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Free energy from wave-fields

Posted by keelynet on September 9, 2010

There is an engineer in Hungary Janos Vajda who dedicated his whole life to the science, specifically to the microwave technology. He worked with radio locators mainly for the military forces, and had several inventions in the field of microwave technology.

Since many of his measurements proved that the energy preservation thesis is not generally valid in wave-fields, he started to seriously research this “unbelievable” phenomena also from theoretical point of view, to see where is the mistake in the official scientific approach that upholds the validity of energy preservation under all circumstances.

The title of the study written by Janos Vajda is “Violation of The Energy Thesis in Wave-Fields “. Since primarily it was meant for the people of science – as an exact scientific paper – it contains a lot of equations, which might discourage many people from reading it (since for its understanding the knowledge of higher mathematics is required).

But even if you can not understand the mathematical demonstration now, it is worth saving the complete study to your computer for later reference, as it has great scientific significance which will become evident only later. You can use it as a scientific evidence about the invalidity of the energy preservation in wave-fields, and as a firm base that justifies and urges further investigations in the field of free energy research. It is enough to read the explanations and very important conclusions (leaving the mathematics aside) in the study, to get a picture about the essence of the discovery.

Mr. Vajda has invented a free energy device based on these principles and a patent application has been filed (Title: APPARATUS FOR GENERATING AND UTILIZING SURPLUS ENERGY BY MEANS OF ELECTROMAGNETIC WAVES, Number: P9601424, Application filed: 05/28/1996). If anyone wishes to invest into the full development and utilization of that invention, (or into book-format publishing of his study) please contact us.

The basic principle of deriving free energy from wave-fields can be understood even without higher mathematics. If we would have to summarize the essence of Mr. Vajda’s discovery in few sentences without maths, the following explanation could be given:

When two waves with identical polarization, frequency, phase and amplitude propagate in the same direction and meet (and merge) in free space, then their amplitudes will add together and the amplitude of the resultant wave will be double that of a single input wave. This physical phenomenon is called superposition or interference of the waves, when (under the above conditions) the amplitude of the resultant wave is calculated by simply adding together the amplitudes of the incoming waves.

The energy content of a wave is directly proportional with the square of its amplitude. This fact has a profound impact on the energy balance of the wave-fields.

Calculating the energy balance of the above example, we get that if two units of energy enter the system, then the energy of the output resultant wave will be (calculated as the square of the resultant’s amplitude, that is) four times that of one single input wave (and not only double). As we see, two units of energy enter the system and four units leave, that means we have gained two times more energy then what we have feed into it. If we take two units of energy from the output and feed it back into the input, then there are still two units remaining for utilization and the process can go on continuously.

A further question is that if an excess of energy appears, or an existing energy disappears as the result of the interference of waves, then from where does it come from, or to where does it disappear? In the case of longitudinal waves propagating in a medium one might imagine that the excess of energy is derived from the heat of the medium and the energy that disappears is transformed into heat (although this is not the complete truth).

But the case of electromagnetic waves is a bit more mysterious. If we stick to the idea that when the electromagnetic waves propagate in vacuum, in that empty space there is no medium, then there is certainly no explanation for the question. But if we suppose that there is a medium that fills even the vacuum, which might be called ether (it does not have to be a static medium), then we get some base for the explanation.

If we make a positive feedback, then the initial external energy source can be disconnected from the apparatus without stopping the generation of free energy. Naturally the divider and regulator should feed back enough energy to continuously keep up the process and also to cover the losses in the feedback loop. The schematic illustration of the process is shown in fig. 2.

Although at first sight the less than 50% of energy gain of the interference chamber seems to be unimpressive in our example, with such an arrangement the maximum available output energy is limited only by the energy conducting capacity of the parts.

After starting the device the input energy source can be disconnected, and the energy generation process will be self-sustaining. During the startup process the regulator feeds back more energy to the input then what has started the amplification cycle.

Consequently the amplitude and energy of the wave circulating in the system will continuously increase from few watts of the starting input to the several kW to be utilized at the output. Since there is no further need for input energy, the coefficient of performance of the device will be infinite. The level of output energy can be adjusted through the regulator, and it does not depend on the strength of the starting energy source.

While few watts of input power can start the process, the device can provide several kW of power continuously at the output, even with the external starter energy source disconnected. Using sound waves in practice it might be difficult to achieve noteworthy outputs, since the practical limit of energy density is quite low in such arrangements. But using electromagnetic microwaves it is possible to make very efficient, relatively cheap and compact devices, without any moving parts.

The output of such generators can vary from several kW to the range of GW depending on the size and types of the components. As you can see, this is a real free energy principle that works, and it has been confirmed by measurements and scientific analysis.

It is based on the law of interference and on the equations for calculating the energy density of a wave, that are already accepted by science. No new theory has been created, only the existing knowledge clarified and interpreted in the correct way, and its possible new applications suggested. / In 2009, Dr. Janos Vajda, Founding father of Energetics in wave fields, passed away in Budapest, Hungary.

Please note that these over unity devices almost all of them work based on constructive interference. This means that you emit EM pulses from a minimum of 2 places and phase their interference in a way (superimpose) that excessive energy is extracted from the ether during the interference called interferometry.

