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Cheap, simple Micro-Turbine can produce 3,000 watts energy

Posted by keelynet on September 9, 2010

Masood Ahmad, a resident of Moori, Bhara Kahu, has designed a model to produce at least 3,000 watts of electricity by using sunlight reflected by mirrors.

The amount of energy is enough for household needs of a single residential unit or a family to turn all tubelights, fans and one air-conditioning unit on.

Masood Ahmad’s model is simple like everybody might be doing in his or her childhood, concentrating the sunlight on an object using a concave lens. The difference Masood Ahmad has made is that, it is not the lens anymore but the mirrors reflecting the sunlight at a single focal point where the solar energy could burn anything whether timber or an iron rod.

Masood has it in his plan to install a turbine at the focal point of energy where the heat energy would turn the water into steam that would turn on electricity generating unit on producing ample energy for household needs. He has installed one such model at the rooftop of his house where he has been using the dispersed solar energy into concentrated heat energy for cooking purposes.

In his model, he has built a structure of jute and Plaster of Paris, with jute as an inside support structure like iron bars inside a concrete structure and Plaster of Paris as an outer layer of concrete. He has designed these jute and Plaster of Paris structures in the shape of panels joining each other in a concave manner creating a dish antenna like structure.

Till this time, Masood Ahmad has installed these above-mentioned panels covering an area of 24 square feet but according to his plan he is supposed to build these panels over an area covering 140 square feet that will maximise the results.

At the inner side of these panels, Masood has glued thousands of pieces of mirror reflectors converging the solar energy to a single focal point. The whole structure moving all together locating a single focal point converts sunlight into heat energy.

Talking to ‘The News,’ Masood Ahmad said that this matter is far precise and cheaper than the use of solar cells. Masood’s invention in the market would cost five to six times lesser to the end consumer wishing to install a solar generating energy solution at his or her house.

Telling about the specifications of his design, he said that the 3,000 watts is the minimum amount of energy that could be increased to 10,000 watts. The design has good results in the hot atmosphere in the day while in the night there is a need to connect UPS with the system.

Masood suggests that all offices and factories could utilise free of cost energy through this method. He wants to rebuild his panels at the fibreglass structures where he would install a stand and a timer as well. With the timer, the dish shaped structure would keep on moving automatically with the movement of the sun.Masood needs government assistance to make his invention marketable. He says that either government or a private investor should help him in this regard. – Full Article Source


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