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Color therapy using your Plasma/LCD TV

Posted by keelynet on November 2, 2010

This article was inspired by an email suggestion. I’ve always been a big fan of Dinshah Ghadiali and his amazing SpectroChrome research as well as the weekly/monthly ‘new’ discoveries in PhotoBiology. Dinshah proved many times that a very bright, clear light shining through one or more precisely colored filters could produce miraculous healing in the body. How about instead of using the old style projector with all the color filters, instead you use your Plasma/LCD computer or TV screen to project those colors?

Quote Source – “Basic colour breathing is simple. Choose the colour you wish to project on yourself and place slide/s in a lamp/projector assembly. Some people use kinesiology (muscle testing) to test for the colour they need at the time. Dinshah’s Axioms are another way to derive a choice. Lay down or sit in the colour and breath deeply. Feel the colour filling your body, or direct the colour to the area you wish it to go to. This is purely subjective, and has definite effects on the consciousness at least, physiological effects can follow (and hence the claims of efficacy of the Spectro-Chrome System).

While some will argue that colour has no effect upon the body, try telling that to yellow jaundiced babies who are regularly prescribed blue lights in hospitals around the world. When it comes to health, one shouldn’t rely on external factors such as pills, potions, plasters and colour projectors. They all may help in specific circumstances, and this brief is not intended to cover this aspect.

I have seen colour work dramatically on physical conditions over the years, such as indigo light on severe sunburn and abrasions, or yellow light on the stomach to stimulate evacuation. But Dinshah’s system was more than colour, it encompassed diet and a specific way of living. If you eat healthy vital food you can expect to benefit from the living energies carried by them. If you eat devitalised food, then what do you expect in the way of vitality? Dinshah and others claimed that there was no use for colour when the system was in balance.”

I’ll never forget the guy who made a presentation at a Global Sciences Congress probably around 1992 or so. He was from Alaska and had this box, I’ll call it the ‘Alaskan Lightbox’, with a viewing window and a hand dial on the site. Inside was nothing but a very bright unfrosted bulb whose light passed through a mirrored column for a focused beam. There was a wheel that clicked for each of the 7 positions when you turned the dial on the side. At each of the 7 positions was a natural gem to produce all the colors of the rainbow. The beam was directed through the gem and into the eyes of anyone looking into the viewing window. He said he used selected natural gems because of the purity of their colors.

The presenter/inventor said you can think of our cells having little buckets of paint of different colors. When the buckets get low or empty, we get sick, diseased or incapacitated. So by looking into this machine at each of the 7 color frequencies you could ‘refill’ your paint buckets and restore health.

Interesting idea and fits so well with the Multi-Wave Oscillator and magnets where your body absorbs just what it needs and throws off the rest. Well, as at all conferences you find like minds so our little group talked with the inventor later and thought he might have something.

But here is the amazing thing…some of us had been on the same airport to hotel shuttle and when we boarded, this old man who looked about 70 had problems climbing into the shuttle and even walking. He was all bent over and in obvious pain with every movement. We helped him and on the ride he told us he was from some state up near Canada and had been in terrible health for many years. He had gone to many doctors with no success and a friend told him about this Congress so he figured he had nothing to lose by attending. We all felt so sorry for him and didn’t think he could be a shill (plant by the speaker to testify to some miraculous healing)…we helped him with his bags into the hotel and he said he could make it to his room ok.

And then the presentations so we forgot all about the man. I believe it was the 2nd day into the conference when the Lightbox guy from Alaska, Wayne something…gave his presentation…he didn’t test it on anyone, he just explained the theory, workings and said it worked for ALL health problems. That night we chatted about it while hanging out, but the next morning, we had gotten up an hour or so earlier than the first presentation so were sitting around after breakfast. We saw this same old man standing straight up…eyes shining, big grin on his face, he looked like a million bucks and we couldn’t believe the change, he was walking briskly and clearly not in any pain and feeling great.

He stopped to talk with us and we asked WTF? Did you get laid last night or what? He laughed and said no, he had gone up to the Lightbox guys’ room and looked into that machine for about an hour, switching to each of the 7 colors. He said intially he couldn’t even SEE some of the colors as they were
beamed into his eyes but as he looked at nothing, the color began to show and eventually he could see it in all its radiance..he said this happened on several colors and by the time he’d viewed all 7, he could see them all now.

