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Dealing with data center heat

Posted by keelynet on December 5, 2009

This makes total sense;

Cooling Bags Could Cut Server Cooling Costs By 93% – “UK company Iceotope has launched liquid-cooling technology which it says surpasses what can be done with water or air-cooling and can cut data centre cooling costs by up to 93 percent. Announced at Supercomputing 2009 in Portland, Oregon, the ‘modular Liquid-Immersion Cooled Server’ technology wraps each server in a cool-bag-like device, which cools components inside a server, rather than cooling the whole data centre, or even a traditional ‘hot aisle.’ Earlier this year, IBM predicted that in ten years all data centre servers might be water-cooled.” – Full Article Source

however, why not convert that heat to electricity;

Finland Taps Server Heat To Power City – “Helsingin Energia (HE) is going to use a new heating and cooling pump to recycle excess heat from a large data center to generate serious amounts of energy. The data center is being built in an old bomb shelter connected directly to HE’s direct heating system — a set of pumps that move boiling water through a system of pipes to heat homes around the city. How It Works – First, cold water is pumped through the data center to cool the servers; this warmer water is then drawn into a large pump, where it is then further heated to boiling temperatures. Once the water is hot enough to actually heat a building, it is pumped through buried pipes to Helsinki’s residential districts to heat homes. It is then pumped back to the server room to restart the cycle. This system is extremely efficient, as it is 5 times cheaper than traditional energy sources. The idea is that you have hot air that needs to be cooled in the data center in close proximity to cold air (inside residential spaces) that needs to be heated. By using water as the transport medium, Helsingin Energia can provide more energy at a cheaper price. Putting It Into Perspective – This technology is not limited to Helsinki though. Not in the least. In fact, the people at Helsingin Energia want business leaders worldwide to know that this technology can be applied in a variety of settings and can be installed on a mass scale. When you consider that about .5% of the world’s total energy use is dedicated solely to cooling IT servers, you can see how much power could be saved by making this type of HVAC system smarter. It’s innovations like these that almost seem too simple. There are no overly-complex power transfer locations or new infrastructures to install; rather, people have found a way to use the power they are already producing in the smartest and most efficient way.” – Full Article Source


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