often relied on matter and antimatter annihilating each other as a power source. With current technology, producing anti-matter is prohibitively expensive, and most view this as the biggest hurdle for these types of power plants. Basic physics may provide another significant hurdle, however. Physical Review Focus reports that upon reanalyzing data from 12 years ago, an Italian team discovered that – contrary to popular belief – antimatter and matter may bounce off each other before they’re annihilated (Original paper, subscription required). The key to this discovery was the annihilation events in their data were clustered into two groups: The first group occurred when the antiprotons interacted with the helium in their apparatus, and the second set of events (up to 25% of the total number) occurred at a later time. They determined this second set occurred because the antiprotons were reflected off of the back wall of their device to be later annihilated by the helium atmosphere, instead of either annihilating the aluminum in the walls or passing through entirely. This effect is called Rutherford scattering, and at the speeds they were working with (1 – 10 keV, or 0.14 – 0.46% of c) the antiprotons are more likely to find themselves scattered by the aluminum nuclei than they are to annihilate the nuclei. At lower speeds (500 eV, or 0.10% of c), this effect may peak with 50% of the antiprotons that make it to the back wall being reflected by it.” – Source

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Human waste as fertilizer and irrigation in developing regions

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Yeccchhh! No wonder we had all that illness from tomatoes or chiles or whatever.

“According to a new report, 200 million farmers use human shit as fertilizer for 49 million acres of land. The study, published by the International Water Management Institute (IWMI), details how ten percent of the population, mostly in developing nations, eat grains and vegetables harvested from fields irrigated and fertilized with raw sewage. Traditional fertilizer and clean water is too expensive or simply unavailable in many places. From National Geographic: The report focused on poor urban areas, where farms in or near cities supply relatively inexpensive food. Most of these operations draw irrigation water from local rivers or lakes. Unlike developed cities, however, these areas lack advanced water-treatment facilities, and rivers effectively become sewers. When this water is used for agricultural irrigation, farmers risk absorbing disease-causing bacteria, as do consumers who eat the produce raw and unwashed. Nearly 2.2 million people die each year because of diarrhea-related diseases, including cholera, according to WHO statistics. More than 80 percent of those cases can be attributed to contact with contaminated water and a lack of proper sanitation. But Pay Drechsel, an IWMI environmental scientist, argues that the social and economic benefits of using untreated human waste to grow food outweigh the health risks…. In most cases, the excrement is used on cereal or grain crops, which are eventually cooked, minimizing the risk of transmitting water-borne pathogens and diseases, IWMI’s Drechsel noted.” – Source

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Million person Pyramid City

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

I can’t imagine a single structure, no matter how geenormous that could provide enough comfortable living space to support 1,000,000 people.

“The concept for The Ziggurat Project will be unveiled in full at the upcomig Cityspace Dubai, a business real estate convention. Being called a “sustainable city of the future”, the 2.3 sq km structure is designed to house a million people. The staggered step structure allows for many units to be built on a minimal amount of land. And the plan is green, according to Managing Director of Timelinks, Ridas Matonis: Ziggurat communities can be almost totally self-sufficient energy-wise. Apart from using steam power in the building we will also employ wind turbine technology to harness natural energy resources. Other features built into the Ziggurat include biometric, facial recognition system for security and an integrated transport system, running both horizontally and vertically, which would eliminate the need for cars to get around the “city”.” – Source

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Windmills from Assam spin success

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

I love it when they use local materials to copy expensive devices that make people’s lives easier.

“Two Muslim brothers from Assam are sharing their successful invention of a lowcost windmill to lift groundwater with Gujarat farmers. Mohammed Mehtar Hussain (38) and Mushtaq Ahmad (28), residents of Darrang in Assam, have invented a low-cost alternative to pump water in fields – a simple windmill made of bamboo and tin sheets. They were invited by Grass – roots Innovation Augmentation Network (GIAN) to set up their windmill in Little Rann of Kutch. “We have installed two windmills in Boda village to lift groundwater for salt pans. The experiment has been quite successful . The windmill draws 3,000 litres of water an hour at wind speed of 15 km/hr. If we get an average wind speed for at least 15 hours a day, we would get about 45,000 litres of water,” says Mahesh Patel, coordinator of GIAN. The bamboo version has been modified to a metallic one that will change direction with changes in wind direction. A simple mechanism has been used to make the windmill multi-directional. Blades have been given the appropriate angle so that higher wind power can be harnessed and water can be pumped from greater depth. Aluminium blades have been reinforced with wires. The cost of manufacturing a static model made of bamboo/eucalyptus is around Rs 15,000 while the multi-direction model will cost Rs 25,000, which is half the cost of a conventional windmill.” – Source

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T. Boone Pickens wants your water

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Follow the money, in this case a Trojan Horse…

“Texas oil billionaire T. Boone Pickens is about to make a killing by selling water he doesn’t own. As he does it, it will be praised as a planet-friendly wind project. After he pulls it off, the media will deride it as craven capitalism. In truth, it is one the most audacious examples of politics for profit, showing how big government helps the biggest business steal from the rest of us. The plotline behind Pickens’ water-and-wind scheme is almost too rich to believe. The basic story amounts to this: Pickens, thanks to favors from state lawmakers whose campaigns he funded, has created a new government whose only voters are two of his employers; this has empowered Pickens to more cheaply pump water from an aquifer and, by use of eminent domain, seize land across 11 counties in order to pipe the water to Dallas. To win environmentalist approval of this hardly “sustainable” practice, he has piggybacked this water project onto a windmill project pitched as an alternative to oil. Pickens’ scheme is a perfect demonstration of why it’s worth asking cui bono — who benefits — from regulatory and environmental initiatives.” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Ecology / Earth Science, Gee Willikers!!!, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science, Politics | Comments Off on T. Boone Pickens wants your water

25 Must-Have Thumb Drive Apps for Geeks

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Now that the feds can take your laptop for any reason, maybe you could sneak through a thumb drive but then I’ve read they can take any digital device and copy its contents. Pitiful. This too shall pass, maybe starting with a new president and get rid of the useless senators and congress to replace them with people with fresh positive ideas and cojones to carry them out.

