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Archive for July 5th, 2010

Weird Experiments w/videos

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010


“Can a remote control help in a bullfight? What if there were 28 hours in a day? Does a dog take a robot dog for real? This website is devoted to scientific experiments that tried to answer such questions. Some truly ingenious – others less so… You can watch a lot of amusing film clips like the one below and learn about The Mad Science Book a collection of amazing experiments from the history of science. – Full Article Source

Sez You!

We are all told at school that in a vacuum, all objects accelerate under gravity at the same rate, regardless of their mass, shape or size. This is something that I had never witnessed first hand. During the Apollo 15 mission, David Scott dropped a hammer and a feather on the moon to demonstrate that they would hit the ground simultaneously.

The result of this demonstration looks rather strange though because of the low lunar gravity. It looks more like the hammer is falling abnormally slowly. I decided I wanted to witness this phenomenon first hand, so set up an experiment in the bell-jar vacuum rig.”

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Where the White Man Went Wrong

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

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Cancer Treated With Stale Butter (Jul, 1933)

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

This is an incredible claim which should be very easy to test…

RANCID butter, or rather the chemical called butyric acid which bacteria form in fresh butter, is the newest cancer treatment reported in England by a famous surgeon. The acid of rancid butter is not to be eaten or injected but is applied directly to the cancerous growth.

For some reason, which still is mysterious, the butyric acid bites much more viciously into the cancer tissue than into the healthy tissues which surround it.

A graduated dose of the acid can kill and eat away all of the diseased cancer cells without damaging the nearby healthy ones. This is the same way that radium attacks cancer.” – Full Article Source

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Ultrasound As a Male Contraceptive

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

Now this is a novel way to control breeding.

“The BBC has an article about using ultrasound aimed at the testicles as a reversible male contraceptive. This can last for six months. With a grant of $100,000 from the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, researchers at the University of North Carolina will push ahead with more clinical trials, fine tuning, and safety tests.” – Full Article Source

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O/U? – Electric Power Generating On-Site Power Plant (OSPP)

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

Word is still out on this one, meaning no one has proven it or duplicated it to my knowledge;

The OSPP Module, an electric power generating carbon-free machine, is manufactured by Hybrid Solutions Industries Corp. (HSI) and Shirlee Industries, Inc., exclusively and distributed by HSI. Installed at the customer location by the method of manufactured-to-order, the Module is highly modular and compact (low profile), each rated at 4.4kW for residential application (two modules are sufficient to power an average home) and of much higher name plate for commercial, industrial, institutional and all other applications.

The HOG-GEN technology incorporates proven and reliable for many years, devices, apparatuses and components, inextricably embodied, integrated and synergized, encompassing the associate systems and equipment.

The OSPP machine is a Panel-tied with an input of approximately 20% and is designed to foster up to five time output compared to the input, thus as a super hybrid energy efficient device, should qualify for Government rebates and incentives.

This machine is an alternative (green) energy apparatus, with and efficiency (capacity factor) to 80%, invented on the principles of least-cost, least-risk, best-fit, portfolio-fit and in the cumulative context, an environmentally friendly. Should not be compared to wind turbines and solar PV roof installation which are exhibiting intermittent and low capacity factor (low efficiency) electric power generation, whether off-grid, or grid-tied.

Now, the user can pay to the Utility Company only a small fraction (approximately 20%) of what used to pay and the rebates/incentives can bring the pay-back time to less than 8 years. Sale of OSPP modules has commenced and prospective user can contact HSI directly. (There are no salespersons). The OSPP is also designed as an Electric Vehicle (EV) charging station, as well as to generate excess power for auxiliary uses, not limited to replacing natural-gas fired water heater with fully electric water heater, a system utilizing excess power generated during nights (off-peak) and stored in an additional battery bank, as a viable option, thus an additional saving realized and elimination of fossil fuel use (substantial carbon footprint reduction by millions of homes when utilizing the OSPP).

