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The Chernetski Plasmatron

Posted by keelynet on September 9, 2010

The Plasmatron creates more electricity than it consumes created by Chernetski, he died suddenly. The device demonstrates the ability to transform a pure dieletric field energy into any sized KW output.

Classical physics cannot explain what happens when a plasma discharger placed in the Chernetski circuit is started: for no apparent reason the ammeter pointer shows triple strength-of-current increase [sic] and energy output is several times above input.

The plant’s efficiency is much more than 1. Prof Chernetski, author of the first-ever study paper on plasma diagnostics equipment (he has been in this field for 40 years now) and 20 inventions, never knew what probing into specific unstable plasma states at strong-current discharges could have led to.

In the early 70s, he and fellow-researcher Yuri Galkin worked on a basically new type of high-frequency plasma generator which could at high power do without unwieldy energy converters. In one test, they discovered a decided input-to-output energy gap. [sic] “I knew electron drift begins in plasma and sought to deduce a combination of variables in which fluctuating plasma instability emerged in discharge,” Chernetski says.

“Gas discharge was meant to serve as a powerful stimulator of electromagnetic modes and, all of a sudden and in defiance of the law of conservation of energy, a strange energy IMBALANCE was produced. Repeated experiments with different circuits proved energy output to be ALWAYS GREATER than input.” The mysterious discharge stimulating additional energy extraction was called the “self generating discharge (SGD)”.

Measurements showed that part of the discharge power went back into the network as if two series-connected electromotive forces were at work. This is how he explains his miraculous experiment: “The self-generating discharge emerges when the discharge current reaches a definite critical density, when the magnetic fields they create ensure magnetization of plasma electrons and they begin to perform MOSTLY CYCLOID movements.

The interaction of currents with their magnetic fields forces the electrons to deviate to the CYLINDER-SHAPED discharge axis and the electrical field emerges. It has proved to ‘switch on’ the physical vacuum: in this field the vacuum is polarized and consequently the virtual pairs begin to move in a definite direction, instead of chaotically.

The virtual positrons accelerate plasma electrons, giving them part of their energy. The current in the circuit builds up and additional energy is discharged on the resistor switched into the discharge circuit. Clearly, only part of the tremendous vacuum energy is extracted. “We’ve developed several circuit versions which can find application.

In the later experiment with an input power of 700 watts, the energy extracted by the generator load resistance was three kilowatts, or nearly five times more. This is by far not the limit and with more powerful plants and the corresponding calculations; megawatts of free electricity can be produced from a minimal power source.” – Full Article Source


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