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Cavitation, Megafloods and the CIBC Engine

Posted by keelynet on December 27, 2009

This additional incredible information backing up the Clem engine and it’s new variant, Micro-Combustion’s CIBC engine;

“Recently, a fellow who had read about the rebirth of the Clem engine in the CIBC bubble cavitation version sent me links to a NOVA documentary called, ‘The Mystery of the Megafloods’. He had noticed incredible correlations to how imploding bubbles could be used to explain anomalies that had puzzled geologists for decades.

The documentary is posted in 6 parts on youtube and all are worth watching, but my favorite is #5 which I have included here because it shows the lab experiments that verified the theory and shows the raw power of a vortex producing cavitating (imploding) bubbles acting like sledgehammers against anything they strike.

If you have been following the CIBC engine updates, this adds to the mix to show how that sledgehammer force could be translated into rotary motion to drive a shaft. Clem’s engine had been called a ‘tornado in a box’ to hint at the source of the power produced, roughly 325hp.

So now we have additional information that shows the novelty of using this natural implosion effect as a motor force. If you are not yet aware of this incredible rediscovery, see The Clem Engine Reborn and visit the Micro-Combustion Website for all the technical details, tests completed and documents posted for your study. / (Thanks to Rodney Rogers for the headsup on this wonderful video! – JWD) – Full Article Source

Additional information courtesy of Benedikt Stefansson – Iceland’s recent ‘mega-flood’ – An illustration of the power of Noah’s Flood – Icelanders will long remember November 5, 1996. On that day the largest flood in living memory swept from the terminus (bottom end) of Skeidarár Glacier. Icelanders call such sudden drainage events jökulhlaups, literally, ‘glacier bursts.’

It is these that lead to mega-scale flooding with devastating consequences.1 During this flood, huge volumes of ice-blocks were detached from the glacier and swept along in the raging waters. Depending on their size, some ice-blocks floated, others rotated, bounced, skipped and slid down-channel. The biggest were 10–15 meters (33–50 feet) high and estimated to be up to 1,000 tonnes in weight.

Many huge 200-tonne blocks were strewn across the alluvial plain. Sediment up to 9 meters (30 feet) thick was deposited over an area of 500 square km (200 square miles)—all in less than two days.6,7 Collisions by moving ice-blocks caused considerable damage. A 10-km (6-mile) segment of the premier highway that rings Iceland disappeared (Figure 2). The reinforced-concrete bridge over the Gígja River was totally swept away.

The 900 meter (3000 feet) Skeidará River Bridge was severely damaged, even though its foundations were buried to a depth of 15 meters (50 feet) to withstand mega-floods. Iceland’s main high-tension power-lines were severed, and the telephone cables ripped apart.6,7 Relevance – Icelandic history records about 60 such cataclysms since the Vikings arrived in the ninth century.

However, scientists were skeptical of the previous awesome descriptions of fantastic floods. Now that this mega-flood has been observed, many times larger than previously measured, it is considered that these stories are probably true.2 At 55,000 cubic meters (two million cubic feet) per second, Iceland’s deluge was of apocalyptic proportions. It destroyed reinforced-concrete bridges, swept along 1000-tonne blocks of ice, eroded 3-km-wide canyons and dumped 9 meters of sediment over 500 square km.

Mercifully, it lasted only two days. Yet, on a world scale this was only a local flood. It affected only a small part of one tiny island on our planet. What would the global, year-long biblical Flood have achieved? Iceland’s devastating November 1996 jökulhlaup testifies to the power of Noah’s Flood and that it can easily explain the building of the geological record. Skeptics who deny the historicity of the Genesis account need to learn from Iceland’s latest mega-flood.”

2 Responses to “Cavitation, Megafloods and the CIBC Engine”

  1. skylarkn said

    The problem with information sources such as video presentations like this one, is that the research is so poor as to cast doubt on everything discussed. It may well be that underwater ‘tornadoes’ can be created in the manner suggested; however, if such was the case then the flat channel water carving experiment should have demonstrated the effect by the simple expedient of putting hard outcroppings in the channel bed. They didn’t do it, and no underwater tornadoes were demonstrated – they had to go to a different test setup to do that…

    On a more general note almost all the historical references to geological understanding of the Columbia River Basin, the Scab Lands of the documentary, are wrong. The very first geological survey in the 1800s conducted by Army engineers identified the prime cause of the coulee formations as underwater effects created by the bursting of an ice dam across the Columbia River at the present day location of Grand Coulee Dam – in fact they recognized the fact that such dams had probably formed and burst several times. Grand Coulee itself is one of the prime pieces of evidence in this puzzle as it was formed by water action cutting uphill… an action that could only have happened if the river had been blocked from its normal channel. This in effect diverted the entire Columbia river to the southeast exactly where the so called geologists in the documentary state that the river never flowed. The same studies in the 1800s also correctly identified the cause of the deposition of the thousands of granite erratics as due to glacial icebergs connected to the bursting ice dams. Another major aspect of this flooding was the formation of the Palouse Hills where the back surge of the flood waters, which had stripped the over burden (soil) from the main basin, pooled and dumped much of the collected silt, as the flow of the flood waters was constricted by the narrow canyons of the Columbia river channel through the Cascade mountains. On a side note there is evidence of back splash extending to a vertical height of 1,200 feet in places.

    The most insulting section of bilge water in this so called scientific documentary is the inclusion of post 1996 research on why ice dams burst… Any one who spends time in the artic knows damn well that frozen solid rivers can be flooded from up welling water in the depths of winter. Any one who lives in Iceland knows that the area where the ice gave way has volcanic hot spots that melt the glacier ice forming a lake under the glacier in a natural mountain depression. And anyone who has a brain knows that while glaciers at one time existed in the areas under discussion they don’t exist there anymore so any ice dams that also existed are most probably gone now and when they went they probably went with a bang since they had backed up a lot of water – that is what dams do after all… lord love a duck

  2. keelynet said

    Don’ you think you should more appropriately direct your technical challenges to the authors and particularly the consultants who actually helped and advised on the contents and speculations shown in the video;

    Senior Science Editor – Evan Hadingham
    Senior Researcher – Barbara Moran
    Hilde L. Schwartz, UC Santa Cruz
    The Montana Natural History Center
    The National Center for Earth-surface Dynamics, Minnesota
    The St. Anthony Falls Laboratory, University of Minnesota
    University College London Department of Earth Sciences
    U.S. Geological Survey
    Washington State Parks & Recreation Commission

    Jerry Decker / for KeelyNet and the KeelyNet Blog

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