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Just Overloaded

Posted by keelynet on September 26, 2009

Can’t believe the last update was so long ago (Sept 5th) and today is Sept 26th. Been busy and occupied with several things. Always my main efforts are to keep KeelyNet updated and of interest.

But I do have to make money so I work on ebooks and CDs/DVDs and whatever other items, like the MexiStim that I can produce for income. Times are really tough for a lot of people and that is most assuredly impacting my sales, but I’m certainly not alone.

It takes a lot of time to ferret out interesting and useful information. So easy to just post ‘noise news’ or what passes as news which I try my best not to do as that would detract from my focus and interests. But, I’ve been doing it online now since the BBS back in 1988, then the net in 1995 up til now.

Hard to believe it will soon be 22 years at this KeelyNet information sharing activity, though to me it’s much more than that since I’ve made so many contacts, friends and associates over the years and learned many fascinating and novel things. KeelyNet has never ‘paid off’ despite the random nutcases who post idiotic statements such as ‘KeelyNet was offered hundreds of thousands of dollars for the domain name’….

Man, if that were ONLY TRUE, I would have sold THE NAME so fast it would make your head spin…it’s only a NAME and such an offer simply never happened. I can always create another website and take the money to use for my living expenses and some research projects.

So, guess it’s time to update now…but this is my latest ebook (set of 3) offering on CD;

Hypnosis CD – 3 eBooks with How To Techniques and Many Cases

hypnosiscdIf you have a few minutes, you might want to read my page on hypnosis and all the amazing things associated with its application. Included is an experience I had when I hypnotized a neighbor kid when I was about 14.

As well the hypnotic gaze of snakes, the discovery of ‘eyebeams’ which can be detected electronically, the Italian Hypnotist Robber who was caught on tape with his eyes glowing as cashiers handed over their money and remembered nothing, several methods of trance induction and many odd cases, animal catatonia, healing, psychic phenomena, party/stage stunts, including my favorite of negative hallucination where you make your subject NOT see something…much more…if nothing else, its might be a hoot to read. – Source


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