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Secret of Oz offers fixes for the Economy

Posted by keelynet on October 9, 2009

This is absolutely true, the interest is what we’ll never catch up on.

rubyslippers108“Debt-buster explains, ‘No amount of ‘stimulus’ can pull us out of this hole’,” said award-winning filmmaker, Bill Still. “It’s the interest payments on the national debt that are sucking the life out of the economy.”

Still’s newest film, “The Secret of Oz,” will premier at the Louisville International Film Festival on Friday, Oct. 2, but is available for purchase right now at WND’s SuperStore. “The numbers are staggering and inescapable,” warned Still. “In 2009 the U.S. government will spend $700 billion on interest payments on the national debt – nearly 25 percent of the national budget.

Compare that to $18 billion for the entire NASA budget. We are spending more on interest payments every year than we have spent totally on the war in Iraq. This system has got to go!” The solution, according to “The Secret of Oz,” is no more national debt. How do we fix this? Amazingly, the film says that the fix for the economy is hidden in symbols embedded in one of the most beloved children’s stories of all time, “The Wonderful Wizard of Oz.”

The yellow brick, the emerald city of Oz, even Dorothy’s silver slippers (changed to ruby slippers for the movie version) were powerful symbols of author L. Frank Baum’s belief that the voting electorate – not the big banks – should control the quantity of a nation’s money. “Just look at history. The issue was just the same in the 1896 Presidential election as it is today,” said Still.

“‘The Wizard of Oz’ was written in 1900 after L. Frank Baum saw that the populist monetary reform movement was going to die. It was a desperate flare which Baum fired up into the dark night of history, hoping that someone in the future would pay attention to the greatest issue of their time – and ultimately ours – humankind’s escape from the debt money system.”

Now, a little more than 100 years later, “The Secret of Oz” reemphasizes the overwhelming importance of the issue: “This system is literally the primary cause of most of the world’s hunger, poverty, misery and disease.” “The solution is not complicated,” says Still. “We can fix the economy in a single year. The solution is nothing new or radical. It’s been done time and time again throughout history. Abraham Lincoln did it to win the Civil War. Benjamin Franklin did it to pull Pennsylvania through the Revolution. This is the secret that’s been hidden from us for 100 years. We just have to know about it.” ( )

Additional information From Silver to Ruby – “In L. Frank Baum’s original novel, The Wonderful Wizard of OZ, Dorothy’s shoes were silver, not ruby. However, when the MGM musical went into production, Hollywood had just begun using a process known as Technicolor. The filmmakers decided that silver wouldn’t pop quite that well once the film went from black and white to color and thus, it was decided that Dorothy’s slippers would become ruby.”

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