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Archive for May, 2010

The Orgonite Experiment – supersize your veggies

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

Orgonite is a recent invention building on the concept of Dr Wilhelm Reich’s Orgone Accumulator, a device he believed stored and concentrated positive energy (see FT107:26–30).

The Orgonite pucks are solid-state versions of the same concept which are intended to take in negative energies and emit positive ones. In 2009, I decided to find out more about how this simple composite mat­erial – made from aluminium shavings, resin and a crystal – functioned when used by a wider group of people.

Was there some person-specific phenom­enon which massively accelerated plant growth, resulting in giant vege­tables? Or was the motive force provided by the Orgonite itself, somehow acting on the environment?

The initial press release sent out at the end of March 2009 spread far and wide, appearing on a range of news websites, with five pages of results on Google and a Digg entry. One surprising appearance, becoming the basis for a 340+ page thread, was on the David Icke forum where people who have experience with Orgonite are sharing reports and photos of their own Orgonite creations.

Multiple attempts have been made by a few posters to derail the thread, which has now been made ‘sticky’ (i.e. can’t be deleted). Such posters are always countered with lucid arguments and observations by those on the forum with hands-on experience. These include a curious result with freezing water combined with Orgonite, producing stalagtites and highly visible vortex formations.

P Gardner, who makes his own Orgon­ite, explained: “The ice thing seems to work 99 per cent of the time – only a couple of occasions out of many without noticeable results. Varying permutations of TBs – above/below/both – and contents of Orgonite – types of quartz, wire wraps etc – seem to have a noticeable difference on the form­ations produced.”

As well as introducing people to the concept of Orgonite in gardens, the press release found its way to people already using it, giving them an opportunity to contact me and share their experiences. L Woodgate of Lewes wrote: “I’ve had Orgonite around the house for a couple of years (made it myself)…

I used to live in Valencia and my garden there went mad with growth when I introduced it… I’ve since moved to Lewes and have an allotment. I was thinking of mixing up another batch (I just use pot scrubbers for the metal) and using it in my allotment. Although armed with healthy scepticism, I have been ‘blown away’ by the results so far.”

He further added that Orgonite seemed to produce notable effects on sleep, recommending that one should “put some Orgonite under your bed at night and you will get crazy amounts of dreams… All my mates who tried it were a bit freaked out… All very interesting and I’m not even much of a hippie type”. – Test it yourself with How to Make Orgonite

Basic orgonite is simply fiberglass resin, metal shavings and a quartz crystal, cured in any mold you like. There’s no one “right” shape or size for orgonite, and its range of effect seems to scale linearly with volume, but there are specific, time-tested, widely-used and repeatedly-confirmed effective designs for both personal and field devices which have grown and continue to grow out of the steadfast work of talented and dedicated gifters from around the world. – Full Article Source

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Shields up around sick people

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

Seeing obviously sick people or even pictures of them boosts the response of your immune system. Researchers asked young adults to watch a 10-minute slide show containing a series of unpleasant photographs.

Some of these participants looked at pictures of people who looked obviously sick in some way (people with pox and rashes, people coughing and sneezing and blowing mucus out of their noses). The participants gave blood samples both before and after each slideshow.

Next the researchers exposed these blood samples to a bacterial infection, and measured the extent to which white blood cells produced interleukin-6 (IL-6). IL-6 is a proinflammatory cytokine that white blood cells make when they detect microbial intruders. More IL-6 indicates a more aggressive immune response to infection.

So, by measuring IL-6 before and after the slide show, the researchers were able to determine whether seeing pictures of sick people might actually stimulate the immune system to fight infection more aggressively. And, in fact, it did. – Full Article Source

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New Stirling Engine Invention

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

Visit for further information.

This invention is related to Stirling motor, which is an external combustion engine heat machine also known as hot air engine that also enables thermal energy to be converted to mechanical energy. Advantages of the Invention:

– The working gas is heated and cooled rapidly.
– With rapid heating and rapid cooling, engine efficiency has been increased.
– Inflation and impermeability balance can be reached more easily.
– Strong Stirling engine production is realized with ease with this method.

For achieving the purposes described above, it includes within; the connecting rod situated between the crank mentioned for enabling the required circular motion and the hot section gas flow pipe, relevant drive piston, drive shaft, pistons, the heater exchanger cylinder providing linear motion to the pistons, and the connecting rod situated between the crank mentioned and the cold section gas flow pipe, relevant drive piston, drive shaft, pistons and the cooler exchanger cylinder. In order to achieve this, it provides the desired linear motion by the working gas expanding via heating, concentrating via cooling and thus affecting the pistons. – Full Article Source

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Crystals + sound + water = clean hydrogen fuel

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

A team at the University of Wisconsin-Madison made crystals of zinc oxide that, when immersed in water, absorb vibrations and develop areas of strong negative and positive charge. These charges rip apart nearby water molecules, releasing hydrogen and oxygen gas.

“This is like a free lunch,” says lead researcher Huifang Xu. “You are getting energy from the environment just like solar cells capture energy from the sun.” Underwater operator – Xu and colleagues generate hydrogen using a new variation on piezoelectric crystals – materials that generate a voltage when strained and which are being investigated as a way to generate electricity from movement.

The new crystals, however, are designed to be submerged, so the charge they generate instead pulls apart water molecules to release hydrogen and oxygen gas, a mechanism Xu’s team calls the piezoelectrochemical effect. Xu and colleagues grew thin microfibers of highly flexible zinc oxide crystals that flex when subjected to vibration, for example due to sound waves.

They showed that ultrasonic vibrations under water cause the fibres to bend between 5 and 10 degrees at each end, creating an electrical field with a high enough voltage to split water and release oxygen and hydrogen. Growing fibres with different dimensions changes the type of vibration they absorb best.

For instance, it should be possible to tune them to maximise energy production from the vibrations caused by water flowing past or any other sound, say Xu. Efficiency issue – Xu says that lab tests suggested the material can convert 18 per cent of the energy it absorbs from vibration into energy locked up in hydrogen gas, which can be released by burning.

Conventional piezoelectric materials are not as efficient at converting vibrations into electricity, and typically achieve around a 10 percent conversion rate. Using the charge a material generates indirectly, to split water, instead of directly to drive current, accounts for the difference, says Xu.

The new materials could be used to develop systems that generate hydrogen from the noise of anything from machinery to crashing waves, he adds. – Full Article Source

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My Secret Experiment (revisited)

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

Due to emails asking for more details, I added a lot more to the main page and another page showing the cloudbuster machine I built and used.

Of course this stuff ‘can’t work’ so take it all with a big snort of salt. However, it’s kind of hard to ignore the lake level increase at the time and the comments about ‘unusually high rainfall’ after some 20 years of low rainfall.

I guess 7 years is long enough. Maybe I just made it all up…this stuff couldn’t work! I’ll add some more photos later, just had taken new photos and wanted to get them cropped and in use. Now to dig out my other old photos and add to the page… – Full Article Source

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