As an EV charging station, the OSPP can be sited at any location, not limited to at parking lots and garages and virtually at every street corner. The utility company can also benefit, since approximately 20% is the input needed. The input of only 20% can curtail the need for building massive new power plants, whether plants utilizing fossil fuel, or nuclear energy, however although the wind and solar installation are intermittent, such shall continue their contribution to free the US from dependence on oil. Hybrid Solutions Industries Corp. (HIS) is now accepting applications from dealers, representatives and installers who must be licensed electrical contractors, Nationwide and Worldwide. Contact HSI corporate at 909-614-4645, by e-mail as well as Shirlee Industries, Inc. at 909-590-4120.

Users can now pay to utility company only a fraction of what they used to pay, 15% – 25% and in any event, the power supply can be from the utility, during unscheduled, or scheduled maintenance of the OSPPe.

Abstract – OSPPe, an On-Site Power Plant / HOG-GEN technology Patent Pending No. 61/339,677 USPTO Priority Date March 8, 2010 – OSPP Modules are manufactured in Chino, California. ( Early version – Inventor: Harold Shirlee – Patent App. 20060232068 filed October 19th, 2006)

The OSPPe, on-site power plant, aka the HOG-GEN, is a hybrid orbital gears generator, an electric power generating plant, modular and 100% carbon free machine, each 4.4kW module is of size 3′ x 3′ x 4′, manufactured-to-order according to owner/user’s need by the primary manufacturer HSI, jointly with the exclusive manufacturer Shirlee Industries, Inc., Chino, California. (Should not be compared to horizontal and vertical axis wind turbines, nor to solar PV roof installation’s output of approx. 25% (OSPP output (capacity factor) is over 75% and up to 85%)” – Full Article Source

Harold Shirlee – Self-Powered Electrical System – Patent App. 20060232068

The SELF POWERED ELECTRICAL SYSTEM is an invention that will produce enough electric power to operate itself indefinitely along with any other electrical operated machine, tool, or equipment without the need of any outside power source or fuel. Thus, eliminating the need for fuel.

[0010] First the off and on switch (1) is moved to the on position. This causes electrical power from the batteries (2) to travel through the battery cable (3) through the voltage regulator (4) to the off and on switch (1). The off and on switch (1) sends electrical power through electrical motor cord (6) to the electrical motor (7). This will cause the electrical motor (7) to turn the electrical motor 31/4 in. pulley wheel (8) that will turn the drive belt (9) that will turn the small 1/2 in. gear pulley wheel (10) that will turn the large 6 in. gear pulley wheel (11) (FIVE times the RPM of the electric motor 31/4 in. pulley wheel (8)). The large 6 in. gear pulley wheel (11) will turn the gear wheel drive belt (12) that will turn the generator 31/4 in. pulley wheel (13) TEN times the RPM of the electric motor 31/4 pulley wheel (8) that will turn the generator (14).

[0011] Electrical power from the generator (14) goes through the voltage regulator cord (15) to the voltage regulator (4) that will power the electric motor (7) through the electrical motor cord (6). Also the voltage regulator (4) will recharges the batteries (2) through battery cable (3). When batteries (2) are charged the voltage regulator (4) will stop the charge and continue to power the electric motor (7) through the electric motor cord (6). Also in start up the voltage regulator (4) will supply the electric motor (7) with electric power from the batteries (2) until the generator (14) reaches its full RPM.

[0012] By causing the generator 31/4 in. pulley wheel (13) to have TEN times the RPM of the electric moter 31/4 in. pulley wheel (8) is what cause the generator (14) to supply enough electrical power to power itself through the electric motor (7) and the test light (17): that represent any electrical tool or appliance.

This looks like a copy of Jesse McQueen’s generator. Patent #7095126 b2 granted August 22, 2006 and notice Harold Shirlee filed his application 2 months LATER! An external power source such as a battery is used to initially supply power to start an alternator and generator. Once the system has started it is not necessary for the battery to supply power to the system.

