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for fantastic soon-to-come amazing things…yeah, right…

New Police Siren: You’ll Feel It Coming

Posted by keelynet on May 4, 2011

Joe Bader tried setting the two tones of his invention four notes apart on the musical scale, but the result sounded like music, not a siren. Same thing when he played around with a five-note interval. But when he set the two tones apart by two octaves and gave the siren a test run outside the Florida Highway Patrol headquarters in Tallahassee, the effect was so attention-grabbing that people came streaming out of the building to see what the strange sound, with its unfamiliar vibrations, could possibly be.

A siren that would make people sit up and take notice — even people accustomed to hearing sirens all the time. Even people wearing ear buds or talking on the phone. Even people insulated from street noise by a layer of glass and steel. Even New Yorkers. Rumblers, as Mr. Bader called his invention, achieve their striking effect with a low-frequency tone, in the range of 180 to 360 hertz (between the 33rd and the 46th key on a standard piano keyboard), which penetrates hard surfaces like car doors and windows better than a high tone does.

When it is paired with the wail of a standard siren, the effect is hard to ignore — like the combination of a bagpipe’s high chanter and low drone, or perhaps like a train whistle and the caboose that moves that whistle through space. The Rumbler is no louder than a standard siren. In fact, it’s quieter — 10 decibels lower, which translates to only half the volume. But because low-frequency sound waves penetrate cars better than those at a higher pitch, drivers experience the Rumbler as much louder than a standard siren.

That’s good news for pedestrians who might prefer not to be deafened, though not necessarily for the officers in Rumbler-equipped cars. To spare the officers’ ears, the device cuts off after eight seconds. But the officers who demonstrated it for me said they had used it in repeated intervals for longer durations. And though Federal Signal describes the Rumbler as an “intersection-clearing device,” the officers also recounted using it while zipping up long stretches of highway.

“It’s like the Red Sea parting,” Capt. Christopher Ikone said. Low-frequency sound can have physical effects, like making you feel queasy. Enough, in fact, to be of interest to some weapons manufacturers, but their experiments take place at much lower frequencies and much higher amplification than the Rumbler employs.

In fact, despite the siren’s name, the rumbling effect is subtle — far less than what you experience when an Escalade rolls up beside you at a stop light, tinted windows lowered, custom speakers blaring and thunder bass thumping. Hearing a Rumbler while standing on the street, I felt a slight tingle under my ribs; in Officer Gallagher’s car, I felt a gentle reverberation on the seat. – Full Article Source

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Material Universe is solely made out of Waves in Aether

Posted by keelynet on May 4, 2011

Matter is made of waves. Nothing else exists but the aether. Yes, I realize that this may sound quite weird. However I know a lot about optics, waves and physics and this is why I strongly affirm the wave nature of matter. For example, one should answer this simple question: how does a photon work, from a mechanical point of view? Surely, nobody ever proposed an acceptable explanation. The point is that, as long as this question remains unanswered, nobody is entitled to believe that photons really exist. Up to now, it was just a convenient word hiding one’s ignorance. Additionally, there is absolutely no evidence of photons inside radio waves. There is no evidence of electric and magnetic fields inside them either because they may simply induce such fields inside matter as well without any need for carrying them all the way. Finally, the true nature of light, radio waves, electric and magnetic fields, gravity, energy, fields of force, electrons and matter itself is still totally unknown. Despite our immense knowledge, we are still standing in front of the Unknown. The goal is to find the truth. So our first step should be to propose hypotheses and examine them. Actually, this web site does explain all from a mechanical point of view. Nobody else ever proposed so many acceptable hypotheses. There are many revolutionary assumptions throughout these pages. If you are unable to propose some of your own, do not reject my ideas simply because they sound ridiculous. You should examine them first. And if you disagree with them, you need an acceptable reason.

Ray Tomes – Matter is made of spherical standing waves. A standing wave is a wave that may be thought of as two waves traveling in opposite directions.

For a particle, this means an incoming wave converging on the centre and an outgoing wave coming out of the centre, which is just the incoming wave after it travels through the centre. Seeing matter as real waves rather than just probabilities is consistent with the thinking of Schroedinger and de Broglie who established the important formula for the behaviour of particle waves.

My own studies are consistent with Milo Wolff, Yuri Ivanov and Gabriel La Freniere and lead to the formulae of relativity and quantum mechanics in a realistic way without any hocus pocus. Geof Hazelhurst and Karen Howie have developed a substantial web site on this.

