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The Clem Engine Reborn!

Posted by keelynet on November 20, 2009

Back in the mid-1970s’, gifted inventor Richard Clem was working for the city of Dallas, operating heavy equipment when he noticed that a heated asphalt sprayer for paving streets would continue running for many minutes after the gas engine was turned off. This aroused his natural curiosity and from this, he designed and built a closed system engine that was purported to generate 350 HP and run itself.

The engine weighed about 200 pounds and ran on cooking oil at temperatures of 300 F.. As the years have passed, we have accumulated slightly more information, such as the fact that he first tried engine oil but found it would break down too soon due to the high heat produced by the engine, so he used Mazola cooking oil which would operate over many months at the requisite +300 degrees F.. Roughly four years have passed with no new information coming in about the Clem engine until around Halloween of 2009.

Two introductory emails followed by a phone call from Jim Ray, President of Micro-Combustion, Inc., we have since exchanged many emails and he sent me about 25 documents of his company’s work with what he personally knew of working with Richard Clem and his famous engine and how he had taken it much further, building several working models, which were tested and validated by NASA and by the Oak Ridge National Laboratory.

It was in 2005 that a NASA scientist and Jim Ray saw on the Internet the picture of the actual first engine and noticed it had a double chamber. As the president of Micro-Combustion he then figured out how to build this engine with the double chamber, but did not have sufficient funds or shop capability to complete or rebuild this design, instead concentrating on the physics and chemistry of the original engine.

Richard had claimed that it was perpetual motion but since there is no such thing Jim felt there was some unknown factor in the equation of the Laws of Physics. The company has now postulated a theory complying with these equations and Laws of Physics as to what made Richard’s engine run without air induction and/or combustion of any given amount or type of fuel.

Micro-Combustion, Inc. was formed in 1997 and privately funded to continue research on the engine, it has produced several hundred prototype versions that have resulted in an excellent understanding of what has now been identified as Cavitation Ignition Bubble Combustion (CIBC), and hence the likely ability to take this breakthrough technology to commercialization.

“The Cavitation-Ignition Bubble Combustion (CIBC) engine is a new discovery in green energy technology that holds the potential to replace fossil fuel altogether. The basic idea behind this new engine is simple but revolutionary:

it utilizes a small air bubble in a fluid (the fuel) as the combustion chamber to compress, ignite, and capture the energy (heat) released by the combustion of the fuel-air contents of the bubble.

The fuel also happens to be the working fluid, which drives the turbine blades to extract power. The CIBC engine can run on just about any liquid hydrocarbon fuel, including plant, mineral, or recycled oils.

Although the CIBC engine can operate on petroleum-based fuels, they are not required. Its ability to operate on alternative liquid fuels holds the potential, if fully realized, to transform the transportation sector by reducing or eliminating our nation’s reliance on domestic or imported petroleum-based fuels.”

No doubt you can see many correlations throughout history and today, Keely’s Molecular Dissociation and his Cavitation Engine, Schauberger’s Implosion Engine the Zokwendle, Griggs Hydrosonics and several more which adds that much more credence to this new Clem Engine understanding.

Imagine an engine the size of a basketball running your car, truck, boat, etc.. And it is scaleable, meaning the bigger it is the more power it produces so we could power trains, shipping freighters, even airplanes, but the best part is to hook it up to a generator and produce all the power for your home.

Finally we could get off the grid which would lead us toward the mythical ‘Autonomous Home’ where you generate all the power you need for heating, air conditioning, cooking, condensing water from the air and dissociating waste.

When such an engine is available and in use worldwide, what then of solar, wind, wave and other, in comparison, primitive forms of energy collection?

This rebirth of the Clem Engine in the form of the ‘Cavitation-Ignition Bubble Combustion (CIBC) Engine’ by the good folks at Micro-Combustion, Inc. is a major stepping stone on that path and I will do all I can to help them complete their work and get these amazing engines on the market. Visit the Micro-Combustion, Inc. website for additional fascinating details and company contact information. – Full ‘Clem Reborn’ Article on KeelyNet

One Response to “The Clem Engine Reborn!”

  1. skylarkn said


    Your excitement over the MicroCombustion folk’s claim is understandable as you spent a good deal of effort investigating Clem’s engine. What I find most interesting in these newest revelations are the insights they give regarding Clem and his work. For instance the claim that his second wife threw away the first model and that when he built a later one it didn’t run as well.

    I’ve always felt that Clem was a heck of a back yard mechanic but not an inventor. It seems fairly reasonable to me that he stumbled upon a non-running model confiscated from Schauberger during his fateful stay in Dallas in 1958, shortly before his death, which after years of being in storage somewhere got tossed out and ended up in the dump on a day Clem was running heavy equipment there. Dumps are treasure troves for the inveterate tinkerer, and if Clem was anything he was that.

    I think Clem deserves a lot of credit for getting something to work that undoubtedly several highly paid engineers couldn’t figure out, but I don’t think Clem himself was an inventor. This scenario fits with the claims that Clem supposedly wasn’t interested in trying to patent the device, and that once the original model was lost he wasn’t quite sure how to replicate it. Also if you remember that Clem stated in one of the news paper interviews that his first model was a vertical axis and he used a chain for the drive – that was the one that the chain broke on his first highway trip. He modified the design to a horizontal axis later. All of Schauberger’s Home Gen designs that I know of used a vertical axis.

    Ray’s theory of Cavitation Combustion seems a little far fetched. It is doubtful that he has any idea of the ‘Why’ behind Clem’s engine – it wouldn’t be surprising that Clem himself didn’t know it either, and so settled on this forced theory to come up with something, anything, that might find acceptance in the eyes of modern science. Since Grigg’s sonic water heater forced a degree of acceptance from the scientific and engineering community due to his successful commercialization of the technology, it seems Ray latched onto the idea to help explain Clem’s engine. Ray’s design seems to be a modification of the sonic heater, of which there were earlier and apparently more efficient designs before Giggs, adapted to propulsion instead. He deserves some credit for accomplishing that but I doubt very much if Clem’s engine really was based on it – mainly because Schauberger’s devises used a mix of energy release mechanisms but the use of hydraulic shock is not overly evident.

    The Repulsine seems to be one of the most elegant prime movers ever designed due to its simplicity and its apparent ability to tap energy at the molecular and electro-static levels, and possibly the aetheric as well. His later Home Generator models appear to be scaled back designs in an attempt to avoid overt sanctions by the powers that be who raked him over the coals at the end of the war. The Home Gens seem designed to tap primarily environmental molecular energy along with a small but significant electro-static boost – the name Repulsine came from the use of electro-static repulsion in case that isn’t clear.

    Remember Clem stated that his engine used a turbine that wasn’t a turbine. If you look at Schauberger’s Home Gens the Whorl pipes seem to form a centrifugal turbine component complete with nozzles at the ends. However, it is doubtful that the pipes exerted much force, their real functions where probably two fold: to create a centrifugal flow to form a low pressure area (vortex) in the central core, and to act as a pulsating resonance rotor. I’ve never seen a picture or diagram of the central chamber but I have a feeling you’d find that the power shaft for the electrical generator was attached to a hydraulic power unit sitting between the central upper chamber and the feed tube to the Whorl pipes – or in other words a centripetal vortex turbine.

    While I don’t really hold out much hope for any significant progress from Ray’s efforts – not the least because he has gone and involved government agencies in its development, the amount of interest in this type of research is expanding and it probably won’t be that long before a true and successful successor to Schauberger’s and Clem’s work appears, and it will turn out to be so simple everyone will be scratching their head in disbelief.

    Take care;

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