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“Gas Saver” Invention That Actually Saves Gas . . . Who Knew?

Posted by keelynet on September 5, 2009

gasplatina108Textbooks state that 95 percent of the gas introduced into the engine is burned, driving the vehicle. However, according to EPA Federal Test Procedure data gathered in five separate tests, only 80 percent of gasoline is burned in perfectly-tuned gas engines.

Additional research conducted by Champion Spark Plugs shows that the average engine is 12 percent worse than perfectly-tuned gas engines, bringing the burn percentage down even further to 68 percent. These two premises are the basis of National Fuelsaver`s Platinum Gas Saver, created more
than 30 years ago.

“It really comes down to chemistry,” continues Robinson. “By bringing the chemistry of platinum and unburned fuel into the engine itself, we were able to get added use from fuel that had previously been wasted and released into the environment as a pollutant.”

The Gas Saver is a modest device about the size of a video tape and holds a pre-measured platinum formula. The engine vacuum draws microscopic quantities of vaporized platinum into the intake manifold where it joins the fuel/air mixture entering the engine. With platinum in the flame zone, the fuel burn percentage inside the engine increases from 68 to 90 percent, a significant increase of 22 percent.

That allows a vehicle to travel 22 percent faster, or 22 percent more miles per gallon, with the original amount of fuel. Municipal officials in Los Angeles, Albuquerque and Denver, among others, have installed the gas-saving device on diesel-powered city vehicles.

A five-year review of the Gas Saver Catalyst Delivery System was completed in 1985 by the Federal Consumer Protection Department, that stated that independent tests in 1980 and 1982 supported an even higher increase in mpg than the 22 percent claimed by the manufacturer, National Fuelsaver Corp.

Results included: lowered emissions; reduced carbon build-up within the engine; increased engine life span; 3-5 point octane boost; significant pollution reduction; more power and acceleration and is safe and compatible with all gasoline burning engines. Their chemistry, science and premises proved valid. / …the GASAVER injects microscopic quantities of a vapor form of Platinum into the gas-air mixture causing the fuel to burn more completely inside the engine. With the Platinum in the flame zone, you significantly increase the percentage of fuel burning in the engine from 68% to 90%. Platinum has the unique ability to make non-burning fuel burn. – Source

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