See where the idea is explained a little more and where you will find links to all the people and animations mentioned in this video and much more. – Full Article Source

Gabriel LaFreniere – Interferences

Ray Tomes – Wave Structure of Matter

Yuri Ivanov – important part is 0-1:27, rest is junk

Dr Wolff Philosophy Physics Video: Wave Structure of Matter

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Nice Mexistim email

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2011

Received a nice email a few days back from a fellow who bought a Basic Mexistim from;

Hola Jerry!

Received your package and have to say the Mexistim is a great success.

My mom was sick, (we switched to raw foods and she was seriously de-toxing) and I mean she never ever gets sick,

so when she does its serious with high fever, she slept with the Mexistim and the next day her symptoms were almost gone,

along with large doses of MMS, it went away so quickly my mom couldn’t believe it!

We sleep with it every night and get much better sleep and more energy.

Thank you Jerry!

Wish you all the best,

The Basic Mexistim unit uses 3 volts DC where the polarity (positive or negative) is switched approximately every 15 minutes.

I received another email, this one from a Bruno in Paris asking about the research done by the Morre’s. The essence of my response is;

> *I am a Parisian (France), interested in your mexistim cleaner*
> *in fact it is a lot cheaper then the one sold at *
> *
> *

Note the relly high prices;
595.00 EUR = 807.579 USD
680.00 EUR = 922.947 USD

> *At Valemis, they mention a couple **James et Dorothy MORRE** who worked on
the periodic polarity switch, they claim the switch period to be better tuned at 12 minutes,
and Valemis claims further the best periodicity to be 11 minutes*

The fact is they probably took this from my Mexistim instructions where I found the article within days after it was published. As usual they are incorrect in their claims, see;

In 2003, James Morre, of the Purdue School of Pharmacy and Pharmacal Sciences, announced results of 4 decades of research into biological clocks with the following;

“The Morres found that cells increase in size at a periodic rate – they enlarge themselves for 12 minutes, then rest for 12 before growing again.

The complex interaction of proteins is the basis for many activities within cells, and James Morre theorized that some undiscovered proteins were responsible for the 24-minute growth cycle. A unique single cylinder-shaped protein molecule regulates the cell enlargement cycle.

This particular protein has two activities: one served as a catalyst for growth activities for 12 minutes and then rested while its other activity took over for the next 12 minutes.

They found they could produce clocks (artificially) with cycles of between 22 and 42 minutes.”

12 to 21 minute half cycles for alternating polarities. Thus, the MexiStim operates in a medium range of approximately 13-16 minutes.

It is NOT a precise function that applies to everyone. Best results are within 14-16 minutes which all my Mexistims have the option for. The Basic unit is about 15 minutes and the Universal can be set for about 3 or 15 minutes since interesting effects have been had with a more rapid switching time.

Still, overall the best results were at about 15 minutes which Lee Crock used on over 10,000 people with great success. We have a saying called Murphys Law – “don’t mess with what works” so when I started building the Mexistim I used the one that worked best, i.e. about 15 minute cycles.

This was one of my problems with Lee who used to charge $3000USD for a machine where it only cost him about $50USD to build it…I chastized him for it and suggested he would help a lot more people if he lowered the price to $500USD or so…but he said no…he had sold $900,000USD worth of machines!!! He offered me half for everyone I referred to him that resulted in a sale…thats $1,500USD…it was very tempting but I couldn’t live with myself knowing how simple it is and ripping off sick people.

A few years later he did lower it to $1,000USD but still that is way too much money for what is involved in building it. I detest gouging and its just not acceptable to take advantage of people looking for help with their medical or energy problems. That is why I set my price so low and have maintained them for about 9 years even though my costs have gone up.

I even posted the wiring diagram so that anyone could build a manually switched version on their own if they couldn’t afford to buy is posted within the article at;

Sure others charge a lot more but the basic machine works just fine at approximately 15 minute cycles so thats what I stick with. It is the one I use on my bed with an aluminum wirescreen I bought at the local hardware store and cut to a 3 X 4 foot sheet..

I place this on my mattress, then put a 1 inch thick foam pad on that and a sheet over the pad. The wirescreen is attached to my 15 minute cycle Mexistim which rests on a night table next to my bed. I leave it plugged into the AC/DC adapter so it runs all the time.

I change the batteries every 2 or so years but I check them and if they are below 1.5 volts, they are replaced…cost about $40US here in Mexico for Duracell or Energizer brand. Any brand will work even nicad. It is a cheap price for all the health benefits I get from it.

