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Rock Salt to accelerate Heating on Charcoal?

Posted by keelynet on October 21, 2010

Here in a Mexican plaza there is an old lady who roasts corn on the cob to sell. She burns charcoal on which she sprinkles rock salt supposedly to increase the heat. I talked to Suzy at the Cucumber Cafe and she said yes, salt produces more heat and she thought ‘everyone knew that’..uh…ok. Found nothing about it on the net so it’s new to me, or I just forgot it.

This reminded me of the late inventor John Kanzius who discovered a means to burn seawater/saltwater. Salt water as fuel; #1 Article and this #2 Article.

1500C or 3000F when saltwater is burned and can produce steam to drive a turbine for transportation or to run a generator to make electricity. Heat breaks down hydrogen/oxygen bond in water.

Notice the bright very pure yellow of the flame which I think is coming from the sodium that makes up salt (sodium chloride). You see this all the time in sodium lamps used for parking and street lamps. Yellow light also repels insects.

How it works:

1. A generator emits 200 Watts of 14-megahertz radio waves.
2. The waves bombard a solution of regular table salt and water.
3. Exactly what happens next remains a mystery, but one theory posits that the sodium chloride may weaken the bonds between the strong oxygen and hydrogen atoms in water. Radio waves break apart the bonds and liberate flammable hydrogen gas molecules.
4. A match ignites the hydrogen, generating an intense flame.
5. The resulting heat powers a simple engine.

The saltwater phenomenon happened by accident when an assistant was bombarding a saline-filled test tube with radio waves and bumped the tube, causing a small flash. Curious, Kanzius struck a match. “The water lit like a propane flame,” he recalls.

“People said, ‘It’s a crock. Look for hidden electrodes in the water,’ ” says Penn State University materials scientist Rustum Roy, who visited the Erie, Pennsylvania, inventor in his lab in August after seeing the feat on Google Video. A demo made Roy a believer. “This is discovery science in the best tradition,” he says.

Roy thinks the sodium chloride in the water may weaken the bonds between the oxygen and hydrogen atoms, which are broken free by radio waves. It’s these gas molecules that are igniting, he explains, not the liquid itself. Tests show that the reaction disappears once the radio waves stop. Roy plans to conduct more tests to get to the bottom of the mystery.

Sodium magnetic resonance of aqueous salt solutions – The sodium resonance is obtained when the frequency is changed to 15.871MHz, and the homogeneity is excellent (0.5Hz at 15.871MHz).

Microwave Ovens and Water – The microwave spectrum is usually defined as electromagnetic energy ranging from approximately 1 GHz to 100 GHz in frequency, but older usage includes lower frequencies. A microwave oven passes (non-ionizing) microwave radiation (at a frequency near 2.45 GHz) through food, causing dielectric heating by absorption of energy in the water, fats and sugar contained in the food. Water in the liquid state possesses many molecular interactions which broaden the absorption peak. In the vapor phase, isolated water molecules absorb at around 22 GHz, almost ten times the frequency of the microwave oven.

(Note #1: Keely claimed 42,800Hz was the disruptive frequency for the water molecule, which would appear to have been in the vapor phase, not as a liquid. I can see if he used ultrasonics to create a mist from one or more drops of water, then the 42,800Hz could further disrupt the molecule. If you take 22GHz (22,000,000,000) and keep dividing it by 2 you eventually get 41,961.67 hz which is just 838.33Hz difference. I find it MORE than a bit remarkable that Keely would find this frequency using his own research equipment in the late 19th century? – JWD)

(Note #2: The Kanzius generator emits 14MHz radio waves which is 1.871MHz below the sodium frequency. What would happen if they tried 15.871MHz? Would it be more efficient? Sodium is a soft metal which has a body-centered cubic crystal structure. High intensity radio waves near or at the sodium resonant frequency would cause intense, focused heat from each sodium atom which would help vaporize water and ignite the hydrogen and oxygen. – JWD) – Full Article Source

Sodium Burning Yellow in Air
Sodium Chloride (salt) burns Orange

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