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almost 45 day delayed update…my bad…

Posted by keelynet on February 15, 2010

Can’t believe I haven’t updated this since before the New Year! Too many irons in the fire, plus distractions. But something good will come of them, I guarantee! Wore out another keyboard so got that replaced.

Got some new toys, a spycam in a pen for $21, a spycam in a keyring alarm for $40 and a pair of spy sunglasses for about $70. Now what in the world do I want with all that spy stuff? Well, sometimes you see things you want to capture and send up to youtube, but don’t be obvious about it…like bar fights and stupid things that one encounters in life. During the summer, I sometimes see mexican women get in fights and more often men, so it would be fun to just switch on my little spy device and capture it.

I’ll tell you what I learned about them though…don’t even think of getting any video cam, spy or not that has less than 30 frames per second…my pen and sunglasses are both 25fps so when I play back the video it is jumping for fast moving images…but the 720 @ 30fps does a decent job. I wore the sunglasses while riding my motorcycle and at speeds over about 10 mph, the images are just hitting too fast to get it.

But the 25fps which are supercheap now, will do a decent job if you just put it on a table or some unmoving support. Also got a usb network gadget and a video grabber that is pretty slick. Got to have an occasional toy every now and then.

Bought one of the XUFO things with 4 propellers and a central gyro…but I can’t get it to stabilize for the near perfect flight they show in their promotional videos…thats when I found the reviews complaining that the gyro was glitchy and not smooth, causing the onboard computer to overcompensate for one or more propellers…it has attacked me no less than 3 times now. Seems to be doing good and all of a sudden it will tilt and aim for my head!!!

The fun things are the little palm size helicopters that use IR. That means you can’t get more than about 30-40 feet from them or you will lose control, but they are amazingly precise and I have fun with them…they had a deal of 3 for $150 where they normal price is about $75 each. So I gave one away and kept the other two to play with. Best not to fly them where you have any sharp edges or it might crash a prop into the edge and break one of the blades off…I have one with one blade broken off so found a pack of 5 for $5 which I ordered to repair it.

The problem with these little toys, the XUFO and the helicopters is they take between 15-20 minutes to recharge but only fly 5-10 minutes max. But I’ve had great fun with the helicopter in the bars, cafes and plazas.

A friend brought me 3 of those high voltage tennis rackets which you use to swat bugs. It kills them on contact with about 10,000 volts. They are fairly well made except for this really cheap power switch. You press it to energize the web as you swat. But I bought a grab bag of 150 switches from Jameco for about $20. Haven’t gotten around to repairing them yet.

I’ve been wanting more space but I love my little 2 bedroom house, so decided I wanted a cheapy row house in another town where I do business and sometimes get blitzed in the bars. Two years looking for one and always they are too high, too far away, too big, too many nosey neighbors, too much traffic…finally one turned up for $150 a month and then another for $200. Hoping I’ll get it this next week, then I can move a lot of my spare stuff there and also have a place to sleep or rest if I don’t want to drive back to my little town about 10km away.

A gringa here is trying to help the poor and abused mexican women to make their own way by baking breads, pastries and selling keifer cultured milk. She wanted a website so I made her a simple one at Socorros Pride. It’s only for local sales in the Lake Chapala area. She gave me a gallon of the keifer milk so I drank my first glass today. It’s a lot like buttermilk in taste and texture but if you click on the website you can read all the benefits of drinking this stuff. At least with a website they will have a contact address so anyone can check out what they offer, how much and where to get it. Still working on it as I get more information, so maybe this week they will have the prices and products.

Other things also have been sapping my time, plus I hate cold weather and we had 4 consecutive days and nights of rain, totally unheard of here and it was very chilly and cold…I hate cold which is why I moved here where its normally 85-95 year round except for Dec/Jan/Feb. But spring and summer will soon be here and everything will be green, lush and temperate.

Thats enough personal stuff as my EXCUSE for not updating, so I’ll add some news now. Nos vemos (seeya!)


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