This way anytime I lie down to rest or sleep on the bed, I am bathed in the energy from the Mexistim. People tell me all the time I look much younger than I am and have a lot of energy for my age of 58. That is so and I attribute much of it to use of the Mexistim.

Many, many people bought my Mexistim and copied it with usually inferior or misunderstood ideas or construction and some make outrageous claims trying to pull in sales.

I am semi-retired so its not a NEED for me to sell the Mexistims..I only started it when so many people asked me for a cheaper version than what Lee was selling for $1000. He told me at our conference in Dallas back in 2001 I could sell my own version if I wanted but don’t setup a factory selling thousands a day…lol…no way…

For these others, they couldn’t care less about anything but more and more sales to make more and more money…you can tell it by their much higher prices…we have another saying in the states…follow the money…you usually find the source of the problem by using that. If thats all they care about is ripping off sick people, then its their karma.

What pisses me off is they so blatantly copy and use my material and my design…yes, it is based on Lees machine but I think is superior.

So many others quote the Mexistim documentation, anecdotes and tips without giving the source…but what can one do? I just go with the flow…

So I build and sell them as they are ordered…takes about 2 weeks for construction, testing and I mail them out using UPS which is fast and reliable.

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The Mysterious Energy that Makes Electricity & Magnetism Work

Posted by keelynet on January 30, 2011

Quote: “The Mysterious energy that makes electricity and magnetism work is perpendicular to both the electric and magnetic patterns, and establish a third plane of reverence which we call ‘Time Zone.’

This zone is not detectable or measurable with the standard electric or magnetic instruments. It responds to thought and can orient the magnetic pattern out of perpendicularity to the electric pattern.

If the magnetic field exceeds 87 degrees and coincides to the electric wave pattern, disintegration results in matter and it becomes energy.”

Someone sent me this and I thought it interesting. You might remember the book by Scully, ‘Behind the Flying Saucers’;

talks about this mysterious stranger Dr. Gee who had all this inside information and he goes into great detail about magnetic phenomena. (click the fullscreen button to more easily read it but it looks like
their scan clipped off part of the right side, rats)

Do a search on magnetism on their page and you find several…

“no two lines have ever been known to cross each other naturally, if crossed by accident you get disintegration and fire.”

“Anybody who could create such a magnetic disturbance could wipe out life on this earth in a second.”

“They had come to the conclusion that everything existed owed its shape to magnetic lines of force. He explained there are 1,257 magnetic lines per square centimeter, about a half inch.”

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The marketing of the Christmas Myth

Posted by keelynet on December 22, 2010

Christmas – Marketing, Papal and Imperial Decree
to Mold Beliefs and Increase Sales

Christmas Is Not the Birthday of Jesus. December 25 is not the birthday of Jesus. Although all Christian churches know this fact, they keep silent about it. There are no feasts of God in the churches!

If Christmas, December 25 is the day when Jesus was born, we should spend the day in a godly way. However, when December come, people indulge in merry-making.

“Christmas was neither established by God, nor based on the Bible.” – Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclesiastical Literature

“December 25 is NOT Jesus’ birthday, but the sun god’s. Christmas originated from a pagan festival for the unconquered sun.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

“In ancient Rome, there was a festival named Saturnalia from December 17 to 24. During this festival, people indulged in merry-making regardless of wealth or social position.” – History of the Christian Church

“December 25, from which the days begin to lengthen, was regarded as the birthday of the god Mithra.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

“On the pretext of breaking the faith in Mithra, the Roman Church enjoyed the festival by changing the ‘birthday of the sun god’ into the birthday of Jesus.” – James G. Frazer, The Golden Bough

“The Christmas tree originated from the pagan ritual of tree worship.” – Encyclopedia Britannica

“Enflaming yourselves with idols under every green tree,…” – Isaiah 57:5

“For of old time I have broken thy yoke, and burst thy bands; and thou saidst, I will not transgress; when upon every high hill and under every green tree thou wanderest, playing the harlot.” – Jeremiah 2:20

“Only acknowledge thine iniquity, that thou hast transgressed against the LORD thy God, and hast scattered thy ways to the strangers under every green tree, and ye have not obeyed my voice, saith the LORD.” – Jeremiah 3:13

“The image of Santa Claus with a white beard, in a red suit, was created in 1931 for a Coca-Cola ad.” – Illustrated by Haddon Sundblom

“It was after 354 A.D. that Christmas was celebrated on December 25.” – World Book Encyclopedia

“Christmas was neither established by God, nor based on the Bible.” – Cyclopedia of Biblical, Theological and Ecclestiastical Literature

Jesus’ disciples and apostles never kept Christmas!

