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Fraud or breakthrough?

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

Is it possible that an antigravity generator exists that can serve as clean source of energy and revolutionize transportation by creating a whole new class of vehicles: vehicles that defy gravity and travel at incredible speeds?

I find it hard to believe, but you judge for yourself whether you believe an inventor has the knowhow to make a vehicle that can hover effortlessly and travel at incredible speeds. The story goes like this: A young British professor beset by recurring dreams builds a circular generator composed of magnets and coils.

After assembling it, he invites a colleague over and sets the device in motion. Not only does it spin, but the speed of the spin increases without any energy input. Then, unexpectedly, as the two men watch, the device rises up to the ceiling of the laboratory and smashes its way through the roof.

Outside it keeps on flying, causing birds that get near it to fall to the ground and tearing roof tiles off buildings. The first flight of a fantastic device. But it wasn’t fantasy to John Searl. He later goes on to develop the Searl Effect Generator and something he calls an Inverted Gravity Vehicle, or a levity disc, otherwise known as a flying saucer.

There, I said it. where is this machine? Why isn’t it being built and tested? That’s what other inventors and scientists have asked for years. And according to critics, the reason it hasn’t been tested is simple: It’s a fraud.

Searl’s answer, however, is practical: Patent issues prevent him from revealing all the details and the energy generated is so powerful that it could be a security risk to expose details. Also, the device isn’t ready for public release. Searl has supporters and backers who say his invention works.

– (He’s been milking this for years and long ago Anders Heerfordt tried to verify his claims, all lies. Sorry, if he HAS something, he hasn’t been able to do anything with it nor has anyone been able to verify it independently.

Great early photos but they could have been tricked up like we do now with Photoshop…save your money, this guy ain’t it. Read it for yourself, Checking up on Searl – 1991 and this Reply to Anders by John Thomas – 1996.

I’ve met Searl and John Thomas but still, it’s been what, 60 years now and no proof, nothing on the market, insufficient details for others to verify, etc…just a money pit. What John knows is what Searl tells him, so take that all with a big block of salt. Here it is 2010 and still they are promoting and asking for money.

There is a lot more to this story…like Searl calling me around 1993 at 4AM cussing me out, saying Heerforts article on KeelyNet had blown a million dollar movie deal, like one of his wealthy investors meeting with me in Dallas around 1996, asking me to remove anything negative about Searl because it hurt their money raising efforts, Searl being ‘discovered’ living in a junkyard babbling to himself (he still does that)…etc…oh yeah…it’s all about bucks and gullible people.

Just read this history of John Searl to see he has been milking this since about 1950! – JWD)
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