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3 New eBooks to Read and Add to your Collection

Posted by keelynet on May 5, 2010

I’m pleased to offer these interesting volumes that you might wish to add to your collection too. Sure there are many sources on the internet but these and whatever else for sale here help support KeelyNet and my ‘livin la vida loca’ (right!) here in glorious Mejico!

Here it’s ‘pobre pero feliz’…which means simply, I’m poor but I’m happy..and isn’t that what life should be about? Stay healthy, try new things when the opportunity presents and enjoy life while you have it, you could lose it in a second or waste away. “Party when you can, rock til you drop, that’s the law.” – the late, great Sam Kinison;

  • $20 – Breakthrough to Free Energy Devices – this book hasn’t been available since 2006. Since the first edition of this book in 1977, the world’s scientific system has been undergoing a large revamping. The old physics is giving way to new expanded concepts of the universe and man’s relation to it. Ideas such as order from chaos, faster-than-light particles, and a new version of the ether (tachyon field), which would have been unthinkable 12 years ago, are now being readily accepted by many orthodox scientists.
  • $6 – The Annotated Vril – This fascinating ebook is an original occult fantasy dealing with the mental control of zero point energy to produce effects in matter. Vril is the author’s name for this force which is focused and projected using ‘Vril Rods’. The Vril force is a fluid capable of being raised and disciplined into the mightiest agency over all forms of matter, animate or inanimate. It can destroy like the flash of lightning; yet, differently applied, it can replenish or invigorate life, heal, and preserve, and on it they chiefly rely for the cure of disease, or rather the enabling the physical organization to re-establish the due equilibrium of its natural powers, and thereby to cure itself. By this agency they rend way through the most solid substances, and open valleys for culture through the rocks of their subterranean wilderness.
  • $6 – The Annotated Smoky God – Did Norseman Olaf Jansen actually travel to world within the earth? Did he create the story to cover the death of his father on their ill-fated boat voyage? Why would he stay in a mental institution rather than recant his original story about their trip through the pole and down into the earth, to encounter all manner of marvelous wonders and giant humans? Take an egg-shell, and from each end break out a piece as large as the end of this pencil. Extract its contents, and then you will have a perfect representation of Olaf Jansen’s earth. The distance from the inside surface to the outside surface, according to him, is about three hundred miles. The center of gravity is not in the center of the earth, but in the center of the shell or crust…

Dan Davidson’s Breakthrough to Free Energy Devices contains many insights into the entire field including some Keely anecdotes of interest. I have always been a fan of the Vril Force story, seeing within it a direct correlation to how we can tap universal energy as aether, vril, chi, zpe or whatever you choose to call it.

And there are a few gravity anomalies that add to the Smokey God story. What if spherical bodies are actually hollow and have an interior sun which could support life? WOW, does that mean my theory that the moon is a hollow body containing a giant hotel where people live til the earth recovers from climate disasters, could be true?

Remember the Moon DID ‘ring like a bell’ when ‘during the Apollo 13 mission, part of the disposable rocket crashed into the moon and the seismometer picked up a reading that the moon was ringing like a bell.’!

We are told the earth has a liquid metal core at 1900 miles down (3,000 kilometers) but could they be wrong? After all, it is impossible to drill that far down. So how far has man actually drilled? Current Maximum depth: 23000 feet ft. below seafloor.

23 000 feet = 4.356 060 606 1 mile
10 kilometer = 6.213 711 922 4 mile
12.3 kilometer = 7.642 865 664 5 mile

The deepest hole drilled by man was the Kola Hole, going 12,3 km down. The Earth’s continental crust is about 30-50 km thick.

“Ambitious projects to drill deeper than 10 kilometers or so always hit the same basic limits: heat, pressure, and money. At 9 kilometers down, temperature reaches 260°C or more, and the pressure can crush the metal casings that line drill holes.”

Wouldn’t it make a lot of sense, that if you were a very ancient race living inside the hollow body of the Earth, that you would do everything in your power to direct people to look outwards, into space for the presence of other life forms and the origins of UFOs? Have another tequila and think about it……Vanguard Sciences eBooks and More…

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