The Bible says that “if people keep man-made rules, they worship God in vain.” – Matthew 15:8

Since all the churches are keeping man-made rules, there are no churches, that truly worships god!

“Let us not set aside Yahweh’s Feasts in favor of pagan leftovers.” “Therefore let us keep the feast, not with old leaven, neither with the leaven of malice and wickedness; but with the unleavened bread of sincerity and truth.” (1 Corinthians 5:8)

The History of Christmas: Pagan Yule-Tide, Tree Worship and the Real Birthday of Jesus Christ – Interestingly, Christians who hate Christmas do it because the Old Testament Judaism is adamantly against all forms of Paganism, sun worship, worship of mystery cults, etc. The assumption that Jesus was totally Jesus and has nothing in common with Pagan rituals, however, is rubbish.

Did Judaism naturally adapt and accept Jesus as Messiah? Is Jesus a small schism from the branch of Judaism? NO! It was passionately refused by Jews. Christians came to the Jews talking about how Jesus was the Jewish Messiah and got laughed at: for Jews he was obviously a pagan sun cult, a suffering and rising figure like other pagan religions. The attempt to combine this figure with the messiah was the height of blasphemy. THAT’S why all the early Christian preachers were stoned to death or crucified – by the Jews!

(Vendyl Jones, the inspiration for the movie version of Indiana Jones, lived in Arlington, Texas and I knew him. Vendyl and his group were looking for the Ark of the Covenant in the ‘Cave of the Blue Column’. Part of the purpose was to recover the sacred ‘ashes of the Red Heifer’ which would allow for the rebuilding of the Temple on the Mount. Vendyl used to give classes about the Torah and Jewish traditions. Vendyl said Jews used to say, ‘What do you mean, NEW TESTAMENT?’ Meaning how could people give up the much older original testaments for this usurper based on the copying of much older pagan traditions. – JWD)
Full Article Source

Watch this one first, then the attached 2nd video
“Pagans party to celebrate ‘Christmas’ Day”
Just the Facts

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How to receive Blocked Channels if you live outside the US

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2010

If you live outside the USA and want to receive blocked TV from the states, I would HIGHLY RECOMMEND you sign up for the very low cost services of;

I screwed around for weeks trying Modify Headers, FoxyPoxy, Hotspot Shield, VPN net, UltraSurf, Proxies..all were flaky, questionable or SLLOOWWW! Then I found! $21 for 3 months or $55 for 1 year.

I signed up for the 3 months for $21, paid with PayPal and they had me hooked up and online with Hulu and anything else I wanted within about 30 minutes. The online tutorial video shows how to set it up on your computer, SO EASY and QUICK!

I cannot tell you how DELIGHTED I AM with this service living in Mexico and I can choose whatever I want in English, fast, clean, easy to install. Once I have it on, I can’t SEND emails but its easy to Log out or Log back in when I want to watch TV or movies.

I terminated my $50US a month Megacable which had about 50% commercials and flaky programming, most of course in spanish, so now I save almost $600US A YEAR!!! My TV channels cover just about anything you want, news, comedy, TV shows, movies, documentaries, etc.. Will add more as they become available or I find out about them and test to verify no problems.

A new report shows that cable television companies lost 741,000 customers between July and September, representing the biggest quarterly drop ever since the media research firm SNL Kagan began compiling the statistics 30 years ago. – Full Article Source

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A form of ‘Health Maintenance’

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2010

I like to think of it as a form of ‘Health Maintenance’ where you don’t have to use it all the time…

just pump up the energy field to increase all the internal functions of the cells; iontophoresis (moving chemical ions through the body with electrical currents), apoptosis (programmed cell death), osmosis (backflushing) and other means the body uses to assist healing and tissue regeneration.

After the 2001 Dallas conference where Lee initially presented his discovery, it took me a couple of months before I finally hooked up a machine to a wirescreen on my bed.

That is when I noticed the beneficial effects which sold me on the basic claims.

In my experience, these effects included increased energy, better rest, allergies and muscle pains went away and other effects listed below.

When I lived in Dallas for some 25 years, I periodically had all of the symptoms listed below which is why I noticed as they dissipated and I realized it was after I starting sleeping on a 3 X 4 foot aluminum wirescreen pad on top of my mattress which was connected to my bedside Mexistim unit.

Others have written with their own experiences and anecdotes relating dissipation of arthritis, cancer, improved memory due to losses from Alztheimers and dementia as well as various other benefits.