Basically, this means that there is no free energy since the device simply “nicks” (extracts) energy from the sorrunding environment by applying constructive interferometry in 3D space.

Also see Annihilation of Energy to produce Over-Unity – …two unlike polarities (positive against negative) can be thrown against each other and instead of annihilating, the primaries will increase in number, by as much as 18% more than the original energies….from EACH collision of opposites.

Also see Specific Speed – ‘What is Specific Speed?’ To resume then: If molecules revolve, as science declares that they do, then it is not unreasonable to assume that some kinds of atoms revolve more or less swiftly than other kinds. Sec. 156.

“Another point occurs to me here: If those elements that combine to produce a new element – whose properties have no resemblance to the parent substances – are possessors of opposite directions of axial rotation, then when these substances are brought into contact, the friction produces heat, tending like a brake applied to a wheel, to retard each.

But as long as each atom moves and remains in contact, they continue to retard each other, each Specific Speed continually losing or gaining some of its momentum. Sec. 157.

“Then the analogy of the solar spectrum previously instanced and the assumptions I made therefrom, would enable us to perceive that the new Specific Speed, produced as a result of retardation, would cause a different sensation, or different degrees of sensation.

Thus, two high speeds would probably so retard each other, according to their direction of axial revolution, as to bring them out of the realm of the invisible into the visible.

An example of this may be found in water. Here two gases combine, and immediately they come under the domination of gravitation, because the speed is so reduced as to overcome the neutralization of gravitationl attraction which their previous velocity caused. Sec. 161.

“Specific Speed offers the most reasonable explanation, it appears to me, for when two definite speeds, each different, unite to retard each other, and thereby produce a new Specific Speed, of course, the behavior of the new Specific Speed in company with the second Specific Speed would be different from the action of the parent speeds mixed with the same agent.

Also see Larry Spring’s Spherical Electromagnetic Quantum – Larry Spring, in 1985, using TV waves 150,000 to 9,600,000 times the size of light waves, was able to determine the spherical shape, size, alternating polarity magnetic structure, and bounce characteristics of the electromagnetic wave.

I, Larry Spring, in 1985 succeeded in determining, and setting down in writing the shape, size, magnetic structure, alternating polarity, bounce characteristics and compressibility of the quantum of energy which was believed to exist by many electromagnetic energy physicists from Isaac Newton’s time up to the present. Summary of the foregoing describes a simple magnetic quantum traveling through space with every second quantum being in opposite polarity.

The non-traveling form is described in Oersted’s right hand rule which can be readily demonstrated by a battery, a compass and a piece of copper wire. So much for the magnetic structure. I may be one of the first to recognize Oersted’s magnetic field traveling through space and putting it into print. The shape of all quanta must be the same as they all act similarly.

Only the size and density of magnetic lines of force are different. The best observation of its shape is the way it bounces. Being of equal dimensions in all directions it is capable of bouncing from all quadrants of a parabolic satellite receiving dish regardless of polarity.

This I tested by screening off sections of the dish to see if all polarities bounce equally, and they do. It has all the bounce characteristics of a weightless elastic ball. At the Borderland Conference, Larry demonstrated this theory by using a parabolic dish lying face up on a table, suspended at the focal point of the dish was a ping pong ball.

When Larry dropped other ping pong balls from any angle, THEY ALWAYS STRUCK THE BALL AT THE FOCAL POINT. If the incoming energy had been lines of force or undulating waves, they would have all had different angles of deflection and missed the focal point, I was quite impressed…

If it is quantum (a quantity) shaped like a ball, it must have a three dimensional size. This can be readily determined by running the energy through a chicken wire grid like screening gravel. Wire openings just larger than 1/2 wavelength will pass most all the signal without loss. Wire openings 1/4 wavelength will pass approximately 1/2 of the signal.

1/8 wavelength will pass approximately 1/4 of the signal. A solid metal sheet reflects it all, except for the tiniest spheres which find the texture of solid metal is really like a screen.

The size is directly related to the 1/2 wavelength and ties in correctly with 1/2 wavelength diameter traveling magnetic spheres of alternating polarity following each other through air and space. Most of the energy that does pass through the wire mesh is reflected back as determined by constructive and destructive interference with a test dipole antenna in front of the screen, and a field strength meter.

The vertical magnetic lines of force around a horizontally polarized transmission can be readily shown by passing the spherical magnetic quantum through a grill of vertical wires.

Close spacing of the wires makes little difference and very little if any loss of signal, as the vertical wires do not cut the vertical lines of force around the horizontally polarized sphere of magnetic energy. The grill can be placed any distance in front of the receiving antenna which indicates that normally the lines of force remain vertical from transmission to reception.

If the vertical grill of wires is rotated 90 degrees to the wires, the slots, then the transmitting antenna and the receiving antenna all lie in the same plane. This allows the amount of signal passed and reflected to be determined by the wire spacing in relation to the 1/2 wavelength as stated in my description of a signal passing through a grid.

A grill at 45 degrees to the polarity will pass approximately 50%. Wires spaced over 1/2 wavelength will pass most all the signal. This grill of wires acts with UHF TV and satellite signal the same as polarizing film works on sunlight or laser light. – Full Article Source


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