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Archive for August, 2009

Infinite Power

Posted by keelynet on August 26, 2009

A matter of how to tap into it…

teslashieldcolor“You might have seen a quote by inventor Nikola Tesla which evokes mystery and much curiosity about how it could be done; “Ere many generations pass, our machinery will be driven by a power obtainable at any point of the universe.”

That quote comes from a book called “Experiments with Alternate Currents of High Potential and High Frequency by Nikola Tesla” where Tesla describes his discovery of one wire power transmission as demonstrated to drive a motor with just one wire. “…

This idea is not novel. Men have been led to it long ago by instinct or reason. gearsanimIt has been expressed in many ways, and in many places, in the history of old and new. We find it in the delightful myth of Antaeus, who derives power from the earth; we find it among the subtle speculations of one of your splendid mathematicians, and in many hints and statements of thinkers of the present time. Throughout space there is energy.

Is this energy static or kinetic? If static our hopes are in vain; if kinetic—and this we know it is, for certain—then it is a mere question of time when men will succeed in attaching their machinery to the very wheelwork of nature.

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With bailout money, GM’s Chevy Volt delivery time gets “pushed back”

Posted by keelynet on August 26, 2009

Now that they got the bailout money, they can’t produce what they promised or at a reasonable cost, American corporate greed at work…bunch of lying pricks.

“The Volt has snagged a staggering 230 MPG rating in the city, but we should caution you that it’s not as cut and dry as GM would have you believe. The EPA has released “a new methodology for determining a draft fuel economy standard for extended-range EVs like the Volt,” and it’s that murky measurement system that has blessed Chevy’s wonder child with a triple digit MPG rating.

Now, for the bad news. This past Sunday, GM reportedly submitted a regulatory filing with the US Treasury, and while it can’t be taken as official word per se, it does provide reason to believe that the promised November ship date will slip to an undisclosed month and year. The report also noted that there is “no assurance” that it will qualify for any remaining energy loans to develop advanced fuel technology automobiles,…

/ General Motors has cast doubt over the long-term future of the Chevrolet Volt by claiming it may not be commercially viable and other rivals may overtake it with superior and more advanced technology. GM submitted a regulatory filing report to the US Treasury yesterday and CEO Fritz Henderson claimed its “disclosures are consistent with our commitment to remain transparent and to keep the public informed of our progress”. – Source

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Energy policy ‘too wind focused’

Posted by keelynet on August 26, 2009

This is right on target, too many eggs in one basket, we need to broaden our scope of research into self-contained energy sources.

“The UK must invest more in nuclear and clean coal energy and put less emphasis on wind power if it wants a secure low-carbon future, business leaders say. The CBI says government energy policy is “disjointed” and it is urging a “more balanced” energy mix.

“The government’s disjointed approach is deterring the private sector investment needed to get our energy system up to scratch, bolster security and cut emissions,” said CBI deputy director general John Cridland.

“While we have generous subsidies for wind power, we urgently need the national planning statements needed to build new nuclear plants. “If we carry on like this we will end up putting too many of our energy eggs in one basket.” – Source

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Climate Change ‘Will Cause Civilisation to Collapse’

Posted by keelynet on August 26, 2009

As much as some deny that mankind does seem to be negatively impacting the climate, it seems to me better to try to make it better than wait until it all goes to hell, then, if we are still around, whine and wring our hands about it. In this case, chicken little is the safer, more rational bet.

Consider, if the earth turns on us with major climate changes, food, energy, everything will be affected.

“An effort on the scale of the Apollo mission that sent men to the Moon is needed if humanity is to have a fighting chance of surviving the ravages of climate change. The stakes are high, as, without sustainable growth, “billions of people will be condemned to poverty and much of civilisation will collapse”.

This is the stark warning from the biggest single report to look at the future of the planet – obtained by The Independent on Sunday ahead of its official publication next month. Backed by a diverse range of leading organisations such as Unesco, the World Bank, the US army and the Rockefeller Foundation, the 2009 State of the Future report runs to 6,700 pages and draws on contributions from 2,700 experts around the globe. Its findings are described by Ban Ki-moon, Secretary-General of the UN, as providing “invaluable insights into the future for the United Nations, its member states, and civil society”. – Source

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Incoming Email about – DSF Fuel Saver Circuit

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

I have no connection with this company, just thought it was an interesting claim since the computer circuits in modern cars need to be adjusted to work with other fuels and this might be an answer.

“A new great find is the “DSF Fuel Saver Circuit” for $79.95 each – (Real easy install) Finally a circuit that covers all the modern sensors that tell an engine to flood it with gas. The DSF Circuit works by an exclusive process of Dynamic Soft-Flashing the ECU. A EFIE, O2 sensor, MAP/MAF adjuster all in one circuit! for a cheap price too!

Choose your make and model car. For OBD II cars and trucks only, (1996 & newer) Each “DSF Fuel Saver” comes programmed with a highly tuned map and a set of EPROM addresses that directly affect fuel efficiency.

