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About Anti-Time

Posted by keelynet on February 15, 2010

“I’ve always found the idea of Time Travel interesting but this Anti-Time idea offered a totally different set of possibilites. In the STNG episode, Enterprise crew members reported old scars healing and they became younger by the day. The blind chief engineer used electronic glasses. He experienced pain due to his eyes healing so that he could once again see.

The episode showed the anti-time field expanding to eventually take over entire star systems, all from this threefold collision of waves that flipped the time stream to initialize the rupture. Now, the basic idea is PURE TOM BEARDEN….using phase conjugation, the same energy is projected from 3 perspectives to collide…the fault to my view is once the beam was shut off in one time period, it would have no further effect on whatever happened in the future.

However, if the time fabric was distorted, then subsequent beams directed to impact the same point but from different angles could cause the anti-time rupture. The reason I’m writing this is because of the properties of this negentropic field (anti-time).

/ Could there be a way to produce an energy field or zone that would exert ‘anti-time’ effects on any mass brought into it? Is there a correlation here with reduced or cancelled aether influx into mass? I think so.

Keely said ‘Time is Gravity’. If you slow or stop the flow of aether into a mass aggregate, then time slows or stops FOR THAT MASS.

/ It is quite probable that time can be accelerated based on increased aether inflows into the mass aggregate. Conversely, anti-time could be accelerated so that healing and rejuvenation would be effected much more rapidly than the normal time flow associated with the planetary body.

The caveat here is there might a limit on how fast living tissue can be temporally advanced, in either direction. Thus, you could have an accelerated forward time field that would produce a Dorian Gray type aging effect, where you shrink, wrinkle and lose vitality or life in a matter of minutes (when using the ‘normal’ time flow as your background timekeeping reference).

By the same token, you could have an anti-time acceleration to reduce an aged adult to a baby (or less) within a matter of minutes, again using the normal planetary flows as the background timekeeping reference.” – Full Article Source

and Dimensional Shifts – ‘a series of speculations on time and dimensional travel’ – “Each spatial (and possibly TEMPORAL) location, no matter what dimension it resides in, has a specific coordinate, referenced by a combination of frequencies that equate to the ‘signature’ for that location.

These are nested frequencies – like bubbles within bubbles – because they are all standing waves produced by 180 degree phase conjugation. If a modulation – representing a specific ‘signature’/coordinate – is imposed on this stress field, then a portal is opened to that location. My concept is that a resonance is established between these two locations (there can be more), i.e. the physical-spatial location and the artifically created image.”

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