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Viscosity, Negentropy & Time Reversal

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

Viscosity – the property of a fluid that resists the force tending to cause the fluid to flow.

Negentropy – is the force that seeks to achieve effective organizational behavior and lead to a steady predictable state.

So entropy produces chaos and total disorganization and negentropy produces order out of chaos.

This is a way cool demo of negentropy. Think of reversing time as on the old Bewitched show where Samantha twitched her nose to restore a broken vase or mirror. It just so happens is showing early versions of Bewitched, they are delightful!

Would it not be cool if we could produce localized negentropy to reverse time and take something back to its earlier state? It might be what happens inside a pyramid when it is resharpening a razor blade.

There is a connection to Sheldrakes morphogenetic fields and Burrs’ life field where all masses exist through time like comic book pages, changing a bit each day, from birth, to youth, maturation, old age, then death.

Each of these periods are recorded in the field of the object or body and can be recalled and possibly ‘replayed’ to keep it perpetually in that state.

In the case of the pyramid with the razor blade, when you look under high magnification at the very sharp edge of a razor when it is new (left side of the photo), you’d think it would be a solid line with no cutouts. Instead it looks like sideview of a moutain range, with smalls peaks and valleys.

Over time and with shaving, the blade micro peaks become broken as do the valleys. A high magnification inspection of a used blade (right side of photo) shows very pronounced peaks and valleys.

Supposedly the energy field of the blade remembers where its earlier small peaks and valleys were, like the phantom limb effect experienced by amputees.

If placed in a pyramid for a few days, the energy inside causes the metal crystals to REGROW to fill up the phantom sections and restore the blade almost to a new condition.

Now the pyramid energy has been claimed to be microwaves but I don’t know of anyone who has measured it. The point here if every object has a map, an ‘atavistic’ memory of all it has been, then it might be possible to revert back to the chosen period and restore any defects that would have occurred due to aging.

This very theory and a bit more is what inspired me to study electronics in hopes of one day making a system which could map your body to whatever period it HAD BEEN, then you could restore your body to that condition and wear an electronic bracelet which would maintain that condition in a perpetual loop.

Alas, my thinking is too crazy for those with money. Kind of stupid really when we are all going to die, so why not spend your money on such researches if there is any possibility it could be achieved.

I happen to think there are people who have learned to live hundreds, even thousands of years, but keep their mouths shut about it. Like Asokas Nine Unknowns (look it up).

This post is about negentropy and I’ve taken it to rejuvenation, but I think it’s not so hard to follow…that we can restore a damaged object to a former condition…depends on the extent of the damage.

If the pyramid energy thing works, why could we not take our old car and put it in a giant pyramid and let it regrow all the damaged parts…maybe its too complex. Always seeking one or more far seeing investors so Research continues… – Full Article Source


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