“With traveling and use of many different computers, many geeks (and geek girls) often find a need to have a uniform set of tools handy wherever we may be. I’ve put together a list of 25 invaluable portable apps that can be installed on an Ipod or Thumb Drive. These are really cool! / Portable Firefox – Leaves no personal information behind on the machine – you can take along your browser/extensions/bookmarks anywhere / WS FTP32 – ftp client / # Text2Html – a text to HTML converter – converts text files into HTML format / Portable Apps Suite – this is the mac-daddy of them all – it includes Firefox, Thunderbird(email), Sunbird(calendar),ClamWin (antivirus), Pidgin(see above), Sumatra PDF Readable, KeePass Password Safe, OpenOffice, CoolPlayer (audio Player) and even a couple of games / RockXP – allows you to recover windows passwords or keys, change keys, display system password, and more – sneaky! / Infra Recorder Portable – cd and dvd burning.” – Source

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Bubble Wrap Could Power the Future

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Imagine this as a giant dome to cover your home and garden, possibly suspended over solid cylindrical walls for support. The boy in the bubble indeed!

“The thin transparent material, called ETFE (Ethylene Tetrafluoroethylene), is segmented into 3,000 air-filled cushions that let in light but hold in heat. ETFE was developed in the 1970s for wire insulation, but it has become an important architectural element in the past two decades. The material, which is similar to Teflon, is stretched out into a large sheet, or foil, less than 250 microns thick, and then folded over and sealed to form an air-filled cushion. “What you end up with is a very thick wall that is mostly made of air,” LeCuyer said. “It acts like a duvet blanket.” Other plastic foils are also used for walls and roofs, but ETFE has the advantage of both being transparent and fire-safe (it won’t shatter like glass or drip down onto people’s heads like other polymers). Because it is non-stick, rain will wash away dirt and dust that collects on the outside. The cushions are strong enough to support the weight of a car, and if punctured, they can be repaired relatively easily. Still, an intruder could simply cut through them with a knife, so architects do not typically use them at ground level. Future projects using ETFE foil include sports stadiums, leisure parks and a giant indoor Amazonian rainforest being built in Iowa. But use in private homes is not likely.” – Source

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The 2,000 mile per tank 200mph sports car

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Wow, that is quite a claim. Hmmm…a tank of gas is roughly 20 gallons so thats like 100 miles per gallon using diesel?

“This sleek machine is being hailed as the future of high-performance, eco-friendly motoring. With an engine that runs on pure biodiesel, the Trident Iceni can do 2,000 miles on one tank of fuel – enough for a return trip to Venice from London. Capable of topping 200mph, the car has been designed and manufactured by Phil Bevan, of Norwich-based firm Trident Performance Vehicles. Just 500 go on sale from next year, priced at £75,000, after the firm spent £2.3million in development. It uses a technology called ‘torque multiplication’ which helps keeps the revs low and thus uses less fuel and gives out less emissions. The chassis is made from stainless steel which won’t corrode and the body is built of composite which will never rust or degrade.” – Source

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Windsor inventor says new motor will solve fuel crisis

Posted by keelynet on August 28, 2008

Very reminiscent of the EV Gray motor but what makes this cool, it is planned as a conversion kit for existing motors! Excellent!

“A former Chrysler Canada worker has designed and patented what he says is the “perfect solution” to the gasoline crisis — an electromagnetic piston motor that will eliminate our dependence on oil and reduce greenhouse gas emissions. Michael Axford, who holds a Mexican patent on the invention and is in the process of acquiring another in Canada, said his invention eliminates gas tanks, fuel lines and a vehicle’s exhaust system, while retaining all the remaining service parts. “You just turn the key and away you go,” said Axford. “A centre spool in the cylinder head is wrapped with copper coils. When a driver turns the key, the battery sends voltage to the coil — which then becomes an electromagnet — instead of to the spark plugs and the magnet drives the pistons.” Axford acknowledges there are similar products in various stages of development, but says only his uses magnets of identical polarity so that the pistons are driven down into the cylinders with a pulse of magnetic energy. The pistons travel just 31/2 inches and Axford said the electromotive force is sufficient to drive them all the way through the cylinder. “And mine just uses a repelling motion to drive the pistons rather than a combination of repelling and attraction,” which often causes problems in the delivery of power, said Axford. “Electromagnets are strong enough to pull trains, so there’s no issue with them being strong enough to drive the pistons,” said Axford, who has been working on his project since he took a buyout from Chrysler 15 months ago. Axford said “it should perform identically to existing engines. It will idle at 500 r.p.m. so once the gear is engaged, you’ll have immediate roll. It won’t react with a delay and a jerky motion like a golf cart. “All the blocks used in this engine will be aluminum so they’re not magnetic and the cylinder head and the electromagnets will have a protective cover so they don’t affect the vehicle’s electronic systems,” said Axford. “And because the system pulses just like a sparkplug, there’s no constant drain on the battery.” Axford now plans to retro-fit a motor from a Saturn once he takes delivery of some magnetic discs from a manufacturer in China. When the retrofitted prototype is complete, Axford said he’ll be in a position to stage demonstrations and plans to drive the vehicle across Canada to prove its reliability.” – Source

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