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Invasion through Belief

Posted by keelynet on November 26, 2010

A fascinating idea from the new Outer Limits in an episode entitled, ‘Revival’. Season 6 – Episode – 16 – Runtime 44:24 – Original Air Date: 21 July 2000

Ezra Burnham and his daughter Sarah are old hands at the business of faith healing. Ezra, a preacher who lost his faith when his wife died, is the front man, the one who lays his hands on the deaf and lame. But Sarah is the key to the act, working backstage and communicating with Ezra through a tiny earphone about the plants she’s scattered through the audience. It’s all going well until one day a strange young man in a wheelchair approaches Ezra near the end of a revival meeting.

Luke is not a plant, but when Ezra lays his hands on him, he not only rises from his wheelchair, his white Bible glows and he begins to float six inches off the ground. After the meeting, Luke and his mother Serna approach Ezra with a proposition.

Watch around 35:30 as Luke the alien masquerades as a human preacher and explains how invasion will come, not through war, but through believers… Luke (Peter Stebbings) and his mother Serena (Margot Kidder) approach evangelist Ezra (Gary Busey) with a proposition. If Ezra will teach Luke the secret of the revival circuit, Luke will continue to work his mysterious magic at Ezra’s side.

But Luke and Serena are no ordinary true believers. They are aliens who can devour a human being in seconds and who have come to colonize Earth, using religion as a tool. Ezra enters Lukes’ trailer and finds the white bible. Flipping through it he notices one corner of the inside binding is peeled back.

When he pulls it down, he finds an alien electronic circuit glowing and pulsing. That is when he realizes Luke and Serena are not from the planet Earth. Later Luke confirms this and explains why they chose Earth.

It is a perfect blueprint for invasion since so many feel the need to believe in technical effects as signs and proofs of god and magic, thereby inviting control and domination. – “Blind faith can lead us toward the light… or plunge us into eternal darkness.”

Luke: Or did you think I was truly divine, touched by the almighty himself?

Ezra: And whats your routine, smite thy enemies with the sword of righteousness? Thats about hatred.

Luke: It’s about the new message. It’s about empowering people and giving them what they really want. Someone to blame for their lot in life. A way out.

Ezra: No one is going to follow you.

Luke: Really…

Ezra: Really…

Luke: I don’t want to seem unappreciative, in fact I’ll even let you come along for the ride as long as you behave yourself. But don’t think you’re still in control.

Ezra: You are a product from the devil.

Luke: Haha, well, well, a believer after all, sorry Ezra, I’m not the devil.

Ezra: Yes you are.

Luke: Just a pilgrim, the first of many that will follow, we could never hope to enslave you using force, despite the trickery we are as frail as you are, but we are looking for a new home with a simple, impressionable race and I certainly found one here. You see, human beings love their freedom, but throw a little god into it and they’re willing to do almost anything. It took your religion a thousand years to take over a continent. It will take mine much less.

Ezra: You’re wrong. The people will find out what you are and thats a false prophet, they won’t follow you.

Luke: I wouldn’t be so sure…people want to be told what to think, they want something to believe in and someone to blame it on, I’m all of that.

(What if the religions of the world are clever psychological plants by aliens/invaders designed to infect the majority of populations and make it easier for a ‘2nd coming’? Where the believers will bow down as slaves because they choose to follow century old myths and legends. Instead of moving on and growing, they engage in ancient wars and vendettas whose end result is death and destruction of so many innocents?

And through the techniques of proselytizing, evangelizing, threats of death, castigation or expulsion from the mass of believers, others are forced to join, suffer (on many levels) or die. Not to mention the child abuse of forcing a child to believe what the parents believe.

These so-called ‘holy’ books, believed in their entirety, are nothing more than viral mental diseases designed to create perpetual discord and destruction in the weak minded for the sole purpose of preventing mankind from truly establishing a peaceful world where everyone lives a safe, productive, complete life without fear of retribution or war.

This is all very similar to the psychological tricks being used on us with the paranoid threat of terrorism at every turn in order to inflict increasing control of all aspects of our lives while enriching those behind it. The so-called terrorists must be loving all the discord the inflamed fears of them are producing, they are winning without lifting a finger, only because we fail to recognize how we are all being manipulated. – Relevant parts of the video were transcribed by me. – JWD) – Full Article Source


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