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Archive for October 27th, 2010

Increasing Bio-Energy

Posted by keelynet on October 27, 2010

A few times a week I receive emails asking if the MexiStim Polarity Cycler can alleviate a specific problem. Of course I can’t say that since I don’t know unless I’ve experienced it for myself. All I can do is reference my own experiences and those sent in as anecdotes from other Mexistim users.

I then refer people to the wiring diagram so they can put together a simple manually switched version to try it out on their own.

A recent email from a lady said she had a ‘thyroidectomy’ and since then has problems with her energy level. Tiring easily and can’t seem to get charged up like she could before. So I suggested Vitam B12 injections which produce a temporary energy lift as well as a few other items.

Then I remembered this new device that shines bright light in each ear and is claimed to increase energy, so I figured I would post it for easy reference, along with some associated information.

Energy Boosting Earlight – Finnish inventors have created a new method for warding off the winter blues this season—by shining bright light into the ear.

An Oulu-based company’s bright light headset increases light exposure by bringing light close to the brain via the ear canal. The company Valkee Oy argues that the eyes are not the most effective route to deliver light to the brain, but the ear canal is since this is where the skull is thinnest.

So far, the company has tested the headsets on 50 people who suffer from seasonal affective disorder, or winter depression. These test subjects are said to have experienced relief in terms of their symptoms.

However, further tests are needed, as it’s still somewhat of a mystery as to how light therapy through the ear actually works. “A generally held assumption is that bright light can only affect mood through the eyes. But very little scientific proof of this exists,” says Valkee’s CEO Juuso Nissilä.

The conventional bright light lamp, often attributed to boosting mood and energy, has been popular in Finland for years. The headset delivers an amount of light equal to what a person living in the Mediterranean would normally soak up. Valkee recommends a dose of between 6 and 12 minutes a day several times a week. – Full Article Source

Sun Light Shower Baths pep up weary Congressmen (Dec, 1929) – CONGRESSMEN in Washington now resort to sun light baths in the turkish baths of the House of Representatives office building when they become jaded.

Weary from their intensive work and political worries congressmen find that these sun baths restore their “pep.” The lights, when the treatment is taken for ten minutes each day, give the patient the same benefits as if he were spending a couple of weeks at one of the southern winter resorts.

Not only do the lights invigorate, but they also give the patient an artificial tan. These same kind of lights were used to treat the King of England.

The busy men do not find it necessary to disrobe to derive the full benefit of the sun shower baths and seated before the showers the health-giving rays bathe them from head to waist. Masks are worn over the eyes as a protection from the powerful rays. – Full Article Source

Light at night may lead to weight gainPersistent exposure to light at night may lead to weight gain, even without changing physical activity or eating more food, according to new research in mice.

Researchers found that mice exposed to a relatively dim light at night over eight weeks had a body mass gain that was about 50 percent more than other mice that lived in a standard light-dark cycle.” – Full Article Source

Sleep duration adds to Longevity – A new study, derived from novel sleep research conducted by University of California, San Diego researchers, suggests that the secret to a long life may come with just enough sleep.

Less than five hours a night is probably not enough; eight hours is probably too much. – Full Article Source

Carbon Arcs – Also I remember an old article about using electricity to produce carbon arcs from carbon rods. The claim was it produced a super bright, UV rich ‘actinic’ radiation which penetrated the body easily and killed many pathogens, viruses and bacteria as well as being very beneficial for the body. But the rays were very powerful and could burn you from too long an exposure.

Ozone and Electrical Stimulation – Tesla also wrote of the healing effects from bathing in high voltage such as with the Lakhovsky MWO which I think would be assisted by breathing ozone. My understanding is ozone produced using ambient air, which is 78% nitrogen can produce nitric acid that can burn and pit the lungs, but ozone generated from pure oxygen is very beneficial and harmless.

A friend in Dallas had ozone generators on all the time in his house where he worked, lived and slept with NO harmful effects. He was never sick that I can recall. He was adamant that ozone is not dangerous and tested it on himself for many months with no harm or negative effects.

Would be interesting to split water into hydrogen and oxygen, then use the oxygen to produce the ozone.

I remember when we did the ZAP Dallas show in Dallas back in 1988, I routinely shot 900,000 volts from my fingertips (wearing thimbles with a nail welded on the end else it would burn my fingers). During the show everyone breathed ozone from the 2.3 million volt Tesla coil but since I was the shooter, I got the most.

Man, talk about feeling WIRED after every show from breathing all that ozone and having all that energy coursing over my skin…I’ll verify high voltage really does get you energized (no pun intended). Plus it also kills warts! I had 1 on one hand and 2 on another, had them for years and I noticed about a week into the 2 month series of shows, my warts were gone!

Mexistim – Finally there are the many (including myself) who benefit from extra energy and sound sleep by using the Mexistim, you can read about that at the Mexistim site link that follows;

MexiStim Polarity Cycler

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