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Violet Light Technology Combats Hospital Infections

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

A pioneering lighting system that can kill hospital superbugs — including MRSA and C. difficile — has been developed by researchers at the University of Strathclyde in Glasgow, Scotland. The technology decontaminates the air and exposed surfaces by bathing them in a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths, known as HINS-light.

Professor Anderson said: “The technology kills pathogens but is harmless to patients and staff, which means for the first time, hospitals can continuously disinfect wards and isolation rooms.

“The system works by using a narrow spectrum of visible-light wavelengths to excite molecules contained within bacteria. This in turn produces highly reactive chemical species that are lethal to bacteria such as meticillin-resistant Staphylococcus aureus, or MRSA, and Clostridium difficile, known as C.diff.”

Dr Maclean added: “The clinical trials have shown that the technology can help prevent the environmental transmission of pathogens and thereby increase patient safety.”

The technology uses HINS-light which has a violet hue, but the research team have used a combination of LED technologies to produce a warm white lighting system that can be used alongside normal hospital lighting.

Professor Scott MacGregor, Dean of the Faculty of Engineering, said: “New approaches to disinfection and sterilisation are urgently needed within the clinical environment, as traditional methods have significant limitations.

“Decontamination methods involving gas sterilants or UV-light can be hazardous to staff and patients, while cleaning, disinfection and hand washing, although essential routine procedures, have limited effectiveness and problems with compliance.

(I remember an article long, long ago about the original Priore discovery that seems to not be on the net in its entirety. I’m not sure if it’s by omission or that few even know about it.

That article described the original Priore basement experiment where he was ill and in hiding. He always felt better after sleeping while bathed in a peach blossom violet color that was reflected from sunlight illuminated peaches in a basement that cured his illness and kept nearby oranges from rotting.

Seems like no one else saw this or remembers it because every article I’ve seen about Priore speaks only of the EM radiations as being key to his cures.

I suspect only years later did Priore realize this was too simple, that anyone could use a violet light and thats when the ‘revised’ history came about with the electrical equipment and the peaches and violet light part of it was removed from the story. This mutated into the godawfully complex and costly Priore tube which at its heart had…you guessed it, a powerful violet light. Think not?

“Tests made with the Prior machine on cancer tissues ALWAYS caused total remission in all tissues exposed to the peach blossom violet color which the machine emitted.”

“The second, more powerful Prioré machine produces a magnetic field of about 1,240 Gauss. According to one scientist, the machine contains a gas-filled vacuum tube which contains a plasma of mercury (blue) and neon (red) gas. A pulsed 9.4 Gigahertz electromagnetic wave is modulated onto a 17 Megahertz wave in this plasma. However, the true nature of the machine is revealed by the fact that the 9.4 Gigahertz wave is joined in the “lamp” by 17 radiations of unspecified frequency and nature.”

“The (Priore) machine was working during the visit to Floirac. One could see the exit of the tube beneath which the biological targets are placed. There was a certain amount of rumbling and crackling, and the pinkish luminescent plasma appeared to be turbulent.”

“The Master Violet Ray used different gas mixtures produce different glowing colours, usually purple, red, blue, or pink.”

“In 1892 Tesla met with Paul Oudin in Paris. They discussed ways of building therapeutic high frequency oscillators, and months later Oudin produced the first device that became known as the “violet ray.” Paul Oudin began to experiment with skin disorders. Acne, eczema and psoriasis were easily treated with the new device. After a few treatments the skin patches would begin to break up and disappear completely in 2-3 months. When the devices were used to spark warts or skin cancer, they often were removed within weeks. The violet ray often took away pain, and many times it was practically a miracle.”

“T. Henry Moray built a somewhat similar machine – though very much smaller – which provided a direct radiation from extensive “peach blossom violet” colored sparkgaps inside a quartz tube, and which greatly stimulated the health of an individual exposed to the radiation. In fact, the device would promptly cure the radiation burns Moray frequently suffered as a result of his continual experimentation with uranium compounds and other radioactive substances.”

“…red light – regardless of intensity – fails to dislodge electrons in metals, while even very low levels of violet light stimulate measurable electrical currents. Clearly the rate at which light vibrates has a power all its own.”

“The frequency of visible light is referred to as color, and ranges from 430 trillion Hz, seen as red, to 750 trillion Hz, seen as violet. Again, the full range of frequencies extends beyond the visible spectrum, from less than one billion Hz, as in radio waves, to greater than 3 billion billion Hz, as in gamma rays.”

Many inventors do this, complexify their simple discovery so they can patent and try to make money from it. Why would they reveal the original simple effect that would not benefit them finanancially? You can see the truth of it where T.H. Morays’ CosRay healing ray invention also used a peach blossom violet light source. As well, Dinshah used a bright violet/magenta light to heal cancers. – JWD) – Full Article Source


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