If what Lee and many of us believe, that toxins in the cells can cause a variety of illnesses and symptoms, then anything that would help remove those toxins would remove the irritant and allow the body to heal itself.

In my opinion, the best thing anyone can do is try something and if it doesn’t benefit you, move on to something else.

Our best hope is we don’t try something which makes us worse! No one has ever experienced any negative effects from use of the Mexistim.

In my case, it has been quite beneficial for; 

1) Restful, sound sleep
2) Increased red cell count
3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
4) Increased overall energy
5) No headaches
6) No stomach pains or aches
7) No muscle pains
8) Weight loss
9) Increase urination
10) Lighter color, less smelly urine

Two other things that I’ve noticed (besides the list mentioned above), when I first used it, I had an increased desire for water which lessens over time. I attribute this to purging my body of toxins.

I have been sleeping on it now for about 9 years, using an approximately 3 X 4 inch wirescreen, covered with a 1 inch thick foam pad and a sheet over that. This way anytime I sleep or lie down, I am bathed in the energy from the Mexistim sitting on my nightstand. I leave the AC/DC adapter plugged in 24/7 and have changed my batteries three times in 9 years.

The second thing I notice is when I can’t sleep from too much energy, tossing and turning, I turn off the MexiStim.

After a few days, I turn it back on and for the first two days I have these incredibly vivid dreams, almost lucid!

As you know, no one can make claims of cures without running afoul of the medical establishment who themselves don’t have absolute cures.

Each person’s body is different with a constantly changing acid and alkali balance, varying daily stresses and other factors which affect healing.

We are basically living filters which trap all kinds of toxins and noxious materials from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe and which settle in our tissues to bring about a variety of illnesses, cancer and even organ failure.

Disclaimer : I make NO CLAIMS regarding any claims of cures or healing from using the Mexistim Polarity Cycler. All the Mexistim does is switch the polarity from batteries and that polarity is applied to one or more conductive wirescreens. Nothing more.

What I do relate are my own experiences and examples of email anecdotes regarding the experiences of others who have built their own or bought one of my Mexistim Polarity Cyclers as described and sold herein.

If you have health issues, please consult a qualified medical practitioner.

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Rare metal stores solar heat, makes ‘rechargeable solar battery’ possible

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2010

The remarkable material is known as fulvalene diruthenium. When a molecule of the substance absorbs sunlight it changes shape into a semi-stable, but perfectly safe, state. It can stay like this indefinitely until combined with a catalyst when it will snap back to its original form releasing a huge amount of heat.

This heat could then be used to heat a home. Most solar power device used today convert energy from the sun into electricity or heat but do not store the energy that is not used. When the heat is released, fuel made from fulvalene diruthenium is capable of becoming as hot as 200C.

‘You can use it where you want, on demand. You could put the fuel in the sun, charge it up, then use the heat, and place the same fuel back in the sun to recharge.’ The main obstacle to the new technology is the relative rarity of fulvalene diruthenium, making it extremely expensive to use. Fulvalene diruthenium comes from ruthenium, which is a rare, expensive hard white metal element of the platinum group.

Only about twelve tons of ruthenium are mined each year. It is also a byproduct of nuclear fission but the process to create it is extremely expensive. However scientists believe that now they understand how it works, other cheaper materials with similar properties will be found. – Full Article Source

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Calloway V Spiral Magnet Motor – V Gate: 02

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2010

Calloway V Gate on a skateboard wheel. For more info please visit Brought to you by – seeking simple solutions for a better world. Comment: Very awsome! We may be getting close to a self suficent motor…

But then we have the whole energy output for uses other than to keep itself running… If that makes sense… I belive we are getting there none the less! Great?job! – Full Article Source

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Shape-shifting robot can grip differently-shaped items

Posted by keelynet on December 7, 2010

The Jambot is a shape-changing robotic prototype being developed by a team led by University of Chicago Physicist Heinrich Jaeger and his group through a DARPA initiative. Also involved is iRobot, the company best known for the Roomba. He and [colleague Eric] Brown have designed a gripper using jamming and flexible structures that could replace a robotic claw.

A typical claw needs hinges, motors, and feedback sensors to prevent it from crushing the object it’s trying to hold, and the computational power to operate them. But Jaeger’s jamming-based gripper is more like a beanbag, flowing around the object and then holding it gently. “We came at this from a completely different perspective,” he says, “looking for a way to short-circuit this inherent complexity.” – Full Article Source

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