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Searls unending quest for investors +60 years now and STILL NOTHING

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2010

When you hear or read the name Searl, think MONEY before buying into his endless BS…he has been trolling for money and attention from gullible people for over 60 years without ever coming up with any working device. Claiming working Free Energy and Antigravity devices, the Holy Grail for many of us, yet nothing comes of it except that hand out for ever more money.

Don’t know if I ever told you but back when I was running the original Keelynet BBS out of my house (1988-1995), Anders Heerfordt had tracked down all the places Searl claimed he came from and got the real story.

Well, I was off work one night and was asleep when about 4:30AM I got a phone call from some guy yelling at me….he was cussing me out, calling me a liar and troublemaker and threatening to sue me and my KeelyNet.

I asked who the f**k is this and what did he want at this time of the morning…he said, ‘This is professor John Searl calling from the UK’…I told him the Heerfordt documents were sent to my BBS after Anders researched Searls’ claims and I posted the files, thats all there is to it.

He said he had been working on some big movie deal where he would get about $800,000 for rights to a movie about his life and that the producer had read those files and pulled the plug on the entire deal so he was hopping mad.

I told ‘professor searl’ until he could come up with hard evidence and quit always trolling for money with amazing stories that would refute
Heerfordts’ findings, I would not take the files down. Turns out those two files along with many other on KeelyNet had been wending there way all through the BBS networks and onto the internet where they could be found from a search.

The producer of this life story of Searl did the right thing by finding those reports. Searl was really pissed and slammed the phone down to hang up. I went back to bed..screw him..crazy old coot. As you know, years later we all met Searl and his keeper John Thomas…John was a cool guy though a total believer in Searls bullshit.

It was he who collected the information that led to those Matrix books that were so expensive. Don’t remember the exact year, but maybe around 1992 or so…I got a call from some young guy (28, 32 or so) claiming to be a millionaire who was funding Searl…he too was upset with the Heerfordt reports and wanted to ‘take me to dinner’…right…read the rest at – One of my Searl experiences
and this latest ‘movie’ Full Article Source and check out this video verifying Anders Heerfordts’ investigations as reported in
Article #1 and Article #2 of Searls’ claims for so many decades.

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