When the ECU attempts to read the specific EPROM address, the DSF circuit patches the factory value with one from its tuned map. It’s exclusive patching algorithms to increase fuel efficiency across the map by up to 18%.

The FS1 specifically changes values that affect fuel delivery and timing, based on readings from the MAP/MAF, IAT, and O2 sensors. Works real good, along with your hydroxy gas generator. Many are trying it out with good results! Are you one that built a cell and found no real gains in MPG with a 1996 or newer car??

Well now we may have found a low cost cure for those “gas guzzling sensors” – Source

Posted in Ecology / Earth Science, energy, Gee Willikers!!!, Health, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on Incoming Email about – DSF Fuel Saver Circuit

Parrot Beats Investors in South Korean Stock Market Contest

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

Maybe its time to get another parrot…mine flew off a couple of years ago…

parrotstock108“A five-year-old parrot in South Korea has proved smarter than human investors in a stock investment contest. Ddalgi (Korean for strawberry), from Papua New Guinea, finished third in the six-week contest which ended on Wednesday, said Paxnet, an online stock market information provider. The bird competed with 10 stock investors. Each started with 60 million won (£29,000) in cyber money and traded 10 million won worth of stocks in each transaction. Human investors picked any stocks they wanted. The parrot, using its beak, made random choices from balls representing 30 blue chips including Samsung Electronics. “The outcome of our contest was amazing… Ddalgi stood third with her investment return standing at 13.7 per cent,” Chung Yeon-Dae, the Paxnet general manager said. Human investors averaged a 4.6 per cent loss, with only two outperforming the parrot – one by 64.4 per cent and one by 21.4 per cent. The human investors, who mostly chose to trade shares of small and medium-sized firms, each made an average of 190 trades over the six weeks. Organisers gave the parrot seven chances to pick shares over the same period.” – Source

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New Gold Extraction Technique Developed

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

This might be useful for anyone processing tailings or trying to recover gold.

“Russian scientists suggest a new technology for extracting gold and silver from complex solutions. Chemists finally found a less toxic alternative for cyanide, a reagent, widely used in gold extraction from ores and recyclable materials. New reagent, thiocyanate, works almost the same way as cyanide – it forms complexes with gold or silver. These complexes can be isolated via ion-exchange resins – they replace chlorine ions in an ion-exchange column. Then metal complexes are eluted from the column, and desired metals are extracted by means of electrolysis, for instance.” – Source

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Proof of moon landing hoax!

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

Really well done video hoax…..or….is it….real?

“Intended as a joke!! By putting a funny side on the seriousness of the moon landing ……If you believe Apollo was a fake, can use this as a sample of what you think could have been done. If you’re an Apollo believer, this video only serves to demonstrate no such actual evidence exists…..Reached 1 million views on 17/10/2008–22:42(GMT)” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science, Politics, space | Comments Off on Proof of moon landing hoax!

Windmills that produce Water Video

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

Novel but expensive, need to get the costs down and they could truly be a boon to anyone worldwide.

windmillwater108“The Water Wind Turbine sucks in air to make electricity used to cool the air to produce water. A 15 meter wind turbine can be installed in an hour. They currently cost 9,000-25,000 euros per device. Inventor Mark Parent says our 2nd largest water reserve is in the air. The Water Windmill produces 800 liters of water per day. (Thanks to Paul C. for the headsup. – JWD)” – Source

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Peggy Noonan on HealthCare

Posted by keelynet on August 15, 2009

An interesting approach, use what we have and improve on it for everyone…plus we need to make all politicians use the SAME health care system WE USE…just a bunch of self-serving pampered jerks who are supposed to be working FOR US!

“But I have an idea, and hear me out. You already have Medicare, a single-payer national health-care system for those 65 and older. Little Harry Truman was the first American to get a Medicare card in 1965, did you know that? LBJ hauled him in for a ceremony. Anyway, Americans like Medicare.

So here’s the plan. From here on in, every day, start talking about it: ‘Medicare this, Medicare that, Medicare.’ Get your people in Congress to focus on making the system ‘healthier.’ It’s rife with waste, fraud and abuse, everyone knows that. And there’s the demographic time bomb.

Come together in a great show of bipartisan feeling with our Republican friends and announce some serious cost-saving measures that are both legitimate and farsighted. Be Dr. Save the System. On thorny issues like end-of-life care, put together a bipartisan commission, show you’re open to Republican suggestions.

“Then, at the end, get your Democratic majorities to make one little change in the program—it’s now open to all. You don’t have to be 65. The uninsured can enroll. Do it in the dead of night if you have to, you’ve got the votes. “And then, and only because you’ve all made so many institutional and structural changes, you’ll have to give Medicare a new name. I’d suggest ‘The National Health Service.’

“Voilà. You now have the single-payer system you wanted. “Everybody wins. You get expansion, Republicans get cost control, the system is made more secure, and the public for once isn’t terrified.” – Source

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