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the MexiStim Polarity Cycler

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

What is a Mexistim Polarity Cycler?

The Mexistim is based on Lee Crocks 2nd version of the ‘Energy Cleaner’.

The 2nd version was used with good results on over 10,000 people according to the inventor.

Unfortunately, Lee Crock passed away in March 2010.

I received an email from one of his daughters saying the family would close the clinic.

All of their websites no longer function.

Normally I question such devices since they do not seem to work according to normal electronic principles.

However, having used the Mexistim device while sleeping, I have noted positive changes for years now, I can only attribute them to the Mexistim.

You can read the entire story Lee Crock and his ‘Aura Therapy’ / Energy Cleaner Machine if you want to know more.

Lee claims his ‘energy cleaner’ assists the body to purge toxins from the cells. His analogy goes something like this;

‘It’s like taking a bucket lined with dried mud which is similar to the toxins that build up in the cell.

If you fill the bucket with water and empty it, you have removed some of the toxins.

By continually filling and emptying the bucket with fresh water, you will eventually have a clean bucket. This is what is believed to happen in the cells when using the machine.

One polarity pulls fluid into the cells, the other polarity ejects the fluid, now laden with toxins, from the cells.’

As you know, no one can make claims of cures without running afoul of the medical establishment who themselves don’t have absolute cures.

Each person’s body is different with a constantly changing acid and alkali balance, varying daily stresses and other factors which affect healing.

We are basically living filters which trap all kinds of toxins and noxious materials from the food we eat, the water we drink and the air we breathe and which settle in our tissues to bring about a variety of illnesses, cancer and even organ failure.

I make NO CLAIMS regarding any claims of cures or healing from using the Mexistim. All the Mexistim does is switch the polarity from batteries and that polarity is applied to a conductive wirescreen. Nothing more. If you have health issues, please consult a qualified medical practitioner.

What I do relate are my own experiences and examples of email anecdotes regarding the experiences of others who have built their own, bought copies of my Mexistim or bought one of my original Mexistims as described and sold herein.

Lee Crock currently charges $1,000 (as of December 2009) down from his original price of $3,000, for his Energy cleaner which, in its new incarnation is nothing like the original units.

I tried to keep the price of mine affordable for anyone at $230.00 plus UPS shipping. The Mexistim’s I build are custom built per order, not stamped out in some big factory production with jacked up prices to pay for the production machines.

In my opinion, the best thing anyone can do is try something and if it doesn’t benefit you, move on to something else. Our best hope is we don’t try something which makes us worse! No one has ever experienced any negative effects from use of the Mexistim.

That is one reason I included an article which has a simple diagram showing how to build and test your own simple version of the Mexistim. This way, you can decide for yourself it it does anything for you.

In my case, it has been quite beneficial for;

1) Restful sleep
2) Increased red cell count
3) Elimination of seasonal allergies
4) Increased overall energy
5) No headaches
6) No stomach pains or aches
7) No muscle pains
8) Vivid dreams when I stop using the Mexistim for a few days, then resume using it

When I lived in Dallas for some 25 years, I periodically had all of the above problems which is why I noticed as they dissipated and I realized it was after I starting sleeping on a 3 X 4 foot aluminum wirescreen pad on top of my mattress which was connected to my bedside Mexistim unit.

Others have written with their own experiences and anecdotes relating dissipation of arthritis, cancer, improved memory due to Alztheimers and dementia and various other benefits.

I wrote about it and received emails from people asking if I could build a Mexistim for them as they couldn’t afford Lee’s $3,000 units (at the time of the original article linked below), though now he sells them for $1,000.

So I decided I could build them much cheaper ($230US) on a per order basis. No big warehouse or store of parts, just my little workshop and my own timer design.

Others have copied my Mexistim design, used my articles to sell their versions and refer to theirs as ‘similar to the Mexistim’, but my Mexistim is based on the 2nd Crock design using a single wirescreen, which had so many reports of beneficial experiences.

Another User’s Experiences


* One thing that is common is the fingernails get harder and sometimes longer.
* My hair is getting darker.
* I have found several scars that I had on my body have disappeared – like I removed them.
* There is always a feeling of heat coming from the pad.
* My skin is getting a younger look and feeling.
* My facial skin is getting tighter.
* It makes me sleep like a baby.
* It removes my headache in just a few minutes when I lay on the cleaner pad.
* After one night sleeping on the pad, I didn’t need pain medication for my arthritis.
* For years my arm went to sleep while sleeping at night, but now it doesn’t, when I use the cleaner machine.
* It seems to help when on long trips – I don’t get as tired.
* It removed the pain from my back when I lifted too much.
* Hooked to my exercise cycle, it seems to give me longer staying power while using the bike.

MexiStim Homepage

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