The battery can then be disconnected. The alternator and electric motor work in combination to generator electrical power. The alternator supplies this electrical power to the two inverters. One inverter outputs part of its power to the lamp load device and part back to the electric motor/generator. This power is used to power the electric motor. The second inverter supplies power to the specific load devices that are connected to the system.

/ The battery supplies the initial power to the system to initiate/start the operation of the alternator. The McQueen Machine can implement other power sources in addition to the illustrated battery to supply the initial power to the system. The initial model of the machine incorporated an alternator from a 1997 Isuzu Trooper. Once this system is started it is not necessary for the battery to supply power to the already operating system. Therefore, the battery can be disconnected.

Once started, the alternator 20 and electric motor 30 work in combination to generate electrical power. The alternator supplies this electrical power to the two inverters 40 and 50. Inverter 40 outputs part of this power to the lamp 60 and part to the electric motor 30. This power is used to power the electric motor. The second inverter 50 supplies power to the specific load devices that are connected to the system. These load devices can be any devices that operate by using electrical power.

The key aspect of the present invention is the loop between the alternator 20, electric motor 30 and the first inverter 40. A portion of the power generated by the electric motor is recycled and is used to power the electric motor. In this way the system produces the power internally that is used to power the system. This concept makes this system a self-power generating system.

In the initial model of the present invention incorporated an alternator from a 1997 Isuzu Trooper. The invention incorporates an electric motor 30 (148 watt AC). The electric motor connects to an inverter 40 (400 watt AC). The system also comprises a second inverter 50. The battery 10 also connects to both inverters 40 and 50. Each inverter has two outputs. For the first inverter 40, one output feeds into the electric motor 30 to provide to the motor and alternator combination. The other output feeds into a lamp device 60. The lamp device is a 60-watt AC lamp. This lamp device alters the current traveling from the inverter 40 such that the current feeding into the electric motor 30 is not purely inductive.
” – Full Article Source

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Quantum Wonders

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

Two items dealing with the space ‘vacuum’ providing lift;

Quantum wonders: Something for nothing – If you place two uncharged metal plates side by side in a vacuum, they will move towards each other, seemingly without reason. They won’t move a lot, mind. Two plates with an area of a square metre placed one-thousandth of a millimetre apart will feel a force equivalent to just over a tenth of a gram.

A similar uncertainty relation exists between energy and time, with a dramatic consequence. If space were ever truly empty, it would contain exactly zero energy at a precisely defined moment in time – something the uncertainty principle forbids us from knowing.

It follows that there is no such thing as a vacuum. According to quantum field theory, empty space is actually fizzing with short-lived stuff that appears, looks around a bit, decides it doesn’t like it and disappears again, all in the name of preventing the universe from violating the uncertainty principle. For the most part, this stuff is pairs of photons and their antiparticles that quickly annihilate in a puff of energy.

The tiny electric fields caused by these pop-up particles, and their effect on free electrons in metal plates, might explain the Casimir effect. Or they might not. Thanks to the uncertainty principle, the electric fields associated with the atoms in the metal plates also fluctuate.

These variations create tiny attractions called van der Waals forces between the atoms. “You can’t ascribe the Casimir force solely either to the zero point of the vacuum or to the zero point motion of the atoms that make up the plates,” says Lamoreaux.

“Either view is correct and arrives at the same physical result.” Whichever picture you adopt, the Casimir effect is big enough to be a problem. In nanoscale machines, for example, it could cause components in close proximity to stick together.

The way to avoid that might be simply to reverse the effect. In 1961, Russian physicists showed theoretically that combinations of materials with differing Casimir attractions can create scenarios where the overall effect is repulsion.

Evidence for this strange “quantum buoyancy” was announced in January 2009 by physicists from Harvard University who had set up gold and silica plates separated by the liquid bromobenzene (Nature, vol 457, p 170). (See my article on Rectifying Chaos written in 2000 and Something for Nothing Revisited written in 2001…takes some folks a long time to catchup. – JWD)” – Full Article Source

The two plates on the left start out slightly closer together than the ones on the right, so there is an imbalance in pressure that causes the plates to come together. If you look closely, you can see that low-frequency oscillations start getting “squeezed out” near the end of the video.