He was puzzled and thought it was some trick but the Lightbox guy was nowhere near the machine which sat on the table and had a simple plug into the wall outlet. He said he experienced no immediate effects and shuffled back to his room thinking that didn’t work either so he figured this was a wasted trip. BUT, he said when he woke up this morning, he had no pain and literally jumped out of bed like a kid…he moved around and did some bending to see to what extent he had improved and all his pains for so much of his life were miraculously GONE!

You can imagine all of us sitting there with our jaws dropped as we looked at NIGHT and DAY for this man. I don’t know if others tried the machine but this was as close as we got to anyone who had tried it. It made such an impression on me that I never forgot it. I don’t recall him ever offering to sell the Alaskan Lightbox device or copies of it, he was an experimenter who wanted to present his findings and let others try the machine. It was remarkable that he explained all that he did without expectation of financial reward or fear of being ripped off with so many crooks out in the world. I regret I didn’t get a complete list of the gemstones he used, their order in the wheel, the lightsource/wattage and how he measured the gemstone color frequency to sort through sample gems and find the ones that would work best.

Remember the ‘Breastplate of Aaron’, brother of Moses? Twelve stones each set in a gold setting placed on a piece of material, (cloth), nine inches square. Each stone had one of the twelve tribes of Israel engraved on it. Gem-stones are used in this example, the exact color of the stones is not known since stones can vary greatly in their colors. There were four rows of stones: 1st row: a Sardius, a Topaz and an Emerald. 2nd row: a Turquoise, a Sapphire and a Diamond. 3rd row: a Jacinth, a Agate and a Amethyst. 4th row: a Beryl, a Onyx and a Jasper.

Long ago, I read somewhere that an occult secret was the true placement of the stones should be in the form of a cross on the front of the body in a vertical column that lined up with the spine and a bar across the chest. The claim being that the stones energized the chakras and the heart to produce mentally controlled phenomena. The point here is gemstones somehow linking to bioenergy. Some sites on the net state the breastplate was to be worn in the meeting/speaking place and from the breastplate came the voice of god. Crystals as acoustic transducers, fascinating! Maybe each crystal, by shape, type and size acted as a sonant filter so when all were stimulated together with high voltage from the Ark of the Covenant they could form a synthetic voice. Who knows?

A bit more of interest…looked up the colors for the 12 gemstones in the Breastplate of Aaron and only 7 of them are transparent;

#1 Topaz blue,

#2 Emerald green,
#3 Sapphire yellow, blue, purple, pink or red,
#4 Diamond blue, yellow, brown, green, purple, pink, orange or red,
#5 Jacinth red,
#6 Amethyst violet, purple,
#7 Beryl green, blue, yellow, colorless, pink & others.

While Onyx, Jasper, Sardius, Turquoise and Agate are not transparent.

Absolutely something occult going on here with exactly 7 being transparent as in the Alaskan Lightbox. So are the other 5 stones that are non transparent just fluff that don’t add to the powers attributed to the Breastplate? A good magician misdirects to confuse the viewer. So too could hidden information be masked by extraneous additions which only those who understood could interpret and know what to cast aside as fluff.

Colors: #1 Red, #2 Orange, #3 Yellow, #4 Green, #5 Blue, #6 Purple(red and blue – HTML code varieties – #66023C Tyrian, #5218FA Han, #7851A9 Royal, #BF00FF Electric, #800080 Html/Css, #A020F0 X11, #9370DB Medium, #9F00C5 Munsell) and #7 Violet. Or according to these color wheels; Red, Yellow, Green, Cyan, Blue, Magenta. Check out HTML Codes for Pure Colors.

So thats one reason I think Dinshah was way, way ahead of science with respect to uses of light in the body. And the same for the MWO where the user sits between two circularly polarized high voltage antennas that broadcast millions of frequencies through the body. The body resonantly captures what it needs and restores natural energy levels to assist in healing and rejuvenation.

This TV/LCD chromotherapy idea would be a killer app if it really works and the colors you get are the right ones to treat whatever health issues you might have. – JWD for KeelyNet – Full Article Source

Try this Experimental Chromatherapy Color Chart
for FullScreen Colors on your Plasma/LCD Display


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