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Archive for October 19th, 2009

Scientists Create Nanometric Butterfly Wings

Posted by keelynet on October 19, 2009

They get better and better working in nano scale mechanics…I still think there will be more surprises as they find odd effects.

wingsnano108“A team of researchers from the State University of Pennsylvania (USA) and the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid (UAM) have developed a technique to replicate biological structures, such as butterfly wings, on a nano scale.

The resulting biomaterial could be used to make optically active structures, such as optical diffusers for solar panels. / (Or to make flying platforms… – JWD)” – Source

Posted in Alternative Science, energy, Gravity Control, Health, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science | Comments Off on Scientists Create Nanometric Butterfly Wings

Patent Claim Could Block Import of Toyota’s Hybrid Cars

Posted by keelynet on October 19, 2009

This is pathetic in an age where such petty disputes hurt the economy at large as well as cause us to add to global warming from the lack of new hybrids on the road.

“”Paice is a tiny Florida company that has patented a way to apply force to a car’s wheels from an electric motor or internal combustion engine. Paice thinks that Toyota is infringing on its technology, and is going after the automaker in court.

The legal spat became much more serious for Toyota this week, when the US International Trade Commission decided to investigate the matter.

In the worst-case scenario for Toyota, the commission could ban the hybrid Camry, third-generation Prius, Lexus HS250h sedan and Lexus RX450h SUV.” – Source

Posted in Ecology / Earth Science, energy, Gee Willikers!!!, Health, Invention, Miscellaneous, Orthodox Science, Politics | Comments Off on Patent Claim Could Block Import of Toyota’s Hybrid Cars

What costs $8,000 per gallon?

Posted by keelynet on October 19, 2009

Another ripoff…everyone knows its almost cheaper to buy a new printer that comes with a new cartridge than to buy new cartridges everytime. I get mine filled here for about $10 but some have an idiot memory chip that you have to use a special circuit on to reset it.

Guess it’s a similar scam with bottled water. We complain about gas being expensive when its $2-$3 a gallon but other countries can pay as much as $6-$8 a gallon.

“They allow you to make cyber material physical with a click of a button, but at times they like to get jammed with paper, run out of ink at the least opportune time, or possible just stop working altogether.

The printer companies know of this love/hate relationship and at times they may exploit it. For instance, did you know that printer ink is $8000 per gallon? That makes the high cost of fuel or milk seem fairly trivial. Why is it so expensive? I wish I could say it was because it uses some rare trace element or requires special handling, but the real reason is because they can charge that much.

That’s right! HP is a huge company and over 50% of their operating profits are from ink and toner for printers. Take a look at Kodak. They have broken away (a little) from the pack and decided to not gouge us AS MUCH.

So instead of $20 per cartridge, they are selling their ink for $10 for black and $15 for color. Still expensive, but not AS expensive. The printer companies do say that you should only use their ink with their printers.

I tend to think of this like the shampoo companies that say, “For best results, use with the SHAMpu brand conditioner.” It’s just another way to make more money, but the brand inks do tend to be thicker and of better quality than the third-party inks.

Another wonderful idea printer companies have come up with is setting expiration dates on their inks that will either stop the printer from using that ink on a certain date or make a huge fuss about the expiration date passing. Supposedly this is because the printer companies cannot guarantee the quality of ink after a certain shelf life, so instead of telling you that, they can just make that cartridge unusable now.

Why? So you have to go buy more ink, of course!” – Source

Posted in Computer Related, Gee Willikers!!!, Miscellaneous, Personal Anecdotes | Comments Off on What costs $8,000 per gallon?