“In 1961, Russian theorists calculated that in certain circumstances, the Casimir effect could cause objects to repel one another – a scenario Capasso’s team have finally created experimentally. The team achieved this by adding a fluid, bromobenzene, to the setup.

The Casimir attraction between the liquid and the silica plate is stronger than that between the gold bead and the silica, so the fluid forces its way around the bead, pushing it away from the plate. The effect is akin to the buoyancy we experience in the macro world – where objects less dense than water are held up by the liquid around them. But in this case the bromobenzene is less dense than the solid bead. “You could call it quantum buoyancy,” Capasso told New Scientist.

The force he measured was feeble – amounting to just a few tens of piconewtons – but that is still enough to buoy up nanoscale objects. Quantum bearings – “The next experiment we want to do is use a TV camera to track the motion of one of these spheres, then we should be able to see easily whether you have levitation.” Harnessing the repulsive Casimir force could provide a kind of lubrication to solve the problem of nanomachines becoming gummed up by the better-known attractive version, says Capasso.

In theory you could instead use a liquid denser than the components to buoy them up, but that wouldn’t be practical. “These gizmos are usually made of metal, so you would have to use mercury,” he explains. Quantum buoyancy bearings could be used to build delicate sensors, such as a floating “nanocompass” to detect small-scale magnetic fields.” – Full Article Source

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Making magnetite nanocrystals

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

And these might be useful in other experiments…

“Unlike many chemistry projects we post here, making magnetite nanocrystals doesn’t require anything that can’t be found in a local grocery store.

All that is required is oil, vinegar, crystal drain opener, and rust. We don’t recognize the specific brand of drain cleaner that they are using, but we’re sure that you could find one with the same ingredients.

Magnetite nanocrystals are used to remove arsenic from water. If you are in the USA or most of Europe, that’s not a big concern, but it can’t hurt can it?

/ Magnetite Nanocrystals are good for removing arsenic from water. Based on recent advances in nanotechnology, it’s now possible to make regular magnetite nanocrystals as small as 20-100nm, and to remove them from solution using a handheld magnet.

Arsenic poisoning is a huge problem in Southeast Asia, especially in Bangladesh, and in various other parts of the world. Our project opens up the process for making magnetite and encourages you to experiment with it, contribute to it, and improve it.” – Full Article Source

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Extending the Life of Donated Organs from hours up to 10 days

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

This should help a lot of people waiting for organs…

The 100,000-plus U.S. patients waiting for organ transplants face a perilous race against time. Most organs can only be preserved outside the body for somewhere between four and 24 hours–a problem that aggravates the chronic shortage of donors. In 2008, 6,684 patients died waiting for organs, according to the National Kidney Foundation.

A Harvard scientist is hoping to change those bleak statistics. Hemant Thatte, associate professor of cardiothoracic surgery, has developed a liquid solution that may preserve organs for up to 10 days outside the body. Thatte’s lab devised a recipe of 21 chemical compounds that they believe will slow down the process of cell deterioration.

“Our whole goal is to maintain the metabolism of the organ without having to lower the temperature” of the preservation system, Thatte explains. “It’s like a state of suspended animation.” Thatte dubbed the solution “Somah,” which is Sanskrit for “ambrosia of rejuvenation.”

A startup called Hibergenica hopes to commercialize a solution called Somah, shown here with a pig’s heart. Somah may extend the usable life of donated organs from a few hours to up to 10 days.” – Full Article Source

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Triggering rain with lasers

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

Researchers from the University of Geneva are exploring whether firing lasers into the sky could stimulate rain more effectively and safely. They’ve published results from their experiments in the journal Nature Photonics.

From Nature News: Firing a laser beam made up of short pulses into the air ionizes nitrogen and oxygen molecules around the beam to create a plasma, resulting in a ‘plasma channel’ of ionized molecules. These ionized molecules could act as natural condensation nuclei, (optical physicist Jérôme) Kasparian explains. To test whether this technique could induce droplets, the researchers fired a high-powered laser through an atmospheric cloud chamber in the lab containing saturated air.

