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Electro Dynamic Air Vehicle using Vortices

Posted by keelynet on April 8, 2010

This fascinates me no end!

“As a civilization, we have always tried to create horsepower using methods surrounding combustion. The opposite of combustion is vacuum. The areas of vacuum have least to be explored for extracting great quantities of energy.

Now a quote by Dr. TJJ See, “ The centrifugal effect in a vortex throws normal dense air out to the perimeter whilst lighter air is pushed to the center.” See my illustrations 1 & 2 on how this light air encapsulates the vehicle. Using this analogy we have now encircled the aircraft Vehicle with a bubble of light air which causes it to levitate.

Lets talk about the opposite effect and use water as an example. Once there was an oilrig floating on the ocean. The drillers hit a huge gas pocket that sent up bubbles 50 feet in diameter. Soon there was no water underneath the platform, only ever expanding gas bubbles. So the huge oil platform sank into the ocean.

Why, because the gas bubbles displaced so much water fluid the platform had nothing to hold it up. Well just maybe, if you displace so much light air around the object than the object has no heavier resistant air or air pressure to hold it on the ground and bon voyage.

As the aircraft is sucked into the air by the upside down vortex, then the aircraft pushes the vortex further out, which creates a pulsing effect. Velocity is squared by the distance and speed becomes reality. Now the aircraft has to go horizontal sooner or later or you might find yourself on planet Marduk in no time.

The light hydrogen air vortex will flatten out slightly but will continue to flow ahead of the aircraft. This vortex flow will continue to separate the denser air away from the air vehicle creating a sort of vacuum bubble for the aircraft to ride in.

See my illustration dubbed PG 140 which shows a circulating air current riding ahead of a UFO. Also see Illustration three, showing the sucking and pushing effect of the closing envelope. Was the UFO using repulsion energy?

Any ways since the lighter fluid or gas is cutting the denser air as stated no sound barrier is broken, and no air resistance is felt on the aircraft. So the aircraft is free to obtain velocities not achieved by aircraft previously.

A pushing effect is applied at the rear by the closing air gap. I quote again the words of V. Schauberger, “ If you create a situation where normal air is more dense than the air directly above or ahead of the vehicle, the normal air will move the craft.” – Full Article Source


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