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Mobile Water Purification Offers Hope To Disaster-Hit Regions

Posted by keelynet on December 5, 2009

Filtration is great if there is a water source handy, but my personal favorite is the water-from-air condensing trailer where you pull water directly from the air at any location. Don’t have the URL handy for that but its out there.

A Japanese team has developed Courier Water, a mobile desalination unit that has tremendous potential for helping people in areas affected by water shortages or natural disasters. The unit’s defining feature is its mobility. With its compact design, Courier Water can be installed on a four-ton truck, allowing it to travel far and wide. It incorporates a pump that produces pressure of about 6 MPa, enough to desalinize seawater, with only a small amount of energy.

On the roof are solar panels that spread to over twice the truck’s width, and two wind turbines. In fair weather the electricity generated from the sun and wind can provide nearly 100% of the power needed, enabling the system to operate even in areas with an inadequate power supply, such as remote or disaster-affected communities.

Courier Water employs a safe coagulant made from natural substances including polyglutamic acid and calcium. Polyglutamic acid is an amino acid polymer widely known to be responsible for the threadlike goo of natto, the traditional Japanese food otherwise known as fermented soybeans. The coagulant is used to clot particles of impurities in the water prior to filtration by reverse osmosis, simplifying the filtration process.

Coagulation significantly improves water quality, as well as reducing the strain on the reverse osmosis membrane. In addition to its safety and efficiency, Courier Water’s coagulant is distinct in that it has little effect on the pH level of the water. This eliminates the need to adjust the pH of the water using sodium hydroxide or other caustic agents, which cannot be handled without a special license. The coagulant also removes any heavy metals contained in the water.

The truck-loaded Courier Water is capable of producing 7.2 tons of drinking water in a day, enough for 3,600 people, assuming that a person drinks 2 liters per day. A container-type system has also been developed. While not mobile, it is capable of purifying several times more water than its mobile counterpart and will be transported to its destination mainly by ship.” – Full Article Source

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