They illuminated the chamber using a second, standard low-power laser, enabling them to see and measure any droplets produced. Immediately after the laser was fired, drops measuring about 50 micrometres wide formed along the plasma channel. Over the next three seconds, the droplets grew in size to 80 micrometres as the smaller droplets coalesced. The next step for Kasparian and his team was to take the technique outside…

Kasparian and his colleagues tested the (high-powered, portable) Teramobile laser over a number of different nights and in various humidity conditions. Once again, they detected the amount of condensation induced by monitoring how much the light from a second laser was back-scattered by any droplets. In low humidity conditions, the Teramobile laser did not induce droplets. But when the humidity was high, the team measured up to 20 times more back-scattering after the Teramobile laser was fired than before, says Kasparian, suggesting that condensation droplets were forming. – Full Article Source

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Legal and Illegal Drugs

Posted by keelynet on July 5, 2010

Prohibition BREEDS Crime and Criminals – A few months ago the United Nations published a report about illicit drugs consumption during the year of 2007. The conclusion was that 208 million people – 4,8% of the World’s adult population – had used illicit drugs, at least, once a year. It was also found that the “regulars” – classified as drugs addicts – corresponded to 26 million people or 0,6% of the World’s population. Finally, it was announced that 200 thousand people died during the year of 2007 due to the use of illegal drugs.

With this alarming scenario a large National-State-Local “clean up” is demanded. The worldwide authorities are searching for drug dealers, literally seeking for “a needle in a haystack”. A few days ago I read that in our planet, three million people die every year (approximately six per minute) due to cigarette smoking.

The World Health Organization foresees that if nothing is done, cigarette addiction will lead more than 10 million people into death annually. The “smoking issue” is such a big concern that according to a study published by the Newsweek magazine, in the United States alone, smoking shall lead to 420 thousand deaths per year, 50 times the number of deaths caused by illicit drugs’ consumption. Facing these numbers, it is hard to understand the World’s Policy to overcome drug use.

Meanwhile, the tobacco industry keeps steady if not growing, supplies its 1,1 billion clients and maintains its US$ 285 billion annual profit. Brazil alone supplies this industry with a US$ 4,5 billion in revenue and an immense number of “smokers” that reaches approximately 35 million people. Cigarettes aren’t the only legal addictive drug.

Another power drug – “alcohol” – is equally inductive for chemical addiction. According to The World Health Organization, approximately 2 billion people worldwide consume alcohol and 76 million are severely addicted. There are about 60 types of diseases related or caused by alcohol consumption. It is known that at least 2.3 million people die from problems connected with alcohol intoxication per year, which sums up to 3.7% of World’s death toll rate. Reviewing and analyzing shocking data: from 1986 to 1993, 19.000 Brazilian autopsies concluded that 95% of deaths by non-natural causes showed alcohol levels present in the blood.

In Brazil, Alcoholism is associated with 50% of homicides and over 30% of suicides. Recent releases describe that in 50% of traffic accidents deaths, either the victim or the driver had positive alcohol levels present in the blood results. Also, it was confirmed that 22% of deaths caused by cardiovascular diseases and 20% of cancer illnesses were related to alcohol use. Analyzing the price tag of “alcohol vicious cycle”, in 2002 it was published that the estimated cost related to harmful alcohol consumption reached 655 billion dollars, almost 2% of the World’s GDP (Gross Domestic Product), an incredible figure.

/ (This reminds me of the incredible induced and media inflamed paranoia about the 3,000 who died in 9/11 versus the 2.5 million who die from accidents and disease every year in the US. A matter of SCALE and PRIORITY, not the driven sheep paranoia that has overtaken the US. If cigarettes and alcohol are legal, drugs should also be legal. It would stop the drug wars, increase revenue from taxes and let people have freedom of choice if they want to kill themselves from addictions. – JWD) – Full Article Source

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