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Archive for October 15th, 2010

My Orgasm Question

Posted by keelynet on October 15, 2010

This has bugged me for a very long time. Years ago I bought a book by an old Doctor who had been a General Practitioner most of his adult life. He had many stories and words of advice in the book.

One chapter said understanding the differences between the sexes was easy. It’s just a mattter of plumbing. A man has very little nerves and blood vessels in his sex organs so it is very easy for him to get excited and get off, then move on to other activities. Less plumbing means excitation and satisfaction happens much faster. Most guys don’t like to cuddle and hang around once they’ve achieved orgasm because the blood recedes and their cells are no longer engorged with blood, therefore are not as sensitive as when all swelled up.

But in women, they have many more blood vessels, so it takes foreplay to give them enough time for their their blood vessels to engorge the cells. They too swell up, are then sensitive and ready for release via an orgasm. Once achieved, their swollen cells and blood vessels must now drain back to some equilibrium with the rest of the body. That means cuddling.

And that is the basic difference between men and women, plumbing. Once you understand how it all works, you realize why women need the additional time before and after for a thoroughly satisfying experience.

So when excited, blood pressure causes the cells to swell up and the nerves to stretch, thin and become more sensitive over a greater surface area. Much like a Van De Graf generator or Tesla coil, more surface area means more voltage can accumulate. In this case, more surface area from swollen cells means more blood and possibly a higher electrical charge on the cell surface.

Now that is my understanding at this late stage of life but still, I have one question. Why is it that sperm coursing through an engorged penis feels so damned good? That short time of 5-30 seconds is as close to heaven as we can get in this world and I think everyone wants to extend it as long as possible. That is why rats with brain implants in their orgasmic centers will choose to lay on the paddle that stimulates orgasm and STARVE TO DEATH rather than press the paddle that gives them food.

So what is it that actually produces the orgasmic sensation? Is it the SPERM itself spurting through the urethra with pressure? Or is there some chemical or electric component for which I have yet to find the answer?

“During sexual arousal, some of the sperm in the epididymis are propelled by smooth muscle contractions along the vas deferens (plural: vasa deferentia). When the vasa deferentia meet the urethra, the sperm mix with fluids made by the seminal vesicle and prostate, forming semen.

Finally, during orgasm the semen is propelled through the urethra by more smooth muscle contractions and ejaculated. The smooth muscles in the male reproductive system are not under conscious control; they contract and relax according to signals from the autonomic nervous system.”

I find it fascinating enough that rubbing (lets call it fruction) produces a pleasurable sensation but that ejection of sperm magnifies that sensation ten fold at least. Producing those toe curling, body shaking, giggling uncontrollably, delicious sensations that never last long enough.

Purely in the interest of science (ahem), just rubbing sperm on swollen tissue does nothing but make a mess…no sensation, no pleasure, nothing remotely like an orgasm.

Only when it shoots through the vas deferens and urethra do we get that addictive sensation of orgasm.

Could it be those muscular contractions? Or maybe some chemical or reaction when the “sperm mixes with seminal fluids to form the semen”?

I continue to I still can in my quest to discover the secret of producing and sustaining an orgasm as long as you want.

I’m sure too much of a good thing will jade us all…like in the movie ‘Brainstorm’ where they had an 8 channel sensory mapping ribbon of tape. They mapped all kinds of experiences and when played back, the viewer would experience those sensations as if they were actually doing them.

Of course, one guy had to tape hot sex and orgasm with his girlfriend. That orgasm section was cut out and made into an endless loop. When the guy tested it, he became so addicted they found him hours later shaking and quivering with every pass of the orgasm section.

The problem was, once removed from the machine, he still experienced spontaneous orgasm reactions which ruined him for life. This is what David Hudson said happens to those who take his ‘white powder’ (Ormus) made from gold.

Moderation in all things is the word of the day with such technology and applies to any desire that could easily become an addiction if you don’t learn to control it. Just enough but not too much, yeah, thats the ticket.

Research continues…………….

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